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Breaking PointUncommon Valor In The Line Of Duty And Unconditional Devotion In The Name Of Love Are The Salient Qualities Of The Daring Men And Women Who Risk It All In The Heart Pounding Thrillers Of New York Times Bestselling Author Suzanne Brockmann Crafted With Precision And Power, Her Characters Come Alive With A Depth Of Emotion Few Writers Have Achieved Now, With Breaking Point, Brockmann Breaks Even Further Through The Pack And Delivers A Stunning PayloadAs Commander Of The Nation S Most Elite FBI Counterterrorism Unit, Agent Max Bhagat Leads By Hard Driving Example Pushing Himself To The Limit And Beyond, Taking No Excuses, And Putting Absolutely Nothing Ahead Of His Work That Includes His Deep Feelings For Gina Vitagliano, The Woman Who Won His Admiration And His Heart With Her Courage Under Fire But When The Shocking News Reaches Him That Gina Has Been Killed In A Terrorist Bombing, Nothing Can Keep Max From Making A Full Investigation And Retribution His Top PriorityAt The Scene Of The Attack, However, Max Gets An Even Bigger Shock Gina Is Still Very Much Alive But Facing A Fate Even Worse Than Death Along With Molly Anderson, A Fellow Overseas Relief Worker, Gina Has Fallen Into The Hands Of A Killer Who Is Bent On Using Both Women To Bait A Deadly Trap His Quarry Grady Morant, Aka Jones, A Notorious Ex Special Forces Operative Turned Smuggler Who Made Some Very Deadly Enemies In The Jungles Of Southeast Asia And Has Been Running Ever Since But With Molly S Life On The Line, Jones Is Willing To Forfeit His Own To Save The Woman He LovesTogether With Max S Top Agent Jules Cassidy As Their Only Backup, The Unlikely Allies Plunge Into A Global Hot Zone Of Violence And Corruption To Make A Deal With The Devil Not Even Jones Knows Which Ghosts From His Past Want Him Dead But There S One Thing He S Sure Of There S Very Little His Bloodthirsty Enemies Aren T Willing To DoCount On The Intense Action And Raw Honesty That Suzanne Brockmann Consistently Delivers, As She Goes For Broke In Breaking Point And Never Looks Back From The Hardcover Edition Okay, Okay I m a Max fan I m a Jules fan I m a Gina fan So why wasn t this a 5 star book Yeah, I don t know either It just wasn t The book was good, don t get me wrong Parts of it were extraordinary, actually The plot was great, although the reasoning behind it was a little weak for me I didn t buy it after a certain point The action was great, although it was a little too unlikely Jules as Max was wonderful More than meets the eye, definitely He can be just as Max esque as Max, and how wonderful was that to see Sweetie First rate, know, I usually have nothing but good to say about Vitagliano But, there were times in here, towards the end of the book, where I wanted to smack her upside her head Maybe that s how you know you truly care.Loved the flashback scenes What an incredibly effective way to tell that story Secondary characters Okay, I absolutely LOVE Gina s brothers At least the one who keeps trying to get Jules to see the uh..wisdom of Catherine Zeta Jones Seriously Love it Jones and Molly Yeah, they were all right After all the waiting for Max n Gina, I wish it wouldn t have been quite so angsty But, it was, and that was no surprise. Action Packed Love Me Tender This is Max s Love story And, he has a lot in common with Elvis Presley.Max, sigh.I have never fell in love with Gina, I just felt Max could do better She has a hugh heart and has been through so much but, she to me is not really a heroine but a damsel in distress And that is so not my thing Yet, I have waited since forever for his love story He is one of my fav He has always been and always will be swoon worthy, he is gorgeous and perfect And, man ooh, me tender.he view spoiler sang that hide spoiler As often in this series, Brockmann includes two romantic pairings More frequently she will resolve a storyline from an earlier book while introducing an additional pairing that may or may not be resolved in the same book some particularly fraught relationships need several books to work things out In this case, both stories began several books and several elapsed years of fictional time earlier, with Molly and Grady upstaging the heroes Ken and Savannah in Out of Control and Max repeatedly pushing Gina away until she gives up and leaves the country to do volunteer work in Africa with Molly, which is where this book picks up and recombines the two strands.In a lot of ways, this is one of the stronger entries in this series tighter, complex plot, a lot going on, good mix on contrasting characters But the main character were all ones that I liked less in previous books Max and Gina I never cared about Molly seemed not one of the developed of Brockmann s women, and I wasn t entirely convinced by her and Jones relationship Cassidy really shines in this one, finally getting to be a hero instead of a cute sidekick and seriously, I m pretty sure no matter how out one is one does not call one s CIA boss sweetie but it isn t his book and the fact that it needed him to make it work is a sign of the inadequacy of the other characters.Not a good point to jump into this series if you haven t read the earlier books Some of them work as stand alones but not this one. 4.5 stars This was my favourite of the series so far Woot To say I ve been looking forward to this book is an understatement I ve been dying to get to Max s story since Book 3 I was a little ticked off that I had to wait that long since I m not really that patient of a person Sure, the book had long been written but I m not someone who usually reads a whole series all