Pleasure for Pleasure

Pleasure for PleasureReview in one sentence This book is all over the place Griselda s story should be it s own book she deserves it after being a main player in the last four Mayne s struggles with being a washed up man whore pale in comparison to Rafe s very real alcoholism Josie goes between being very 18 and immature, to grown up, to immature again I do think Mayne and Josie are a good match, however, it s all very abrupt The first half he s in love with his perfect French lady Then suddenly he and Josie are married I would have liked Mayne pining after Josie a little bit.There is some clever dialogue, and phrases that I appreciated That being said, overall thought meh. Just like the book before this one it again took until chapter seven for me to get into this story So anyway I really wish it would stop being mentioned how much older Garrett is than Josie because it makes me feel icky with how much older he is than Josie This story begins for me when Garrett and Josie get tipsy in the Starlight room in his house and he gets her to shed her corset This scene just made me smile because I could totally tell it was a precursor for things to come I became so incredibly annoyed with how the author gave dual top billing with what is suppose to be our main couple and a secondary couple, Garrett s sister who appears in previous books and the guy who starts a nasty nickname for Josie, The Scottish Sausage The author dedicates whole chapters to the secondary couple and alternates the two stories I would be just fully immersing myself into Josie and Garrett s story and then would be rudely jerked out of their story into the other couple It got so bad for me I actually skipped the chapters that didn t pertain to Josie and Garrett They are who I wanted to read about darn it There were times I was reading this story I kept asking myself why I was trying so hard to get into it instead of treating it as blase reading and then there would be a Mayne scene The author writes this character so strikingly, it s a shame to me she couldn t write him a supporting story There are definitely some scenes and dialogue between Josie and Garrett which cause a pang in your chest but few and far between I will say I m not someone who feels a need to get married but there is something about the way some men say their wife and when Mayne said wife in regards to Josie I seriously got shivers Too much attention alternating between the first and secondary couples and I totally feel like the author flaked out on a character I loved maybe my expectations were to high This book received a B solely on the back of Mayne Josie was a really likable character but sorry she just didn t meet up to Mayne standards.I would like to say though, this has been one of the strongest series I have ever read Each book was above average and kept me involved with the series, which is extremely hard to do The author just needs to curb her ADHD and focus on the main couple. My hope for this book varied between 4 plus and 5 to settle at a 4 It s a very good book, an unputdownable that s a lot to say since I m in a serious glut rut right now but certain things stopped it from being perfect It had so many things I steer clear of but the author managed to assimilate these irritants to make for an acceptable product even for my exacting proclivity Like I can t abide a H who s too stupidly and too long enad with the ow, the ow hogging too much space and importance, less h H time together, H s history with the h s sisters, an overpowering secondary cast from the series, a strongly competitive secondary romance But as I said, I still enjoyed this book despite the above mentioned I haven t read the previous books in the series about the other 3 Essex sisters where Mayne, this H is a recurring character as a dissolute, bed hopping womanizer He was involved, some way or the other, with all 3 of the h s sisters at various times One was engaged to him, another wanted him to seduce her etc So I m glad I haven t read all that because I hate sisters sharing a guy in any way even as innocuously and passionlessly as it s shown here.Josie, the h is sweet yet aggressive, determined yet insecure and in perpetual despair of her bountiful curves and flesh Who s responsible for that cover that you can t help but adore her She s so determined to marry that she s ready to take the compromise and ruin route only she s yet to find the right or not guy One thing I liked about her was her secret jealousy of her sisters happiness She isn t like the other hs who have a pang of envy for others happiness and then quickly dismiss it as being ungenerous Josie wallows in it As she does in her longing for Mayne she s isn t certain it s love but her admiration for his French fianc slowly turns into strong dislike The secondary romance of Griselda and Darlington is too delicious and heartwarming for words deserving of a book of their own An older woman and an angry young man flirt their way into an impossible and forbidden relationship that seems set for heartbreak or wait, can they reach for the stars Added one star to the book at least The interweaving of Shakespeare and Midnight Summer s Dream was done well even if