The Night Child

The Night Child Nora Brown Teaches High School English And Lives A Quiet Life In Seattle With Her Husband And Six Year Old Daughter But One November Day, Moments After Dismissing Her Class, A Girl S Face Appears Above The Students Desks A Wild Numinous Face With Startling Blue Eyes, A Face Floating On Top Of Shapeless Drapes Of Purples And Blues Where Arms And Legs Should Have Been Terror Rushes Through Nora S Body The Kind Of Raw Terror You Feel When There S No Way Out, When Every Cell In Your Body, Your Entire Body, Is On Fire When You Think You Might DieTwenty Four Hours Later, While On Thanksgiving Vacation, The Face Appears Again Shaken And Unsteady, Nora Meets With Neurologists And Eventually, A Psychiatrist As The Story Progresses, A Terrible Secret Is Discovered A Secret That Pushes Nora Toward An Even Deeper Psychological Breakdown This Breathtaking Debut Novel Examines The Impact Of Traumatic Childhood Experiences And The Fragile Line Between Past And Present Exquisitely Nuanced And Profoundly Intimate, The Night Child Is A Story Of Resilience, Hope, And The Capacity Of The Mind, Body, And Spirit To Save Itself Despite All Odds

Anna Quinn is a writer, teacher, and the owner of The Writers Workshoppe and Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend, WA She has thirty years of experience teaching and leading writing workshops across the country Anna s first novel, The Night Child , published by Blackstone was released Jan 30th, 2018 Order here

[Ebook] ➭ The Night Child  ➬ Anna  Quinn –
  • Hardcover
  • 227 pages
  • The Night Child
  • Anna Quinn
  • English
  • 05 May 2017
  • 9781538434345

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    3.5 Stars My reviews can also be seen at off I knew this was going to be an emotional read We are told in the description that a terrible secret is discovered a secret that pushes Nora toward an even deeper psychological breakdown Nora has noticed that she s not as happy with teaching as she used to be It used to energize her and she felt lucky to be able to do what she did However, now the large class sizes and government requirements have left her feeling worn out After class one day she suddenly feels a headache coming on but then feels like someone is whispering or breathing near her and suddenly In front of her, a girl s face, a wild numinous face with startling blue eyes, a face floating on top of shapeless drapes of purples and blues where arms and legs should have been When Nora locks eyes with the girl she feels a terror rush through her like she s never felt before But as quick as the face appeared it disappears She tells herself she s just tired, that it must be her imagination, that it must have been a hallucination The next day she goes on vacation with her husband and six year old daughter, Fiona She s convinced herself that what happened was brought on by exhaustion But then it happens again, and this time she doesn t just see the girl s face she hears her voice Remember the Valentine s dress She feels like she s going crazy.Sometimes memories start to resurface when we least expect it and in ways we never would have anticipated It s the secrets that make us sick it s the telling that heals I was pulled in to the story, invested in the characters and anxious to know how things would turn out However, this book was even emotional than I expected It deals with many very important issues but readers should be aware that the subject matter may be triggering for some It s quite descriptive and I did find some parts very difficult to read Although I wouldn t classify this as a suspense novel, it s definitely an interesting psychological read about the strength and resilience of the human mind.Thank you to NetGalley and Blackstone Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    Nora Brown is a married High School English teacher with a six year old daughter One day after class she sees a young girl s luminous face floating above a desk She is alarmed and scared as most people would be Questions go through her mind Is she crazy Is this from stress Is this even real She attempts to continue with her life and then, while away with her husband and daughter, she sees the face again but this time the girl tells her to Remember the Valentine s Dress Now she is really alarmed and decides to see medial advice and and eventually meets with a therapist psychiatrist.As the story unfolds, it is obvious that Nora is an unhappy woman Her husband is distant and working long hours She suspects he is lying but is reluctant to question him directly concerning his true whereabouts She is worried about a student in her class and her therapy sessions are bringing up a lot of issues for her.This is a quiet book with BIG issues at play This book touches on infidelity, secrets, sexual molestation, death, mental illness and suicide This book will not be for everyone as it touches on some really heavy issues Having said that, I really enjoyed this book It is a view into one woman s inner turmoil and downward spiral that occurs when her past no longer wants to remain buried Having to face her traumatic childhood, while watching her marriage fall apart, pushes this woman over the edge.This is a short novel which packs a punch I enjoyed the characters of Nora, David and Margaret This book is really character driven so a character study of one woman s life as everything unravels at once This is a well written dark book It was definitely hard to put down I put this on my currently reading list the end of July but I actually read the entire book today in one sitting I had to keep reading to learn how this story would unfold.I received an ARC of this book from Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.See of my reviews at

