Grown-Ups They Re A Glamorous Family, The CaseysJohnny Casey, His Two Brothers Ed And Liam, Their Beautiful, Talented Wives And All Their Kids Spend A Lot Of Time Together Birthday Parties, Anniversary Celebrations, Weekends Away And They Re A Happy Family Johnny S Wife, Jessie Who Has The Most Money Insists On ItUnder The Surface, Though, Conditions Are Murkier While Some People Clash, Other People Like Each Other Far Too MuchEverything Stays Under Control Until Ed S Wife Cara, Gets Concussion And Can T Keep Her Thoughts To Herself One Careless Remark At Johnny S Birthday Party, With The Entire Family Present, Starts Cara Spilling Out All Their SecretsIn The Subsequent Unravelling, Every One Of The Adults Finds Themselves Wondering If It S Time Finally To Grow Up

Marian Keyes born 10 September 1963 is an Irish novelist and non fiction writer, best known for her work in women s literature She is an Irish Book Awards winner Over 22 million copies of her novels have been sold worldwide and her books have been translated into 32 languages She became known worldwide for Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, and This Charming Man, with themes

[Reading] ➶ Grown-Ups  By Marian Keyes –
  • Hardcover
  • 656 pages
  • Grown-Ups
  • Marian Keyes
  • English
  • 03 June 2019
  • 9780718179748

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    Sometimes serendipity strikes and you find yourself reading the right book at the right time, this was a case in point, after some dark reads this lighthearted and amusing Irish family drama was the perfect antidote that I needed Marian Keyes immersed me into the life and times of the Casey Family, three brothers, their assorted marriages, children and families The good looking Johnny is the second husband of the powerhouse of energy that is Jessie, with two children from her previous marriage, and three with Johnny She is the big family earner with her exotic grocery business, and she funds the family get togethers that are at the heart of this novel, family is the most important thing that matters to her Easy going Ed is married to his beloved Cara, who works at the Ardglass Hotel business, handling difficult customers with ease, they have two children The smarmy, less than truthful and sleazy Liam has just got married to the free spirited, humanitarian and compassionate Nell with her pink hair, working as a theatre set designer Liam has two children from his previous marriage to Paige.The book opens with Johnny s birthday dinner where the whole family is in attendance, Cara is suffering from a recent head injury and concussion, as a result out of her mouth pour out unfiltered truths and secrets that rock the entire family, leaving them aghast and broken The narrative then goes back six months to arrive at the present The past includes family get togethers for Easter at an upmarket hotel, the fraught wedding anniversary celebrations of the Casey brothers dreadful parents, Canice and Rose, Jessie s birthday, the humiliation and laughter that ensues at a murder mystery weekend, poorly catered for by the hotel that organises it, a Tuscany family holiday and attendance at a festival We learn of Jessie s low self esteem and blindness when it comes to preparing for the future of her business, Ferdia s coming of age, Nell living to rue her decision to get married far too quickly without really knowing Liam, the schism with Jessie s dead husband s family, and Cara s body issues and eating disorders that she is determined to hide from everyone.This is not going to be a read for everyone, for a start this is a long book that may try the patience of some readers However, if you are in the right frame of mind and mood, then it is likely that Marian Keyes will work her usual magic and lure you easily into the drama, intrigue and joys of the Casey family Like most families, they are not perfect, they are dysfunctional, but they are human and flawed There are ill thought out decisions and all that goes with adults negotiating their lives with the the mistakes that get made, the feelings and issues that drive their actions and behaviour, all in all it is everything that comprises the realities of life An engrossing, entertaining and fun read that touches on grief, loss, addictions, love, secrets and deception Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC.

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    I am a big fan of Marian Keyes books and was delighted to receive a copy of her new book Grown Ups.This is a story of three brothers and their families There are a lot of characters to remember and it took me a while to sort out where they fit within the family Unfortunately I did not engage with any of the characters and sadly missed the humour that I usually find in Marian s books.Thank you to NetGalley and Penguin UK Michael Joseph for my e copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    Grown Ups was my first Marian Keyes novel and a massive 642 pages long I found the relationship dynamics entertaining in this family drama and the story held my attention as I raced through to find out .The Casey s spend a lot of time together, whether they like it or not The Casey s include three brothers, Johnny, Ed and Liam, their three wives and children Johnny s wife, savvy businesswoman Jessie has heaps of money and she loves to splurge and have all the families get together on luxury holidays and weekends away She always insists when costs are out of reach to fund them Jessie was a single child and loves being surrounded by family.The characters in this story are expertly written, like most families they have their flaws and their dysfunctional members Sadly the three Casey brothers came from an unloving home During a family event everything drops out of control Cara, Ed s wife who has had a knock on the head and is suffering from concussion is spilling out too many secrets as she loses the ability to keep her thoughts to herself The family are torn as confronting secrets are exposed.I found this book to be an enjoyable, engaging, witty and sometimes dark family drama with a focus on addictions, denial, deception, insecurity and love I wish to thank Better Reading the publisher Penguin Michael Joseph for an advanced copy of the book in return for an honest review

