The Book of Nod

The Book of NodInteresting book, and I like how from cover to end it is written in a way that seems like a non fiction book. This book is fascinating Exploring VTM lore all over again, now as a grown adult, has been an absolutely marvelous experience so far This piece specifically is one of those I cherish most Beautifully dark twists and turns it makes to most known biblical myths are very subtle, they help you get exactly the right vibe My favorite parts are the poetic ones, beautifully written and intense Most illustrations are also filled with emotion and truly captivate your attention, make you want to study them In later parts of the book the style of narrative feels like it s a non fictional read, even though it s very obvious that it is I feel like this helps the reader to consume information easily and also intrigues to learn On the last part loved the plot twist, but not the character I m also pretty sure she s not there for me to like her, so it s okay Overall it is a must read for all VTM fans or people who are just getting into it I would argue the book could ve been a little larger, but to be honest this is just enough to get you satisfied for as long as you walk this earth, you and your children will cling to Darkness You will drink only blood You will eat only ashes You will be always as you were at death, Never dying, living on You will walk forever in Darkness, all you touch will crumble into nothing, until the last days. In the beginning there was only CaineCaine who sacrificed his brother out of loveCaine who was cast outCaine who was cursed forever with immortalityCaine who was cursed with the lust for blood,It is Caine from whom we all come,Our Sire s Sire The Book of NodOne of the reasons I prefer Vampire the Masquerade to Vampire The Requiem is the mythology Millenarianism is pretty pass now, and I bet for a lot of people the word would make them think of another damn thinkpiece about how Millenials are ruining everything their parents built though come to think of it, that s actually pretty apropos for Cainite history but it was in the air in the 90s, whether religious or secular The Book of Nod, with its tales of ancient past drawing directly from Biblical myth and its warnings of Gehenna, drew on that zeitgeist in exactly the way necessary to reach directly into my brain and poke the parts that wanted his RPGs to be infused with profound meaning, before I had even heard the words trenchcoats and katanas This is the first totally fluff book I ever bought for any RPG, and the only totally fluff book I ve actually gotten some use out of The longest running Vampire character I played was a Noddist who quoted extensively from the Chronicle of Secrets, and I ve had Noddist characters in a couple of the games I ve run I even worked in a few of the signs of Gehenna into the longer game I ran while I was at university, not because it had any greater meaning for the game s plot, but just to provide the illusion of a wider world.At its worst, the Jyhad and the manipulations of the Methuselahs made Vampire players feel like nothing they did mattered, and that they had entered into a power structure where they would always be at the bottom of the totem pole and it was completely impossible to ever advance But at its best, it provided a sense of mystery to Vampire games Beyond the nightly politics and the struggle for survival, there was a worry that something else was out there That the blood gods slept beneath the earth, and one day they would rise and cast down the cities of men The survivors would gather in the last city, called Gehenna, and the children of Caine would reign over an empire of blood.See, I can t even talk about it without my writing style changing.Though I totally bought into the Caine mythology when I was younger, the best part about the The Book of Nod is that it s all conjecture The intro explains that Aristotle de Laurent assembled the translation from fragments all around the world, including some that he only saw for moments or in part, and has translated them into English himself He believes the Caine and Abel source for vampires, but his adopted childe Beckett interprets the myth as a tale of conflict between a tribe of herders, the Tribe of Abel, and a tribe of agriculturalists, the Tribe of Caine And this is perfectly reasonable There s no one the PCs are likely to talk to who remembers Caine or the First or Second Cities.Even in the course of the mythology there is plenty of place for GM interpretation Who was Lillith Who was the Crone Is the Second Generation really destroyed Did any members of the Third Generation get written out of the histories Revelations of the Dark Mother and The Erciyes Fragments take some of these concepts and run with them, adding extra ambiguity to the real source of the Curse of Cain.Some of the poetry is kind of silly, as can be expected when game designers write a book that s supposed to be a mythic chronicle There are moments I really like, though Most of those are in the Chronicle of Secrets, the third section about the coming of Gehenna, which have a wonderfully apocalyptic tone And you will know these last timesby the Time of Thin Blood,which will mark vampires thatcannot Beget,you will know them by the Clanless,who will come to ruleyou will know them by the Wild Ones,who will hunt us even in the strongest cityyou will know them by the awakeningof some of the eldest,the Crone will awaken and consume allyou will know these times, for a blackhand will rise up and choke all thosewho oppose itand those who eat heart s blood willflourishand the Kindred will crowd each tohis own, and vitae will be as rare asdiamondsBut there are bits scattered throughout that are great Like the proverb Let not the priest, poet, or peasant see you feed Not one of them will leave it be I loved it enough that I bought the collector s edition of Vampire the Masquerade Redemption at least partially because it came with a hardcover copy of the Book of Nod with a ribbon bookmark and silver page edging The game was not nearly as good as I was hoping it would be, but I still have that book If you want to read it yourself, without the illustrations though with 90s goth web formatting Red text on black ho , it s available here. Fun trip down VTM lane Basically the Kindred bible. Legends Of The UndeadThe First Vampires Remember Their First Nights, But Do Not Speak Of Them Others Have Heard Tales, But Know Better Than To Believe Them The Wise Speak Of The Book Of Nod, But None Have Seen This Fabled Book Of Ancient LoreThese Are Their TalesTheir Stories Begin With The Chronicle Of Caine And The Earliest Nights Of The Vampire The Chronicles Of Shadows Reveals Caine S Hidden Teachings Finally, The Chronicle Of Secrets Unveils The Deepest Mysteries Of The Damned, Including The Coming Of Dread Gehenna So this book was everything it said it was going to be, a dramatic larp prop It told the story of the Kindred in epic flowery prose and was filled with sketchy black and shite illustrations I appreciated some parts of it a lot Like the Toreador and Malkavian speech to their clans were awesome I can see how this material would be used in game as a source and I m happy it is available I found parts of it so cheesy it was hard to digest, but it s part of the charm of World of Darkness at times. Basically a how it came to be nigh on bible for the VtM fans A must for those, an interesting read for any vamp themed pop culture afficionado Otherwise if you re not into VtM VtR WoD or the bloody universe of TV series and books that is just an OK piece to flip through and attempt to forget I was inspired to dig this out again after watching Taliesin Jaffe s Vampire The Masquerade campaign on Geek and Sundry Have wonderful memories of playing the game and this was a lovely artefact from those times. I read this when I was in jr high, but I decided to pick it back up I usually LARP with some friends and we ve been talking about getting back into Masquerade lately Thought I d reread this one It s pretty cool and a nice addition to the gaming experience. Didn t even realize it was a part of game lore when I read it Really enjoyed it as a teen Love the nonfiction biographical style of writing.

Sam Chupp is a rare native Atlantan He began his writing career as an employee of White Wolf, and has since gone on to write for many other gaming companies His latest work is Encryptopedia, a systemless sourcebook for fantasy espionage.

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  • 17 October 2017
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