Elevation The Latest From Legendary Master Storyteller Stephen King, A Riveting, Extraordinarily Eerie, And Moving Story About A Man Whose Mysterious Affliction Brings A Small Town Together A Timely, Upbeat Tale About Finding Common Ground Despite Deep Rooted DifferencesAlthough Scott Carey Doesn T Look Any Different, He S Been Steadily Losing Weight There Are A Couple Of Other Odd Things, Too He Weighs The Same In His Clothes And Out Of Them, No Matter How Heavy They Are Scott Doesn T Want To Be Poked And Prodded He Mostly Just Wants Someone Else To Know, And He Trusts Doctor Bob EllisIn The Small Town Of Castle Rock, The Setting Of Many Of King S Most Iconic Stories, Scott Is Engaged In A Low Grade But Escalating Battle With The Lesbians Next Door Whose Dog Regularly Drops His Business On Scott S Lawn One Of The Women Is Friendly The Other, Cold As Ice Both Are Trying To Launch A New Restaurant, But The People Of Castle Rock Want No Part Of A Gay Married Couple, And The Place Is In Trouble When Scott Finally Understands The Prejudices They Face Including His Own He Tries To Help Unlikely Alliances, The Annual Foot Race, And The Mystery Of Scott S Affliction Bring Out The Best In People Who Have Indulged The Worst In Themselves And Others

Night Shift collection or appeared in other anthologies.In the fall of 1971, Stephen began teaching English at Hampden Academy, the public high school in Hampden, Maine Writing in the evenings and on the weekends, he continued to produce short stories and to work on novels.

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  • Hardcover
  • 146 pages
  • Elevation
  • Stephen King
  • English
  • 23 October 2018
  • 9781982102319

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    This was really disappointing.I love a good Stephen King book From the classics like The Shining and Carrie, to the recent The Outsider and Sleeping Beauties, I just think he s a really great storyteller with a knack for strong character development But Elevation didn t even feel like a King story to me.The characters in this story are such one dimensional stereotypes I know it s a novella, but maybe it shouldn t be if you can t write some life into your characters in less than 200 pages Scott Carey is a bland Good Guy who trips over himself trying not to offend anyone or make a fuss even when his body is literally becoming weightless The vegetarian Lesbian Couple are made up of sweet foodie Missy, and abrasive runner Deirdre Side characters play the role of Homophobic Trumpers and Benevolent Doctor Elevation s story is a little weak, too Scott finds he is losing and weight, even though his body isn t getting any smaller He also has the curious ability to render weightless the people and things he touches With his weight decreasing every day, he is forced to consider what happens when he reaches zero It could have been interesting, but I felt the direction the story took was unsatisfying Scott s bizarre condition ends up bringing people together the gay couple and the homophobes in a way which was too heavy handed and overly neat for my tastes Unlike some readers, I like that King is political in his books and I have no problem with him dropping in a Trump insult or two, but the political message here felt forced and poorly done Why can t we all just get along is a sweet message and perhaps one we need right now but it needs a better story and fewer stereotypical characters to save it from being too sentimental and contrived It doesn t get that here.Also I have no idea why this book is categorized as horror.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    After a couple of recent monsters both size of book and characters within , King gives us a novella that reads quickly and could easily been a part of a short story collection In fact, I think it is considerably shorter than several of the novellas in his collections like Four Past Midnight and Different Seasons But, it is a decent little mysterious story if you need a King fix.Let s set the record straight on something right up front this is very far from being a horror story I have seen it designated as horror and nominated as horror in the Goodreads Choice Awards where I have now voted for it, even though it is not really horror, because I have not read any of the other selections It is a good little story, but you really cannot automatically send King to the Horror category any In fact, I see that The Outsider was nominated in the Mystery and Thriller category Elevation is much of a Mystery Thriller while The Outsider is definitely horror Oh well Now that that is out of the way, thoughts on the book itself It is very well written and a very quick read If you are on hold at the library for this you shouldn t have to wait long as I think many people will be able to finish it in one sitting It reminds me a bit of some early King stories Thinner comes to mind, and you will see why when you read it Also, I think this is his first official Castle Rock story in a long time At one point he was talking about retiring Castle Rock as a location with Needful Things, I think , but this book is 100% Castle Rock I will say, without opinion or agenda, just laying it out there, that this book definitely has a lot of undertones related to the current climate in America This is not surprising as King is very vocal on Twitter about how he feels about things, so it seems pretty obvious that it is likely to seep into his writing If you are someone who likes to keep politics out of your reading, this may be distracting for you But, I think it also may be unnoticeable by some it just depends on the personality of the reader For me, it was fine.I didn t go in looking for King s best as it is a shorter book and it didn t really have a lot of fanfare that I saw prior to its release the library didn t even realize it was coming out until I went to ask if I could put it on hold , so I just went for it like I do with all Stephen King What I found was an entertaining, almost cute, story that has a little inspiration, some heart string pulling, lots of mystery, might get a few synapses firing in your brain, and will definitely leave you wondering .

