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Tell Me No Lies Miss Fisher Meets Downton Abbey In Tell Me No Lies, Part Of The Critically Acclaimed Lady Dunbridge Mystery Series From New York Times Bestselling Author Shelley Noble Rise And Shine, Countess, You Re About To Have A VisitorLady Dunbridge Was Not About To Let A Little Thing Like The Death Of Her Husband Ruin Her Social Life She S Come To New York City, Ready To Take The Dazzling World Of Gilded Age Manhattan By Storm The Social Events Of The Summer Have Been Amusing But Lady Phil Is Searching For Excitement And She Finds It, When An Early Morning Visitor Arrives, Begging For Her Help After All, Lady Phil Has Been Known To Be Useful In A Crisis Especially When The Crisis Involves The Untimely Death Of A Handsome Young Business TycoonHis Death Could Send Another Financial Panic Through Wall Street And BeyondWith The Elegant Plaza Hotel, Metropolitan Museum Of Art And The Opulent Mansions Of Long Island S Gold Coast As The Backdrop, Romance, Murder, And Scandals Abound Someone Simply Must Do Something And Lady Dunbridge Is Happy To Oblige

Shelley Noble is a multi published fiction author whose books have been translated into seven languages She writes women s fiction as Shelley Noble and is also the author of several amateur sleuth mystery series, written as Shelley Freydont.A former professional dancer and choreographer, she most recently worked on the films, Mona Lisa Smile and The Game Plan She also consults on various dance

[Epub] ❧ Tell Me No Lies  By Shelley Noble –
  • Hardcover
  • 368 pages
  • Tell Me No Lies
  • Shelley Noble
  • 16 March 2018
  • 9780765398741

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    I enjoyed every moment, every page in this book so much The great marriage between cozy mystery and historical fiction This is my first Shelley Noble let alone historical cozies, but this certainly won t be my last I would go so far as to say I fell in love with this book I m definitely going to explore into this sub genre First and foremost, the setting captured my imagination straight away a destitute Countess who fled to America from England but supported by a mysterious anonymous benefactor She now resides in the Plaza hotel which I assume would cost a fortune along with a maid and a butler As the story set in early 20th century and revolves pretty much within the highest echelons of society, the diction in this book comes across quite posh and dignified While the language is easy enough to follow unlike something out of victorian novels, it s still fairly classical and clean Pretty much devoid of any expletives and baseness that we normally see in contemporary novels The strong writing perfectly matches the tone and the setting of the story, kept me in thrall the entire time I was reading this.As I mentioned earlier, this is my first book from Shelley Noble and this is the second book in the Lady Dunbridge series Not having read the previous book prior to reading this actually caused my initial confusion and disorientation, I must say, but it didn t take me long to get a good grasp of the characters and the setting The author provided me with sufficient information to get my bearings in the book, I didn t feel confused afterwards In addition to that, the characters are all well developed and interesting The Countess, Lady Dunbridge has certainly an air of dignity and a person of high rank, but she does have a feisty, tom boyish side in her which was quite endearing to me The secondary characters such as the butler Preswick and her maid, Lily are also vibrant and scintillating, the exchanges among them are all witty and smile inducing, I absolutely enjoyed the dynamics which is somewhat akin to camaraderie yet remains within bounds As for the mystery plot, I must say it s slow going but it s literally like an intricate web of secrets and corruption, and never bored me, not a second The plot is complex yet not too much to the extent that makes you tear your hair out and scream with frustration The intrigues and possible clues thrown into the book held my attention throughout, and they are picked up and tied in with beautifully towards the culprit reveal The snippets of high society life captivated me even further and added distinct texture to the story Combined with inquisitive nature of Phil and the complex dynamics with Detective Sergeant John Atkins as well as the ever mysterious Mr X, the story proved itself to be an unputdownable, glorious historical cozy mystery I don t know if it s because of her nature as a lady of high rank, but I m glad Phil never came across pussy, obnoxious or excessively stubborn upon her insistence on investigating along with John Atkins She is unflinching and relentless to a point, but it never bothered me like some contemporary cozy heroines protagonists do, which is needless to say the quality I adored so much about this book The wrap up was done beautifully giving off a business as usual vibe and describing Phil goes back to her normal life, other than my initial slight disorientation, I enjoyed this book tremendously In fact, I am glad this book served as my gateway to historical cozies I will certainly go back to the first book to better understand and appreciate the characters and the backgrounds Tell Me No Lies is an entertaining, captivating cozy mystery which appeals to anyone who loves either cozies or historical fiction If you love both genres, there s no reason NOT to read this book 5 stars go to this book and I thank the author and the publisher for providing me with a copy in exchange for my honest review.

