A Virgin River Christmas

A Virgin River ChristmasI have to admit I had an initial smidge of disappointment when I realized this book didn t feature existing Virgin River characters, but introduced two new ones But I quickly got over it because the new characters were interesting, and the old ones had big enough supporting roles to make you feel the connection to the previous books.Like the other books, this one has a slight military theme in the characters Marcie Sullivan was widowed a year ago when her Marine husband Bobby died three years after sustaining devastating injuries in Iraq Since then, she s felt stuck in a rut, unable to go forward, and obviously unable to go back And she can t stop thinking that if she could find Bobby s best friend and superior, Ian Buchanan, and settle some things with him, that maybe she d finally find her way She d only ever met him a few times, but she d come to know him through the letters they d exchanged and from what Bobby had told her about him But then Ian had disappeared after he left the Marines not long after Bobby s injury, and Marcie knows he must be hiding from the emotional scars he s suffered She thinks if she can just find him and talk to him, help him move on, then she would be able to as well But things don t go quite a planned when she finally does manage to locate him near the quaint mountain town of Virgin River.True, this is a romance, but honestly, it doesn t come into play until fairly late in the book A lot of this story is about the characters and their emotional dramas There were a couple scenes that brought tears to my eyes especially the one where Marcie flashes back to Bobby s death I had to go dig up some tissues That was so sad.But even though the romance is late in developing, this was an enjoyable book to read for romance readers The characters are fantastic I liked Marcie though I wished she d learned to stand up to her sister a little better And Ian was rather interesting, with his wild, mountain man look, but gentle and kind heart, and an amazing singing voice He s such a contradiction And though they didn t hook up till late, you could feel the connection between Ian and Marcie from the start They just had to work their way to the right point.I also really enjoyed how the characters from past Virgin River books had than just passing roles Jack and Mel had a fairly active part of the story, and Preacher, Paige, Mike and Bree all had varying smaller roles It was great to catch up with all those characters.I had only one or two quibbles with things I wished the ending had been a little settled, maybe an epilogue to give us some idea how things went with Ian s reentry into the normal world Hopefully Carr with update us on them in the upcoming new set of VC books The only other thing that bothered me was that once Marcie and Ian did hook up, they were together a lot, but there was never once a mention of birth control It just annoyed me a little bit to have something that important ignored.Anyway, A Virgin River Christmas is a nice edition to the Virgin River series It s a great people story with just enough romance to satisfy those of us who like our HEA s And after read the sneak peak of Second Chance Pass, the upcoming VC novel, I can t wait to read it I m not sure of the circumstances of this book s release, but it was about a hundred pages shorter than the one previous It definitely had a novella feel to it, and there weren t really any side stories going on, so I m thinking it might have appeared first in an anthology.No matter, it s very good and might even be my favorite of the first four A young widow is searching for her late husband s former best friend who has dropped off the map entirely after leaving the Marine Corps.Ian Buchanan has become your basic mountain man He saved his best friend, Bobby s, life in Falluja only to find that Bobby had ended up a quadriplegic in what amounted to a persistent vegetative state Just the boot to kick Ian into emotional and mental chaos Marcie is a little firebrand who needs closure after three years of nursing Bobby until his final, peaceful breath I was really impressed with this character She was funny, loving, compassionate, incredibly strong and stubborn than anything Definitely my favorite character of the series so far, and probably in the top five female characters I ve read this year It was fascinating to see this person who basically made the world turn for so many being thought of as the one who needed to be handled with fragile care She, naturally, chafes at it as much as the reader does for her, and it makes for some pretty good moments I cried reading this than any of the others This was a really excellently written story, I thought, and the joy of the romance against the backdrop of grief and isolation was very satisfying.It loses half a star for no epilogue I rounded up It ends right before something I feel we either needed to see or hear about after the fact Perhaps these two show up again in the rest of the series I certainly hope so, but don t tell me but I want to know what happened next It felt like the story was unfinished.But if you make it this far in the series, there s no way you re NOT going to read on, so just enjoy. This was a really sweet, tender romance, that had me in tears sometimes, but put a smile on my face at the end.This is the story of Marcie Sullivan, a young widow, and former Marine Ian Buchanan Marcie recently lost her Marine husband, Bobby, due to injuries he suffered while serving in Iraq Bobby and Marcie were childhood buddies, then sweethearts, before marrying as teenagers Bobby enlisted in the military, while Marcie worked in an insurance office They were in love and had a bright future ahead of them