The Weight of a Soul

The Weight of a Soul When Lena S Younger Sister Fressa Is Found Dead, Their Whole Viking Clan Mourns But It Is Lena Alone Who Never Recovers Fressa Is The Sister That Should Ve Lived, And Lena Cannot Rest Until She Knows Exactly What Killed Fressa And Why And How To Bring Her Back She Strikes A Dark Deal With Hela, The Norse Goddess Of Death, And Begins A New Double Life To Save Her SisterBut As Lena Gets Closer To Bringing Fressa Back, She Dredges Up Dangerous Discoveries About Her Own Family, And Finds Herself In The Middle Of A Devastating Plan To Spur Ragnar K A Deadly Chain Of Events Leading To Total World Destruction Still, With Her Sister S Life In The Balance, Lena Is Willing To Risk It All She S Willing To Kill How Far Will She Go Before The Darkness Consumes Her

Elizabeth Tammi was born in California and grew up in Florida, but is currently double majoring in Creative Writing and Journalism as an undergraduate at Mercer University in Georgia When she s not writing, you can probably find Elizabeth at work for her university s newspaper and literary magazine Her other interests include traveling, caffeinated beverages, and mythology You can find

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  • The Weight of a Soul
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  • 24 January 2019
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    I LOVED THE NORDIC MYTHOLOGY BUT DIDN T REALLY ENJOY MUCH ELSEI love everything that has a whiff of anything mythological, so this book should have been right up my alley Sadly, there wasn t much else besides the mythology that got my motor running, so to speak Still, I was fairly entertained but not ecstatic THE THINGS I LIKED Mythology Like I said, throw a little mythology into the mix and I am sure to pick up your book Nordic mythology is, for obvious reasons I am a Dane , a personal favourite of mine THE THINGS I DISLIKED Pace The first half of the book was packed with so many things that it felt choppy and confusing The second half almost put me to sleep.Lena The main character Lena was a thoroughly unlikable character She was moody, depressing and really not all that bright or clever even though she was described as smart It sure didn t show in her actionsBeginning I like a good in media res emphasis on good This one was not good Some major things happened way too soon before I could connect with the characters or the story Because of that the entire book felt sort of disconnected for me ARC provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Follow me for book goodness Facebook Twitter Instagram

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    BOOK TWO BABYYYYYYYI m very excited to share my second book with you Norse mythology is dark, strange, and endlessly fascinating the chance to explore it through this story has been an immense privilege and responsibility Most of my family is Scandinavian, and my great grandfather moved to the United States from Sweden at just 19 years old All this to say that I feel very fortunate and fulfilled to have learned about the place my family came from, and the history and mythology behind the so called Viking Age The release date for THE WEIGHT OF A SOUL will be December 3rd, 2019 I m excited to share this book it s brutal and cold and foreboding, much like the place and mythology it is grounded in It s the darkest part of my heart.4 22 19 WE HAVE A COVER

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    You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.I gotta say, the reviews for this one so far do not do it justice I found The Weight of a Soul to be beautiful, heartwrenching, and full of love And so, we shall discuss What I Enjoyed This book is quite literally about the worth of a soul, and how far you re willing to go to save those you love That is the question Lena must answer when her sister Fressa dies of reasons no one can discern Lena and Fressa have always been close, this much is clear from the start of the story Lena can barely muster the strength to go on, yet her clan and her parents, the leaders want her to marry her sister s beloved and Lena s own dear friend, Amal Lena cannot bear to lose her sister, nor can she stand to marry her betrothed, so she s bound and determined to bring Fressa back And this is where the Norse mythology comes in I ll go ahead and admit it I am a complete novice in Norse mythology and most mythology if we re being honest The author did a phenomenal job in introducing me to the world while still providing a cohesive plot and characters I grew to truly care about I ll get into this later, but I feel like I learned so very much about Norse mythology And not just the facts, but the feelings behind it as well.Ultimately, the book is incredibly morally gray Would you or I make the same choices Lena make Can you really place a price tag on a soul It s these questions that really made me think throughout the book, and even after I was finished And if you know me, you know that s kind of my fave Not Bad Stuff, But Worth Mentioning Stuff While I really enjoyed the mythology, it was a darn good thing I read this on my Kindle and was able to look up stuff There were a lot of people places things that I simply had never heard of Upon looking them up, I was good to go, and frankly I personally love learning new stuff especially in a book like this But you know, just take it into consideration is what I m saying I will also say that I did predict a kind of big thing, but it didn t really lessen the impact, either Bottom Line A beautifully told story about loss, love, and hope in an historical and mythological Norse setting.

