ReunitedI so loved the first book, it was my first Felice read, I loved every book by Felice but Rescued was my ultimate favourite until I just finished reading Reunited I so love Ryder, Jason Gemma Oh I can t forget Pearl Trouper 3 The book was a very hard read so emotional, my tears never stopped falling from beginning to end It was beautiful, sexy hot, very very sad, happy shocking story to read An emotional roller coaster ride for sure, but so worth the read Congrats Felice I loved it 3 Reunited is now LIVE An enjoyable follow up to Rescued, the second story in the Rescued Heart series once again follows the life and struggles of Ryder and Jason.Note that I would not recommend this as a standalone The two books need to be read in order to really understand all that s happening.Told, once again, in dual POV, this time around Jason and Ryder have a lot to work through including their own relationship I sort of felt Jason was a bit of a jackass there , their daughter s health, Ryder s mother, as well as secrets long buried Reunited is quite a bit angsty than Rescued, but has the same love, passion and sweetness at its coreAnd I love you today than I did that night I came out to my parents I could never stop loving youThis is a solid established couple romance with a worth it HEA All in all I enjoyed it and felt it is a pretty worthwhile sequel This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews. 5 starsNow here I am, back again, stuck spinning my wheels in the mud, unable to move Scared to death this time But I never stopped needing you I never willA few months back when Felice Stevens gave us hints that there s gonna be a sequel for Rescued, honestly, I was freaking out.I mean, these guys have their HEA already What are you going to do revisiting and ripped their HEA again And Felice just didn t care evil woman And she came with the story my obvious weakness A child Damn And when suddenly this book just dropped onto my hand, I need coffee to calm down Yeah, I m cranky with no coffee.So, I revisited Ryder and Jason and their four year old daughter, Gemma After five years of their marriage.The twist right there from the start, punching my gut and the cry fest started.I tried not to give you any spoilers if possible, so this review won t include the story But a little hints of Jason and Ryder relationship won t hurt They re my first love of Felice s boys, before I met Micah ehem , and I didn t want Felice messing up with their life I made it clear that no cheating will allowed in my books And I was glad, that Ryder and Jason as strong as they were in the beginning.Of course there s never be always rainbow and flowers in marriage And I think, after some crying me, and Jason and Ryder , they re okay after all With the family s love, and one big surprise on Ryder s side.This is mostly about family, and how we cannot life our life alone without their love, and how much we need family support, whatever we want it or not Family is there to support you.I think this one of Felice s best and I m glad I can read it right when I need some tears detox You won t escape the tears when you reading this, but it s all worth it.Thanks Felice, keep on writingI received the ARC from the author with no expectation to write a review or a high rating upon the ARC received I ll still write in my blog near the release date I loved Jason and Ryder in Rescued, so I was very happy to hear they were getting another story in Reunited The two of them were just as sweet together here as they were before, but now we also got to see how they handled a terrible crisis together when it s constantly threatening to tear them apart.Reunited does have a lot angst and tension than Rescued did, and plenty of emotion thanks to the nature of the turmoil Jason and Ryder as well as their families go through in this story This time around, the intimate scenes between them didn t quite fit for me given the reason behind all of the drama I get that they needed release, but for me those scenes actually diverted my attention from the rest of the story Normally I m gung ho for those scenes, especially with Jason and Ryder since their chemistry is fantastic, but not this time around That doesn t mean those scenes weren t hot as heck though Their families were again a great set of supporting characters, and I still can t stand Ryder s mother regardless of everything that happens in this story and still wanted to throttle her just as badly as I did in the first book Reunited is another great romance from Felice Stevens, and was a 3.5 star read for me It did tie things up a bit too neatly in the end for me with Ryder s mom I m of a grudge holder I guess , but otherwise it s a solid story that M M romance lovers are sure to enjoy This one s for readers 18 for adult language and M M sexual content. ARC kindly provided by the author to me in exchange for an honest review When I first read about the continuation of the Rescued Heart series I was over the moon But was also curious I couldn t really think about a way how to make the first book even better, how to create a second novel when the first was complete But Felice Stevens did it again.The blurb this time saying it isn t the sunny perfect life Ryder and Jason have, or at least their happy bubble seems to burst.They are united since 4 years, happy married and have their daughter Gemma but certain circumstances bring the young, small family to its limits.It is heart clenching but also typical Felice Stevens to help the reader through the difficult parts It also shows the great bond of Ryder and Jason, who are blessed with their sweet, awesome daughter Gemma.Gemma is besides the both guys the focus in this story and you totally love her right from the start She is a girl you wish as your own daughter, grand or goddaughter or niece Or sinply around you Such a heart warming charming girl And you hope so heavily for her So, so much.The other part of the book is about Ryder s family, and both have to connect with someone they would lovely avoid.Without revealing too much you have with this book a great mix of low angst and happy scenes It is spiked with sexy erotical interactions, hot and steamy, but wonderful emotional It hits you right in the heart 3Also does the book show you even the best couple argue and have to deal with problems This way it makes the character even human and you are bonded to them on a deeper lever than before They aren t the abstract perfect people