The Kommandant’s Girl

The Kommandant’s Girl Nineteen Year Old Emma Bau Has Been Married Only Three Weeks When Nazi Tanks Thunder Into Her Native Poland Within Days Emma S Husband, Jacob, Is Forced To Disappear Underground, Leaving Her Imprisoned Within The City S Decrepit, Moldering Jewish Ghetto But Then, In The Dead Of Night, The Resistance Smuggles Her Out Taken To Krakow To Live With Jacob S Catholic Aunt, Krysia, Emma Takes On A New Identity As Anna Lipowski, A Gentile Emma S Already Precarious Situation Is Complicated By Her Introduction To Kommandant Richwalder, A High Ranking Nazi Official Who Hires Her To Work As His Assistant Urged By The Resistance To Use Her Position To Access Details Of The Nazi Occupation, Emma Must Compromise Her Safety And Her Marriage Vows In Order To Help Jacob S Cause As The Atrocities Of War Intensify, So Does Emma S Relationship With The Kommandant, Building To A Climax That Will Risk Not Only Her Double Life, But Also The Lives Of Those She Loves

Pam is the author of several novels, including her most recent The Lost Girls of Paris and The Orphan s Tale, both instant New York Times bestsellers Pam was born in Maryland and raised outside Philadelphia She attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and Cambridge University in England Upon receiving her master s in history from Cambridge, she accepted an appointment as

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    5 stars What an excellent historical fiction novel I thoroughly enjoyed everything about the storyline I find it hard to believe this was written 10 years ago and there hasn t been hype surrounding it.The story revolves around nineteen year old Emma in war torn Poland, whose husband flees underground to help the resistance fighters She takes on a new identity as Anna, to hide her Jewish heritage Wanting to do whatever it takes to help her husbands cause, Anna takes a job as the Kommandant s personal assistant and from there the story evolves into Anna s secret mission to find information to help the resistance I always find it very interesting to read about war time resistance groups and how they secretly planned Nazi sabotage How brave and courageous these resistance fighters were I absolutely loved Emma Anna She was such a kind, loving, naive and determined woman who got caught up in her fight against the Nazi s I found her inner confusion about her feelings toward the Kommandant very interesting as she struggled between her duty for the resistance and her growing feelings toward the enemy The author, Pam Jenoff, packs a lot of history, suspense and emotion into this well written debut novel All characters were very well developed and the atmosphere she creates is unforgettable I had a hard time putting the book down and when I wasn t reading it, I was certainly thinking about it I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction I am really looking forward to reading the sequel, The Diplomat s Wife

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    Brilliant I give this book five stars without hesitation Emma Bau has just married the love of her life, Jacob, when the Nazis come and occupy Poland during WWII It is a dangerous time in Poland, made even so by the fact that they are Jews Although Jacob wants to be with his wife, he has strong ties to the resistance movement and immediately goes underground Emma is stricken by this, but goes to live with her parents in the ghetto The conditions in the ghetto are terrible food is scarce, disease is rampant In the dead of night, a member of the resistance smuggles Emma out of the ghetto She is to start her life over again as a gentile with Jacob s Catholic aunt, Krysia and a little boy, Luckasz, whom lost his mother in the ghetto And just like that, Anna Lipinski is born.Krysia thinks the best way to introduce Emma as Anna is by having a dinner party Krysia teaches Anna about Catholic customs and even gives her a crucifix to wear for good measure Everything is going well until the Kommandant arrives The Kommandant takes an immediate liking to Anna and wants her to come work for him as a personal assistant What happens between them next. well..let s just say that it gets pretty complicated When historical fiction is done right, you should feel like you are transported back to that era and I did I truly felt like I was on a journey with these characters a marker of excellent historical fiction Pam Jenoff has such a beautiful way with words I could tell that the author put a lot of time and dedication into this debut I fell in love with Anna and I felt her struggles as if they were my own When I give a book 5 stars, I give it such a rating because I love everything about the book the writing, plot, characters, etc I never wanted it to end I will definitely be reading the next two books in the series The Ambassador s Daughter and The Diplomat s Wife This book is not one that will soon be forgotten.

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    Hurry up, read this book Must read WWII story Poland Jews, Germans Nothing is completely black or white What would you do if somebody puts you in similar position Easy read, in one go Don t miss it, says editor

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    A standard paragrah in Ms Jenoff s book includes at least 2 uses of the word Okay How do you feel Okay For a novel set in Poland in the depths of WWII this word is inappropriate It s frequency made me cringe.Ms Jenoff also had issues with time The phrase, it was the second winter of the war and the Kommandant could tell that the war was going badly.Excuse me, that would be the winter of 40 41 and Germany stood supreme on the European Continent The book roughly covers only the time frame 1939 through early 1941, yet the killing camps are already built not a fact and no attention made to the victories of 1940 The killing camps were built after the Russian invasion when the Nazi s realized that their Einzengruppen could not handle the killing fields The book barely mentions the privations Pole s faced as food rations were cut and cut again for these Ubermenschen True the heroine has priveleges as a mistress to a senior Nazi, but she seems oblivious and unsure as to why she opposes the Nazis The heroine in her innocence seems shallow True she grows, but never quite resolves or feels passion for anything She drifts Schindler s list which has the same location as this book, and The ZooKeeper s Wife , or even The Painted Bird give a far far better portrayal of life in occupied Poland during WWII.