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    1907 Manhattan and Philomena Amesbury, Dowager Countess of Dunbridge is drawn into investigating the death of the heir to a financial empire As a fan of historical mysteries, I was really looking forward to reading this The writing transports the reader back to a dynamic Manhattan social scene at the beginning of the twentieth century The mystery itself was very intriguing as were many of the hints, red herrings, and sub plots That being said, because the plot is so packed with various sub plots none of which were fully fleshed out I found it very hard to concentrate on the main story I did fall in love with Preswick and Lily Preswick is the model of a stodgy British butler who is anything but And Lily is a mystery waiting to be solved I would have liked to have seen of their relationship I would also have liked to see them working to find information rather than hearing them recited what they found back to Phil Detective Inspector John Atkins is a very appealing and intriguing character He has intelligence, and an acerbic wit that I enjoyed There is to him than meets the eye and I would love to know of his backstory Phil is a very modern woman for her time, but I found it very hard to connect with her The mysterious Mr X proved of a distraction than anything, of a means of adding romance to the story My thanks to Edelweiss and Forge Books for the advance reader copy made available for my review.

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    TELL ME NO LIES by Shelley NobleThe Second Lady Dunbridge MysteryFree of the constraints of British High Society Lady Philomena Dunbridge is happy with her new life in New York City A late night turns into an early morning when her host of the night before arrives before breakfast requesting her help Another guest has had an unfortunate accident and is dead Thrilled to look into matters Phil soon determines the young man was murdered, and powers higher than expected want the matter closed Bringing Detective Sergeant Atkins on board, Phil is determined to help, much to his annoyance Along with her plucky maid and loyal butler, Phil will join the high society bankers, businessmen, and their families to discover just who killed the heir to the Fauks fortune.TELL ME NO LIES is a delightful mystery set within the posh backdrop of Gilded Age New York I adore Phil Though she may be a Countess, and a dowager at that, Phil is down to earth and well able to mingle with all classes and values the importance of them all She is shrewd, loyal, and discerning, while also being capable of great fun She knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it Phil also knows her limitations and strives to learn , but is well aware when she needs to bring in help I m almost as drawn to Mr X as she is I like that his identity is still a secret and am curious just how many players there are Is he the one supporting her in her new mission Or is he working for that party And what of Detective Adkins Whatever the case, I enjoy the romantic overtones both bring to the page Lily and Preswick also bring a great deal to the page They are not just devoted servants, they are family and I love that Phil realizes this Just a Friend is a great addition to the team and I m delighted that several of the colorful characters from the first book are not only back, but back to help The mystery itself in this second Lady Dunbridge Mystery was fascinating Just why was the young heir killed Revenge for past deeds, business gone bad, love turned sour I was as much at a loss as Lady Dunbridge The stock market, banking, economics, war, how do these matters fit in Do they Although a historical mystery the themes and issues are as relevant today as they were then and readers should take note.TELL ME NO LIES is a historical novel that has it all, comedy, romance, an intricately laid mystery, well developed characters, and a thrilling chase scene I wait in eager anticipation for Lady Dunbridge s next adventure FTC Disclosure The publisher sent me a digital ARC provided through NetGalley, in the hopes I would review it.

