A Christmas Gathering

A Christmas Gathering This was an interesting Christmas mystery It takes place in Victorian England, and the main characters are from another series, which I haven t read any of I had no trouble following the characters and their story The mystery was intriguing, and I enjoyed the journey to the conclusion I was surprised at the way things ended. Can you guys believe this is my first ever Anne Perry novel I am shocked that I haven t read this author before She has written a ton of mysteries and they all seemed like they would be right up my alley.But sometimes with well established series, it can be intimidating to just jump in on say book 10 and with Perry s mystery series, they are all well established and long running.When this one arrived on my desk for review, I had to do a little research first Number one, I wanted to read this book because I love the cover and it was novella length, but I needed to see where it landed in the larger series It was number 17 I almost passed until I saw that this particular series the Christmas Stories series didn t feature specific reoccurring characters but rather characters from within other series.So first of all, I just need to say that Perry is an excellent writer I can see why so many people love her books and why she has had such longstanding series I didn t have to read any of the other books to feel comfortable in the story, I mean obviously there were other characters and a backstory but as with a holiday novella, the focus on primarily on the immediate story I enjoyed solving the mystery right along with the characters and the extra little dose of holiday cheer was refreshing and totally got me in the mood for the holiday season.I thought it was fun that the couple was an older married couple So many historical mysteries center around young new couples in their 20s or 30s but I love the angle that Perry took here with a newly married older couple I loved getting to know this couple even if it was only for a brief novella, they were well drawn and fully developed even for a shorter length novel.If you love holidays and solving historical mysteries then you should be picking up this book I m a completely new reader of Perry and found I was drawn in and delighted in her storytelling abilities I can t wait to check out books by her in the future Fans of her books, where should I start See my full review here Every year the author delivers up to fans an engaging and heartwarming side story to one of her series with a Christmas holiday setting for one of her minor characters to shine and solve their own mystery This year, the author returns to Victor and Vespasia from the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt historical mystery series and couldn t have chosen better in my book I chose to go back and forth between print and audio versions of the book.A Christmas Gathering is the seventeenth of the Christmas stories The story is standalone, but the characters are from one of the author s Victorian era mystery series where they are introduced as well as their meeting, courtship and marriage.Lady Vespasia is a woman in the winter of her life An earl s daughter and the most beautiful and striking woman from her early years even to now, she has stunned her family and circle of acquaintance by falling in love with and marrying ruthless and darkly secretive much younger Victor Narraway once the head of Britain s Special Branch Now, they are suddenly accepting an invitation to a house party after she thought they would spend a quiet Christmas at home together She doesn t ask what his going on when she sees the hidden expression on Victor s face that tells of a top secret mission that he won t tell her about But, the house party is made up of mostly people she is acquainted with and soon she notices the tension and feels the atmosphere of what would otherwise be a lavish and traditional English country Christmas.Victor still can t believe his good fortune that Vespasia didn t spurn his love and married out of her sphere and decidedly beneath her This makes him feel vulnerable than he ever has in his life so he won t tell her about the huge deadly mistake he made many years ago and how this mission he is on will be his vindication of the past and maybe give him some answers Only, someone at this house party seems to know about the new mission and maybe the past is about to repeat itself.The author couldn t have pleased me than during the series when she brought these two favorite characters into a Winter romance and now gives them their own mystery to solve together during the Christmas season This is novella length so it does move along though it was highly developed and full of much introspection on the part of both characters I enjoyed contemplating what an older pair would feel marrying late in a age and class difference situation, but it was also fun to see Vespasia using her rapier wit on a bitter woman who took shots at her and when the woman s husband took shots at Victor The Christmas setting was there, but the focus was on the characters and the mystery.This was my first time experiencing Jenny Sterlin s narration work and I was impressed by her ability to do older and younger characters, genders, classes, and even match the tone and pace that was just right for this novella I will definitely be looking for of her work.Another lovely historical holiday mystery from a favorite author I definitely recommend all her series for those who adore historical mysteries and this one in particular for those looking for a historical mystery set during the holidays.My thanks to Recorded Books as well as Ballantine Books for the opportunity to listen read this book in exchange for an honest review. At slightly over 200 pages long this annual Christmas novella from Anne Perry is sure to give her fans exactly the pleasure they have come to expect from her This was my first time reading anything in this series so I wasn t quite sure what to expect This is the third Christmas Vespasia and Victor have been married and she would have preferred to spend the time at home instead of at the country estate of Max and Lady Amelia Cavendish Vespasia knows Victor has some business he needs to take care of but he has not confided in her and she will not ask what it is.This is a story where Vespasia and Victor keep repeating how much they love and trust each other and then proceed to not share any thoughts and don t act as if they trust each other at all Almost falling into that dreaded category of the big misunderstanding this one is saved because it just isn t long enough to develop that thread fully Someone has conked one of the guests on the head and an investigation uncovers how deeply hatred is running through this Christmas house party If you are a fan of the Thomas Pitt series you will have come to know Vespasia, her past and her present so you will probably be very glad to catch up with her during this holiday offering.Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books for an e galley of this novella. 