And Dangerous to Know (Rosalind Thorne Mystery #3)

And Dangerous to Know (Rosalind Thorne Mystery #3) When The Ladies Of The Ton Of Regency London Need Discreet Assistance, They Turn To Rosalind Thorne In These Mysteries Inspired By The Novels Of Jane Austen Trust Is A Delicate Thing, And No One Knows That Better Than Rosalind Thorne Lady Melbourne Has Entrusted Her With Recovering A Packet Of Highly Sensitive Private Letters Stolen From Her Desk The Contents Of These Letters Hold Great Interest For The Famous Poet Lord Byron, Who Had Carried On A Notorious Public Affair With Lady Melbourne S Daughter In Law, The Inconveniently Unstable Lady Caroline Lamb Rosalind Is To Take Up Residence In Melbourne House, Posing As Lady Melbourne S Confidential Secretary There, She Must Discover The Thief And Regain Possession Of The Letters Before Any Further Scandal Erupts However, Lady Melbourne Omits A Crucial Detail Rosalind Learns From The Bow Street Runner, Adam Harkness, That An Unidentified Woman Was Found Dead In The Courtyard Of Melbourne House The Coroner Has Determined She Was Poisoned Adam Urges Rosalind To Use Her New Position In The Household To Help Solve The Murder As She Begins To Untangle A Web Of Secrets And Blackmail, Rosalind Finds She Must Risk Her Own Life To Bring The Desperate Business To An End

Sarah Zettel, author of mysteries, science fiction, romance and Young Adult fiction, including the New York Times Notable Book Fool s War and the bestselling Rosalind Thorne mysteries A Useful Woman She also writes under the names Delia James, Sarah Zettel, Jennifer Hawkins

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  • And Dangerous to Know (Rosalind Thorne Mystery #3)
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  • 11 December 2019

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    YES The cover is here I go back and forth on whether Im rooting for Devon or Adam, but judging by how excited I was that the latter was in the synopsis, I guess Im into Adam at the moment.

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    In this third installment in the series Rosalind finds herself being summoned to Melbourne House and tasked with the job of finding missing letters, the contents of which would bring even greater scandal to Lady Melbourne s household Rosalind would rather not get involved with the dramas of this notorious family, but also realizes that her financial well being is dependent on staying in the good graces of the socially powerful While trying to decide how to proceed, her friend Adam Harkness a Bow Street officer, requests her assistance in discreetly investigating the murder of a woman whose body was brought to Bow Street from Melbourne House itself Taking up residence at Melbourne House, Rosalind must sort through the abundance of lies, half truths and paranoid suspicions coming from the various members of the household.I thoroughly enjoyed this book I especially enjoyed the weaving of historical characters with a fictional mystery While it is not completely necessary to read the other books in the series to understand this one, it would be a shame to miss out on the character development and the background of the, for lack of better term, love triangle which, in my opinion, is exceedingly well handled and far believable than most Rosalind s personal life mostly takes a backseat in this book, but it looks like it might get focus in the next one.Content wise, I would place this at the low end of PG 13 There is some mild language and a fair amount of discussion regarding the scandalous life of Lord Byron and all those connected to him The only mildly gruesome content is the description of the injuries observed on the murder victim at the very beginning.Thank you so much to NetGalley and Kensington Books for providing me with an ARC