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    I ve read most of Shelley s contemporary novels and I have to say that Tell Me No Lies ranks right up there If you love Rhys Bowen s style mysteries, you ll love this series too Its the perfect mix of historical fiction and cozy mystery This is the second book in the series, but don t worry you can dive right inSet in the early 1900s, we meet Lady Dunbridge a destitute widow that has fled to New York and now she finds herself investigating the death of a young businessman who was the suitor for a friend s daughter.There s a lot going on in Phil s life, a little romance, possibly a love triangle because Mr X and the detective I think have a thing for her She s definitely a modern lady or perhaps a merry widow would be a better description.What starts out as just a murder of a young rich man, turns into something much as Phil and her friends start investigating There are so many possible reasons that someone might want Perry dead and a business dealing that isn t on the up and up Lots of red herrings and loads of intrigue that will keep the reader guessing until the very end.This was a delightful mystery that will keep the pages turning from start to finish with all the fun characters I can t wait for .

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    The second Philomena Amesbury, Dowager Countess of Dunbridge mystery sees her settled in a suite at the new Plaza Hotel along with her maid and butler Her bill is being footed by a mysterious organization who wants to use her to investigate various things She calls her contact Mr X and he is a total man of mystery and master of disguises This case begins when she is called in by some new friends to help them figure out what to do about the murder of a young man who was a suitor for their daughter and a guest at her debut party Parry Fauks is the heir to a company but also a man who wants to be in charge now He and many others are looking for get rich quick schemes in the volatile stock market Suspects for his murder could be his business associates or it could be a personal crime since he has a bad reputation among young society ladies Phil is busy investigating even though she is being discourage by Detective Sergeant John Atkins But Phil is the one who has access to the high society venues where the answers might lie and Atkins needs her So does the mysterious Mr X but Phil isn t at all sure what he wants her to do.When a second murder happens, the case gets even complex Phil, her faithful maid Lily, and butler Preswick have to use all the skills they have gathered from their study of books on criminal investigation and detective stories to solve this crime and save the reputation of a young lady I enjoyed the setting I like Phil who is a woman of privilege but little money I like that she is finding a new purpose for her life solving crimes I liked the way that history was woven into the story.

