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The AssociateIt was ok but no than that Young trainee lawyer blackmailed into working for an enormous law firm so as to steal information on a major case they are working As with all Grisham novels it is an exciting enough story which means you want to turn over the next page but unlike previous Grisham novels I have read I was quite able to put it down when normal life demanded I was interested to reach the denoument but not step over an injured puppy type interested Erik Singer narrated and he did a good job but for the liverpudlian Australian whatinthenameofallthat sholy accent he inflicted upon one of the baddies called Nigel You would think being called Nigel might be burden enough but no Singer decided to curse the poor bloke with a monstrous concoction spanning not just cities but continents and maybe even planets. I enjoyed this one quite a bit, but.I got into the intrigue, especially once Kyle started attempting to turn the tables on Bennie Nigel But then came the ending What is with Grisham these days I didn t like the ending I did not DESPISE the ending, as I did with Grisham s last book The Appeal , but I found it entirely unsatisfying Just give me a good, old fashioned, bad guys get their butts kicked ending anyday If You Thought Mitch McDeere Was In Trouble In The Firm, Waituntil You Meet Kyle McAvoy, The Associate Kyle McAvoy Grew Up In His Father S Small Town Law Office In York, Pennsylvania He Excelled In College, Was Elected Editor In Chief Of The Yale Law Journal, And His Future Has Limitless PotentialBut Kyle Has A Secret, A Dark One, An Episode From College That He Has Tried To Forget The Secret, Though, Falls Into The Hands Of The Wrong People, And Kyle Is Forced To Take A Job He Doesn T Want Even Though It S A Job Most Law Students Can Only Dream AboutThree Months After Leaving Yale, Kyle Becomes An Associate At The Largest Law Firm In The World, Where, In Addition To Practicing Law, He Is Expected To Lie, Steal, And Take Part In A Scheme That Could Send Him To Prison, If Not Get Him KilledWith An Unforgettable Cast Of Characters And Villains From Baxter Tate, A Drug Addled Trust Fund Kid And Possible Rapist, To Dale, A Pretty But Seemingly Quiet Former Math Teacher Who Shares Kyle S Cubicle At The Law Firm, To Two Of The Most Powerful And Fiercely Competitive Defense Contractors In The Country And Featuring All The Twists And Turns That Have Made John Grisham The Most Popular Storyteller In The World, The Associate Is Vintage Grisham The most anti climactic book ever What happened to the Grisham I used to love I ll start this review by saying I LOVE KYLE MC AVOY He s an idealistic, brave, intelligent not to mention a good looking law student I wish I can find someone like him at the law school I m going to be accepted at HAHA Sorry, the girly side of my brain started to speak up lol Some people say that this is a suffice to John Grisham s highly acclaimed novel, The Firm And after reading this, I found out that it is real and adequate For the reason that in both novels, young lawyers are on the run chased by fraud FBI agents or blackmailers from pathetic law firms At the end, when our heart is very thrilled about a young lawyer being chased and all Both characters Mitch The Firm and Kyle The Associate change their mind and set about trapping the blackmailers And that s it The ending is unbelievably unwrapped up.However, despite the fact that I was thornly disappointed about the idea of how The Associate has been written I have this feeling of LOVING IT The novel has a very fast pacing because I was thoroughly caught up in this book from page one 1 until the very last page Very exciting The idea of working at a big law firm started to bug me in a good way I feel like, I wanted to work as a litigator and as an associate at a law firm after I have passed the bar exam Always look forward and think positively p but my dad often tells me that in the Philippines, law firms are not given the chance to rise up The legal system is quite different here in the Philippines I didn t mean to sound vague about it because I mean it in a positive wayI guess Well, alternatively, maybe an organization will suit me up Hehe.At the end, I gave this book an awesome verdict, 4 stars Oh I forgot to mention I found Kyle s dad very similar with the street lawyer also by J Grisham It s kind of cool actually. With every book, Grisham gets worse I keep telling myself I should stop reading the garbage he his dishing out, but I keep going back just to find out how bad it can get What can I say I give one star because for effort, just to type the words in Otherwise there is not much to recommend in this book The plot is weaker than Bud Lite, the ending is anti climactic. The consequences were horrifying The magnitude of the conspiracy caused Kyle s heart to hammer away His mouth became dry and he sipped lukewarm coffee He wanted to leap for the door, sprint down forty one flights of stairs, and run through the streets of New York like a madman Kyle McAvoy plans to finish law school, then work for the under privileged for a few years before heading for the big time and money However, Kyle has a dirty secret locked away in his past Only a handful of people know about it and they are all just as culpable What happens when the secret that could ruin Kyle s life falls into the wrong hands What if these are deadly hands that will stop at nothing to get what they want How will Kyle respond when confronted with the evidence and when he is commanded to do the unthinkable The plot for this book was pretty standard There was the odd twist, but nothing seriously shocking The ending fell flat.although I had to keep reading to find out what happened It was difficult to put down purely because of the suspense and