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    After her father and sister abandoned the family after he destroyed their finances and after her mother passed a few years ago, Rosalind Thorne has been forced to make her own way living by her own wits as a gentlewoman of reduced circumstances Recruited by Lady Jersey, Rosalind is called to the home of the prestigious Lady Melbourne to recover a bundle of sensitive correspondence that have been stolen from a locked desk drawer In order to investigate Rosalind will need to stay on in Lady Melbourne s home posing as her own private secretary Not only must she identify the thief, she must also track them down and return them to Lady Melbourne before they cause an irrepairable scandal.Lady Melbourne is not giving Rosalind all the facts available When Adam Harkness comes calling with the news of an unknown woman found dead within the gates of Melbourne House, Rosalind will have to contend with the danger of not only posing as a member of staff in a powerful household and a blackmailer, but of an unknown murderer.____________________________ And Dangerous to Know is the third book in Darcy Wilde s Rosalind Thorne Mysteries series Before I get to the actual review, I just want to mention that the covers for the books in this series are gorgeous.I don t want to give away anything of the mystery, so I ll try to be vague I was pretty sure that I knew who the villian was here but a few of the characters and the twisting of the plot left room for than one red herring in the mix that will have you changing your mind than once I love a good mystery that will keep me guessing.I adore regency mysteries and I love the historic tone of this series, the research is evident and pulls you in and immerses you in the story The historical characters, like Lord Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb, are woven into the story so nicely alongside the fictional ones I found it very interesting that Wilde was able to give such a sense of these historical figures through only snippets of correspondence which lead us into each chapter and being talked about by the other characters For example, we never actually meet Byron in this book, but you feel like you really get a sense of his character.A lot of mysteries run the risk of having either no sense of danger or too much to the point that the mystery looses any sense of reality But this series has a great balance of danger, especially for our main characters.I m not a fan of love triangles, but this one works mostly because it is barely a love triangle The men aren t competing to win the affections of one woman here, there just happen to be two men in her life One that represents her past and another that represents her future Rosalind and Devon share a history and affection Adam and Rosalind share attraction and lifestyles A future with Devon means a return to the life she was raised to and a future with Adam means a life with a man from the world in which she now lives and has built for herself I certainly know where I stand on this matter and his name is Harkness.I love Rosalind s character, she is clever and compassionate and I look forward to seeing what mystery she ll face next. perhaps at the Casselmaine estate This book ends with a nice transition to lead us into the next book in the series, which I am very much looking forward to I recommend this book and the entire series to fans of recency mysteries If you enjoy the Lady Darby series by Anna Lee Huber, you ll love this series._____Many thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Books for sharing an eARC with me of And Dangerous to Know by Darcy Wilde This is my honest review.

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    4.25 StarsThis is the third book in the Rosalind Thorne mystery series by Darcie Wilde.You need to go into this book knowing that this piece is set in the early 1800 Back then the speech was stiff and proper So, if you are looking for the normal flow you see in regular era books, you aren t going to find it here That is due mostly to the Regency setting If you love a good Jane Austen book, you will definitely love this But go in aware of the setting in order to get the most out of this novel.I had a bit of trouble getting into the book due to all the properness and the dropping of so many names with Lord and Lady attached to them My mind started to swim I am not a normal reader of a Regency era book If you have a bit of trouble too, I suggest listening to it on audio book I let my kindle read it to me and found it all made so much sense.The entire concept of the novel is intriguing You don t find ladies like Rosalind much in 1800 s era fiction She is very intuitive and pays attention to her surroundings She can also make great leaps in logic And she does this all while muttering to herself reminding herself to be a proper lady in the midst of the mystery and deception She reminded me a lot of a female Sherlock Holmes.I can see how someone could easily get lost in a novel of this era The setting really overwhelmed me I always wonder how authors can so get in touch with such a setting and nail it when offering it to the public.Great book I will definitely pick up the previous two books just to see what I have missed This book may be a bit different than what we are used to in the cozy world but different isn t always bad Check this out and test it for yourself You won t be disappointed.I received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.

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    And Dangerous to Know is a mystery set in 1817 in London, England This is the third book in the series You don t need to read the previous books to understand this one, and this one didn t spoil the previous mysteries.This was a clue based puzzle mystery Rosalind, Harkness and those helping them asked questions and collected information in their different ways Rosalind was clever, but the mystery was complex and twisty Whodunit was guessable but not obvious The characters were interesting and reacted realistically to events The historical details were woven into the story, and the author clearly put research time into getting those details correct.There was no sex There was a minor amount of bad language Overall, I d recommend this interesting mystery.I received this book as a review copy from the publisher.