at once Luckily I ve had some time off recently and I breezed through this in two days This was fantastic I ve always thought of Max as being such a compelling character He s this perfect good guy who struggles so much with the mistakes he s made, things he s had little control over but sees them as personal faults I want to just sit there and hold his hand or give him a hugor something But, I also want to slap the shit out of him for being so frustrating I think the biggest surprise for me in this book was Gina Yes, we ve known her as readers for a while now I loved her when I first met her but she perplexed me a bit in her last book In Breaking Point, I really understood her and loved her She s absolutely hilarious, strong, sweet, smart and tough She s clearly my favourite of all of the Troubleshootin women.Oh, and what I also loved was the continuation of the story of Molly and Jones I didn t know this book was going to include the two of them and I was pleasantly surprised The characters were fun and intriguing and the storyline was action packed emotional and amusing This book packed a lot of punch I highly recommend it but you must read this series in order You would lose a lot of the impact if you book skipped Check out our blog The Book BossesFind us on FacebookFollow us on Twitter When FBI Commander Max Bhagat learns that his long time love, Gina Vitagliano, has been killed in a terrorist bombing, he rushes to Germany to identify her body But the woman in the morgue is not Gina When Max learns that Gina and her friend, Molly Anderson, have been kidnapped, he and Jules Cassidy join forces with Molly s husband, Grady Morant aka David Jones to search for the women.The ninth book in Suzanne Brockmann s Troubleshooters series is action packed Since being introduced in the third book, we ve been waiting for Max Gina to finally get together In this book we see what s been happening to them in the last few years Each chapter jumps to a different point in time, from the present, to four months ago, to seventeen months ago, and back to the present It took me a little while to get the time line straight in my head, but we learn how Max Gina got to this point in their relationship I m happy that Brockmann brought back Molly Jones I loved them in Out of Control and hoped we d see of them This book did not disappoint My rating 5 Stars. Max and Gina This is my favorite book so far in this fabulous series I couldn t wait for this story and it exceeded my expectations I just loved it All the way around WTG, Jules Brockmann seems to have run out of both moral lessons and WWII stories in this installment of the series I haven t been reading every book in the series, but this is the first I ve come across so far that hasn t had both a big overriding point and a WWII subplot to emphasize that point Without those elements, this is a less interesting, and typical, action adventure romance story There s nothing particularly fascinating here although we do get to know one of the most interesting recurring characters Jules better, without having him entangled in romance.Also every single one of these books seems to include at least one act of unprotected sex Every time, the characters worry about pregnancy but nobody ever mentions AIDS or other STDs Whatintheheck is THAT about 5 stars Romantic SuspenseAt last,Breaking Pointgives a spectacular wrap up and fresh start to the tentative, drama filled, on again off again, long suffering romance of Max and Gina that first began in Over the Edge and exploded in Gone Too Far They ve been through hell and back together, and we finally get their long anticipated story and struggle along with them as they try to reconcile their painful past and resolve numerous issues including the aftereffects of the terrorist plane hijacking that brought them together but left Gina brutally raped and battered and Max inconsolable with anger, guilt, rage, and grief, his stoicism and emotional distance, and their 20 year age difference to try and find their much deserved HEA.My favorite part of the story is the conclusion to the emotionally intense, wildly passionate secondary romance between missionary volunteer Molly and ex Special Forces soldier and notorious mercenary smuggler Jones that first began in Out of Control They re my favorite couple of the series, and Jones is one of the all time best, most complex, tortured gamma anti heroes, ever They endure so many nail biting, heartbreaking hardships to be together, and I was sooo hoping and cheering for their HEABreaking Pointis another powerful, gripping, moving, action packed, suspenseful, and steamy read in the electrifying Troubleshooters series and a great ending and new, hopeful beginning of two strong, touching romances 5 stars I am so glad that SB has moved off the WWII backstories I enjoyed them, but am glad she has decided to try something different In Breaking Point we have two backstories that merge into present day.We get Max Gina and Molly Jones in this book The present day starts with a terrorist bombing in Hamburg, Germany in which Gina is named as one of the victims Max has a melt down and Jules is there to scoop him up Backstory 1 is what happened over a year and a half ago When Max was shot in Florida It details Gina s attempts to make Max realize he loves her and needs her Max absolutely cannot get past what happened to Gina on that high jacked plane or their age difference Backstory 2 takes place 4 months ago and is about Gina at a camp in Kenya where she meets Molly and Jones shows up.It is a complicated plot, hot romance, and high suspense.

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