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Dont Overthink It We Ve All Been There Stuck In A Cycle Of What Ifs, Plagued By Indecision, Paralyzed By The Fear Of Getting It Wrong Nobody Wants To Live A Life Of Constant Overthinking, But It Doesn T Feel Like Something We Can Choose To Stop Doing It Feels Like Something We Re Wired To Do, Something We Just Can T Escape But Is It Anne Bogel S Answer Is No Not Only Can You Overcome Negative Thought Patterns That Are Repetitive, Unhealthy, And Unhelpful, You Can Replace Them With Positive Thought Patterns That Will Bring Peace, Joy, And Love Into Your Life In Don T Overthink It, You Ll Find Actionable Strategies That Can Make An Immediate And Lasting Difference In How You Deal With Questions Both Small Should I Buy These Flowersand Large What Am I Doing With My LifeMore Than A Book About Making Good Decisions, Don T Overthink It Offers You A Framework For Making Choices You Ll Be Comfortable With, Using An Appropriate Amount Of Energy, Freeing You To Focus On All The Other Stuff That Matters In Life Did I overthink when I should finish this book so that reading the galley didn t count AGAINST my goal to read all black authors in February Yes, yes I did But mostly, I m not an overthinker So, this book ended up being quite a bit of a revelation to me Like wow, I had no idea people struggled this hard with this That being said, if you think you might be an overthinker, you ll find lots of great info and actionable tips in here As an Anne Bogel fangirl, I was thrilled to be part of the launch team and to receive a galley for this book in order to review it If you grab a copy before Tuesday, the pre order bonuses are MONEY Go get you one So, this book post is crooked, I have two straight up and down book photos consecutively on IG, and I don t think I captured the beautiful pink book cover just rightbut I m not going to overthink it Honestly, I have never been a big fan of the art of tidying up type books, but this is different and I loved it Here is a useful tool with a lot of great advice on how we can overcome daily analysis paralysis over decision making and how to actually make our lives better I don t need a perfectly clean house for a happier life I just need to be happy with my life and not worry about everything being perfect Most of the information reminds readers how to live daily lives by simplifying our thoughts, words, and deeds As my mom used to say, What s the worst that can happen Well, this book really goes in deeper and I appreciate, so very much, strong sage advice Don t Overthink It comes out early spring 2020 and I challenge you to buy it I ll be keeping it by my desk to pick up and re read the highlighted sections when I m starting to melt down I honestly think this is the best book Anne has written to date I acknowledge that this book was a free ARC but my opinions are unbiased and always my own Bravo on a job well done or is that done well Don t care Read it annebogel mmd mmdbookclub annebogel dontoverthinkit lindaleereads2019 gorgeouscover pink book bookstagram booklover selfhelp selfhelpbooks advice bookworm booknerd read readersofinstagram readingIG bookbimbo I m not rating or reviewing this because 1 I beta read it 2 the author is a client and 3 she s one of my dearest friends and I m 100% biased But I will say this I m not an overthinker but I think this could be a valuable, practical resource for anyone who does struggle with this. Thanks to NetGalley and Baker Books for providing an ARC of this book Analysis paralysis Rumination Perfectionism How do we fight these and so many other types of overthinking Values based decision making Completing the cycle Simple abundance.Fans of Anne Bogel, her blog Modern Mrs Darcy , and her podcast What Should I Read Next will be familiar with Anne s skill for bringing universal subjects to an intimate level and helping us see them with fresh eyes She turns her talent to the subject of chronic over thinking in her new book, Don t Overthink It Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life Life changing is an over used term lately But it s accurate for this book Reading it has changed my life for the better The thoughts, ideas, and processes that Anne shares in the book aren t highly original we ve heard them before, seen them elsewhere The genius of the book is that she s brought them all together in one place and presented them in such an engaging manner The information is both practical and practicable.The chapter on values based decisions, titled Decide What Matters, has caused a major shift in the way I live my life because I did, after a lot of reflection, decide what matters most to me This now informs all my choices, though it takes time for it to become automatic And the chapter on limiting your options to save your sanity, Limit Yourself to Free Yourself, helped me see why having all the options is not always a good thing Each small decision requires only a bit of brain power, but the cumulative effect is large You may not think you re an Overthinker You may not regularly be an Overthinker But the lessons in this book are helpful whether you face chronic decision making problems or are just going through a season of decision overload. I preordered this book, but I m also so thankful to Baker Books for the early eARC of Don t Overthink It I truly think this book will be life changing for me I have been an over thinker my entire life, worried about how others