the book was not named accordingly I loved the description of the garden on their wedding nightA French window looked onto a stone railing that glowed oddly silver in the moonlight Beyond the railing the garden looked magical and rather frightening, as if it were a place where wishes came true and fairies danced And the humor when the H asks her if she wishes to wait for the consummation after they marryWe can wait for those matters as long as you wish A year even Josie swallowed The only thing that came to mind was a forlorn line of Desdemona s when Othello was sent off to war the rites for which I married him are bereft me A fancy way of asking the governor not to send her husband off to war before they consummated their marriage Okay, the two things that took away from the book, as I see it As much I was ready to be generous about the ow being given a strong presence and character my patience ran out at around 70% of the book the H was just refusing to let go Even as he accepted that they were not meant to be, he kept having friendly but fond thoughts of her Enough, you idiot And the h deserved a heartfelt and unique declaration of love if not a grovel exactly He s an expert on women, having seduced bedded all the beautiful women in London Come on, man you can do better than this paltry, rushed, too little too late thing First he can t see that his fianc isn t interested in him and then he can t decipher his own feelings for Josie even as he sporadically gets all poetic about her hair and protective on her He s labeled an expert on women through 4 books when he s as muddled and ignorant as a callow youth Josie doesn t feel pretty until Mayne makes her feel pretty by making himself feel pretty Then, some kind of inconsequential stuff happens before EVERYTHING happens within the space of an afternoon, Josie is attacked, Mayne is dumped, Mayne marries Josie, and Josie seduces Mayne GOT THAT GOOD And there wasn t a plot point about Josie drugging Mayne because why would there be Oh, and Grissie gets a subplot too but it s not so pretty 1 What is this cover With all the conversation about how bad the blurbs are, how did no one mention this cover Is that half naked lady is supposed to represent Josie WHAT 2 Let s get Grissie s subplot out of the way a I don t really want to consider a hero that ever mocks women because he s bored and feeling trapped That s horrifying That behavior should be stamped RED FLAG ABANDON SHIP GET OFF THE BOAT THIS SHIT IS SINKING b The fact that Darlington never actually apologizes to Josie is gross c I never got the feeling that Griselda was 100% into the relationship There was A LOT of reluctance on her part, PROBABLY BECAUSE THE DUDE IS AN ASSHAT GET OUT GET OUT.d WHY WAS IT EVERY OTHER CHAPTERe Honestly, though don t romanticize bullies It s nasty 3 While the whole Mayne in a dress thing wasa thing, the champagne walking lesson was pretty stellar I saw a glimpse of what I wanted most the reluctant enchantment reluctant because they ve known each other for years, wouldn t it be weird But the enchantment nonetheless, stealing up on them when they re not looking But then all of that lovely stuff kind of disappeared for another quarter of the book Mayne goes back to worshiping at the feet of his frigid fiance, and Josie goes back to discovering she is a ravishing goddess And then James must have realized she was halfway into this thing and Mayne s still engaged to Sylvie and Josie is ravishing but unravished so ALL THE THINGS BOOM 6 hours later, Mayne s married to Josie and we can FINALLY get this party started Which brings me to 4 I wish they would have gotten married in the first 15% of the book and the relationship could have unraveled from there I liked Josie I liked Mayne But there was too much time spent on too many other things so I never got to love them, especially together 5 While I liked Mayne, he was kind of disappointing as a hero I was expecting a bit spice out of him after his deft handling of Imogen, but he felt really very tepid I wanted verve and dash and pep Excitement Boners Everywhere But everything felt rather tame Rafe felt exciting than Mayne and that feels rather like comparing a St Bernard to a greyhound 6 Wow I did not need labor in my epilogue seriously 7 This book makes me feel like I should have said Oh yeah, that s it but instead I was left saying Oh, is that it and lksjdfkj that makes me sad and mad and feelings. If Rafe is my favorite hero from this series, then Josie is my favorite heroine Incredibly outspoken, desperately wanting to be married after seeing her sisters do the same, swearing like a navvy and incredibly insecure I LOVE the way the author treats Josie s lack of self esteem and feelings of inadequacy The book beautifully expresses the insecurities of late teen years and the desperation of not looking like everyone else, and total ignorance about the power of your own sexuality It also addresses excellently how different men find different women sexually attractive The hero can t keep his eyes and later his hands off her, even though he can t quite get over their age difference, or his notorious past, or the fact that he s never even looked at voluptuous women before I actually