The Admiral's Bride

The Admiral's BrideHow much do I love this book..let me count the ways This is my first non Diana Palmer read with a much older hero younger heroine 24 years I have to say I loved it It was very very believable in terms of the romance and the way our hero was concerned about not only the age difference but about his former wife deceased and his feelings about that relationship Would it be cheating to fall in love again Could he fall in love again SHOULD he fall in love again Former SEAL and Navy Admiral Jake Robinson is a very virile 53 years old He s sure his romantic years are behind him after the death of his beloved wife of 30 years to cancer Zoe Lange is a beautiful 29 year old scientist who works for the Agency CIA She s the daughter of a man Jake saved in Vietnam At first I didn t see how these two could quite make it, but this really is a combination of beauty in the eye of the beholder age knows no boundaries love story.I highly recommend it. TBR Challenge 2012 January category Category Series Romance The Admiral s Bride has been on my to read list since May 2010.Maybe 3.5 Good solid story, with some twists and turns that take it above the business as usual for series romance Brockmann does a great job with Jake s confused feelings That was the best part of the book, in fact Zoe is a likeable character as well, and although there is some lack of communication between them, it feels right for the story and the characters, so that wasn t a problem for me The actual suspense plot is weak, however, and character development for all but Jake is also on the weak side Still, it was an enjoyable read When Canisters Of A Lethal Nerve Gas Are Stolen From A Military Testing Lab, Scientist Zoe Lange And Admiral Jack Robinson Pretend To Be Married To Get Into The Clandestine Organization Believed Responsible For The Theft Although The Wedding Is Fake, Their Attraction Isn T Original I was entertained by this story enough to finish the book , but there were a number of aspects concerning it that left me scratching my head in disbelief The depiction of the military in this book is laughable at best especially for those of us who have actually served in the military The scenes where the Navy SEAL team are discussing Jake and Zoe s feelings for each other are laughably bad I mean, seriosuly, to have one Navy SEAL telling another SEAL as they watch their team leader and the heroine on a monitor, I think it must be very difficult for both of them He cares a great deal for her And Zoe He sighed She s falling in love with Jake These are supposed to be Navy SEALS on a mission Not girlfriends chatting on a lazy Sunday afternoon over a dessert coffee The characters were a little Mary Sue ish at times too good to be true The Admiral has too many moments of indecision for me, as a reader, to believe that he is supposed to be as heroic and strategically gifted as the book keeps reminding us he is And the heroine, Zoe, bounces back and forth between being a first rate operative to a wounded barbie doll There is some witty banter between characters, and I was curious enough to finish the book so I could see how the story would wrap up, but if you decide to read this book be warned that you will need to leave reality checked at the door. Jake, admiral gaek diatas 50 thn, bertemu dengan Zoe Lange, ilmuwati yang ditugaskan membantu Jake dalam operasi utk menyelamatkan zar kimia berbahaya Triple X Operasi ini mengharuskan mereka menjadi sepasang suami istri pura pura Di lain pihak, Christopher Vincent, gembong gila itu juga menyukai Zoe dan memakai berbagai cara untuk mendapatkan Zoe bahkan memaksa Jake untuk berbagi istri Jake yang langsung jatuh cinta saat pertama kali melihat Zoe, tidak bisa menahan diri lagi selama operasi ini bersama Zoe Bahkan cintanya juga tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan Zoe juga membalas cintanya dgn lebih bersemangat.Membaca buku ini sangat bagus dan komplit ada krisis paro baya pria yang ditampilkan dengan sempurna oleh Jack Ada kisah mengharukan emosional dimana pertentangan hati Jack antara membiarkan Zoe pergi bercinta dgn Christopher Vincent atau melarangnya pergi image error Reread. This is my first read of a Suzanne Brockmann book and now I know what all the fuss was about The Admiral s Bride is a reissue from her Silhouette Intimate Moments edition and it s a meaty one I grabbed this because I was looking for some older heroes younger heroines contemporaries and since I loved romantic suspense I thought this would be a good start What an awesome story this turned out to be I had planned to only read it in between my others but I ended up devouring it in one day Where can I find a guy like Admiral Jake Robinson A complex, sexy, strong, resolute alpha male who s not afraid to be sensitive show his feelings and tell what s on his mind will go on my list of memorable heroes He matches well with Zoe a headstrong, whip smart biochemical weapons expert whose father was saved by Jake in the prologue The connections are weaved from the beginning and the suspense, thrills and romance both progress nicely as the story unfolds I was bummed when this story came to an end I also love the chemistry and camaraderie between the SEALs team From Star Trek and X Men references to the way they worked and joked with each other, they felt real and like peeking in on old friends I found myself laughing out loud at their sayings.I m definitely going to check out of Ms Brockmann s works as I ve good things about her Troubleshooters series especially the couple of Sam and Alyssa but first I m going to dive into