Unlocking Lyme

Unlocking Lyme Dr Bill Rawls Understands Lyme Disease Sufferers Seeking Clarity And Relief Because, Like Myself, He Has Experienced The Pain And Frustration Firsthand Through This Ground Breaking Book, He Shares Everything He Has Discovered On His Journey To Reclaiming His Health It May Just Be The Answer You Ve Been Waiting For Neil Spector, MD, Author Of Gone In A Heartbeat Lyme Disease Is One Of The Most Puzzling Illnesses On The Planet Anyone Who Has Suffered From Its Debilitating Symptoms Knows The Frustrations Of Trying To Find A Cure Many Sufferers Drag Themselves From One Doctor Or Alternative Practitioner To The Next, Getting Lost In A Maze Of Lab Tests, Prescription Drugs, And Treatments Thousands Of Dollars And Months Or Years Later, They Realize They Are No Better Off Than Where They Started Unlocking Lyme Puts An End To This Desperate Quest Written By Dr Bill Rawls, A Physician Who Overcame Lyme Disease Himself, This Book Is A Comprehensive, Practical Resource Full Of Solutions That Work What Took Dr Rawls Years To Learn Through Intense Research And Personal Experience, You Can Now Learn And Implement In A Matter Of Months DR RAWLS STORY Dr Rawls Was In The Middle Of A Successful OB GYN Career When Lyme Disease Interrupted His Life In His Struggle To Overcome It, He Explored Every Treatment Option From Conventional Medicine To The Full Range Of Alternative Therapies Ultimately, He Embraced Modern Herbal Therapy As His Preferred Solution, But He Recognizes That The Path May Be Different For Each Person INSIDE THE BOOK Unlocking Lyme Is The Sum Of Dr Rawls Experience, Research, And Practical Solutions To Date The Book Is Divided Into Four Parts, Each Part Addressing A Critical Aspect Of Recovery PART Provides An Overview Of Common Misconceptions About What Lyme Disease Is Hint It S Than Just A Tick Bite And Borrelia Infection PART Provides Information On How To Obtain A Diagnosis, Despite Current Limitations In Diagnostic Testing For Lyme PART Discusses Limitations Of Long Term Antibiotic Use, And Offers An Overview Of Holistic And Non Toxic Therapies For Healing And Symptom Control Including Pain, Depression, Insomnia PART Explains How To Embrace A Healthier Lifestyle So You Can Stay Well Learn How To Strengthen Your Immune System, Microbiome, And Balance In Your Body In The Years Since His Recovery, Dr Rawls Has Helped Thousands Of Patients Find Their Path To Healing From Lyme Disease Unlocking Lyme Brings Together Dr Rawls Accumulated Knowledge And Is The Key You Need To Get Your Life Back TESTIMONIALS Dr Rawls Understands The Misery Of Chronic Lyme Disease Firsthand Unlocking Lyme Shares The Approaches That He Used To Successfully Recover His Own Health, And Helps The Reader Understand That There Is So Much That Can Be Done To Regain A State Of Wellness And Optimal Health Scott Forsgren Editor Founder, BetterHealthGuy Dr Rawls Has Spoken On His Approach To Lyme Disease For The Past Several Years His Comprehensive Approach And Lifestyle Guidance Has Helped Many Of Our Members We Heartily Endorse His Approach To Helping Deal With The Symptoms Of Lyme And Other Tick Borne Illnesses John Dorney, President NC Lyme Disease Foundation Unlocking Lyme Delves Into The Science Behind Lyme Disease, Explaining What It Is, But Importantly How It Can Be Overcome Dr Rawls Carefully Explains The Various Treatments For Lyme, Leaving The Reader Feeling Informed And Empowered In depth without being overwhelming This well organized book gives a much needed overview of Lyme disease, co infections, and many different types of therapies His core approach is herbal and he has a lot of helpful information with a balanced viewpoint. Welcome to the scary world of microbes They come in all shapes and sizes, can cause an endless array of illnesses, are difficult to identify, can change to adapt to treatment and can hide for long periods of time and reemerge to attack again They are the cause of recurrence of Lyme disease and many other illnesses This book covers numerous facts about healthy living as much as treatment for the results of Lyme disease It is as much a reference book to be kept handy as you transfer into a healthy lifestyle You can skim many parts concentrating on those sections that are highlighted, keeping in mind you will return for concentrated study I recommend reading it as part of a healthy living library. Encouraging Thorough InformationI m so glad someone recommended this book to me I was very overwhelmed with a recent double diagnosis for Lyme for my husband and I Dr Rawl s book is very thorough, and his approach well balanced I am encouraged by the actual possibility of recovering our lives I read the first half explaining lyme and other tick diseases but didn t read the sections about how to treat chronic lyme Definitely worth studying if you re dealing with that. Must read and great guide Good intent but complex issue oversimplified May be misleading for readers who are desperate. I was really impressed with the readability of this book Most books on Lyme are too technical it just plain boring for the average reader. I am reviewing this book somewhat prematurely, since I haven t actually tried out most of the things in it yet However, each person s reaction to treatment is so individual that my success or failure probably won t mean much either way What is of interest to me about this book is that it lays out some of the important issues surrounding the treatment of Lyme disease in an accessible way, and suggests some common sense approaches that it claims and I ve heard the same thing from others often help.The fundamental concept behind Dr Rawls s approach is that Lyme disease and many of its common coinfections are not virulent, highly aggressive, quickly lethal disease agents, but rather what he calls stealth microbes People rarely die from an acute infection of Lyme disease This is, of course, nice, but the problem is that modern medicine and its tools are largely aimed at acute, obvious problems Western medicine is not set up to handle something like Lyme disease, and has responded by pretending it isn t happening Unfortunately, though, pretending a disease isn t real doesn t make it disappear, and it turns out that just because Lyme disease probably won t kill you quickly, doesn t mean it won t leave you completely debilitated, and with no one to turn to, since most doctors will tell you it s all in your head Which is true, in that spirochetes may be munching on your brain, but that s not what they mean.Rawls describes the way Lyme and its common coinfections work in very simple, accessible language, with bullet points and end of chapter summaries He then discusses the problems with what he calls heroic therapies antibiotics, oxygen therapy, and so on, and argues for the use of herbal therapies instead.I have to say I have always been rather skeptical of herbal therapies, but Rawls makes a convincing case for at least trying them, and I have to agree that there are major problems with long term antibiotic use, and oxygen therapy is completely experimental, not to mention expensive The main point Rawls makes in favor of herbs is that most of them are, while slower acting than synthetic antibiotics, also less toxic, making it possible to take them for extended periods of time He advocates for a slow and steady approach to getting the stealth microbes under control and returning to health, using antibiotics and other aggressive treatments only for short periods of time, in particularly severe or acute cases.I m still somewhat skeptical of herbal therapies, just as I am of anything promising a cure, but after reading Unlocking Lyme I am at least willing to give them a try And the overview of the different infections and how they act on the body is very useful A worthwhile read for anyone trying to figure out what to do about a stubborn case of chronic Lyme. Now a few years into the Lyme world, I read this book without fear, instead, empowering myself with knowledge All of the lifestyle changes are a bit overwhelming, but I pick and choose what sounds realistic in my personal situation It helped affirm a few things that I m already doing to get healthier each day.

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