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    Reviewed on Ashes Books Bobs Thank you to Blackstone Publishing and Netgalley for the chance to read and review this novel.Just look at this cover I ll admit, I was totally judging this book by its gorgeous cover, hoping the story inside would be as exciting as it sounded from the blurb I was not disappointed in the least The Night Child has everything I look for in books twisty, deeply emotional, and boasting a strong storyline.Though this is Anna Quinn s debut novel, she is no novice Come to find out she is the owner The Writers Workshoppe and Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend, Washington This explains her sharp writing, emotional storytelling, and well paced plotting.The Night Child begins in the classroom of Nora Brown, a high school English teacher in Seattle Unexpectedly, Nora sees a young girl s face, with bright blue eyes floating toward her after class Deeply shaken and haunted, she tries to write off the incident as a side effect of stress However, hours later, while on vacation with her family for Thanksgiving, Nora sees the face again She can no longer deny the importance of these moments and decides to meet with doctors and a psychiatrist to delve into why this could be happening Nora never expects to unearth decades worth of memories in the process.My first thought upon reading the synopsis of this story was that it would be a terrifying read In some ways, it was, but not in the ways most might expect It is not what I would consider paranormal, though readers may get that impression from the blurb Rather, this is a deeply moving story about the lengths human minds can go to protect themselves from trauma This was an emotional tale that sucks readers in from beginning to end I picked this book up in the morning, hoping to read a few chapters, and ended up reading much of the day, finishing the entire novel in less than 12 hours time.The writing was emotional, dark, and exciting I was reminded of my favorite author, Tarryn Fisher s writing as I read, who ironically happens to be a Seattle resident with one of her own books set in Port Townsend, Washington I m not sure if the two authors are connected in any way, but I loved the similarities I found between the two I think readers of Tarryn s work would be drawn to this novel and find it appealing to their tastes.With this story, readers are taken back to childhood through an unexpected avenue I was impressed with the author s ability to convey the voice of a child with the accuracy she managed As a mother, some of these parts were difficult to read but were vital to the message of the story I was drawn the psychological theme of The Night Child, the ties between past and present, and the Washington setting Overall, this book was so much than I expected It was emotional, heartbreaking, and interesting I highly recommend this to readers are keen to learn about the mind s inner workings Many thanks to Anna Quinn for starting my year with a great 5 star read NOTE Sensitive readers may want to explore further reviews for trigger warnings, if needed. Wow This story was beautiful and heartbreaking I couldn t put it down.

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    A sense of quiet dread pervades this delicately structured narrative, like a fierce current running underneath a dark, thin layer of ice In her powerful debut, Anna Quinn crafts a startling story of Nora, a middle aged woman waking to truth of her own life The awakening begins with Nora s vision of a young girl with piercing blue eyes Her very innocence is a clarion bell of terror for Nora, a high school teacher and mother to six year old Fiona Who is this child and why has she come What is the warning writ so shockingly clear in her eyes The journey launched by this vision takes Nora down the dark road of a forgotten past As memories come to light, she risks losing her family and her soul The Night Child s lucid prose and intelligent characters carry a breath stealing story Quinn writes with a grace born of empathy Her novel will sink in deeply and remain with you long after you have turned the final page.

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    A fractured mind Old scars Emotional trauma This book s synopsis pretty much gives the entire story away, but this book was nicely written and flowed easily Some of the content view spoiler incest and child molestation hide spoiler

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    ReviewLast updated on 26 Jul 2017THE NIGHT CHILD is a masterfully written journey into the dark recesses of an abused woman s mind It is a page turneruntil it isn t due to the need to take a break from the intensity of the storyline The literary writing is lyrical and beautiful, in sharp contrast to the awful and ugly story, which is no easy feat Quinn writes with such aplomb she delicately expounds on this sensitive subject as she exposes the protagonist s heart, mind, and soul The characters are rich, multi dimensional and I felt honored to read their story This is a difficult read, but a very important and powerful one The denouement is especially masterful, as the author does not leave the reader in despair, but instead, foreshadows the turning of the darkness into light Highly recommended Richly deserved 5 stars I want to thank Anna Quinn, the publisher, and NetGalley for the honor and opportunity to read and review THE NIGHT CHILD.

