Ruthless Gods

Ruthless Gods Passes 432Expected publication April 7th 2020The Gods are ruthless and friends can be just as bad This was an amazing book So much happened and I loved it all Like Wicked Saints, nothing in this book was predictable It was truly an adventure fantasy The three main characters and their sidekicks started out in the capital city of Tranavia and ended up going on an Epic Journey to the far side of Kalyazin to change life as they know it by either ending the war or freeing the Gods from whatever made them stop talking to the cleric, Nadya.This book was scintillating, thrilling, intriguing and heart wrenching The world building was amazing, the characters were multi dimensional and well thought out The romances were sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time This is one of my all time favorites already It has Blood Mage s, Witches, Dark Magic, Kings, Queens, Gods and Monsters, what could be better It starts out with Malachiasz retreating to the salt mines, which is the domain of the vultures We still aren t aware of what exactly happened to him after the plan to kill the King of Tranavia didn t go as expected Nadya is at the castle with the prince Serefin and is still pretending to belong at the Travanian court, though both her and Serefin know that it is a weak explanation and watch for his detractors to figure out she is from Kalyazin and come to execute her as a traitor If that happens, it won t be long after that they come for Serefin for harboring her.The main detractor is aneta s Father, Patryk Ruminski who wants her retuned and is threatening Serefin So Serefin, Nadya, Ostyia, Kacper, Parijahan, and Rashid leave the palace to travel to the salt mines to try to talk Malachiasz into letting them bring Zaneta home to her father for the good of the country The descriptions in the book on places like the salt mine are great It makes it feel like you are thereIt never got any lighter and so she was never able to see The air tasted of iron, a metallic tinge clung to it The darkness was unbearable Things moved in the depths of the dark and she could not tell if the creatures that crouched in the corners of the labyrinthine passages and slunk in the doorways, with their rows and rows of teeth, that appeared vaguely human, were real, or if her brain was imagining themI won t give away any spoilers past the beginning of the book and what is in the blurb, but the rest of the book is just as awesome Serefin is hearing a God in his head from what happened to him at the end of Wicked Saints, Nadya is stressed because the Gods of the pantheon aren t talking to her and Malachiasz is struggling with his power and hunger for So much happens and there are plot twists and obstacles along the way all leading to a brilliant ending Of course there will be a third book so it ends in a cliffhanger, but the book is so great I actually didn t mind Though it will be tough waiting for the next book.I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Blog Goodreads Facebook Twitter BookBub Darkness Never Works AloneNadya Doesn T Trust Her Magic Any Serefin Is Fighting Off A Voice In His Head That Doesn T Belong To Him Malachiasz Is At War With Who And What He S Become As Their Group Is Continually Torn Apart, The Girl, The Prince, And The Monster Find Their Fates Irrevocably Intertwined They Re Pieces On A Board, Being Orchestrated By Someone Or Something The Voices That Serefin Hears In The Darkness, The Ones That Nadya Believes Are Her Gods, The Ones That Malachiasz Is Desperate To Meet Those Voices Want A Stake In The World, And They Refuse To Stay Quiet Any Longer Many thanks to Wednesday Books and Netgalley for providing me with an ARC of this bookActual rating 4.5 stars The world they wish is broken bones and blood always blood.To finish this monstrous book on Friday the 13th and on full moon is a sign A sign that this terrible, erratic, weird but beautiful book means something special to me Three days of my life were solely dedicated to it I was so engrossed in the story I couldn t properly eat, sleep, or do anything normal like interacting with people But who cares about interactions when you have the whole world unravelling at your fingertips Gods, this book is like a corrupted memory that gets stuck in your brain, infesting every cell with its maddening force But I was a willing victim for the second time since Wicked Saints came out and captured my mind.What I love about this series the most is how hard it is to grasp the reality inside the story you never, for 100%, sure what is going on, you never know who to trust, you never fully understand that terrifying world inside the book It s so gothic, so dark, so repelling with its bloody horrors coming off the pages, but it s also so unique and different from so many books I ve read before For sure, Ruthless Gods as well as Wicked Saints is not immune to cliches and eye rolling situations But it s nothing compared to the thundering of my heart in my throat because I am so terrified for the characters of the characters and what they might do, what they might unleash Nadya, Serefin, and Malachiasz mess up SO MUCH in this part, I can t even express with words how terrible they are but beautiful It s like Emily A Duncan knows exactly what she is doing by creating absolutely irredeemable characters and making you care about them Because it doesn t matter how monstrous Malachiasz is It doesn t matter how delusional