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    Although this is book three in a series, it is my first encounter with the protagonist, Rosalind Thorne.I loved everything about her, and about AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW.Years and years ago I was an avid reader of Georgette Heyer s Regency Romances this book had that familiar element of the restricted society, the haughty grand dames, and the bright, aspiring heroine But, in addition to the romance, we also have a mystery which I found engaging and challenging.Ms Wilde has written an entertaining and engaging book and I enjoyed every minute I spent with it.

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    A dead woman has been found at the gates of Melbourne House Lord and Lady Melbourne are famous, the upper ton of the ton, as it were And unfortunately their daughter in law is infamous, Lady Caroline Lamb, known for her liaison with George Gordon, the Lord Byron of romantic lore The dead woman is unknown, though There is a possibility she was killed inside the gates of the mansion and a great scandal this would definitely be Since the police are involved, an investigation must be undertaken, but with the highest secrecy Adam Harkness, principal officer at Bow Street Police Station, will see to it.While this is happening, another matter has captured the attention of Lady Melbourne Miss Rosalind Thorne is summoned to the house by Sarah, Lady Jersey, the doyenne of Georgian society Thus we have the start of And Dangerous to Know, the third of the historical mystery series set in Georgian times by Darcie Wilde There are letters missing, embarrassing letters Lady M suspects they mean to publish, not blackmail The scandal would be devastating She wants Rosalind to stop this from happening She wants the letters back in any event, whatever the reason for their disappearance Rosalind agrees to help, moving into the mansion as her ladyship s new secretary So she is in place as Mr Harkness comes on the scene Both of them will soon have work to do For the murder and the missing letters must be connected mustn t they There s mutual attraction here, of course But convention ensures only readers are aware of it Besides, Rosalind has a duke that s offered her marriage What s a girl to do Especially a poor girl But at least we do learn of one concrete reason who Rosalind can t marry her duke I was glad of that.Rosalind and her policeman do spend a lot of time in this book thinking It s a way that the author communicates facts It s also a way for the plot to get pushed along, but it does tend to get annoying after a while.This is one of those books in which it might help if you know your history, so that you will completely understand why these people are acting the way they do in these pages The author does a good job of filling in some of the backstory including providing a truly shocking reason for why the letters can t ever see the light of day, something that was hinted about at the time, but it might behoove you to do a little research of your own The social media darlings of today have nothing on the men and women who flitted through the drawing rooms and ballrooms of British society in the early 19th century.Chapters go back and forth between Rosalind and Adam, so that we can see what is happening from the different points of view It helps to heighten the tension and serves as quite the page turner And a page turner it is, even though the book bogged down a bit for me with the retelling of the travails of Lady Caroline as far as the murder goes, pretty much everyone is trying to implicate Lady C, including herself After we get past that little red herring, we get to the meat of the story and the real mystery and the solving of it It s quite a tale Rosalind may come up against some that would like to see her fail, but that s never an option The books ends on a thoughtful note Rosalind must make some decisions for herself She ll work through them, of course, because there are stories to tell.Thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for a copy of this book in advance of publication, in exchange for this review.

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    Rosalind Thorne, due to the error s of her father, finds herself in an unusual circumstance, managing her own household and making due with gifts from the ladies of the ton whom she has helped Her livelihood is trust and she can t afford her good name to be smudged, taking that income away When Lady Melbourne needs help solving the disappearance of some personal letters she agree s to help track them down but it seems she hasn t been told the entire story These letters are connected to a woman s murder on the estate s property and Rosalind once again finds herself embroiled in a serious investigation.It s been almost two years since the previous novel in this series but I easily fell back into these characters and remembered why my instinct was to add this one to the top of my TBR The era of 18th century England is a fascinating one and this series gives us a different viewpoint of what it s like to live that we haven t seen in other novels, tv shows or movies What happens to young women whose families fall on unfortunate circumstances Well, worse things than what s happened to Rosalind and her friend Alice, definitely, but having to work for a living while retaining your social status Interesting and quite hard to navigate as Darcie Wilde portrays so well in her character Rosalind Thorne I ll admit that the social intricacies are as interesting to me as the actual mystery Rosalind is trying to solve, but in And Dangerous to Know that mystery is actually quite well done.As Rosalind is investigating the disappearing letters and murder of a young woman she is also figuring out her feelings for her two beau s One a dashing Duke from her past life and the other a Bow Street Runner who is closer to the life she is now living I think this novel brings us closer to a resolution to that storyline, but only just slightly We are closer to seeing what s going on in Rosalind s mind and heart though The next novel should reveal quite a bit , or at least I hope so If you love historical mysteries as much as I but you haven t read the first two novels in this series then please start at the beginning Part of the fascination is getting to know these characters and I think you need to do that by reading the books in sequential order The pace will help you immerse yourself in their world and sets the mood for Rosalind s investigation I can t wait for the next novel, but since it took a while for this novel to be written I probably need to dial down my anticipation, just slightly.