who can endure everything You really feel the love Felice had for their character and it rub to you as a reader, too.A great book of the series It is heavy emotional stuff but your heart will be set together again.5 out of 5 stars I m positive done 3Review originally posted on my blog with added content Mikku chan A world full of wordsBlog Tour gracefully hosted by Give Me Books Surprisingly complex follow up3.5 I wasn t sure whether I was going to enjoy this book because revisiting an established couple when you think they ve had their HEA is always a risk.Still, this is Felice Stevens and I should have known it would be handled with consummate skill and it was There was so much character development wrapped into this story as well as the tight and surprising plot twist.Jase and Ryder are still a lovely pair and it was great to see them actually talking through their issues, odd sulking aside, while dealing with some serious family dramas. Strong sequel Ryder and Jason have been through so much to create a life and a family together and their commitment is unbreakable Or is it Between work, conflicting schedules and an unexpected illness their foundation is beginning to shake They ll have to lean on each other and their families to make it through.I liked that there was a very realistic struggle for Ryder and Jason Marriage is hard and takes a lot of work and encouragement from everyone involved Communication isn t always easy and expectations aren t always agreed upon But you keep at it, keep pushing through and find a way to make it work because at the end of the day, being able to fall asleep in the arms of the person you love makes it all worth it And I couldn t imagine anyone other than Charlie David telling this story Everyone has their own voice and that voice is clear.This is a must listen for fans of the Author and Narrator, but if you re a hopeless romantic and a fan of hard fought happy ever afters then you ll love this book. Review originally posted at Sinfully.4.5 starsI have to say I enjoyed this follow up even than the first book Jason and Ryder have been married for 5 years and love each other even than when we left them at the end of Rescued which you really should read first Like every couple though, not everything is perfect Jason is working long hours to provide for his family and Ryder just wants Jason home at night to spend time with him and their daughter Jason is concerned about providing Ryder and Gemma with the life Ryder was used to, having grown up with money Ryder just wants their daughter to grow up with her father around, unlike the way Ryder grew up with a father concerned with making money than with raising his children Unfortunately, Ryder has a tendency to just give in rather than risk a confrontation or disagreement Another gift courtesy of his dysfunctional family.When an author can bring me to tears with concern for a character, even knowing a happy ending is guaranteed, that s always a good thing Felice Stevens really captured the constant evolution a relationship goes through and how outside pressures and perceived roles can cause cracks and distance In Ryder and Jason s case, it s not the complacency that can come with a long term relationship nor the sudden medical crisis they are facing, but their unresolved personal issues that are causing strife These two are still as hot and heavy and in love as they ever were Little things that came up in the first book, that may have seemed resolved, but were really just pushed aside for necessity s sake all come to a head here.As with any of the author s stories, family plays a big part here All of Ryder and Jason s family, by blood or love, are affected by a sudden medical crises While the majority come together without batting an eye, the distance between Ryder and his mother becomes even of an issue Ryder s mother s actions are finally explained but are still, to me, unfathomable The character is cruel and heartless and though the relationship she has with Ryder and his family changes somewhat, I was happy to see that it was dealt with in a realistic manner The illness storyline was not a magic cure all for the broken bits of that relationship.I was completely emotionally invested from the start and it wasn t the life or death situation that had me shedding tears, but the manner in which Ryder and Jason were struggling to keep themselves and their family together throughout the story The men handle their medical crisis incredibly well and it showed just how deeply they love, support and rely each other for strength.Felice Stevens catches us up on the whole cast of characters we first met in Rescued, and I m sure I won t be the only one clamoring for John s story after his brief appearance here Whether you wanted of Ryder and Jason after Rescued or you re a fan of seeing a committed, long term couple work through tough times in their lives and come out even stronger for it, I can absolutely recommend this story. Ryder Daniels And Jason Mallory Seem To Have It All But Even The Most Loving Marriage Takes Work Ryder S Past Leads Him To Remain Silent Yet Resentful In The Face Of Conflict While Jason Strives To Prove He Can Take Care Of His Family Without Ryder S Wealth, Even If It Costs Him Precious Time With His Husband And Daughter When A Devastating Illness Leaves Them Shaken And Helpless, Ryder Is Forced To Face The One Person He Never Thought To See Again With A Life Or Death Request That Even He Isn T Sure Will Be Granted, But His Decisions Have Far Reaching Consequences Believing He And Ryder Have No Secrets, Jason Is Distraught To Discover Otherwise, Revealing Yet Another Crack In Their Once Perfect Relationship Adrift And Uncertain, Both Struggle To Hold Onto A Love Previously Thought Unshakeable A Forbidden Past Is Exposed, Shocking Ryder To The Core, But It Means Little Without Jason By His Side Marriage Is A Partnership And Both Men Must Learn That Only By Working Through Their Pain And Heartbreak Together Can They Achieve A Lifetime Of Love

Felice Stevens has always been a romantic at heart She believes that while life is tough, there is always a happy ending just around the corner Her characters have to work for it, however Like life in NYC, nothing comes easy and that includes love.She lives in New York City with her husband and two children Her day begins with a lot of caffeine and ends with a glass or two of red wine She s

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