Finding Fish

Finding FishThe Memoir Of Antwone Fisher S Miraculous Journey From Abandonment And Abuse To Liberation, Manhood, And Extraordinary Success A Striking And Original Story Of The Journey From Troubled Childhood To Self Aware Adult Soon To Be A Major Motion Picture Starring And Directed By Denzel Washington, Finding Fish Is The Memoir Of Antwone Fisher S Miraculous Journey From Abandonment And Abuse To Liberation, Manhood, And Extraordinary Success A Modern Day Oliver TwistBaby Boy Fisher As He Was Documented In His Child Welfare Caseworkers Reports Was Raised In Institutions From The Moment Of His Birth In Prison To A Single Mother After Beginning His Life In An Orphanage, Antwone Was Placed In A Temporary Foster Home Until, Around Age Two, He Was Transferred To A Second Foster Home It Was There, Over The Next Thirteen Years, That He Endured Emotional Abandonment And Physical Abuse Removed From This Foster Home Not Long Before His Sixteenth Birthday, Antwone Found Fleeting Refuge In A Boys Reform School But Was Soon Thrust Into The Nightmare Of HomelessnessThough Convinced He Was Unwanted And Unworthy, Fish, As He Came To Be Known, Refused To Allow His Spirit To Be Broken Instead, He Became Determined To Raise Himself, To Listen To Social Workers And Teachers Who Intervened On His Behalf, And To Nurture A Romantic Heart Along With A Scathing Sense Of Humor And A Wondrous Imagination All Of Which Sustained Him With Big Dreams Of A Better Day Fatefully, Just As Antwone S Life On The Streets Hit Rock Bottom, He Enlisted In The United States Navy, Where He Remained For The Next Eleven Years During That Time, Fish Became A Man Of The World, Raised By The Navy Family He Created For HimselfFinding Fish Shows How, Out Of This Unlikely Mix Of Deprivation And Hope, An Artist Was Born First As The Child Who Painted The Feelings His Words Dared Not Speak, Then As A Poet And Storyteller Who Would Eventually Become One Of Hollywood S Most Well Paid, Sought After Screenwriters But Before He Ascends Those Lofty Steps, Antwone S Story Takes Us From The Navy To His Jobs As A Federal Correctional Officer And Then A Security Guard At Sony Pictures In Hollywood In Its Climactic Conclusion, The Mystery Of His Identity Is Finally Unraveled As Antwone Returns To Cleveland To Locate His Mother S And Father S Surviving Family MembersA Tumultuous And Ultimately Gratifying Tale Of Self Discovery Written In Fisher S Gritty Yet Melodic Literary Voice, Finding Fish Is An Unforgettable Reading Experience Listened to the audio book in a down period of life, and found his real life overcoming story challenging and motivating He wasn t crying over spilled milk or excusing his bad choices by blaming his background He was grateful for teachers and Navy mentors who found praiseworthy traits, and the last scene he shares blueberry pancakes with his daughter makes it clear that you really can come out of a wretched background without letting it remain your reality. Antwone s early life is a filled with textbook examples of causes which lead to a life of crime, drugs and poverty He grew in a foster home where it was made apparent to him he was just a means to get money from the state and nothingHe grew up in an impoverished Cleveland neighborhood where he was treated to beatings, molestation, slave labor and psychological intimidation within his foster home Yet, through this and other events in his early life, Antwone was able to escape the life he was raised in to find and become what was missing in his life earlier on.This is a moving book about the author that shows the importance of perseverance through adverse diversity The book starts off slow and really builds the background story of Antwone so once you have adjusted for the pace of the book you will certainly enjoy it.While reading this book I felt a sense of pride in getting to know someone like Antwone even though it s only through a book Hearing his life story inspires me to push myself everyday and not just accept the situation you are in, it is up to you create your own future, not others. Finding Fish by Antwone Quenton Fisher is a heart wrenching story about a young boy, Antwone Fisher, and his journey from being put into foster homes at birth, he goes from feeling unwanted, and unloved, to feeling important, and meaningful to others Antwone was originally put into an orphanage after birth, but was eventually switched to two different foster homes The first one was only a short term, temporary foster while the other one housed him for around 13 years of his life This foster home created many difficulties for Antwone to overcome throughout his time living at the house with a recurring theme of physical and psychological abuse, he was sexually abused, whipped, and beaten as punishment for things he did The theme isolation also played a role in the development of this story because he had no one to rely on He was on his own Antwone escaped his misery from the house by enlisting in the navy A Navy reimen soon helped him overcome his troublesome childhood With Dwight, everything was external and physical With me, it was all on the inside I was hands in pockets, watchful, quiet, and hidden tears Fisher 77 This quote represents exactly what the whole book is about The troubles that were happening at the foster home played an important role in the development of Antwone He learned to keep things to himself and deal with situations without showing any emotion This book was an easy read It gives you a perspective of what it would have been like to live in that time period and in a foster home I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about the transformation from hardships to success This is a well written book. Great book A difficult read at times The story has a lot of press as inspirational and uplifting, and indeed it is both of those things in an absolutely amazing way The book has a dark, disturbing side that is devastatingly sad..there is no way of getting around it It is devastating The shine