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Frozen BeautyThank you to Edelweiss and HarperCollins for the E arc copy of Frozen Beauty MustRead2019 FrozenBeauty March 24, 2020 Such a gem Absolutely loved the mystery thrill, multiple POVs, emotions, and split timelines The snowy winter setting and a subtle inspiration from Sleeping Beauty Little Red Riding Hood, an really good read sisters bond over a lush prose romance with boy next door bad boy tragedy meets mystery narration over a split timelineFebruary 19 2020 So happy to be a part of the blog tour for this Thank you, FFBC Tours Harper Teen for a digital review copy via Edelweiss Everyone In Devil S Lake Knows The Three Golden Malloy Sisters But One Of Them Is Keeping A Secret That Will Turn Their Little World Inside OutNo One Knows Exactly What Happened To Kit In The Woods That Night All They Have Are A Constellation Of Facts Icy Blue Lips And Fingers Cold To The Touch, A Lacy Bra, An Abandoned Pick Up Truck With Keys Still In The Ignition Still, Tessa, Even In Her Fog Of Grief, Is Certain That Her Sister S Killer Wasn T Boyd, The Boy Next Door Whom They Ve All Loved In Their Own Way There Are Too Many Details That Don T Add Up, Too Many Secrets Still Tucked AwayBut No Matter How Fiercely She Searches For Answers, At The Core Of That Complicated Night Is A Truth That S Heartbreakingly SimpleTold In Lush, Haunting Prose, Frozen Beauty Is A Story Of The Intoxicating Power Of First Love, The Deep Bonds Of Sisterhood, And A Shocking Death That Will Forever Change The Living Extending my deepest gratitude to Edelweiss and HarperTeen for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. I m starting this today and it looks like this book and I are going to be probably in for the most stirring ride I may have yet to experience 4.5 frozen stars FRTC.I am still in need of gathering cohesive thoughts on this one Yes, you saw that right I am indeed reeling from intense shock, sheer repugnance and overwhelming grief and I do not know when these feelings will end I will probably think about this book all night Thanks, Ms Hillyer, for destroying me up to the hilt. Thank you HarperCollins and HarperTeen for the ARC. 4 5 stars Thank you Edelweiss and HarperTeen for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest reviewFrozen Beauty is a gripping story about sisters, high school, first loves, and commentary on the fear women feel everyday I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book, I even read it in a day The dueling timelines really added to the mystery I think some of the diary writing was cringey, but I understood what the author was trying to do with the characterization I would definitely recommend this book. Lexa Hillyer s Frozen Beauty is marketed with references to poetic and lyrical prose As it tells the tale of two sisters in alternating timelines as the truth of their eldest sister s secrets and eventual death is slowly revealed, I d say this description is decently accurate Readers follow the youngest, Lilly, in the past as she navigates through her life and the realization that Kit is keeping something from everyone Then they follow the middle sister, Tessa, as she struggles through how to find the truth of what lead to Kit s frozen body found in the back of the boy next door, Boyd s truck.I ended Frozen Beauty with mixed feelings.A very subtle retelling of Sleeping Beauty, this novel presents a genuinely interesting tale about the relationship between three sisters Lilly and Tessa tell their separate stories, one girl in the past and the other in the present, slowly revealing how their lives intertwine with the boy next door, the main suspect in their elder sister s death.Though beautiful on occasion, I found the so described lyrical prose distracting at times With many sentences impossibly long one even taking place of an entire lengthy paragraph I found myself, on several occasions, needing to reread it.I loved Lilly the most In so many ways, her storytelling and personality really pulled the novel along She was, wonderfully, a force of nature herself I found Tessa s chapters lacking in their ability to build and keep my interest And this, I think, is where Hillyer struggled most As Tessa s tale slowly came to a close it quickly became the part of the story I disliked most The way in which the truth behind Kit s death was revealed was, frankly, awful.Deus ex machina.The resolution to the mystery was both too obvious and too vague I was easily able to ascertain the who behind everything In other instances, certain characters were revealed too late in the story, playing major roles later on when they were barely introduced enough to recall in the beginning I have found myself, generally, to be quite adept at solving what is meant to be a mystery and therefore a shock within films and novels, so neither of these things really bothered me That said, I think it was obvious than most.The worst thing, however, by far about this novel was the fact that the end came alongside an irritating deus ex machina by way of chimerism and a dream It was too convenient and, to me, too unrealistic.Overall, though, I did enjoy this book.Frozen Beauty is by no means a bad novel It touches on some important messages and does manage to be what it set out to be a depiction of sisterhood The characters were each superbly developed and written, so much to the point that I am certain the main reason I do kind of love it is because of the depth of the characters themselves Could the end have used some work Yeah.But all in all I liked it.I was sent an advanced reader copy of this book I was not asked to review Instagram Twitter Reader Fox Blog Bloglovin Facebook 2.5 starsMehhhhh This wasn t really the murder mystery I thought it would be Review received an eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Frozen Beauty follows the Malloy sisters Kit, Tessa, and Lilly before and after Kit s death in a dual perspective.Despite not having Kit s perspective, we actually do get to know her quite well We piece a lot together from what her sisters think about her, dialogue, and Kit s poems I really loved that Frozen Beauty incorporated poems written by Kit It gave the author a chance to showcase of her lyrical writing, while also further developing Kit as the poet she was said to be I appreciate that this book made me invested in seeing what happened to her, even if I knew she died.One unique thing that Frozen Beauty did was having the mystery be the main plot, while also sort of keeping it in the background This was easily accomplished due to the