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    2 1 2 stars My book group liked this much than I did, though even fans admitted to being distracted by the frequent use of okay by a young woman in this time and to her Nazi supervisor, no less as well as disappointed by the mash up of coincidences in the last fourth of the book It felt a little wrong, too, that I was much tense in some of her early spy efforts than in the climactic danger scene It s not a bad book, but it seemed to skim the surface in a lot of ways, and I had simply hoped for in which to invest I will say I really liked the character of Krysia, and secondly, it was interesting how Jenoff could create empathy for a Nazi Kommandant Emma, though admittedly young, struck me as self absorbed than I would have hoped in a heroine in these circumstances, and I thought it significant that view spoiler it was a much greater sacrifice for her to put on a cross necklace than it was to sleep with a man not her husband hide spoiler

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    a well done story that blends history and imagination in a moving way captures the atmosphere and confusion of terrifying times kept my interest from start to finish

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    This novel epitomised for me everything that is cynical, vulgar and manipulative about the romance genre For the first hundred pages Jenoff does a pretty good job of creating the plight of a Jewish girl in Krakow during the Nazi occupation Emma is recently married but her husband, a member of the Resistance, goes into hiding Emma, along with her parents, is forced into the Ghetto She is then rescued and given a Christian identity and eventually hired as secretary to a Nazi Kommandant where, it is hoped, she might be able to perform invaluable work for the resistance So far so good The prose, if uninspired, is simple and self contained the characters are engaging and the detail of description is convincing You feel there might be a good story to tell here Until the descriptions of the Kommandant s good looks, his olive skin, his strong demeanour, his underlying vulnerable side start coming thick and fast and what we have is the usual clich of the romantic hero Emma begins blushing, palpitating and going weak at the knees several times a day and succumbs to the chemistry between herself and the Nazi Now the plight of the Jews in Krakow takes a backseat to the soft porn of romance genre fiction Emma is encouraged by the resistance to sleep with the Kommandant so as to get access to his secret papers which she dutifully does What follows are pages and pages of her hot blooded dilemma She retches she blushes she flinches she gets jealous when the Kommandant shows any interest in other women I m afraid at this point I cast this novel aside If you want to read a truly complex and moving novel about a woman sleeping with the enemy I suggest you try Suite Fran aise by Ir ne N mirovsky where all the moral complexities of such an act are treated with great subtlety and artistry This, on the other hand, is just pulp It s a shame Pam Jenoff, who can write quite well, feels the need to pimp her talent to overtly commercial aims, cynically exploiting the Holocaust as the backdrop for titillating formulaic soft porn fiction.

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    I mentioned when I wrote my review on The Book Thief, how dismayed I felt when realizing that the story was set in WWII Germany It seems to me that the market for fictional stories of the war, especially the persecution and massacre of the Jews, has been saturated.While The Book Thief surprised me by being completely fresh in its story telling, The Kommandant s Girl, stuck to the conservative game plan and told a familiar and unimaginative story.To be fair, the book is set in Poland, not Germany, and the story is based on a real life event the author discovered while doing her research in Poland.Emma Bau, a newlywed whose husband has escaped to help the resistance movement, finds herself in the Jewish Ghetto living with her parents During one night, she is awoken and smuggled out of the ghetto and set up to live as Anna Lipowski with her husband s non Jewish aunt At a dinner party one evening, Emma Anna meets Kommandant Georg Richwalder, a high ranking Nazi party member, and his attraction to her leads to his hiring her to be his assistant As his assistant, she is expected to and in fact, wants to, help the resistance by acting as a spy whenever she can To Jenoff s credit, she attempts to give her characters depth by allowing Emma Anna to become attracted and attached to the Kommandant, understandable considering the short length of her relationship with her husband, and considering the kind of man Kommandant Richwalder appeared to be fair, hard working and heartbroken from his wife s earlier suicide As their relationship progresses, she is ultimately asked to betray her marriage vows and use her relationship with the Kommandant to gain urgent information for the resistance.The story is interesting and even well told except for the end when the author tried to tie up too many loose strings for plot purposes , but that interesting and well told story has already been done Many times Unfortunately for Jenoff, whether this particular story is true or not doesn t make its telling any consequential In spite of its familiarity, I d recommend Pam Jenoff s account to anyone who hasn t reached their own personal threshold of World War II Jewish fiction.

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    Me and my WWII universe I mean, I cried in this one, A LOT Even thou it is extremely predictable, I couldn t stop wondering where the author was planning to go I even felt bad when I noticed that I was in love with a Nazi soldier the last time I felt this way was when I watched Inglourious Basterds with my lovely Daniel Br hl And let s face it Kommandant Richwalder is likable than Jacob, I know that his work for the resistance had to take him away from the story but even when he was there, I just couldn t connect with the character Maybe because I ve been reading lots of WWII material some things are quite out of hand for me like how easily Emma transform herself into Anna documents, situations, stories I know that desperate times call for desperate measures but it was so quickly, there was no trace of her previous life she even entered in the ghetto with her parents, for Christ sake and I just couldn t follow it.However, it is an entertaining reading after all, even if I personally prefer The Things We Cherished as a better and most consistent story than this one.

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    I love WWII fiction, especially if it has the element of romance I live for those books but sadly, a lot of them aren t very good The blurb for The Kommandant s Girl had me totally intrigued and seemed right up my alley Unfortunately, it was a disappointment.There s only one way I can describe this storyit felt breezy Superficial Also, the dialogue felt incredibly American and the conversations, at least to me, didn t seem to have a lot of depth It was suppose to be a story filled with history, suspense, intrigue and romance, but instead, it was a lot of internal dialogue and it felt rushed The burn of any type of push and pull between the heroine and the anti hero was non existent I think the one thing that bothered me the most was the immediate attraction of our Jewish heroine to the high ranking Nazi, the anti hero And when I say immediate, I mean immediate He walks through the door, they lock eyes and the rest of the room fades to black It s overly dramatic, it doesn t feel genuine and why the heroine, who happens to be Jewish, would be immediately attracted to a Nazi, came across as unbelievable This book had a few good parts but unfortunately, certain topics were glossed over and the overall story was poorly executed.

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