Nadya in her pursuit of holiness It doesn t matter how much corruption is inside Serefin YOU JUST SIMPLY CARE BECAUSE THEY ARE THE BEST DAMAGED CHARACTERS YOU WANT TO SAVE.Jeez, I don t even know where to start with the mess this book was Threads of the plot and events were so messy and twisted So much happened I still can t understand Don t even get me started on that ending I ve noticed Emily is getting wicked with her endings No mercy The stakes are higher, the world is in chaos, betrayal is in the air Malachiasz and Nadya are still my OTP, and I will go down with this ship, I swear I can t express in words how every scene, every dialogue between them hurts to the core They care about each other so much, they don t want to hurt each other, but they constantly do they betray, they stab, they regret But they can t stop the vicious cycle because they are enemies on the opposite sides of the war Gods, enemies to lovers is by far my favorite trope, but when you add star crossed lovers to it, my heart is ripped out still beating and bleeding Serefin is my baby I wanted to hug and take care of him He s gone through hell and back, literally The horrors that were done to him, the atrocities he was made to do Serefin will never be the same, but I want him to be happy all the same It s a conundrum, really, when you want a happy ending for the characters you love but deep down you understand they can t have it Can they I ask you, Emily A Duncan, how much will they suffer before they can rest And the plot, which was a nightmare full of unseen terrors I wouldn t be able to explain the intricate web of terrible myths the author created, so terrifying but so real when you read and feel them I love this book because it s so confusing and dark and refreshing and because its weirdness makes it stand out from other books I needed something so utterly dark in my life Though I must confess that I wanted some stuff to be a little bit 18 , but I am perfectly happy to prolong the depraved dream inside my mind turns on the hot stuff.This review is a far cry from coherent, structured thoughts But I didn t want to postpone writing it, because I wanted to catch the essence of my feelings, to re read it later and to feel those fresh emotions rolling off of me after just finishing a book that made a lasting impression on me It s the magic of feeling alive when for a long time you couldn t catch that fire with any other book.Gods, I ve missed that fire And I hope book 3 will turn it into an infernoFor visualizing, while reading this book, please check out author s Pinterest board I swear, it s worth checking out shudder Expected publication April 7th 2020 by Wednesday MacmillanOriginal review How to be ruined by a book in three days Start a book you don t expect anything from Read a little bit and feel sure that NOTHING WILL TOUCH YOU IN THIS STORY Then sometime later realize you are actually enjoying it Go from mildly interested into full fangirl mode I DON T UNDERSTAND WHAT S GOING ON BUT I LOVE IT OMG, WHAT S GOING ON CALL FOR HELP, PLEASE, I DON T KNOW HOW TO COPE WITH IT WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED AND WHO DO I NEED TO KILL TO GET MY HANDS ON BOOK 2 I AM DEAD, AM I NOT OH LOOK, WHAT DO I SEE THERE I BELIEVE IT S CALLED A SEVERE CASE OF HANGOVER APPROACHING RAPIDLY WHAT HAVE I SIGNED MYSELF FOR crawls into the darkest corner of the world to suffer I have no words I mean I have a few These poor broken babies We learn lots of things Go through a million That ending I hope for something good in next book More closer to pub date when I can quote and stuff Mel It is difficult to know how to begin a Goodreads review of a book when its author so regularly takes to Twitter to decry her Goodreads reviewers One gains the impression that one s review of this book, and of its predecessor Wicked Saints, is less an honest opinion provided for an audience of potential readers than some sort of opening argument directed to an audience of one I find myself selecting my phrases not based on how helpful or informational they might be to you, the Goodreads user, but on how likely the author is to take them as a personal attack, or to seize upon them as the reason this review and any other negative ones she happens to come across can and must be dismissed out of hand.I will admit that I find this sensation unpleasant For obvious reasons, it feels as if this behavior by the author creates a sort of chilling effect towards any attempt to review her books at all I wouldn t like to speculate that this is the author s intent intent is, of course, not magic, and often entirely unrelated to its effects When I was learning to write, my workshops had a rule consistent across institutions and skill levels the writer would be forbidden from giving counter feedback, personal opinions, or further information until the critique session was done I am skeptical that, were I in writing lessons with this author, she would remain capable of adhering to this rule Then again I find myself suspecting that this is not the only reason being in writing lessons with this author might prove a disagreeable experience.This said, I promise that this is not a review of the author s Twitter behavior I am not interested in recounting the author s attitude and behavior towards her reviewers, her fellow YA authors, or her own writing, except insofar that that attitude and behavior reflects upon the quality of this book.I read the previous