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    Originally published at Reading RealityI picked up Tell Me No Lies because I really enjoyed the first book of Lady Dunbridge s adventures, Ask Me No Questions And yes, I sense a theme in those titles and I m wondering where it goes from here The presumably original Oliver Goldsmith quote, from his play She Stoops to Conquer, just say Ask me no questions, and I ll tell you no fibs Close enough.So, here we have the delicious fun of Tell Me No Lies And it is definitely delicious and that s no fib at all And fun Also deadly But Lady Philomena Dunbridge, Phil to her friends and readers, is there to save the day.Where in Ask Me No Questions Phil literally walked into the murder, and is caught in the middle of the investigation because she needs to get her friend Reggie and herself out of the frame that they have definitely been placed in, she has spent the several months since those events researching the proper procedures for conducting investigations, with the able assistance of her supposed servants, Preswick and Lily.All in order to be of future assistance to the charming, mysterious Mr X who is paying Phil s rent in exchange for future investigative services and possibly .Phil s involvement with this new case is a direct result of the previous High society in Gilded Age Manhattan is rather a tight circle, and Phil has developed a reputation for saving reputations where such is warranted The morning after Phil s attendance at the sparkling debut ball for debutante Agnes Pratt, Mr Luther Pratt, the debutante s father, appears at Phil s door to request her immediate return to the scene of the festivities.The corpse of one of the other guests has been found in the laundry It s up to Phil to figure out just how the man ended up dead, and whether the deed was done by one of the well heeled guests or one of their respectable servants But better a servant than a guest especially since the guests were all important titans of banking and industry, and a scandal amongst them could precipitate a further destabilization of the volatile stock market.Little do they know that it s already too late for most of them to save themselves from either the investigation, the fallout, or the impending crash.All Phil can do is make sure that only the guilty are punished for the crime As soon as she can figure out the who, the how and most especially the why of it all No matter how important the man who stands in her way.Escape Rating A I enjoyed Tell Me No Lies every single bit as much as I did Ask Me No Questions I absolutely adore the character of Phil, her perspective is witty and trenchant and just the right amount of cynical That she reminds me very much of Phryne Fisher is certainly a plus.Howsomever, I do have just a couple of quibbles The blurbs describe this series as Miss Fisher presumably of Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries meets Downton Abbey Those same blurbs also set the series in Gilded Age New York City There s truth in those descriptions, as well as than a bit of hyperbole.Also than a hint of misdirection This entry in the series in particular is set in late October, 1929 As the story opens, the talk of the town is that J.P Morgan and his business associates have just attempted to stop the fall of the banks by injecting millions of dollars of their own money into the system This really happened But their efforts were doomed to fail, a fact that is fairly obvious in the background of the story.In other words, this story takes place in the days, the very last days, before Black Tuesday, October 29, 1929, the day the stock markets fell in a crash that had been anticipated for over a month and was certainly both feared and foreseen by the many financiers in this story.So not actually the Gilded Age, but the glorious excess of that Gilded Age probably sounds lively than the Great Depression Not that this book isn t plenty lively in spite of the shadows of doom Phil is guaranteed to put plenty of life into any party.Also there s not so much of Downton Abbey here Not just because the story is set in New York, and service in the U.S was never nearly as entrenched as it was in Britain, but also because Phil exists between the classes By birth she is upper class, but she is also living by her wits She knows how the upper class thinks and functions at least back home but she isn t exactly a part of it the way the Crawleys are And certainly her two loyal retainers, the butler Preswick and the lady s maid Lily, are much partners in solving crime than they are servants in any traditional sense.But the strong resemblance to Miss Fisher, Miss Phryne Fisher, is definitely present Phil and Phryne would either get along like the proverbial house on fire, or would fight like two cats over the same territory and possibly the same men They are very much alike in perspective and attitude.And Phil s handsome cop with somewhat of a stick up his ass, Detective Sergeant John Atkins, is a dead ringer for Detective Inspector John Jack Robinson, at least as portrayed by Nathan Page in the TV series With zero resemblance by either to the same character in the book series The flirtation between Atkins and Phil certainly furthers the likeness.At the beginning I referred to the Oliver Goldsmith quote as the source so far of the titles for this series But there s a Lynyrd Skynard song has a few lines that might be relevant later So, don t ask me no questionsAnd I won t tell you no liesSo, don t ask me about my businessAnd I won t tell you goodbye We ll see Hopefully Soon.

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    This is the second book in the Lady Dunbridge mystery series This book works as a stand alone The mystery was good with many red herrings I would have liked to see interaction between Phil and her butler I felt it would have been a stronger book with character development.

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    In Tell Me No Lies, the second book in the Lady Dunbridge mystery series, author Shelley Noble reprises her winning formula of spinning a tale with the most irresistible elements Gilded Age Manhattan high society, romance, rogues, scandal, intrigue, and delicious gossip.Since relocating to New York City, Lady Philomena Dunbridge has proven herself to be a trustworthy and resourceful confidant one to whom wealthy women turn when they find themselves or their families at risk of scandal and ruin Thus, when Perry Fauks, the young heir apparent to a manufacturing company fortune is found murdered at the Pratt mansion after an extravagant gala, Gwen Pratt calls upon Lady Phil for guidance Indeed, just the slightest hint of scandal can undermine patriarch Luther s prospects for an appointment to the Banking Commission and daughter Agnes s social reputation.Just who stands to gain from the murder of Perry Fauks Detective Sergeant John Atkins is formally assigned to the case, but it is soon apparent that powerful people are determined to derail his investigation Reluctantly, he turns to Lady Phil for assistance She proves to be an astute ally, using her access to the scene of the crime and her social connections quite effectively Phil discovers that Perry was a cad in both his personal and business lives, operating outside of acceptable norms Was Perry s murder revenge for his personal peccadillos, or retribution for a shady scheme that caused financial devastation for several in his circle In either case, there is a substantial number of suspects.Tell Me No Lies is filled with vivid historical detail and a lively cast of above and below stairs characters a veritable New York style Downton Abbey Protagonist Lady Phil is a force to be reckoned with, and her playful banter with DS Atkins is highly spirited and entertaining Moreover, Noble uses the classic technique of drawing room questioning of the assembled group of characters to great advantage, and the daring chase to capture the fleeing killer after the identity is revealed is icing on the cake.Author Shelley Noble has created an exciting series with massive appeal for fans of cozy mysteries, historical fiction, and old New York And while Tell Me No Lies brings Lady Dunbridge s latest adventure to a satisfying close, it also leaves readers pondering ongoing mysteries still swirling around our heroine Who is her faithful lady s maid Lily Who is the anonymous donor responsible for funding Phil s lavish apartment at the Plaza Hotel And who is Mr X, the mystery man and master of disguise watching over Phil, providing perfectly timed clues for her investigations Such curiosities give ample reason to anxiously await the further escapades of Lady Philomena Dunbridge.