Taylor s Temptation I hope that story has a scene to rival the scorching hot shower and rooftop scenes I think the best part of this book was that one the main characters was over fifty This book kept a good pace and I thought the story was interesting but there were many things about it that just bothered me I found the dialogue between the SEALS to be goofy and to me, Zoe never came off as particularly intelligent despite the fact that she had a Ph.D She was like Christmas Jones in James Bond movie, The World is not Enough I liked Jake s character but the continual mention of his age both by others and himself was very repetitive The other things that bothered me were minor but just added up we never find out what it is that the men are doing in the factory all day for weeks on end despite the fact that it comes up in conversation , no one at the factory thinks to question that Zoe and Jake spend hours at a time in the only place that they can t be seen or heard During the scene towards the end where Zoe dodges a bullet, I still can t figure out how she got Vincent and his guards out of that room Did they run out or did she go into another room She s apparently rifling through a desk in the dark so presumably she s still in the main office Minor details, I know, but they just bugged me. Opening LineDr.Zoe Lange gazed out the window of the limo as the driver pulled up at the Pentagon What a great addition to the Tall Dark Dangerous series this turned out to be I would have to say that THE ADMIRAL S BRIDE is one of the better best from the series so far and the reason why all stems from its absolutely sigh worthy hero and some damn sexy shower scenes With this 7th addition we get 53 year old Admiral Jake Robinson s story and who knew I d end up having a thing for older men when I was done But Jake is just a great hero regardless of his age accomplished, kind, selfless, than capable, oh so sexy and kinda awesome After first meeting Jake in Hawken s Heart I was a little sceptical about his romantic lead abilities however I need not have worried because Brockmann does an excellent job here with the older man younger woman scenario, writing both characters in such multifaceted ways that I had no trouble in believing that they belonged together despite their considerable age difference Zoe, with her military background is Jake s perfect match as she understands him in ways even his late wife couldn t A little hero worship on her part doesn t hurt either When six canisters of a deadly nerve agent are stolen from a military testing lab our Admiral defies convention and decides to lead his handpicked team of SEAL s in infiltrating the cult leader s compound where the deadly toxin is being stored Posing as a married couple Jake s partner on this mission is Dr Zoe Lange, a biological warfare specialist and expert in espionage She is well aware of the Admiral s reputation although she seems to be the only one on the team that has faith in his aging capabilities Jake is still sharp however and in as good of shape as men 30 years his junior.The love scenes in this one are smoking hot in part because of this big brother scenario our couple finds themselves in Once inside the compound their every move is being monitored, forcing them into some fake newlywed intimacy This really added an element of naughty sensuality to an already volatile situation because despite the roles they re playing these two want each other Zoe however often doesn t know if the affection the Admiral is showing her is real or for the benefit of those watching on the strategically placed cameras When the shower becomes the one place that they can truly be alone um Wow Of course then we still have the added element of Jake grieving for his wife, the guilt over that and again the age difference Oh and lets not forget about those canisters of deadly nerve agent, the crazy cult members and the team of wisecracking SEAL s watching everything back at base Yeah this was super good. The Admiral s Bride Tall, Dark, and Dangerous 7 Great 5 star read that was just hat I neededSo Idk why but I had the craving for a b ook tha had a May December romance I stumbled upon this book by Suzanne Brockman where the insanely attractive Admiral Jake is 24 years senior to the heroine He is 54 and she is turning 30 Anywho, who cares because his body is hard as steel and he s in better shape them some 21 year olds The heroine Zoe, however, can hold her own Having her PhD and being the most knowledgeable in any and all types of weapons makes her amazing Also, she works as a spy obtaining information and making the world safer She s no simpering miss What ensues is a great paced novel where two unlikely characters fall in love despite of themselves It was interesting reading a book with a self assured female and a unsure male Being a widower he was a bit rusty, but boy did he heat the hell up This guy could be so frustrating with his sense of honor and need to resist the nubile young pyt who was saddling up to him However, he did come to his senses Anyway, I don t quite think this is a 5 star book in terms of how it is written, but I got an amazingly happy feeling reading this the pacing was great, the epilogue was cute And, i understood everything despite it being the seventh book All in all, it was perfect for me as I ve been a little antsy lately due to some impending life changes The mood i was in before i started the book was similar to this However, afterward I felt like I can t wait to read some Brockmann, who knew military romance could be so damn hot

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