Rat City (Rat City, #1)

Rat City (Rat City, #1) EBOOK NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER Dalia Deals In Secrets And Information It Guarantees Her What Equates To A Charmed Life Among The Ashes And Ruin Of Curr But That Alone Isn T Enough To Save Her From The Culling That Has Slowly Wiped Out What Is Left Of The City S Human PopulationRat City Is A Myth, A Legend Leftover From A Time Of War, But For Dalia, It Is Her Only Saving Grace After A Deal Goes Bad, Dalia Is Chased Halfway Across The City And Into The Arms Of William Burke After Tending Her Wounds, He Takes Dalia Into His Care And Offers Her A Place In Their Underground SocietyWhen Burke And The City S Patriarch Fail To Return From A Simple Scouting Mission, Dalia Insists On Going Along To Find Them But Life On The Desert Prairie Is Dangerous, And She Has A Secret Of Her Own That Could Get Her Killed

I am Tyffani Clark Kemp, multi genre author and owner of SideStreet Cookie Publishing and its PNR imprint Moon Rose Books Follow her on instagram tyffanickemp14, twitter tyffanickemp, and facebook authorclarkkemp

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  • ebook
  • Rat City (Rat City, #1)
  • Tyffani Clark Kemp
  • English
  • 12 February 2019

10 thoughts on “Rat City (Rat City, #1)

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    Y all This book SO GOOD The story is so unique and fresh and kept me reading well into the night and made sure I shirked all responsibility the next day bc I couldn t put it down I fell in love with Burke from the start Dalia is an easy to love heroine, with her wit and humor and strength The whole cast of characters Hamster are all fantastically fleshed out and I CANNOT WAIT FOR BOOK 2 Like. pins and needles Can anyone say cliffhanger

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    This is the first book in the series let s hope not the last one where we meet all the main characters and take a look to the life in the Rat City and near it its laws and rules, relations among people, everyday routine. Life is hard there but this is life so there is a place for love and tenderness, mutual help and self sacrifice Here is also a place for some mystery that can destroy the fragile balance. This story set some questions which remain without answers. Hope to find them in the next books..

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    Wow This is AMAZEBALLS I loved the chemistry between the characters, the story and holy hell plot twists I felt her raw emotions and betrayal Her storyI know is so not over this chick has so much to tell The main character Dalia has her start in the first chapter and it only gets better from there It grabbed me from the beginning and I delved into her world with great anticipation I was not disappointed I was so involved in the book that I read it in a single day An amazing dystopian read that had me on the edge of my seat at times, emotional and enthralled at others The author set the scene and built up a wonderful dystopian world throughout the book It was descriptive in the star that you felt as if you were a part of Dalia s world You feel connected to the characters in a sense that they could be your friends as well I utterly adored this book It s in my top faves

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    oh my word i loved this book Dalia story very different to my normal reads, found it slow at the start but as the story entailed got straight into it and couldnt put it down lots of twists in the story a gripping read with a good ending this author has a way of pulling you into her books i loved it

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    MehNothing new or unique to see here, plenty of other books in this genre have interesting plot lines and characterizations.

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