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    Lady Philomena, Countess of Dunbridge returns to New York City after the death of her husband and is ensconced in a suite in the Plaza Hotel Her title is her entre into Manhattan s high society While she s been amused, she s becoming bored Then she has an early morning visitor who is asks her to involve herself in dealing with the untimely and unseemly death of a steel magnate s heir Her visitor is worried that the death of the heir could cause a financial panic on Wall Street than he is that he has a dead body in his home.This is the second book in the Lady Dunbridge series, you need not have read the first book to enjoy this one Noble provides us with sufficient information of the on going characters so we don t feel like we missed something by not reading the first book, Ask Me No Questions 2018.This is a well written cozy mystery featuring a fascinating independent and intelligent woman who has a title and very little money The author provides her readers with enough information to allow us to speculate on who murdered the young man and what motivated the killing Noble s secondary characters are nearly as interesting as her main character Lily, Lady Phil s lady s maid, carries a stiletto strapped to her leg, and her butler, Preswick, has many skills not all of which he learned in his apprenticeship to becoming a butler in a prestigious home Then there is Mister X, first introduced in the first book and making another appearance here It s not clear how long Noble can continue with leaving the reader in the dark about him before readers give up on the series because he is not much beyond a device for explaining how Phil knows to do some the things she has no business knowing.Noble is skillful in incorporating bits and piece of history into her story to make the reader feel like she s with Phil as she moves amongst the city s elite There are no information dumps to give you the impression that the author is trying to impress readers with her research.If you like your mysteries cozy and well written with interesting characters trying to solve a murder, then this is the book for you, and it deserves to be high on your to be read list.My thanks to Forge Books and Edelweiss for an eARC.

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    Lady Phil Dundridge is a British countess living in New York during the Gilded Age She is clever, worldly and a gifted amateur detective When a young society man is killed and stuffed down a laundry chute, Phil becomes involved in solving the mystery.I wanted to read this book from the description that compared it to Miss Fisher s Murder Mysteries and Downton Abbey It certainly did not disappoint I absolutely loved the beautiful glimpse of Gilded Age New York The period details were perfection, down to the smallest nuances of language.Tell Me No Lies is the second book in the Lady Dundridge mystery series I have not yet read the first book, but had no problem enjoying this book as a standalone read.Phil is a fascinating character very witty and bright, able to work well with society friends as well as the police detective working on the case She is assisted by her lady s maid and butler, and in their spare time they even study books on detection This was a complex, sophisticated mystery with a large cast of characters I would find a cast of characters page helpful in keeping track of family society relationships The mystery was well written and kept me guessing until the resolution.There is an intriguing sub plot about Lady Phil s relationship with Mr X a mystery man who appears and disappears, always in disguise, with mystery clues and romance Even Phil does not know his true identity I thoroughly enjoyed Tell Me No Lies and would recommend it highly for fans of historical mysteries I look forward to continuing the series and going back to read the first book as well.

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