until one day Bobby was severly injured in Iraq from a car bomb explosion If it wasn t for his Sergeant and best friend, Ian Buchanan, who hauled him to safety amidst enemy fire, he surely would have died on the streets of Fallujah And even though Bobby never recovered from his injuries, and basically was totally incapacitated, Marcie was grateful for the additional three years she got to spend taking care of Bobby and just being with him It s been a year since Bobby s death, and Marcie would like to move forward with her life, and get a little closure But in order to do that, she needs to track down her husband s best friend from the military, Ian Buchanan, and thank him again for saving Bobby and give him a few momentos she thinks Bobby would like him to have It might be a tall order, because it seems Ian has dropped off the face of the earth.Since that day in Fallujah 4 years ago, Ian s life hasn t been the same He had planned to serve 20 years in the Marines, but after he saved Bobby and sentenced him to a life as a total invalid, he suffered such enormous guilt that he let it wreck his life and his career Once a well liked and respected man with a bright future, he broke up with his fiancee, got in meaningless fights with other soldiers, and was basically forced out of the Marines He wishes he had let Bobby die in Fallujah, thinking he has sentenced him and his family to grief than they would have suffered if he had just died on the battlefield Ian decides to just drop out of life for a while, living a minimal existence selling firewood on a mountaintop near the small California town of Virgin River.With a little luck and some dogged persistence, Marcie tracks Ian to the quaint little town of Virgin River She hears rumors about a mountain man who likes to whistle and sing and lives hermit like in a small cabin just outside of town Could this be Ian When Marcie meets up with Ian, he is almost unrecognizable from the picture of the handsome man she carries with her With his dark hair tied back in a long ponytail, a bushy red beard and wearing tattered clothes, and living in a small one room cabin without indoor plumbing, Ian looks and acts like a dropout from life He tells Marcie he just wants to be left alone, but of course Marcie, being the stubborn girl she is, will not hear of it She s determined to break through all the walls Ian has placed around himself She only has a few weeks before she s due home for Christmas will that be enough time for her to convince Ian to rejoin the world and start living again And can she help Ian heal his wounded heart And will Marcie learn something about herself in the process While this wasn t my favorite of all the Virgin River books, it certainly was enjoyable It was fun to revisit that small California town again after Marcie s first encounter with some of the residents, it was like I never left Some of the past characters have small roles, including Preacher and Paige, Mike and Brie, Doc, and with larger roles, Mel and Jack possible spoiler I like that a romance between Marcie and Ian didn t happen right away, although now that I think of it, 10 days is pretty fast But it just seemed that Marcie and Ian got to know a lot about each other in that time, and each also knew a lot about the other through Bobby s letters home and Marcie s letters to Bobby And once Ian came home with a hair cut and a closely trimmed beard, I knew the fireworks would start to happen between the two And they did they provided a lot of heat for that small, one room cabin There were some tear jerking moments too, when Marcie relates the circumstances of Bobby s death, and when Ian lets Marcie go home for Christmas I wanted him to beg her to stay The ending was heart warming and beautiful, but I could have used a few pages , to let me in on what would happen in the future But that is not a problem I m sure Robyn Carr will cover that ground in her next Virgin River novel, titled Second Chance Pass due out in February 2009 That s one I can t wait to read Nothing brings me hope, excitement, anticipation for a romance novel than..finding out the hero has a beard Hallelujah So, imagine my everlasting surprise and happiness when I discovered that the hero for Robyn Carr s A Virgin River Christmas has a beard And not just any ol beard, but a full on, hard core, lumber jack style beard And.it s red Please take a moment of silence to process this wonderful ditty.In spite of the fact that I don t love contemporary romance, I am loving this series The characters are wonderful, the love stories incredibly satisfying, and the setting is rugged, natural, earthy.it s a great combination This book was freaking fantastic I didn t think Carr could create a better hero than Preacher, but I absolutely adore Ian He roars like a wounded wild animal, and then gently, quietly feeds a deer from his hand Swooning here, people Swooning Ian and Marcie s story is perfectly done.their love unfolds slowly and believably as they bond in his tiny cabin It is wonderful to see how Marcie helps to pull him out of his isolation and introduces him to the world again Their love is healing, powerful and transforming The scene at the end of the book when Ian sings in front of the memorial Christmas tree is astounding One of the best scenes I ve ever read Robyn Carr is a true master of romance.Grade A can you tell I liked this one hee hee.. 4.5 StarsThis was a thoroughly enjoyable read my first e book, actually I read it on my computer using Kindle for Mac Because I just don t spend enough time with my computer, you know This book tells the story of Ian Buchanan, an emotionally scarred former Marine, and Marcie Sullivan, widow of Ian s best friend, who died from injuries sustained