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    Thank you to Anna Quinn the author , Blackstone Publishing, and NetGalley for the advanced reader copy of The Night Child I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review I would have given this book 10 stars if I could What an incredible debut novel I read this book in a day and a half I couldn t put it down and ended up turning my phone off so I could read interruption free The writing is excellent, I have read books that deal with child abuse, but this book was exceptional at describing the damage that child abuse can do to the young psyche Nora Brown is a high school English teacher A floating face appears in her classroom one afternoon and then again at home the following day Frightened and unable to tell her husband or coworker, in fear that they may think she is crazy, she meets with neurologists to see if there is something physically wrong with her and when all test results come back normal, she then starts to therapy with David, a psychologist to try understand and work out why she is hallucinating Her sessions with the David help her to uncover a deep, dark secret which she has managed to repress.The abuse that happened to Nora many years ago was so damaging to her spirit, that her subconscious suppress it for all these years This book deals with child abuse, physically, emotionally, and sexual This book did a compelling job of how deeply childhood abuse can scar a person, no matter how strong they are I really enjoyed the characters in this book, especially Nora s brother, James, Margret, and Fiona Anna Quinn did a wonderful job in portraying the hurt felt by all the characters and emphasizing the consequences of this hurt in a very realistic manner I thought that the story was powerful and quite heartbreaking I can t stop thinking about it I cannot wait to read from Anna Quinn Thank you again to Anna Quinn and NetGalley.

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    This debut novel grabbed my attention and didn t let go Nora Brown, wife, mother of a six year old girl, and high school English teacher and Department head, is disturbed one day, sitting in her classroom after the students have gone, by the appearance of a young girl s face in the air before her Two days later, a similar event occurs, but there is also a child s voice Needless to say, Nora is worried, has various medical and neurological exams and ultimately is advised to see a psychiatrist It is there that tension continues to increase and the story continues to spool out There are also issues in her marriage driving Nora and her husband apart So many sources of tension This is a very effective psychological novel that I do recommend We see Nora s therapeutic process in up close, interesting ways that feel very real It brings us into this woman s worst nightmares as we live her struggle with her present and her past, all she has known It s a gripping read.A copy of this book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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    I really enjoyed reading this very accomplished debut novel exploring the mind of a middle aged woman who has been secrets from herself about trauma experienced in childhood The main character, Nora Brown is a high school English teacher in Seattle, married to a successful businessman and mother to a six year old daughter Her path to mental breakdown starts at the end of a tiring day in the classroom, with a vision of a young girl floating in the air After a second vision of the same child, and as her life starts to fall to pieces, Nora starts consulting a psychologist who helps her uncover the trauma she has been keeping locked away in her mind.I thought this was a fascinating account of a woman struggling with her inner demons and an interesting depiction of how the mind can work to shield and protect itself from unpleasant and harmful truths It s an emotional journey for both Nora and the reader and may be disturbing for those who have suffered similar issues Of the other main characters, Nora s husband is cold and not at all supportive but her psychologist is a warm and gentle man who carefully accompanies her a step at a time through her memories I loved the ending of the novel as Nora finally finds her inner strength and there is hope and light ahead for her With thanks to Netgalley, the author and Blackstone Publishing for a copy of the book to read and review

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    Nora has just finished teaching a high school English class when a face with startling blue eyes appears above the desks She s not sure if she s losing her mind or has seen a ghost In a sense both possibilities are true and as the story continues readers begin to understand why William Faulkner said, The past isn t dead, it isn t even past and that statement definitely applies to Quinn s debut novel It s not an easy book because of the subject matter sexual abuse, mental illness, alcoholism, suicide and it s not for everyone I m grateful to Blackstone Publishing and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review The Night Child portrays Nora with sensitivity and gave me a real sense of her interior struggles The writing itself is good and the pacing is fairly quick However, I would have liked to get a better understanding of some of the other characters There seemed to be a contrast between the flashbacks which were quite vivid and the 1990s events This may have been intentional on the part of the author and was effective in conveying the devastating effect the past had on her life I still would have liked to know about Nora s husband, her principal, her daughter and a particular student Toward the end there were a few scenes that did develop the characters in greater depth, especially her husband, but I would have liked of that earlier on That said, I m glad I had the chance to read this disturbing yet honest book

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