3.5 stars I ve only read one other Anne Perry book, the second in the Daniel Pitt series, but it s already easy for me to recognize her authorship in A Christmas Gathering, another cozy mystery with intelligent, witty and often biting dialogue and lush descriptions of period English settings and social scenes In Perry s latest, Lady Vespasia and her new husband, Lord Narraway, accept an invitation to pass the Christmas holidays at Cavendish Manor, the country estate of Lord Cavendish and his wife, Lady Amelia Cavendish While Vespasia isn t enad of the idea of spending Christmas with an assortment of acquaintances and strangers as well as, in Lady Amelia, a rival of sorts she acquiesces because Lord Narraway, former head of Special Branch, seems to have some ulterior motive for attending But when the secret mission he is there to complete suddenly takes a disastrous turn, and a woman lies near death as a result, it will take the special skills of both Vespasia and Narraway to bring the culprit to justice This is a light and short book the pace is leisurely, it s not terribly difficult to solve the mystery, and the ending like the one in the other Perry book I read felt a bit rushed and abrupt, but really, the mystery and solution aren t the point of these books The real draw is the period setting curl up under a blanket with a cup of tea or a glass of sherry this Christmas season and savor a quick trip into Perry s beautifully depicted past Many thanks to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing me with an ARC of this title in exchange for my honest review. A quick and easy read which is perfect when you want to take a break from your Christmas preparations.Lady Vespasia and Victor Narraway are invited to spend Christmas at a beautiful country estate in Kent What seems on the outside to be a pleasant holiday with society acquaintances of Vespasia, ends up being a rather rather less pleasant affair There is a secret backdrop to the house party which pans out in a in a sinister and dangerous way with Victor and Vespasia in the centre of the whole ordeal.Main characters Lady Vespasia s and Victor Narraway s relationship is vividly described, taking ample time to describe the fact that they are newlyweds I feel Vespasia s experience helping to solve previous cases shines through in the confident way she deals with events throughout the story When choosing to read Anne Perry, I am not expecting the plot to be simple, sweet and uncomplicated On the contrary, I expect twists and turns throughout, and that is exactly what I got in this story The Christmas theme was expertly mixed into the crime plot in a way I found very enjoyable Must say I would even have enjoyed a little bit Christmas feel, especially in the beginning, but no major issue.A Christmas Gathering is highly recommend for readers of Anne Perry s other works and for fans of historical crime fiction in general.My rating 4 5 stars All opinions in this review are my own Although I enjoyed this story, it referenced some things between our main characters, Lady Vespasia and her husband Victor, with no explanation Such as their age gap and what transpired the previous Christmas These things may have happened in previous books in the series, but there should have been a in depth explanation regarding these references in order to make it a true stand alone story.Although semi retired, Victor works with the Foreign Office and has been tasked with accepting documents from another operative at a house party in the country Victor does not share this reason with Vespasia, although she is aware there is involved than Victor has admitted She trusts him and feels he will share it when he can.A young, beautiful woman named Iris is tasked with the transfer of the documents to Victor This situation brings up memories and guilt from 20 years before for Victor where he was tasked with protecting another young woman in similar circumstances that resulted in her death He is adamant that he will not let history repeat itself.The story follows the house party through the Christmas holiday where Victor and Vespasia rush to solve a mystery while at the same time keeping themselves safe from danger.All in all this was an enjoyable story, but would recommend reading the previous stories in the series in order to fully enjoy it.Finally, I would like to thank Ann Perry, Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books and NetGalley for gifting me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Every year, Perry produces a charming and worthwhile Christmas novel, focusing on one or of her long running series characters This year s entry is exceptional Our favorite odd couple Lady Vespasia and former head of Special Branch Victor Narraway find themselves caught up in an unhappy and dangerous situation for their second Christmas together as a married couple This time the action is at a stately manor house in England, where deceptions, jealousies, past failures, and murder take the stage Perry, as always, takes time to develop intriguing inner dialogues with Vespasia and Victor, allowing the reader insight into their characters Readers will find this a highly satisfying and poignant Christmas story. What could be Christmasy than spending the holiday at an English country manor house But it turns out it s a working vacation for Lady Vespasia s new husband, Lord Victor Narraway, former head of London s Special Branch Secret plans have been made for the exchange of an important paper but Victor s contact is attacked and nearly killed shortly after the exchange Is the attacker one of the other guests Victor is painfully reminded of another such attack early in his career that has remained unsolved Can he and or Lady Vespasia solve both crimes before the holiday is over and the guests go their separate ways These Victorian Christmas mystery novellas by Anne Perry are a yearly pleasure for me I was very pleased to be given an arc of this latest one by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Many thanks A Cold Case Adds An Extra Chill To The Holiday Season As Bestselling Author Anne Perry Whisks Readers To An English Country House For A Christmas Of Secrets, Soul Searching, And ForgivenessAs Beautiful As It May Be, Their Friends Country Home Is Not Where Lady Vespasia Wishes To Spend Christmas With Her New Husband, Victor Narraway She D Rather Pass A Relaxing Holiday At Home With Him Especially Because Victor, Former Head Of The London Special Branch, Seems To Be Hiding Some Undercover Dealings With The Other Guests Who Have Gathered In The Spacious HomeAs Tensions Grow Among The Couples, The Young And Beautiful Iris Watson Watt Becomes The Center Of Several Men S Focus Unbeknownst To Vespasia, Iris Carries A Message For Victor That May Help Unmask A British Traitor As Victor Plots His Moves, He Is Reminded Of A Similar Case From Twenty Years Before, When A Young Frenchwoman Also Carried A Clandestine Message One That Resulted In Her Murder, Still Unsolved To This Day Victor Has Always Been Tormented By His Failure To Protect Her And Now, With All Eyes On Iris, Victor Must Act Fast Before History Repeats ItselfWith The Joy Of Christmas At Risk Of Being Forgotten And Vespasia Feeling Alone On This Holiday Meant To Be Shared With Loved Ones, Victor Must Ultimately Learn To Forgive Himself

Crime Through Time.

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