perceived me and whether or not I was doing the right things When I saw that Anne was writing a book about overthinking, I knew it was a book I needed to read Throughout the book Anne discusses reasons why we overthink and she includes actionable strategies to help get a handle on overthinking The writing made me feel like I was having coffee with a friend, a friend with great advice and experience This book is perfect for anyone who has ever been stuck in a cycle of rumination or analysis paralysis I wholeheartedly recommend it I m even getting a copy for my high school classroom This was the right book at the right time for me I ve recently had some significant positive life changes that brought with them a flurry of opportunities to overthink Unfortunately, overthinking can become a habit and begin to sap the joy from one s life.Don t Overthink It Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life describes the ways we engage in overthinking, what prompts us to overthink, and thankfully, identifies ways to reduce one s tendency to overthink The suggestions I found most helpful were focusing on one s values, limiting options, not allowing planning to interfere with actually executing, basking in rituals, treating oneself, and simple abundance.Ms Bogel also provides a section outlining books she found especially helpful in researching overthinking and the tools to overcome it I look forward to reading several of those titles.I applied what I learned from this book while writing this review Rather than focusing on writing it just so, I just sat down and wrote it I highly recommend this book to those who sometimes get caught up in analysis paralysis.Thank you to netgalley and the author for an advance copy of this book. This is one of those books that I feel was written just for me And not only that, it feels like I m having a conversation with a good girlfriend when I m reading it Anne s writing style is calm, clear and personal, all while providing information and anecdotes that are applicable to so many situations We learn what overthinking really is and how it manifests in our lives, and get practical steps for how to handle it I found myself in many of the pages of this book, thinking Oh yes, I do that The tools Anne provides are already making a difference in my life, and I can t wait to share this book with friends And now I can finally stop worrying that I should apologize to my prom date for leaving him to hang out with friends 30 years ago I was lucky enough to receive my ARC in person at the Modern Mrs Darcy Book Club Reading Retreat last September Where I actually said, I don t really think I m much of an over thinker, so this should be interesting Oh, sweet deluded Kari You were so very wrong You do overthink Anne provides real life examples of how overthinking impacts daily life She uses everyday situations that were easy for me to identify with On than one occasion I said Oh that s totally me Yep I do that But beyond simply identifying how over analysis can suck the joy out of my life, she provided simple, applicable solutions to help improve it.I read this book a couple of weeks ago and I find myself going back to it on a nearly daily basis It is full of highlights and marginalia which is a rarity for me It s a refreshing guide that helps affirm that while overthinking may be natural, the inevitable stress that comes with it doesn t have to be There are some incredible pre release bonuses available at I encourage you to pre order this one For you and the other overthinkers in your life. I didn t really think I was much of an overthinker, but I love the way Anne Bogel writes, so I eagerly pre ordered this book, which comes out March 3 One of the preorder bonuses was a NetGalley ebook and the opportunity to read this book before publication.Reading this book, I have realized that I am, in fact, an overthinker, and so is almost everyone else in my family We just used different terms to describe our behavior One of my favorite terms in this book is analysis paralysis Our family has always described ourselves as poor decision makers, but this term is much descriptive As an academic, I just saw myself as doing research when I gathered information prior to making a decision, if I had a problem deciding, I would chalk it up to option glut I didn t see myself as an overthinker, because I would often put off decisions rather than decide immediately.How wrong I was Not only is this book compulsively readable, but it is full of wonderful descriptive anecdotes that beautifully illustrate the points Anne makes More importantly, it is full of practical advice and actual solutions to the dilemmas that result from overthinking.I highly recommend this book to all overthinkers and poor decision makers Bringing joy to your life is always a good thing

Anne Bogel is an author, the creator of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, and host of What Should I Read Next podcast.Don t Overthink It Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life releases March 3, 2020.Her second book I d Rather Be Reading The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life explores the way our books shape, define, enchant, and even sometimes infuriate

[PDF] ✐ Dont Overthink It  ⚦ Anne Bogel –
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  • 224 pages
  • Dont Overthink It
  • Anne Bogel
  • English
  • 03 March 2018
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