Diamond & Dawn (Amber & Dusk, #2)

Diamond & Dawn (Amber & Dusk, #2) Lyra Selene Returns To The Incandescent Magic Of Amber Dusk In A Second Installment About The Corrosions Of Even The Most Dazzling Dreams, And The Strength Of Hope Amidst DarknessMirage, Triumphant In Her Coup Of The Amber Empire, Returns To The Palais Prepared To Take Her Place As Empress With The Support Of Her Friends, Luca And Lullaby, And A Tentative, Blossoming Romance With Sunder, Mirage Is On The Cusp Of Taking Hold Of Everything She Has WantedHowever, Her Place In The Sun Is Not As Sure As She Expected Nor Is It Quite As Bright As She ImaginedWhen The Empress Severine S Body Is Recovered From The Battle, She Is Not Dead After All In A Coma, She Still Represents A Threat To Mirage S Newfound Power Worse, A Distant Cousin, Gavin D Ars, Duc De Douane, Appears In Court To Challenge Both Women With His Blood Claim, And To Propose A Series Of Trials To Determine The Most Deserving Heir In Mirage S Fight To Defend Her Vision For The Empire, She Begins To Splinter All Of Her Networks Will The Battle For Control Leave Anyone Untainted

Lyra Selene was born under a full moon and has never quite managed to wipe the moonlight out of her eyes When she isn t dreaming up fantastical cities and brooding landscapes, Lyra enjoys hiking, rainstorms, autumn, and pretending she s any good at painting She lives in New England with her husband, in an antique farmhouse that s probably not haunted AMBER DUSK is her debut novel.Twitter

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  • Hardcover
  • 384 pages
  • Diamond & Dawn (Amber & Dusk, #2)
  • Lyra Selene
  • English
  • 25 May 2019
  • 9781338547597

10 thoughts on “Diamond & Dawn (Amber & Dusk, #2)

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    I don t know when and how, but I need this book in my life You know the deal take my money and probably my firstborn, but give me the story I am craving.

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    Gorgeous cover Can I have this now plz I really need to know that Sunder is ok 3 3

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    Me, holding a water gun to Lyra Selene For the love of all that is right in the world, do NOT introduce a love triangle in this book If you dowell, I m going to have to spray you.

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    Once upon a time an empress presided over her court while a girl with soaring dreams and uncompromising ambitions demanded a place to belong She was so sure of what she deserved, never stopping to see the flaws in her dream of a perfect world Never stopping to see the flaws in herself.She broke the Amber Empire Now she must try to remake it And dreams can be strange, deceptive, impossible things especially when you achieve them.This book glitters darker than AD Its gilt hides tarnish, its ballgowns hide blades, its pleasures hide pain But radiance can dazzle even in the darkest of places, if only you look.

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    No release date but, but we do have a cover reveal I m somewhat surprised.

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    Disclaimer I received this book from the publisher This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest Diamond Dawn is a story about innocence, about ruling, and power dynamics If you were searching for the action and subterfuge you were used to from Amber Dawn, then adjust your expectations This sequel is equally satisfying even if it begins in a quieter fashion at the beginning Mirage has to figure out how to be this new version of herself, the person who overthrew the Empress and the ruler of this new Empire What kind of ruler will she become It s easy to envision what we want to do if we get the power, but it s much harder to follow through on our promises What kind of person will we become We can never go back to that innocence, the person we were before our decisions didn t weigh on our souls Before the Empire and people s lives were not held in our hands.full review

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    There are so many so called tortured bois in books, but it is VERY rare for me to find them, you know, actually tortured SUNDER IS FREAKING TORTURED AND IT BOTH PAINS and thrills ME GUHHHHHHHHH I love him and my heart breaks for him and I JUST SOBS I JUST WANT HIM TO REST Is that too much to ask for omg I m gonna skdjljasdkljaldjldlasjdlajdklasddaksjdj.Diamond and Dawn wasn t as good as Amber and Dusk, tbh, but I still liked it

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    12 30 18 I just finished the first book I NEED THIS LIKE NOW.Like..NOW.Thanks 1 30 19 WOW LOOK At that beautiful cover Love the red And that diamond in the middle gorgeous CANNOT WAIT 2 19 19..does that say 2020

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    I loved this book I got an ARC from the author via a giveaway she did on her Instagram page and I m so glad I got a copy early After all the action packed ending to Amber Dusk, I was, for some reason, expecting an action packed beginning to Diamond Dawn That s not necessarily what ended up happening although you do find out quickly that Sunder is at least mostly okayphew At first I was a little bummed there wasn t a ton of action, but as I continued to read I became and intrigued Watching Mirage try and figure out how to be empress and the rebuilding after a coop was something I found interesting She broke it, now how is she going to fix it There are so many books that focus on the overthrowing of a world or regime, but not as many that take a look at the what now When the plot picks up, it does so quickly and it was only my early morning alarm looming that had me putting the book down and not reading all night.My heart just continuously ached for Sunder and Mirage Sunder is hands down my favorite I love his development from Amber Dusk until now Oleander s as well The Suicide Twins that only want to be loved Heartbreaking There were many points in this book that my heart hurt actually Part of the ending I figured would happen aka about Severine having to have one last word , but I definitely did not seem a lot of it coming I definitely recommend reading this book Hopefully you enjoy it too

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    I d like to have a Sunder that calls me demoiselle 3No rating for this since I skimmed after 20ish percent til the end I liked the lyrical writing and some characters were great like Sunder and Bane but the heroine was just not doing it for me I understand she s a greatly flawed character with her own perks which I can t remember what they were but they were there However.couldn t she have been a bit smarter A bit stronger I dunno, I m probably used to pretty strong heroines like Aelin, Inej, Jude, etc., that I can t help but dislike the ones that aren t as strong I m glad that at least Luca redeemed himself in the end And we saw a certain someone again QvQ cough Unpopular opinion Sunder deserves someone better Alright, I m done lol

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