of a bright future that eventually arrives cannot take away from the pure sadness, not only for Antwone Fisher but for the other children in his household It is very important to learn about what can happen to children placed in foster care and it is very important to hear the story through the eyes of a child who has been through it. What a sad powerful story of self discovery Page after page I wanted Fish to get out of his messed up predicament.It s sad how someone can make your life a living hell for no reason Then feel noway about it I hope those who hurt , used, abused , and lied to him get what they DESERVE The movie was better but this is his memoir so I ll respect it. I had the opportunity to see Mr Fisher speak when I was working at the University at Buffalo Foundation Once I heard his story I had to read his book Wow I am always taken with people who can take there life of crap and turn it into less crap It is so easy for people to fall into the negative way of life Very positive inspiring story Finding Fish written by Antwone Fisher The main characters are, Antwone Quenton Fisher, and Isabelle Pickett The story is about Antwon fisher a foster child who is put in a foster home at the age of two and is looked after by the Picketts He lives with the Picketts in Glenville Cleveland for thirteen and a half years He went through many different social workers not understanding the mental and physical abuse the Pickett family was putting him through He is kicked out of the Picketts house and ends up homeless By the age of sixteen he is put in the Metzenbaum Children Center and after being discriminated against because of his race he moves to Pensylvania and is placed in George Junior Republic Institution By the time he is eighteen and is no longer under care of the state he wonders around the streets not knowing what to do next Then he finds out about the navy and enlists After serving in the navy he goes back to Clevelend and then moves to Los Angeles where he raises a family the conflict is Antwone trying to survive through the Picketts abuse and making sure they don t change him mentally or physically with abuse The other conflict is him trying to find out who he is and get some answers because Miss Pickett didn t tell him his background or how he got to live with them Miss Pickett also threatens him if he tells his social workers the truth He avoids their mental abuse because he used his imagination to escape what was happening at home to avoid the physicall abuse he stands up for himself when he is older and stronger than Miss Pickett so she can not beat him any To find out who he is he tells the social workers the truth about the Pickett family The social workers tell him what he wants to know about himself Another conflict is him being a foster child trying to find a place for himself in the world By having better adult guidance at the institutions he went to when he is older Because of the adults at these institutions and social workers he is able to get a job in the navy and afterwards finds a place to live This book is an amazing book The book makes you realize how lucky you are and have a different perspective on life The book makes yougrateful of what s around you The book is funny and sad at times making it very intresting and impossible to stop reading. I actually have an autographed copy of this book fantastic memoir about overcoming abuse he s from cleveland he came and spoke at event i went to and i went to a book signing of his amazing story he talked about how the screenplay to this book became the movie with Denzell that he wrote was the first screenplay ever sold forthan 1 million dollars by an african american screenwriter This is the memoir of a young man s life growing up as a ward of the state of Ohio in the 60 s and 70 s, and how he overcame the challenges in his upbringing to become a successful adjusted adult The story of his childhood is heart wrenching His mother shot and killed his father in self defense two months before Antwone is born, and his mother is incarcerated He is placed in foster care with an abusive and dysfunctional family led by the manipulative and heartless woman of the house The atrocities Antwone is subjected to go undetected by thethan a dozen caseworkers who at some time have responsibility for Antwone s file Most of the caseworkers are deceived by the foster mother, and little Antwone is manipulated horribly and falls silent His young life and circumstances are dotted by glimmers of hope through the occasional attentive teacher, but no one ever figures out what is going on in his home life By the time he turns 18 and is no longer under the State s care, and his foster family is ready to dump him, he is unceremoniously booted into the world with nowhere to go, no skills, no support structure, nothing Yeah, so, not surprisingly, life doesn t exactly improve for Antwone at that point, but he finds a way out of homelessness and escapes what appears to be the inevitable permanent downward spiral He finds some solace and much needed structure in the military, yet struggles there for a time before he reaches a point where finally someone listens He is able to confront his past, recognize and resolve his feelings, and move on with life as a productive adult He is able to make a connection to his long lost relatives and reconcile his past.Young Antwone s life makes a damning statement of the foster care system What a mess, it is a wonder this man was able to survive at all We should all be ashamed this state of affairs is allowed to exist, but in an overwhelmed and dysfunctional system it is not a stretch to imagine this type of thing happens today Antwone emerged from this successfully, but you know a lot of people don t Makes you wonder what scars people are carrying around inside Compelling story, hard to read at times, but bravely told and incredibly well written.

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  • Finding Fish
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