found that bit than a tad difficult to believe, though.The secondary romance is also excellent It s not a cursory glimpse, but gets it s own chapters I loved that Griselda found happiness In general, this series has followed a formula which I ve found I really love Shakespearean themes, a light touch with the language the writing is wonderfully witty but at the same time addressing some really excellent themes feeling like an outcast because of appearance as a teenager, alcoholism, feelings of worthlessness on being judged only on physical beauty, finding the man you lusted over for years just wasn t really what you needed after all and then guilt when he dies The Shakespearean farce theme is worked in very well Sometimes I felt like I was losing the plot, but that is how these plays are slightly chaotic as though the cast is going to lose control at any minute, until it all comes right at the end There were some bizarre typos in my kindle copy replacing Annabel for Isobel, for example , but they didn t reduce my enjoyment 5 stars. Eloisa James never writes less than entertainingly, and with the odd insight that enlivens even the most pedestrian of her books And this might, unfortunately, be that book It s not awful in the way Potent Pleasures was it s justnot terribly interesting Like the end of a party, when the hubbub has died down, only die hards, the dregs of bottles of sweet German white wine and the washing up are left That s the End of Series feeling you get when the Hhs of the previous volumes traipse through the story demonstrating their happiness, children and validating their earlier choices Oh, do go home everyone, I ve got these last two single characters from the series to pair up somehow, and then, bliss, I can take these shoes off I don t think it s absolutely necessary to have read the earlier three books though there are frequent references to them in this one, so you may feel that you re a little left out of the gossip Four sisters fallen on hard times come under the guardianship of a duke as you do the three older ones are now all married, leaving Josie to make her d but under the aegis of Lady Griselda Josie has a bit of a rough time of it at first, until Griselda s brother, the Earl of Mayne a friend of the family , helps her out You can probably guess the rest I m not sure how EJ actually decided on the pairings in the Essex Girls series, but Mayne has cropped up in a couple of them, as a bit of a Pssst, lady, wanna shag meister, to show off the real hero s virtues brightly by contrast So there s been a sense that Mayne could have ended up with any of the sisters, which, for me, slightly undermines his allocation to Josie in this story It s as if they were just the last two standing EJ doesn t help me get over this feeling by having Mayne in love with another woman for at least half the book Josie s story is fractionally interesting, as she doesn t lose too much of the straight talking persona she s shown in the first three books Although she is made to suffer a bit from I m the author and I will change your character during a dramatic denouement if I need to at the end So why isn t this just a 2 star read Well, because this is Eloisa James, so, lurking in the background, there is actually a interesting party going on, which we get tantalising glimpses of, AND a third party which is such a cool party we don t even get an invitation to it, we re just told about it afterwards The second party is given by Mayne s sister Griselda, very privately, with A Younger Man It s a touching little love story, and had, I thought, potential than Mayne Josie It s intercut with the main story, probably, I would guess, to pad it out because, as above, the main story ain t that brilliant , and the switching between the two is irritating they don t intersect in plot terms at all, nor emotionally Finally, if you read very very carefully, you will notice a third love story happening view spoiler a lesbian affair involving Mayne s erstwhile fianc e hide spoiler Romance Novel Fact Sex is always super hot and orgasms are MIND BLOWING for both parties involved, especially for the woman on the event of losing her virginity Real World Fact Eh I won t go into too much detail over this issue because I don t want to beat the proverbial dead horse However, I have to add that the very first kiss that occurred between the hero and heroine in this book was freaking adorable She had never been kissed and as a result, she was completely unaware of her own sensuality and appeal to men The hero, and of course he only wanted to help this poor girl, offered to kiss her because he was very good at kissing , in order to show her what it was all about, thusly awakening her to the power of her sex and to enable her ability to sway her hips when she walked Apparently her inability to walk sexily was holding her back from finding the husband of her dreams, so this kiss was an important part of her education Heh So anyway, he grabs her and can I also add that he s wearing a pink dress when he does this and starts kissing her Her inner monologue goes something along the lines of, Uhhhok I know he told me he was a good kisser but this is kind of weird and a little bit