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    First of all let me start by saying that I am a massive fan of Marian Keyes so it pains me to say that I did n0t love Grown Ups It started off well and I loved the opening chapters at the dinner party, but after that I struggled to engage with the characters and the story I did like it but not as much as I usually do with her books.This is a very long book at 656 pages I am not adverse to long books, my favourite Stephen King book is over 800 pages But when the story is a bit slower than you are used to, it does drag a bit There are an awful lot of characters to remember, and to workout how they fit into the story The marriages, the businesses and children, it was just a bit overwhelming for me It does tackle some very grown up issues for the Casey family fidelity, divorce, eating disorders etcI have seen mixed reviews for this one and I am surely in the minority Perhaps I will give it another go sometime and I will enjoy it .Thanks to Penguin Books Australia and Better Reading for my advanced copy of this book to read all opinions are my own and are in no way biased.

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    Very solid four stars Makes me want to read things Irish Review to follow.

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    Grown Ups is the ninth stand alone novel by award winning Irish author, Marian Keyes If their extended family looks friendly and agreeable on the surface, like most families, the individual members of the Casey family have going on than they re willing to reveal either outside the family, or within Behind their harmonious fa ade, individual tensions, resentments, attractions, and anxieties may be festering, but they present a united, happy front.The Casey brothers, Johnny, Ed and Liam, and their families get together regularly for important occasions, all through the flawless organisation of Johnny s wife, Jessie Whether they can afford it or not is irrelevant Jessie insists on participation, and covers the costs to ensure it But at Johnny s forty ninth birthday dinner, the cracks below the surface widen, perhaps beyond repair, when Ed s wife s customary expert diplomacy vanishes in the wake of a bump to the head Cara speaks her mind, and some uncomfortable secrets are exposed.Most of the story is set over a six month period in 2020, and for the bulk of that, the reader encounters the family at gatherings holidays, birthdays, first communions, anniversaries and despite most being on their best behaviours, frictions soon become apparent Indeed, the children often behave in a much adult manner than do the Grown Ups.At 643 pages, this is not a quick read but the length does allow the reader to get to know the major characters intimately and, except of course for the psychopath, to like them Ed will be a favourite and care about their fates The psychopath, whose nature is perhaps not obvious at introduction but soon becomes clear, proves despicable at every turn.As the story slowly builds to its climax, the cast of characters is studied in plenty of detail, via their dialogue, actions and reactions, with numerous flashbacks filling in backstories Their perceived inadequacies, lack of self esteem, and guilt, are catalogued, and Keys also explores other topical themes the environment, the plight of refugees, and bulimia Keyes does seem to labour the point on a certain issue, but if a little tedious, it is worth persisting with for the relevance to the plot Overall, though, it s difficult not to become so immersed in the lives of these people that the pages just fly by There may even be a tear or two on the final page So very readable This unbiased review is from an uncorrected proof copy provided by Better Reading Preview and Penguin Random House Australia

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    The typical Irish extended clan provides ideal scope for an entertaining family saga and as a rule I can t get enough of this genre But my reading experience here felt like being at a large social gathering where I don t know anybody and immediately forget all the names and relationships soon after we are introduced The novel has an intriguing premise and prologue but then we are plunged into confusing and meanderingly slow flashbacks detailing the family dynamics of three brothers, their wives children and ex wives, along with a slew of topical social issues Despite this over abundance of characters, topics and storylines, it is worth persevering as the various elements begin to come together at the half way point However, I feel this is one for the determinedly loyal Marian Keyes fans.Thanks to the publisher for the ARC via Netgalley

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    2.5 starsGROWN UPS as you might guess, really showed what a mess grown ups can be This was a family saga of epic proportions both in length of book but also in depth of shambled relationships and lives This was definitely a less funny offering from Marian Keyes, but I wouldn t have minded the lack of humour if the story had worked better for me.The story centred on three families, brothers, wives and children The brothers weren t particularly close but the other people around them included some particularly strong personalities in Jessica, Ferdia, Nell and Liam The character I probably liked the most was Nell but like is too strong a word, the rest of them I disliked or felt ambivalent about I didn t make connections with the characters as I had hoped at all.The pacing of this story is somewhat slow, every element of the story was told in great depth, usually from multiple perspectives So you can imagine that it takes 650 pages This was like observing a slow motion house of cards collapsing over time At the end, I did not feel wowed in any way or particularly satisfied at any of the outcomes.I m sad about this book, having read most of Marian Keyes books but you can t like them all, I guess.Thank you to Michael Joseph for the early review copy.This review can be found on A Take From Two Cities.