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    Feel good novel of the year Here Stephen King steps aside from horror to write a poignant little novella on unity, tolerance and rising above the fray Of course there is also a supernatural twist For me it works because of its brevity and not in spite of it Just enough is explained to inspire reflection, without ever getting too political or caught up in unnecessary adventure The ending image is mesmerizing I love the emotional finality of it, although I m not entirely sure how to interpret it Anybody want to start a discussion As an aside, I feel the audio version is a must Stephen King narrates it himself and the added personal touch enriches the experience Also, the audio version includes a bonus short story called Laurie also read by King that was published for free on his website a while back It s an okay story, not amazing on its own, but meshes well with the themes of Elevation.

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    IMPORTANT UPDATE the fact that this won this years goodreads choice award for horror, when this book is NOT a horror story by any means , is the biggest scandal of 2018 dont me for me, the story is very bland stephen king is meant to be this legend of a novelist, so for there not to be any sort of depth to the characters or plot is very disappointing, as well as surprising and i think he tried to hide the lack of substance behind his own political statements agenda i mean, i guess i could understand if this was included in a collection of short stories, but i just didnt see much that justified being published as a small standalone for 19.95 it seems a bit excessive, not to mention pointless overall, im pretty bummed this isnt as uplifting as i was hoping it would be it honestly had a lot of potential but at least its short and added a count towards my reading challenge for the year so i guess theres that 2.5 stars

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    There s some lovely language and imagery in this story, and the characters are all clearly defined It s a fast and easy read, perfect for an hour or so in the park or on the beach.However, I can t recommend it, because a fundamental aspect of the plot completely turned me off I ll hide it in a spoiler tag view spoiler The fundamental tension in the story is between a lesbian couple and the hero, a middle aged, heterosexual white guy who is mysteriously losing all of his weight The couple has moved into a Trumpy town as someone who is connected to Castle Rock, I m so bummed out to learn that it s a Trumpy town and they own a restaurant that is struggling, because the local Trumpists don t want to spend their money there Our hero keeps trying to form a friendship with one of the lesbians, who is just kind of a one note bitch for most of the story, right up until our hero makes a minimal sacrifice that I guess we re supposed to believe is a significant sacrifice, which for some reason inspires the entire Trumpy town to embrace the women and their restaurant.I was just totally turned off by yet another story where the white man swoops in to save the marginalized people in this case a married same sex couple who don t seem to have much agency on their own Maybe I m being too sensitive Maybe most readers won t be bothered by this, and they will find the story uplifting and joyful, but it just totally fell flat for me, because Scott our hero never changes other than the supernatural weight loss, and I really missed that emotional change and growth hide spoiler

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    I feel reinvigorated by this book I haven t truly loved a short story by King like this in a hot minute, and its reminded me how his quieter novels can sometimes have the biggest impact on me I recognize my friends criticism that it was boring and oh the white male saviorness of it all but I just truly loved this shit ya ll It was simple, classic, and sharp.Note This book isn t horror Recognizing that King s books usually transcend genre anyway, I believe this to be truly miscategorized and marketed.

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    Sometimes people lose weight, sometimes weight loses you.In this novel we learn the story of Deidre A bitter rude woman with a soft spot for running Athletic, iron willed, marathoner by nature Deidre recently moved in to Castle Rock and opened a little restaurant with her dearest wife Missy Deidre had hopes and dreams, but when most of the town gives them the cold shoulder because of their marital status, everything begins to crumble Their restaurant, their marriage, their very livelihood is barely holding up pressure is rising, and time is running short Will she be able to save it Oh there is also a guy in perfectly good health named Scott, who is inexplicably losing weight at an alarming rate And god knows what will happen to him when he reaches zero He is actually the main character and the whole story revolves around him But I don t care I liked, and hated, Deidre .An interesting little novella Not necessarily recommendable, but good enough nonetheless Enjoyed some moments quite, quite a lot Weird, sooo weird.Until next time, A veces la gente pierde peso, a veces el peso te pierde a vos.En esta novela conocemos la historia de Deidre Una amarga y ruda mujer con una gran debilidad por correr Atl tica, voluntad de acero, maratonista por naturaleza Deidre se muda recientemente a Castle Rock y abre un peque o restaurante con su preciada esposa Missy Deidre tiene sue os y esperanzas, pero cuando la mayor a del pueblo les da la espalda por su condici n marital, todo empieza a derrumbarse El restaurante, su matrimonio, toda su vida apenas logra sostenerse la presi n aumenta, y el tiempo se acaba Podr ella salvarlo Ah tambi n hay un tipo en perfecto estado de salud llamado Scott, que inexplicablemente pierde peso a un paso alarmante Y dios sabe que le va a pasar cuando llegue a cero En verdad es el personaje principal y toda la historia gira alrededor de l Pero no me importa Am , y odi , m s a Deidre.Una lectura interesante No necesariamente recomendable, pero bastante buena de todos modos Disfrut mucho, mucho algunos momentos Es extra a, taan extra a.Hasta la pr xima,

