Windblown When Maya Raymond Embarks On A Bold New Life In The Florida Keys, She Escapes Than Small Town New England She Leaves Behind Her Beloved Father, Charlie, Who Still Grieves For Maya S Long Dead Mother But She Carries With Her The Weight Of Her Own Failure To Reconcile Love And Loss As A Fishing Guide, She Spends Her Days Drifting With The Tides, Navigating The Mangroves Better Than Her Tangled Relationships Will She Ever Set Anchor, Or Will She Continue To Flee Safe Harbors For The Distant Horizon At The Edge Of The Sea

Fern F Musselwhite is a lawyer and writer, raised in Massachusetts and settled in Florida After practicing law for many years, Fern found Windblown to be a rewarding submersion in creative writing She loves the way a sentence or image can turn on a single word She hopes to bring of that focus to her readers with future novels Fern maintains a loving marriage by happily supporting her

➳ [Reading] ➶ Windblown  By Fern F. Musselwhite ➩ –
  • Paperback
  • 343 pages
  • Windblown
  • Fern F. Musselwhite
  • English
  • 08 June 2018
  • 9780999541937

10 thoughts on “Windblown

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    Wonderful book Intelligent, moving and well written.

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    Fern F Musselwhite has brought this story to life, you can smell the salt in the sea breeze from Islamorada, feel the tragedy in Boston Windblown will draw you in and make you ponder the choices you have made in your life are you following your dreams looking for happiness or just running from life It will also make you think, not only about the choices you have made, but also about the choice s others have made in their life How did their choice affect their life and your life Along with the reasons for the choice s they made This author brings all these thoughts to life, from life in a small town in Massachusetts to Islamorada, Florida, and on to tragedy in Boston involving Charlie Right or wrong, no one can answer definitively, we must each follow our hearts and learn to live with the consequences of our decisions One must realize that the hardest part of forgiveness is forgiving yourself as Charlie discovers And lastly, we must each find our own niche in our own time, as Maya discovered, in order to allow our dreams to blossom and find our own way A great read from a talented new author, I cannot wait to see what this author comes up with next

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    Windblown was a joy to read, richly descriptive with well drawn characters whose emotions were palpable The sensory details were very dominant, depicting landscape and color especially You could envision the settings for which the main character, Maya, would be feeling a range of rootedness or wanderlust The fishing details and boat mechanics add an additional layer of authenticity, bringing the setting sharply into focus Fern also uses description of aroma into the kitchen and family scenes, which adds warmth to the gathering of characters Windblown is anything but formulaic, with some surprises thrown in which added intrigue to the story Maya s resolution on her conflicts was well played out It was interesting to watch she and her father evolve as she grew up and continued the tradition of their storytelling tradition A very impressive debut novel from an author whose work is worth following.

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    3.5 Maya Raymond is getting ready to go to college and decides she needs to move away from home to find what is out there May s father is supportive but knows he will be lonely Mays s mother dies when she was very young and she longs to know ab out her mother and her parents early life together but her father is still grieving and has devoted his life to raising Maya Life is the FLorida Keys is very different but Maya settles in and loves being on a fishing boat and as well as going to school learns the trade of fishing boat excursions from some good people Maya still misses her father and they remain very close even though they are far apart M aya is still trying to find her purpose in life and it takes her to different levels in her life.

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    A great new novel with detailed descriptions of scenery that make you feel like you are there The story touches on one s purpose in life why can t Maya settle down, even though she seems happy at the present moment Is there out there, somewhere Is she making a difference The storytelling tradition is a great bonding experience between father and daughter All in all a good read with a concrete plot Looking forward to the next great read from this author

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    Lyrical writing makes this rather sweet tale of a young woman leaving home, growing through adventures, and finally finding happiness into a satisfying reading experience.

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    Really enjoyed this book Loved the descriptive details Good story with a few unexpected turns of events.

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