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    I just love family dramas but big books scare me and weighing in at 656 pages Grown Ups is a big book I m happy to say though that I flew through this book It was endlessly entertaining and no time did it become bogged down.The Casey clan deliver an endless amount of drama and quite a few laughs Johnny Casey is married to Jessie and they have five children Saorise and Ferdia are from Jessie s first marriage Ferdia tall, dark and handsome despises his step father and makes sure everyone knows it Their other three children are outspoken and precocious, in a cute charming way.Ed Casey is married to Cara who has body image issues and a serious chocolate craving.Liam Casey is newly wed to his second wife Nel, a young and vibrant humanitarian, 11 years his junior.Told in multiple points of view Keyes knows how to bring out her characters flaws and insecurities, laying them bare but in turn making then likeable and relatable.Jessie wants them to be one big happy family and goes to great lengths and expense to arrange family holidays which cause all their insecurities to blow out of proportion.Keyes explores the different types of connections adults have with their parents, the idea that marriage has to be worked at with open communication The introduction of Syrian refugee, Perla, to the family gives an opening to explore the rights of refugees and their struggle to start a new life.Everyone appears to have a secret and in the prologue there is a hint of the secrets that Carla reveals at a family dinner This certainly hooked me in The story then goes back six months and builds month by month to the big moment when everyone s secrets are revealed and the entire family implodes.This book is witty and humorous whilst at the same time has some powerful themes on the dynamics of family, marriage and body image.Tragicomedy at its heartbreaking and witty best I received my copy from the publisher

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    I had slightly mixed feelings when NetGalley approved me for Marian Keyes new novel Grown Ups which isn t out until February next year I m a big fan of Keyes work, her deceptively light style, combining a laugh out loud humour with searing insight and moments of real emotional punch, and her talent for unreliable narration and slow reveal which can turn a book, and your feelings about it, on their head within just one sentence Her last novel The Break was a perfect example of this, up there with the superlative Rachel s Holiday as books which should and probably would if they were written by a man transcend whatever divide there is between popular and literary fiction So, although I was pretty sure I d enjoy Grown Ups, I knew it was a lot to ask for any book to follow The Break I needn t have worried Warning do not, like I did, start to read this book when you re on any kind of deadline What I wanted to do was build a blanket and cushion fort on the sofa, surround myself with snacks, make space for the dog and not surface until I finished it Instead, I had to combine it with a deadline, the day job, and the occasional spot of parenting However, this meant that instead of glommimg it in one day I managed to make it last three.Grown Ups starts at a birthday dinner The Caseys are a family who get together a lot, often whether they like it or not Jessie, married to Johnny Casey, is an only child and therefore likes to keep not only her own five children but her husband s brothers and their wives and children close, with lavish hospitality and holidays to bind them close But at this dinner, tensions are running high as months of secrets simmer hotter than the soup Cara, married to Johnny s younger brother Ed, starts to blurt out those secrets thanks to a concussion sustained earlier, and as a result of just a few blunt statements Jessie s, Johnny s and the whole family s lives start to unravel The narrative then takes us to Easter six months earlier and then through several key family events until we arrive back at the dinner and then beyond, following those events from multiple viewpoints, carefully unveiling secrets as it goes.Keyes captures brilliantly the impossible paradox of being a 21st century grown up, furiously trying to keep up, pretending you know what you re doing, never feeling like you re enough, parenting children brought up in a world it s difficult to understand, and sometimes just wishing someone else would sort it all out for you The three brothers, products of an unloving home, are all messed up in different ways Johnny covers up his insecurity with charm and good nature, aware that to many people he s just superficial Ed s a nice guy, but is his niceness enabling the secrets tearing apart his marriage And Liam Liam s an arse The question is, what on earth does the lovely Nell see in him Meanwhile Jessie hides her bone deep insecurity through lavish hospitality and spending, and refusing to look into the future, Cara is equally in denial, risking her marriage and health in the process Finally Jessie s eldest son Ferdia has to go through the painful process of growing up, throughout the novel moving from rude, entitled youth to a compassionate and promising young man and dangerously sexy with it.Grown Ups is populated by cast of three dimensional characters, alive in every way Every person from six year old knowingly precocious Dilly to the Casey brothers father is perfectly drawn even if only on the page for a couple of sentences It s hard not to read Grown Ups and see your own insecurities spread down the page money, body image, family, the future, friends, likeability, making the right choice It s a compulsive read, funny and dark and knowing like the best of Keyes work and I absolutely didn t want it to end In fact, I absolutely want a Walsh sisters type sequel please Highly highly recommended.

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