gross and will he finish already And then all of a sudden she s like, WHOA AWESOME KISS ME KISS ME KISS ME MORE I LOVE KISSING Ahhhh It s the awakening I liked the fact that someone s first intimate encounter with the person who was to become their perfect sexual mate was neither hot nor electric It became hot eventually of course but it didn t start out that way so it was believable That s not something you usually see in these kinds of books. I ve been haunted by this question for sometime Why is the heroine on the cover a stick whereas Josie is actually FAR from it Publishing houses really need to pay attention to the covers I for one tend to carry the image of the cover models while imagining the characters in a story so when romances are made to have random good looking people in random poses, it really messes with my head Mayne is an okay character in comparison to the swoon worthy historical heroes we ve sampled till now in so many books The way his feelings shifted from his french fiance to Josie seemed hasty which made the whole love story so unconvincing I fail to understand why the book has received such a high rating I found it mediocre at best and nobody could be as sad for it as I am. I skipped book 2 and 3 just to read about Mayne And truthfully I was a bit entertained and disappointed at the same time I love Josie and I admit, I adore Mayne, but bugger, I want of them instead of the secondary characters although I love Griselda and I think she deserved to find her man and Darlington was kinda okay, but I didn t like them taking up so much space, it was tiring to read so much of their lovey dovey moments on the first half of the book, duh although I admit the age different really make it really really cute and I don t care much about Hellgate anyway, with a horribly written memoirs like that I wouldn t even buy the book, how could they actually give an award for the author for that blahI m not sure, he said slowly I only read about half of the book before I threw it away I m with you there, Garret.First I have to say that the synopsis above is misleading, it was not what exactly happened in the book Josie was the last of the Essex sisters to be married unfortunately in her first season, she was stuck with the nickname Scottish Sausage so no one wanted her company So she wore this corset to make her body looked slimmer but it actually made her even look like a sausage Oo so Mayne, who was a good friend of the sisters and their husbands, taught her to be ladylike I m not gonna explain how Mayne ended up with a skirt here Oo he told her to get rid of her corset and taught her how to kiss while wearing the skirt Oo anywaaay so Josie did, she got rid of the corset, ordered new gowns that would make her shine, and she did it She looked marvelous and sexy Until a young man who was angry because Josie was now looked like a renaissance goddess instead of a sausage cornered Josie in a stable and molested her well, not quite, he did kiss her forcefully but she completely kicked his ass Mayne who found her with her gowns torn and face dirty thought she was raped, and he tried to be a hero by marrying her Mayne was a reformed rake since book 1, he really wanted to find a wife, and after finally gone through his first ever heartbreak with Lady Godwin or whatever her name was he actually preferred chaste, inexperienced ladies, thus he was engaged to Sylvie This was what some readers find it so annoying why Mayne could switch so easily from Sylvie to Josie But I don t think that Mayne really loved Sylvie despite how florid he described about her qualities he just saw her as someone who was completely different from any other women in his previous life She didn t care much about being kissed, didn t enjoy it even although in the end we understand that it wasn t because of Mayne, instead it was because Mayne was, well, a man lol But with Josie, he found someone who could really love him and actually had the guts to tell him what she wanted, their chemistry was just too cute This could get 4 stars, but too much Griselda and Darlington really made it 3. Fueled By The Knowledge That Notoriety Is Better Than Failure, Witty, Unconventional Josie Does What No Proper Young Lady Should She Challenges Fate She Discards Her Corset And Flirts Outrageously She Attends The Horse Races And Allows An Arrogant Rakehell To Whisk Her Behind The Stables For A Surreptitious Kiss And Is Caught She Doesn T Want To Marry The Young Hellion But Who S To Help Her Chaperone Keeps Disappearing For Mysterious Appointments Her Guardian Is On His Wedding Trip And His Friend The Earl Of Mayne Is Too Busy Staring Into The Eyes Of His Exquisite French Fianc ECan A Marriage Forced By Stuffy Convention And Unwilling Desire Become The Match Of The Season

New York Times bestselling author Eloisa James writes historical romances for HarperCollins Publishers Her novels have been published to great acclaim A reviewer from USA Today wrote of Eloisa s very first book that she found herself devouring the book like a dieter with a Hershey bar later People Magazine raved that romance writing does not get much better than this Her novels have

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