A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound

A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a SoundIn John Irving S Ninth Novel A Widow For One Year, A Creepy Children S Book Author Named Ted Cole Writes A Bedtime Story About Things That Go Bump In The Night That Odd, Gently Comical Tale Is Brought To Life Here With Tatjana Hauptmann S Shadowy, Moonlit Pencil Illustrations Young Tom Wakes Up In The Middle Of The Night To An Unusual Sound, But His Two Year Old Brother Tim Does Not When His Fathers Asks What It Sounded Like, Tom Reveals A Number Of Silly And Scary Options Like A Monster With No Arms And No Legs, Or A Dog Trying To Open A Door, Or A Ghost Dropping Stolen Peanuts A Sound Like Someone Trying Not To Make A Sound, In Fact The Illustrations With A Smattering Of Wordless Spreads Show The Pajama Clad Tom Wandering Alone Through A Big Empty House As Bulges In The Wall And Long Shadows Hint At Unseen Horrors In The End, The Father Tells His Boys That The Sound Is Just A Mouse In The Wall Tom Is Immensely Relieved, But Baby Tim Screams Because He Doesn T Know What A Mouse Is, And Stays Up All Night To Ward Off The Furry, Mysterious Thing Not Too Scary, Nor Too Comforting, Irving S Picture Book Debut Imaginatively Captures That Late Night World Where Everything Looks And Sounds A Little Like A Monster Preschool To Age Karin Snelson

JOHN IRVING was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, in 1942 His first novel, Setting Free the Bears, was published in 1968, when he was twenty six He competed as a wrestler for twenty years, and coached wrestling until he was forty seven Mr Irving has been nominated for a National Book Award three times winning once, in 1980, for his novel The World According to Garp He received an O Henry Award

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  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound
  • John Irving
  • English
  • 05 November 2019
  • 9780747572930

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    This is one of my favorite childrens books I learned about it from watching the movie A Door In The Floor with Jeff Bridgesa must see

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    Children s books aren t John Irving s natural medium, as he admits in the Introduction to A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound A few of his adult novels are alternatively classified as young adult, but John Irving built his reputation by writing nouveau classic literature, his era s answer to the likes of William Golding, John Steinbeck, Jack London, and Jonathan Swift John Irving won major prizes ranging from the National Book Award to an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay for The Cider House Rules, proving himself one of the versatile writers of his day He displays that versatility anew in this, his first picture book, though A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound wasn t meant to stand on its own when John Irving composed it for inclusion in one of his adult works, A Widow for One Year The picture book was the brainchild of villainous character Ted Cole, a children s author with a predilection for the macabre, and it wasn t until a few years after the release of A Widow for One Year that Irving s German language publisher proposed the idea of turning Ted Cole s story idea into a book in real life A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound was thus born, and the great John Irving set foot in the unfamiliar realm of children s literature, a land I m convinced every author should visit at least once over the course of their career Tom awakens amid darkest night to a scratching, crawling sound behind his bedroom wall, but his two year old brother Tim remains asleep The ominous darkness of the immense house conceals any predatory beast that might be stalking him, but the sound from beyond the walls is Tom s first concern He can only imagine its horrible source as he tiptoes through the house to roust his father from bed Tom tells him about the sound and ventures a few guesses at its origin, ranging from a monster with no arms or legs, to a dress in his mother s closet come alive, wriggling off its hanger to terrorize Tom s family The boy s runaway imagination settles down only when his father accompanies him back to bed to listen and discern what could be causing the mysterious ruckus His father knows there s no monster living in the walls The night proves to be an illuminating one for Tim and Tom, who forms an awareness of monsters himself and finds that he s not too small to repel them even at age two A brave kid can stomp his foot and the hoo ha s will scatter After all, there s nothing bad in your bedroom walls for realis there We humans have a way of growing our fears no matter our age the only thing that changes is which monster we re afraid is hunting us We enlarge our pet anxieties until they seem to dwarf us, though in reality they re usually no taller than a mouse, and just as timid When we muster the courage to strike back at our fears, they scamper and run for home, and we wonder why we felt so afraid It s not easy to stand up to the boogeymen that plague us, but it s the only way to evict them from our walls for good If you re successful, you ll never have a peaceful night ruined by fear againat least, not until you develop another anxiety that feeds on imagination to grow unduly large But when that time comes, you can confront your fear the same way again The star power behind this book is almost all John Irving s, but Tatjana Hauptmann does most of the storytelling through her astonishing illustrations, some of the best I ve seen in a picture book The apparent unexplained movement of objects in the boys bedroom, the semi creepy objects themselves, and the dark, unexplored corners of the house conspire for a much hair raising tale than the text alone The occasional full page drawings are exquisite examples of high art in children s literature, worth the price of the book whether you care for John Irving s story or not I can see why Tatjana Hauptmann was lauded internationally for her illustrating work before joining forces with John Irving Fans of Irving s literature will appreciate A Sound Like Someone Trying Not to Make a Sound, and I enjoyed it, too It s not A Prayer for Owen Meany or The Cider House Rules, but I m glad I can say I ve read a John Irving book.

