約束のネバーランド 1

約束のネバーランド 1 Amazing EPub, 1 By Kaiu Shirai This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book 1, Essay By Kaiu Shirai Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You

Pseudonym of the Manga writer creator of Promised Neverland.

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  • Paperback
  • 183 pages
  • 約束のネバーランド 1
  • Kaiu Shirai
  • Japanese
  • 11 May 2019
  • 9784088808727

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    I just finished watching the first two episodes of the anime and I AM SCREAMING I NEED IT NOW Bought the first three volumes Fingers crossed y all Shit went from 100 1,000,000 REAL QUICK If you spoil anything me, I will literally explode and be so sad so please.no fucking s p o i l e r s.

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    Perfection I watched the anime and now I m starting to read the manga both are spectacular Anime is atmospheric and beautifully done, with amazing production value and great soundtrack that s been stuck in my head for days now.Manga is detailed, beautiful and fast paced Also the whole thing is pretty Dark In the best of ways You can do either one, but honestly, for something this good I have no regrets for spending my time doing both I cannot wait to read the next volumes My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG

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    Check out reviews Perspective of a WriterA Peter Pan retelling like you ve NEVER seen before Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest kids at the Grace Field House orphanage And under the care of the woman they refer to as Mom, all the kids have enjoyed a comfortable life Good food, clean clothes and the perfect environment to learn what could an orphan ask for One day, though, Emma and Norman uncover the dark truth of the outside world they are forbidden from seeing.The Promised Neverland vol 1 sounded like some drab lost boys pirate retelling Yes, the fact Emma, Norman and Ray were orphans caught my attention because I LOVE orphans, but yeah just look at that cover it seems wholesome and not a bit creepy right Well I m here to tell you looks are DECEIVING This is the BEST PETER PAN RETELLING EVER Yes, I needed that in all caps And it all has to do with the creepy atmosphere and the mystery element that is such a huge part of events It may seem repetitive to some readers but only if you re used to the story giving you easy and simple solutions This isn t that sort of story Our orphans are in an impossible situation They have a deadline they have to beat or they lose the most important thing their lives And their opponents hold all the cards And its SO believable that these 11 year olds are figuring each step out, one at a time They re working together like an Agatha Christie mystery detective I love the sibling love, teasing and affection between Emma, Norman and Ray These three grew up together and their knowledge of each other is only eclipsed by the things their Mom knows about them Emma though clearly comes out ahead for me She totally subverts female tropes being athletic, smart but not the smartest and quick thinking on her feet We don t see this in manga much At the same time she has a great love and loyalty for her younger siblings that is a huge motivator in their predicament Ray was fascinating being a hugely knowledgeable bookworm and a realist A great contrast to Norman who is a strategist most likely to get out of sticky situations You d think that three highly intelligent children would be boring But their Mom is one step ahead of them She is the major reason these three are so bright besides their natural born talent And the shift in their relationship with Mom is heartbreaking and yet soooo understandable It s a game of three smart but blind mice against an evil, fat cat with monsters on her side.The Promised Neverland vol 1 has the perfect art to accompany the mysterious and creepy story It s a little twisted, very detailed just look at the faces in the background and surprisingly dark You feel the creepiness right away even though every thing looks perfect on the outside It totally shocked me as I read through chapter 1 how I could feel the atmosphere before knowing what I would find And then at the end of the chapter the big reveal burst that clean looking facade wide open its thrillingly fresh and satisfying The first chapter is just the beginning though The art continues heightening the creepy and mysterious twists as Emma, Norman and Ray work out what to do as the oldest and brightest among them The tension is so thick and Mom looks increasingly sinister.I can t talk about the twists that make The Promised Neverland vol 1 such a great start to a series But its sooooo creepy Pirates have NOTHING on the monsters in this story And as we read the chapters Emma, Norman and Ray work out the basics of their situation when before there were only the most innocent clues to the truth I loved how this worked it kept me on the edge of my chair reading as fast as I could Then when I was done I told my friend all about the volume and pressured her into reading it thank goodness she loved it as much as I did And after she was done I persuaded a roommate to read it as well I just had to share all the twists and reveals with someone The Promised Neverland vol 1 is a Peter Pan retelling that takes on a life of its own and its creative, creepy and twisted I can t help but enjoy The Promised Neverland vol 1 because of the gorgeous creepy art showing off the twisted twists of an impossibly dark situation Emma, Norman and Ray work together to beat their nemesis Mom This is a Peter Pan retelling that EVERYONE and I mean YOU should read Authenticity Tension Plot ArtThis is a multi volume series and there may be references to the plot of those volumes SO READ WITH CARE Here is my review of 1 2 ______________________You can find this manga review and many others on my book blog every Monday Perspective of a Writer See my manga and graphic novel reviews at the bottom of the page Please like this review if you enjoyed it bow bow It helps me out a ton