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    This was my first foray into the series and first time reading this author and I was definitely pleasantly surprised to find a good historical mystery series I had somehow missed out onwhich means there s now two books I have to find and read I think because of the cover art I was expecting something a little like a cozy mystery placed in a historical setting But without a lot of historical heft with a lot of witty repartee and fun loving bantering sassy vibe as heroines are want to be in many of the cozy mysteries What I got instead was a much serious minded historical mystery set within the complex society of the regency period, think slow burn seriousness as opposed to witty banter More Persuasion than Emma The mystery itself was complex with two separate aspects that eventually connect, and a not easily guessed at perpetrator And while I could have done with a little spunk from our heroine I did not get a total handle on her from this one book, and it could be because I have not read the first two, and she is obviously emotionally conflicted in this story line I absolutely fell in love with the supporting cast in this one including Adam Harkness and his cohort Sampson Goutier, along with the character of Lady Carolyn Lamb one of my favorite historical figures to read about during this time period and her affair with Lord Byron , I love to see how different authors portray her and this is possibly my favorite version of her yet The romantic aspect of this one was disappointing only in her choice of Beau as in why is she picking THAT guy at the endwhich I m hoping is just a bump in the road created by author in her getting together with the RIGHT guy.All in all a good historical mystery with depth than I of Tasha Alexander, Stephanie Barron, Anna Lee Huber, C.S Harris, and Victoria Thompson should all pick up this series and add it to their to read lists Thank you to Net Galley and the publisher for my ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review I have definitely found a new series to put on my keepers shelf

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    I am a long time fan of historical mysteries but somehow I missed this series Starting with the third in the series convinced me to put the previous two books on my must read soon list and the series on my list of favorites Even though I didn t have all of the backstory I felt that this worked well as a stand alone.It s 1817 London and we are introduced to Adam Harkness of the famous Bow Street when he is called by the Coroner of Middlesex which includes London An unidentified woman has been delivered to the cellar under the Brown Bear tavern a mortuary When the men doing the delivering of the body are questioned about the who and the why of it, all they would share was the pickup location Because of that, the Coroner calls Harkness as it appears that it involves the Haute Ton and needs a delicate touch to investigate The woman, it becomes clear, is connected to Melbourne House The Coroner would prefer to call her a Jane Doe, sign off on the case and put her in a paupers grave The end Harkness knows that isn t going to happen and sets out to contact the one person he knows who would be perfectly positioned in society to help him solve the murder Rosalind Thorne was raised an aristocrat but her father lost his fortune and then abandoned his family Rosalind now makes her way in life by being both discrete and very clever, helping the Haute Ton deal with rather sticky matters At the same time Harkness is planning to contact her, Rosalind is visited by Lady Jersey, a veritable whirlwind who knows what she wants and expects to get it She wants Rosalind to find out who stole a packet of personal letters from Lord Byron and, to do that, she will have to stay awhile at Melbourne House Two cases are they connected I enjoyed every page of this mystery The setting, the voice, the puzzle, the wonderful characters both historical and fictional all came together in a pitch perfect read My thanks to the publisher Kensington and to NetGalley for giving me an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.

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