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    I received this book from yesterday and promptly read it to my 2 year old daughter who hears several books read aloud each night as part of her go to sleep for the night routine I m a big fan of John Irving and loved the idea that he had written a children s book, giving my daughter a chance to become one of his fans as well at quite the young age She typically makes it very clear which books are among her favorites Time will tell whether this one gets added to that list, but based on the first reading I suspect that Mr Irving and the very talented illustrator he worked with have passed her test I will refrain at least for the time being from giving it a star rating because I feel you can gauge the success of a book written in such a simple manner for such a young audience only by repeated readings It certainly earn points for not being the typical all ends on the happiest of notes children s book that I am accustomed to reading My wife commented as I read that the book might give our daughter nightmares I can t say if it did or not, but when asked how her sleep time went this morning her response was a novel and surprising interesting Coincidentally I happened to read this book directly after reading one called Scaredy Mouse that my wife bought the day before That book is especially charming and was an instant hit with our daughter I mention this only because it was interesting to read aloud two books in a row, one featuring a mouse that is terrified of a cat and everything it sees that it initially mistakes for the cat , the other featuring two little boys who are imaginitively frightened by an unseen mouse Due to the rodent role reversal in these tales I think I ll continue to read them back to back.

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    I like the story as an adult but I wouldn t want to read it to a child before bedtime I may not want to read it myself before bedtime When Tom, who has been awakened by a mysterious noise, tries to tell his father what the creature sounds like, they have the following conversation What does it sound like his father asked It sounded like a monster with no arms and no legs, but it was trying to move, Tom said How could it move with no arms and no legs his father asked It wriggles, Tom said It slides on its fur Oh,it has fur his father asked It pulls itself along with its teeth, Tom said It has teeth, too his father exclaimed I told you it s a monster Tom said The illustrations are effective in conveying that feeling that quiet middle of the night anything could be lurking feel Older kids who are less inclined to fretting about monsters under the bed and just about ready to start swapping ghost stories might like it.

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    Holy Shit Someone returned this book to the library today And it is written by John Irving, one of my old favorite fiction writers My favorite thing about his books were that a bunch of his characters were writers, and I like writers I am reflecting on the number of writers in my life There are a lot So the character in the story writes books for his kids, and one of them is A SOund Like Someone Tryig Not to Make a Sound I was so dark during those John Irving days It was around my darkest days So this title seemed brilliant And the luring sweet menacing title of this book stayed with me all this time, until today when a woman handed this book over, and I steamed oh my god, and she said, my kids didn t like this book.

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    I have been interested in this forever because of the book A Widow for One Year I finally found a library that carried the book The MC in the above linked book is a children s book writer This is one of his stories.I liked it for what it is A nod to the novel but as a children s book I don t think it would be a re read if I read it to my children when they were young.

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    Read this one because it was referenced in a different Irving novel Recall it being a little scary for kids.

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    3 stars for the story, 4 for the illustrations3.5 stars

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    I never intended to read this book to my children, but since I am a huge Irving fan my son stumbled on this one day and believed it to be a book from his own shelf I am a bit surprised at how adamant many readers are about it s appropriateness for children, given the amount of other junk our kids are inadvertently exposed to on a daily basis.I like its connection to Widow for One Year, and if you have not read that novel it seems like a an average picture book For whatever reason, possibly because my son is very analytical, he requests this book often at bedtime And we read it And discuss it Because we are building a lifetime love for reading..

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