while at war despite Ian s attempt to save him Set in the snowy mountains above Virgin River, it brings together so many things that make the Virgin River series so enjoyable the remote mountain setting, the sense of community, and the strong men and women who make up that community.Marcie has been searching for Ian, feeling that there is unfinished business between them As her husband s best friend, Ian should have been there during the three years her husband lingered between life and death Instead, Ian had vanished Marcie wants to know why and she wants to give him her husband s baseball card collection Truth is, she s not sure why she s searching for him She is driven by needs she doesn t completely understand.The man she meets is not the man she remembers With a heavy beard and a nasty temper, Ian has been hiding in a cabin in the mountains, living an unadorned life as a hermit no ties, no toilet, no contact with the outside world Ian knows who Marcie is he met her at one point when he came back from the war while her husband was in a long term care facility but he wants nothing to do with her He does his best to drive her away and acting a bit nuts in the process.But Marcie becomes ill, and Ian has no choice but to take care of her The ten days that follow as she regains her health transform both of them Watching Marcie and Ian face their shared pain together, finding love and healing in each other s arms, was wonderful, even if Marcie at times seemed a little too perfect The love story is sweet, as are the love scenes The emotion feels genuine I found myself forgiving Marcie s PITA older sister, Erin, as I learned why she was a PITA It was great to see the other characters again Mel and Jack Paige and Preacher Doc, etc I haven t read Brie and Mark Venezuela s story yet The sense of community that permeates these stories is so addictive Who wouldn t want to live in a town where everyone cared about everyone else Heck, I d pack my junk tomorrow if I knew of such a place It s pretty far removed from the world I know, I must say.I love to read Christmas themed romances, but most often I read historicals There s something about the Christmas season that makes historicals particularly enjoyable This is the first contemporary romance I ve read with a Christmas theme, and I enjoyed it I still prefer Christmas historicals, but then historicals are what I love to read most anyway.For those who haven t read the Virgin River series or who ve read only a few, this book stands alone I think a person could read it and then go back and pick up at the beginning.Over all, a very enjoyable and satisfying read I will admit to sneaking some reading time in while at work D oh A great installment in the series before it started going a bit downhill for me This book follows Marcie Sullivan as she tries to find the man Ian Buchanan who saved her now dead husband who is holed up in Virgin River I honestly loved the character of Marcie and I enjoyed how she and Ian get together Seeing how the small town comes together to celebrate Christmas together was really good too We have appearances by my nemesis Jack and his wife Mel, and of course Paige and Preacher and others A Virgin River Christmas has widow Marcie Sullivan tracking down Ian Buchanan When she gets to the wilds of Virgin River and realizes it won t be smooth going, she refuses to go home, she vows to stay and make sure that Ian comes back to the land of the living Ian s life since being injured hasn t been great He is angry and no longer in the Marines He just wants to be left alone Marcie though has other ideas.I just had a great time watching Marcie and Ian bounce off of each other before they finally let go and just got together Carr doesn t write steamy love scenes in my opinion but it was great to read how Marcie and Ian finally get together. One of the best romance books ever This was my second time reading A Virgin River Christmas and, yall, this book You need to read this book It s everything The Gist Marcie s husband died a year ago after being injured while deployed And she s determined to find his best friend and the man who risked everything to save him years earlier and then disappeared Seriously Marcie and Ian They re incredible Marcie is a force to be reckoned with She s lovely and kind Sweet, fiery, full of faith and hope Has a will of steel She was wonderful And Ian He s such a good man but lost His life fell apart years earlier and to cope with it he ran and became or less a recluse Living tucked away in the mountains in a rustic cabin with no electricity or comforts He s hard working but keeps to himself Cut off from anything gentle or easy, from nearly all forms of relationships He s resourceful, quiet and underneath his wild mountain man exterior he s gentle and caring and lonely Their romance was very slow going They re both dealing with such loss and having trouble moving on Finding who they are and used to be Marcie having to get him to even let her in the door and then slowly over the weeks pulling out of him Getting him to talk, to leave his mountain, to enjoy things and reconnect with people It was just incredible and touching Seeing them form a connection again and finally find a way to heal from the loss of her husband and his best friend They have a total beauty and the beast vibe going My only issue was that Carr cannot get Marine right Half the time it s not capitalized and it should ALWAYS be capitalized no matter if it s the branch or the individual But other than that A Virgin River Christmas is a moving romance that ll bring you to tears and leave you full of hope and wonder Really you just need to read this one You need to meet these two See their journey and their incredible strength