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    This is a solid, creepy sci fi horror that I think is suitable for children as well as adults Er, at least as far as graphic content goes maybe not if you think your kids will have nightmares after reading about orphans whose surrogate mother is actually view spoiler raising them to be fed to demons hide spoiler

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    Kids, demons, a dystopian world Sure sounded like an interesting premise, but Maybe it s just not for me The storytelling is incredibly repetitive, survival is presented like some Hercule Poirot mystery, and it s all just a bit drab I might have liked this as a child but it didn t keep me interested enough now I felt like DNFing quite a few times, and even while being manga, what with a page taking me no longer than 10 seconds, if even that, I still couldn t read fast enough Not going to be following through with this series.I thank the publisher for an early copy in exchange to my honest review.

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    Woooooow what a PROMISING start So far this manga has already surpassed my expectations The prison escape mystery horror kind of story is definitely what I need in my life right now The dynamic between Emma, Norman and Ray is my favorite thing about this series The art is quite simplistic yet expressive and aesthetically pleasing, the plot is captivating, the pacing is just right I m hooked fam

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    Yeessss I was hoping this would take a turn for the worse after they showed how the kids had numbers tattooed on their necks Very dark, just how I ve been liking my fantasy lately.

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    If I m not careful this could be another series i just completely binge read Such a strong first volume

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    Rese a completa manga se disfruta m s desde el desconocimiento, de ah que su sinopsis sea un poco escueta y no avance demasiado lo que nos vamos a encontrar Por tanto, si la sinopsis avanza poco, ya sab is que no dir mucho m s en cuanto a su argumento para no romper el misterio.El primer cap tulo sorprende al lector con un lugar de ensue o en el que todo es maravilloso, un lugar feliz y sin preocupaciones Pero esto no es m s que un espejismo y poco despu s se descubre que ese lugar es mucho m s espeluznante de lo que nadie se imagina.Emma, Norman y Ray me gustaron por sus personalidades tan diferentes entre s , algo que les hace no estar muy de acuerdo en todas las decisiones y que genera alguna que otra tensi n Pero si en algo coinciden es en su esp ritu protector y de lucha, punto en com n indispensable en el desarrollo de la historia.Pese a ser un primer volumen, cabr a esperar que se tratase de algo meramente introductorio que no aportase demasiada informaci n, sin embargo, nos encontramos ante un argumento bien desarrollado y que mantiene el suspense continuamente para que el lector no tenga tiempo de aburrirse.

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    A lovely house in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a wall with a gate, happy kids playing around but are they really happy And why can t they leave I will try to skirt around most of the details as possible PFrom the start of the manga I just knew something was up, but what Well, we don t find out until Conny leaves After that, and the shocking revelation that came with it and gruesomeness , our MC and her friends are going to do everything they can to get the hell out of this place As you can see I am keeping it nice and vague I don t want to spoil too much of the surprise.I have to say the first chapters were the best, after that it kind of lost its momentum at times, and there was A LOT of talking At times I was tuning out because there was just too much chatting and too little doing I get that they need a good plan, especially considering all the facts they have, but really, gee, wiz, if they keep on talking like this they will never be able to leave I am really curious about the world these kids live in Are there places just like the one they are in Where do the new kids come from Is the whole world like this Is it safe anywhere How did it all come to this We get some hints here and there, like that everything was still rosy and cute in 2015 the current time is 2045 , or about Mama which peaks my interest, why was she selected.The MC, Emma, is a pretty nice girl Very energetic, and I was amazed at how well she could stand up against what happens in this book How hard she worked, how even though her friends told her of the dangers if she wanted x, she kept on going She is sweet towards the kids, really helping out, and making them smile We also have Norman and Ray, both are decent characters, though I am not too sure if I trust both of them that much As they are with Emma I like them, but when they are alone there are just too many flags going up The manga is pretty creepy, it definitely had a Higurashi Umineko vibe The art though eh, not my favourite, not the style I like But will I keep on reading Yes, though I hope the next volume will bring a bit action and excitement Maybe a bit on the world what is going on, and maybe the escape, or at least a try at escaping.I would recommend this book to everyone Review first posted at

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