Lady of Perdition (Benjamin January, #17)

Lady of Perdition (Benjamin January, #17) Benjamin January Heads To The Slaveholders Republic Of Texas To Locate A Kidnapped Girl And Help A Woman Who Saved Him From The Noose April, Benjamin January Knows No Black Person In Their Right Mind Would Willingly Go To The Republic Of Texas But When His Former Pupil Selina Bellinger Is Kidnapped And Enslaved, He Has No Choice Once There He Is Saved From Being Hanged By Valentina Taggart, Wife Of The Wealthy Landowner Of Rancho PerditionAfter Valentina Is Accused Of The Murder Of Her Husband, She In Turn Calls On Benjamin For Help To Do So, He Must Abandon The Safe Haven Of New Orleans, Where People Know He S A Free Man, To Return To The Self Proclaimed Slaveholders RepublicIn A Land Still Disputed Between Vengeful Comanche, Disgruntled Mexican Tejanos, Americans Who Want To Join The United States And Those Who Want To Keep Texas Free, January Must Uncover What Happened To Valentina S Husband Behind Lies, Betrayals And Rising Political Tensions Lies The Answer But Finding It Could Cost Ben His Life

Barbara HamiltonRanging from fantasy to historical fiction, Barbara Hambly has a masterful way of spinning a story Her twisty plots involve memorable characters, lavish descriptions, scads of novel words, and interesting devices Her work spans the Star Wars universe, antebellum New Orleans, and various fantasy worlds, sometimes linked with our own I always wanted to be a writer but everyone kept telling me it was impossible to break into the field or make money I ve proven them wrong on both counts Barbara Hambly

[Epub] ❧ Lady of Perdition (Benjamin January, #17)  Author Barbara Hambly –
  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Lady of Perdition (Benjamin January, #17)
  • Barbara Hambly
  • English
  • 23 March 2017
  • 9780727889096

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    Lady of Perdition does a very good job of being exactly what it is one volume in a mystery series that simultaneously offers a puzzle that needs solving and a glimpse of life in a particular historical moment The puzzle s actually, there are two of them aren t particularly compelling, but the context the author sets them in makes for engrossing reading The dcentral character, Benjamin January, is a free black man living in New Orleans in 1840, but he finds himself in the Republic of Texas, also known as the Slaveholders Republic January continually walks a fine line he can t appear too intelligent, to independent, too anything And he knows that he could easily be abducted and sold into slavery free papers are easy enough to burn if a potential slave merchant has the financial motivation We see a place and a time full of tensions between Catholics and Protestants, between free and enslaved Blacks, between women and the demands of the male controlled world, between Mexicans and Texans.This is a book that keeps one going because of the strength of its characters and the challenges they face because of their own identities, rather than by virtue of a particularly complex mystery Read it for the picture it offers of the time, not for its central mystery.

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    Disclaimer ARC via Netgalley Do not let the blurb on the back cover deter, you do not have to have read the other books in the series to understand what is going on in the book While there are two non central characters from other books in the series, a detailed back story is not given nor needed Therefore, if you are new to the adventures of Ben January, you can start here and not be lost The book is at first a basic search and rescue Western as Ben, Hannibal, and Shaw struggle to save a young woman This part of the novel is told with a great deal of vigor, and highlights the need for someone to produce a television series based on this excellent series Hambly s know ledge of history serves her in good stead, and the details of Texas before Union as well as the reactions of the characters Things get complicated quickly and Ben and Hannibal find themselves at a center of a mystery involving an old acquittance and the death of her husband What makes the series so good is that Hambly captures the confront that Ben undoubtedly feels He is an educated man who must pretend, time and again to be something other than what he is because he risks death But it makes him sympathetic to the nuances that exist in relationships, in particular to how those play out with women And that is what at the heart of the novel It isn t just Valentina who finds herself accused of murder, but also her in laws and the young woman who is the original target of Ben s quest While the book addresses the lack of option available to women in the 1840s, much of the subject matter is also closely related to women of today and highlights aspects of the MeToo Movement The plot directly addresses how different people, let alone genders, respond to and see rape It is those different responses to sexual assaults both on men and women though the men get shorter shift in the book as well as the long lasting damage that such assaults can cause The book also works very well as a thriller western and is particularly gripping when it comes to the pursuits The plot also makes good use of the historical Texas political situation, with the conflict of total independence or joining the United States The use of historical detail and the humanness of the characters is a hallmark of this series.

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    Another great title in the Benjamin January series And yes, you can read this as a stand alone, although knowing the characters from previous novels does add a layer of enjoyment Central to this series is the portrayal of people of color and women in a period of history that was fraught with dangers for both groups As a free person of color, January is constantly in danger of being seized and sold into slavery if he leaves the city of New Orleans and immediate environs Thus, when he goes to the rescue of a young woman who has been seduced, kidnapped, and sold into slavery in Texas, January is accompanied by his friends Hannibal Sefton, who will pretend to be January s master, and Abishag Shaw, a white New Orleans policeman Although January and company find and rescue the young woman, January and Sefton then become involved in the case of another woman who is accused of killing her husband I find that the mystery element of the novels in this series, while enjoyable, is never as compelling as the characters and the manner in which they are required to manipulate circumstances in order to survive I really would like to see this series of novels become a PBS series.

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    Another Outstanding Benjamin January Exquisite writing, insightful character development, intricate mystery, rich description, coherent history every Benjamin January episode is a jewel I hope Hambly returns to New Orleans for the next one, though I want to see what his family is up to.

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