and resilience It s such an experience and a simple review can t do it justice Opening LineMarcie Sullivan drove into the small town, her sixth small mountian town of the day, and found herself face to face with a Christmas tree trimming AVRC is my first Robyn Carr book which would make meyou guessed it, a Robyn Carr virgin Anyways, this isn t the type of contemporary romance I usually read I like a bit of action, suspense or the occasional vampire in my mix However the Virgin River series is so hugely popular and was recommended to me by a ton of people so I just had to check it out And I m happy to say that except for the author s unusual fixation with an outhouse I got sucked right into this heart tugging romance Enough so that I didn t want to read anything else when I finished and have gone back to start the series at the beginning.Yes this is book 4 in a series of 13 and counting however that doesn t seem to have any bearing on this particular story I think because it s a special Christmas edition Sure there were a few characters I might have enjoyed if I d know their story but this stood just fine on its own and centered pretty much solely on Ian and Marcie s heartbreaking journey of love and healing The best word I could use to describe Robyn Carr s writing is comfortable It s just relaxed and easy and felt like I was reading about friends or I imagine if you re well into the series like coming home Carr never once had me shaking my head thinking that s wrong or ridiculous or the H h would never do that The story flows very well too, is funny in parts and heart wrenching in others and except for letting the outhouse become a character of its own, left me wanting I feel like Carr could become the sort of author I d pick up when nothing else is striking my fancy and know that I d enjoy it Marcie Sullivan is looking for closure she s come to Virgin River to find her husbands Sergeant and best friend The man responsible for saving Bobby in Iraq and giving her three years to say goodbye while he slowly died from his battle injuries As Marcie cared for her husband she forged a friendship through letters with his sergeant Ian, pouring out her heart, frustrations and sadness to a man she d never met Then suddenly the letters stopped and soon her husband was gone too Now a year later Marcie still can t seem to move on with her life, she s decided she has to find Ian To talk to him about what happened over there and make sure he s okay.But locating Ian hasn t been easy, nobody s seen him for years and his family has all but written him off After following several leads Marcie at last finds her hero but he doesn t want to be found and definitely doesn t want to be reminded of Iraq Ian s living far off the grid of society, a recluse in a rundown cabin in the woods with no amenities Yes that s right an outhouse dun dun dah Ian Growls at Marcie to leave him alone, sounding much like the bear he now resembles what with all that hair but Marcie refuses to go until she completes her mission Of course this leads to her almost freezing to death, catching hypothermia and Ian having to save and care for her until she s better It is a romance after all Marcie s character is a bit of a goof and I really liked her and her adventures with living in a rustic cabin I found it odd though that suffering a burn from not knowing how to light propane stove was hilarious while a flu cold was a matter of life and death I also didn t find this quite as romantic as I m sure others will as I have lived in the bush without power and it loses its appeal mighty fast especially in the winter So while some might think it quaint that they cook on a woodstove, and read by candlelight, I cringed Anyways you don t need to know much else, all the townsfolk turn up in one way or another and Marcie and Ian forge into a new type of friendship, one with benefits Oh and it all happens right around Christmas Sigh. So in the mood for a Holiday romance and I couldn t hold myself back from a reread of one of my favorites from 2016 reread 12 07 12 10 19 Just as enchanting A sublime read.So heart touching It brings tears to my eyes Cannot recommend this one enough I really need to get cracking on this full series Probably my favorite Christmas story that I have read this year and I have read several already I think this is mainly because the story stayed in my thoughts even after I had moved on to my next book It touched my heart deeply and I fell in love with Ian and Marcie equally This was a damn good book It was a funny, tender, sad at times and ultimately uplifting book experience Must remember to add this to my reread list for next year Also this is the first book I have read by Robyn Carr but it will not be the last. Last Christmas Marcie Sullivan Said A Final Goodbye To Her Husband, Bobby This Christmas She S Come To Virgin River To Find The Man Who Saved His Life And Gave Her Three Years To Love Him Fellow Marine Ian Buchanan Dragged Bobby S Shattered Body Onto A Medical Transport In Fallujah Four Years Ago, Then Disappeared As Soon As Their Unit Arrived Stateside Since Then, Marcie S Letters To Ian Have Gone UnansweredMarcie Tracks Ian To The Tiny Mountain Town Of Virgin River And Finds A Man As Wounded Emotionally As Bobby Was Physically But She Is Not Easily Scared Off As Marcie Pushes Her Way Into His Rugged And Reclusive Life, She Discovers A Sweet But Damaged Soul Beneath A Rough ExteriorIan Doesn T Know What To Make Of The Determined Young Widow Who Forces Him To Look Into The Painful Past And, What S Worse, The Uncertain Future But It Is, After All, A Season Of Miracles And Maybe, Just Maybe, It S Time To Banish The Ghosts And Open His Heart


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