book in this series twice the first time out of casual interest, and the second time because I had retained nothing of the plot and characters and assumed a second read through would make the book memorable for me It did not Reading Wicked Saints gave me the strange sensation of eating plain cotton candy it dissolved instantly, and left an unpleasant graininess behind Armed and prepared for my ARC of Ruthless Gods with a large stack of Post Its, color coded specifically so I could note how many times the author used the phrase onyx eyes , I embarked on the sequel Prose The answer, for the record, is ten.I d like to take the opportunity to quote a few of these, and then to quote a few sentences I marked with Awk or It s difficult to fully describe how jolting, ungraceful, and unappealing Ruthless Gods is to read on a purely textual level I ll attempt to show you, with spoiler cuts for length view spoiler His onyx eyes skimmed over her as she desperately avoided meeting them His onyx eyes flicked over the symbols on the beads, a slight frown tugging at his mouth Blood leaked out of the corner of his eye and when he opened them they were onyx black He took one step closer to her Blinked onyx eyes so many of them, sliding across his features in a way that made her stomach turn hide spoiler 9 4 19 Putting this back on the shelf for a moment Basically, I flipped out when I received and started reading it right away but it doesn t release until April 2020 I have so many other things I need to focus on right now I definitely plan to pick it back up in December or January, for real Note to self Chill the f out, Meg Seriously.ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME Thank you so much to Wednesday Books.The fact that I can read this right nowI just cannot even express my appreciation.the most blood lusty cover ever to coverGotta say, I m here for it I have received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Holy cannoli people Ruthless Gods was one wild ass roller coaster ride Sort of emotional for me because I kept shipping and will probably continue to do so for the rest of my life two people that just NEVER did anything romantic yet I still have high hopes and that s that.In this, you are reunited with the gang again Nadya, Serefin, and Malachiasz Of course there are other important and lovable people but then I would never get to the actual review So let s just focus on these people who either get betrayed or backstab some one Seriously, this book straight up tortued me There was so much betrayal in this thing that I didn t know if I was going to make it out alive.Now I thought the first book tortured me but no, this one definitely takes the cake Sweet Jesus I don t think I ve recovered yet and I finished this thing yesterday Besides betrayal on every page, there s romance in the air Of course it wasn t my ship but HEY I can dream people It was cute to see some people get together but dammit I just want my damn ship Then there s the cliffhanger ending oh lord, I m dead over it I NEED the next book stat I have endless questions that demand answers because I am slightly dying over how this one ended I need everyone to be safe and happy but I also need some revenge because what went down I m just not okay with. i have no idea what kind of dark and holy sorcery i was able to conjure in order to get myself an ARC of this so early, but praise to all the wicked saints and ruthless gods alike, because wow this is EXACTLY the kind of darkness i needed to kick off my spooktober just like its predecessor, this sequel is so seductively wicked, so gothically bloody, so cruelly romantic and my black soul has never been happier although the pacing seems to be bit slower than i remember it being in the first book, there is so much time devoted to character development that i cant really complain serefin has become so beautifully tragic, i cant even with him and malachiasz is still just as broken and tortured as ever but everyones stories keep intertwining with each others and with the different kinds of magic and its just a sight to see my only issue keeping me from giving this 5 stars, even though i really want to, is how there seems to be a lot of jumps in the narrative there are many instances where it went from point a to point f and i had no idea how i got there its as if i had skipped over a chapter and lost out on vital information not sure if this is an ARC editing issue that will be corrected before publication i sure hope so , but i spent a lot of time trying to connect all the dots i will definitely be reading a final copy to see if the flow in narration is fixed, because i really want to give this 5 stars anyways, everyone get read for this, because its just as ruthless as the title promises a very massive and genuine thanks to wednesday books for providing an ARC4.5 stars me, finding out one morning that I ve been approved an ARC of this amazing sequel

Emily A Duncan was born and raised in Ohio and works as a youth services librarian She received a Master s degree in library science from Kent State University, which mostly taught her how to find obscure Slavic folklore texts through interlibrary loan systems When not reading or writing, she enjoys playing copious amounts of video games and dungeons and dragons She is represented by Thao Le

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  • 05 October 2018

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