dual perspective Tessa is focused on finding her sister s killer Meanwhile, Lilly s chapters focus on the general occurrences of the Fall and early Winter, which place a bigger emphasis on love and secrets I was drawn to Frozen Beauty because of the promise of secrets and sisterly bonds which it definitely delivered Yet I was surprised by how first love is a huge theme in all three Malloy sister s stories although to differing degrees Yet it is with these threads of first love that we really see secrets being told and these bonds being tested Due to how tightly knit the sisters are, their interactions with first love is when we see them being themselves Not as the molds that others place each of them While I didn t love all the characters mainly Lilly and Kit since they grew on me I did understand them, their roles, and motivations The mystery aspect of the story was incredibly executed Hillyer plainly lays outs all the suspects, motives, and situations, while still managing to keep you guessing Seeing Tessa look for clues about her sister s death, while also grappling with not having realized her sister kept secrets and her sister s loss, intensified the mystery You ll desperately want to know, even though it won t change the outcome The dual perspective amped up the mystery since it allows us to see characters development, while also providing some key clues though we don t know it at first This is the first book I have read by Lexa Hillyer but I was blown away by her writing Hillyer s prose is poignant and haunting in its simplicity Similarly, the secrets are simpler than expected, yet compelling, because of it While I really didn t solve the mystery, I was satisfied with it It made sense It fit.Unfortunately, despite all these amazing aspects of Frozen Beauty, I did not love it There was one thing that just did not work for me that did kind of sour my enjoyment That is Tessa seemed to rely on her chimerism too much I understand why Hillyer included it Tessa leaned into this aspect of herself to feel connected to Kit It did explain their relationship I appreciated that Tessa did stop to question certain things she did and wonder how much was her I appreciate what Hillyer tried to do with Tessa s chimerism, it didn t work for me It could have been a really interesting conversation about what makes us, us It could have been thematically relevant Instead, it fell flat and repetitive.There wasn t much that was unique about Tessa ironically despite her two different eye colors I can t even remember how she was characterized other than liking biology The chimerism robbed her of embracing herself, instead of questioning which part is her and which part is her sister I wanted Tessa to embrace her own person I just felt cheated out of character growth with her The other characters exhibited it, even if it was minor.The ending further cemented my perspective on Tessa s chimerism since it was used to explain what happened the knight Kit died While I understand that another revelation would have had to be told versus shown OR shown through Kit s perspective, thereby breaking the organization of the book, the ending that was used felt like a cop out It added a layer of magical realism or at least something other that is not otherwise there.Frozen Beauty is not your standard mystery thriller At its core, Frozen beauty is about the bonds between sisters It is about not believing everything you are told It is a story about loss, love, and secrets. Thank you so much to Edelweiss for this advanced copy of a thrilling murder mystery I was hooked from the synopsis itself, having been the daughter to a single mom with two sisters herself, so the mostly female cast of characters felt so familiar to me like home I love a story with good twists and turns, and although I don t see myself as a very good sleuth in the slightest, I still don t think anyone with honed observation skills would have predicted the end of this one We enter the broken lives of the Malloy sisters after one of them, Kit, is found dead She suffered from hypothermia and a head wound, and was found in the back of her childhood friend s truck The narrative goes back and forth from the remaining sisters trying to figure out how to pick up their lives and live again to flashes of the past as we slowly piece together who Kit really was It s always scary to think how much you don t know about a person especially when you ve grown up beside them Everyone has their secrets, and the Malloy family is no stranger to that The familial bond is tested than once as Boyd, their friend, is put on trial for the murder and Tessa does everything in her power to prove her innocent, while Lily is figuring out who she is in the wake of Kit s passing and encountering growing concern about her two best friends who are falling apart before her very eyes.I liked how, past the tragic end of a girl who had her whole life in front of her, this was also a story about the end of childhood and faerie tales, and the beginning of young adulthood and the dangers and anxiety that follows Too often we are deceived into thinking that there s a pattern we must follow If you haven t had sex, you re a prude If you haven t tried drugs or alcohol, you re not cool If you haven t lined your while future out in front of you, you re a slacker Even now, I appreciate reminders that life isn t a race, and your life is your own This shined brightest in Tessa, who felt extremely close to Kit in a way that made her feel like a lesser copy We also see it in Lily as she combats being the younger sister who feels invisible most of the time.This book has its fair share of romance, intrigue, heart, and tragedy that I really believe lends the narrative to being for any reader It s engaging and I loved the usage of poetry in Kit s diary entries that showcased the author s background in writing It was also mixed media of sorts, which is something I actively seek out in books having not only the aforementioned diary entries but also text and phone conversations All in all, it was a beautiful and heartbreaking read that made me want to hold the women in my family a little closer.

Hello I m the author of the YA fantasy duology Spindle Fire Winter Glass, YA speculative contemporary Proof of Forever, and the upcoming YA contemporary Frozen Beauty I also wrote the poetry collection Acquainted with the Cold, which won the 2012 Foreword Book of the Year Award I m one of the founders, and President of Publishing, at creative development company Glasstown Entertainment I

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