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    I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I really really wanted to like this than I did Maybe it s because I sort of forced myself to keep reading it when I was doing nothing else with my life but I just kept going in and out of actually liking The Weight of a Soul That doesn t mean I m going to give up on this book because I really do like anything that has to deal with mythology and Vikings. so I will definitely have to dive into it again but around a time where I can actually just sit down and enjoy it.In this, you will meet Lena She s an okay character and so was her sister Nothing was really special about them at least to me but again, I was in a weird reading funk with this book I mean, we also don t know much about her sister Fressa because of what happened to her but I did find the whole situation pretty interesting This alone was the only thing that made me keep turning the page Other than that, the book was just kind of meh to me Not a lot happened and I feel like I was left with a ton of unanswered questions I was definitely hoping for another book of some sort like a novella or two Just because I doubt that I m the only one who was a bit disappointed with it all Then again, it could just be me Here s to hoping there might be another book and to taking a second chance on a book in the future.

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    3 5 Thank you so much to the publisher for providing me with a free e ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest opinion.I don t think I m the only one for whom this is the case but ever since I saw the first movie Thor when it came out no, it is not just because of Tom Hiddleston, although he played a huge part in my interest as well hehe, I have been really interested in Norse mythology I have always had something for mths and legends of another time but for some reasons, the world of Odin, Thor, Loki and others grabbed my attention and never let go So when I saw that this book had mythology in it, I knew I would like it Which I did This story follows Lena as she tries to find a way to get her sister Fressa back after the latter died a mysterious death I don t know why but I couldn t really connect with either of the character Fressa died within the first few chapters so I couldn t really have a chance to do so but it was also difficult to like Lena She was a bit stupid, not gonna lie She acts impulsively and selfishly, even though I can understand why since she wants to have her sister back, but really it didn t really make a whole lot of sense to me at all Lena s whole quest in this book is to find a soul which is as valuable as her sister s, but I found myself being a little bit disappointed and the twist was predictable I really enjoyed the mythological elements incorporated within the story itself, however the pace was odd to me Maybe it s because I was in a reading slump because of college and all my assignments but I really didn t find myself being attached to the story in the end My Bookstagram

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    Thank you to Flux and Netgalley for the review copy in exchange for an honest review This does not change my opinion in anyway.The Weight of a Soul is a historical and mythological viking story It focuses on the daughter of the chief of a Viking clan She loses her sister and tries hard to find her back That premise is one you can do a lot with However at the end of the book I would say that the book was boring Our main character has to find a soul that is as heavy as her sister to get her back Again, this is something you can do a lot with Just about the whole morality of it all Can you honestly kill someone else to bring someone back that is already dead But there was none of that Our mc has never killed before and is training to be a healer But she barely blinks an eye to killing someone and is busy with being caught than that she cares she took someone s life, who wasn t even good enough And this book is just her trying to find the soul that is of the same weight If you have read enough of these book than you know where this is going It just did not make sense to me at any point I didn t understand this character who immediately knew something was wrong about the death of her sister when there was no hint or proof for that She attempts to kill someone from her own clan and there are no consequences for that We never even see this character again who was suppose to be her friend And there were things like that I honestly think that the other side of her story, what her sister s soul went through, would have been much interesting to have read about and should have at least been told alongside our mc s story What I could appreciate was that the mc was not busy with romance While she was being married off to her best friend there was never any true change of those feelings to one another I liked that It was realistic At the end of it there was too little for me to love here It is currently standing as a standalone but judging by the ending I would not be surprised if it turned out to have a sequel.

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    Okay, I loved that this is a Viking book and features Norse gods and goddesses There aren t enough of these books around so I m always happy to read them This started out strong, fast pacing and lots of questions about what s happening I liked the relationship between Lena and Fressa and that Lena would do anything to help her sister As I got closer to the ending, I thought there must be a second book because there s no way all this will resolve Well, I was mostly wrong Things wrapped up so quickly that I wasn t quite sure what was happening I m still holding out for a sequel because I still have questions and the ending is abrupt Still a good, fun read

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    This cover is simply beautiful.

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    The Weight of a Soul asked some very intriguing questions, like how far would you to go save someone you love How do you compare souls in the afterlife Add a healthy dash of Norse mythology and make the setting a Viking village and yeah, I was pretty excited to read this.I also thought Lena was an interesting character to follow, as she slowly descends into darkness and despair But the other characters felt flat in comparison, and it wasn t as action packed as I would have liked It would ve been nice to have had some chapters in Fressa s POV to counterbalance the dreariness.Nevertheless, I quite enjoyed this book Thank you to NetGalley and Flux for providing me with a copy

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    I love Norse Mythology and I m always happy to read books related to it Since I have read a couple of really good books about Norse mythology and a lot average, I have to say that even though The Weight of a Soul had potential it was an average book.My main problem with the book was the pacing It was either too slow or filed with too many things that in the end made me confused Moreover, I really don t like it when things happen with no reason and no explanation and this book had a lot of moments like that I won t elaborate because spoilers As for the characters, I didn t connect with Lena at all and that made it difficult to like the book in the end.I think that this was a book with potential, but the execution and the main character could have been much better Thank you to the publisher and the NetGalley for the ARC provided, in exchange for an honest review.

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