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    This is not a horror book I don t know why it won the Goodreads Choice Awards in that category well I do but I digress 3 maybe A quick read that, while currently relevant with the political climate in the US, felt a bit empty.Divorced older man who doesn t get along with his neighbours His lesbian neighbours His lesbians married neighbours A fact, that is apparently too much for the small town While drama ensues, he starts losing and weight while not actually losing any It was fine but nothing remarkable It kinda missed the mark for me even as a republican town hates the lesbians until they realize they re not horrible people.

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    I m not going to mess around with this one me and King are completely through I m going to keep my review short and simply say that he doesn t work for me I hate the way he writes I hate the way he puts sentences together and I hate the way he forms characters I don t get on with him After a few chapters of this I remembered exactly why I avoid him It s not this book, it s just King in general He s not my cup of tea Postscript if you recommend a book of King s in the comments section I won t listen I ve tried five of his novels now I will not try any, life s too short to read authors you don t like.

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    Everything leads to this, he thought To this elevation Scott Carey is steadily losing weight, but he doesn t look any different To make things even weirder, he weighs the same in and out of clothes, no matter how heavy they are When I m reading a book, and because my memory is terrible, I will usually make some observations and reminders in the Notes section of my iPhone which are very helpful when I go to write my review Given the length of this novella and the fact that I read Elevation in two sittings, there really wasn t a lot of opportunities to make notes In fact, I only had one note written down for Elevation Stop obsessing over legs I mean, come on, King If he s not commenting on a woman s breasts, it s the legs And 95% of the time, it s really not relevant or necessary There were two lesbians in this story and I lost count of how many times there were references to their legs and or the running shorts they were wearing I cannot fathom how Tabby hasn t pulled King up on this That woman usually takes no shit But that is an annoyance I have learned to semi accept when it comes to reading King I just needed to get that mini rant out of the way I read Elevation right away without having read any prior reviews, so all thoughts and reactions were truly my own I didn t go into it expecting to hate love it, whatever And I believe that s the best way to read any new King In my opinion, Elevation is not King s best, by any stretch of the imagination However, I did quite enjoy it I really liked it for what it was an uplifting story with the kind of message we need when the world is falling to shit around us I didn t realise how attached to the characters I had become until the very end when I was tearing up and feeling quite emotional No other author can make me feel as attached or emotionally invested in a character s story than King.It s not horror and I don t know why it s been categorised as horror by Goodreads, but I never expected it to be going by the synopsis or the beautiful, bright cover It s magical realism and I liked the direction that King took with it I actually wish Elevation had been developed into a full size novel, not a chunky book, but something similar to one of his shorter novels I feel like he could have expanded upon so many things, developed the characters a bit , spent time following Scott s unusual problem It was definitely good to be back in Castle Rock, even though it didn t really feel like a typical Castle Rock story And of course, the Easter eggs were as fun as always I have seen complaints about paying full price for such a short story, and I can fully appreciate that annoyance although I would say that is down to the publishers than King himself Elevation would have worked much better if released as part of a collection, similar to Gwendy s Button Box last year New releases are great when they re so regular, but I d honestly rather wait and just buy a collection This is slightly SPOILERY so beware of you haven t read Elevation yet, but I had seen a few reviews where people had complained about the inference that Oh these two poor lesbians needed help from a straight white male and I honestly did not view it in that way AT ALL Do you really think King has that perspective Given that his own daughter is a lesbian In this day and age, nothing is taken at face value any, it has to be twisted or interpreted in some way to be negative Instead of viewing it like that, how about just viewing it as an act of kindness Of community Of giving someone a helping hand when they re struggling It really baffles me Same when it comes to people giving off about King being so political I m sorry, is this a new thing King has a history of being political in his writing I will admit, however, that the politics are a bit heavy handed in this story and it could have been toned down a bit.There s a lot of dividing opinions on Elevation, but overall, I had a good time 3.5 stars.

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