need to know element I suppose I should give Grisham credit for that as it s part of what makes a good novel However, if you build a reader up in this way, you must make sure you deliver with a dramatic and satisfying conclusion Sometimes, Grisham seems to leave his characters floundering and there should be a sequel I felt that this was the case with The Associate. It wasn t one of his best books, nor one of his worst, slightly better than just okay.The main takeaway points were that it s better to do the right thing at the earliest possible stage because otherwise you just end up digging a huge hole for yourself, and other people Also, that the end does not necessarily justify the means, if they are unethical or inadvisable Doing the right thing will also not always win you friends or make people happy here on earth, but God sees the choices we make and He is honoured when we listen to our conscience He promises to honour us if we honour Him.I also felt exhausted by the workaholic lawyers in this book billing countless hours, cheating their clients, sleeping at their desks, absent from their families, and mostly detesting their work which had totally taken over their lives One has to wonder what the purpose is, if there is no quality of life outside work, then what is the striving for Greed can consume a person and make them miserable as whatever they have will never be enough This is exemplified in this book and can be a warning to anyone inclined to workaholism that it will never satisfy Work is important and the mandate was originally given by God, but there s a difference between working to live and living to work There is the odd bit of swearing in this book and a limited amount of non graphic sexual content There is also some non graphic violence.Grisham fans will enjoy this.Check out my John Grisham Shelf It seems like lately when I read Grisham, its a good story with some interesting twists and turns, but the climax is not really super exciting and there tends not to be all that much resolution That was the case again here A good book but not tons of excitement. Good books don t necessarily have to provide all the answers to every plot thread introduced into them We want our characters to feel like they have lives beyond the confines of the printed page and that their story exists before, during and after the book we re reading But a good book should at least provide the reader with some sense of closure and not the feeling like an editor was standing over the writer, pointing out that he or she had x number of pages left or he or she was slowly reaching the word count for the novel and that wrapping up the book soon would be a good idea There should be some sense of closure, not just a sense of wrapping things up.There s a distinct lack of closure to John Grisham s new novel The Associate spents 275 pages setting up the situation Kyle McAvoy faces Years ago, his roommates at a frat party took advantage of a young woman, while she may or may not have been passed out The young girl had a reputation and when she tried to press charges for rape, the investigation hit a quick dead end and the matter was dropped Or so it would appear While Kyle wasn t one of the participants, he was in the room when it happened Now, years later video from a camera phone has surfaced in the hands of men who want Kyle to do thier bidding He is to accept a job with a high prestige law firm and spy on them for these men This mysterious group seems to have their fingers in a lot of pies an a lot of power, though it s never explained why or if they re manipulating certain aspects of Kyle s life and that of his friends They hold the tape over Kyle s head throughout the story, saying that while it may not lead to charges it will certainly ruin the life of Kyle and his friends Kyle is pressed into service in an impossible situation and slowly begins to try and find a way out of it By reading spy novels, he routinely sheds those tailing him and begins to slowly fight back, forming a plan of his own Meanwhile, he s got the soulless first year job at a law firm and maybe a connection with a fellow female associate It s a lot to take in and Grisham does a nice job of keeping the plot moving for the first 300 or so pages But it s right around a huge turning point in the novel that things slowly being to unravel I won t say the turning point, but if you ve read the book, you can probably peg it It involves one of the group of the accused who went to Hollywood seeking his fame and fortune Suddenly, things kick into a different gear and Kyle makes some decisions These are things that could and should change the story and ratchet things into a higher gear, adding to the suspense and making the pages turn faster And they doexcept these things all happen 30 or so pages before the novel ends.And the novel just wraps up In one of the unsatisfying endings I ve read in a while, Grisham just finishes the story In the end, justice isn t really served and you can see how Grisham is trying to create a morally ambigious ending, but yet it just doesn t feel satisfying Kyle isn t a purely innocent character, but it d be nice if it felt like some or any of the bad guys got what was coming to them in the end Instead, it s one of those hey, life sucks but what are you going to do endings that left me frustrated and wondering where the rest of the book was.We could at least know that Kyle got the girl or something A hint, anything besides what we go.And that s a shame Because Grisham works hard in creating Kyle and allowing us to identify with him and feel sympathy for him as the net closes in around him This could have been great Grisham Instead it s just mediocre Grisham. Fun reading.

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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