Sin & Spirit (Demigods of San Francisco, #4)

Sin & Spirit (Demigods of San Francisco, #4) Kieran Has Stepped Up To Take His Place As The Ruler Of Magical San Francisco As His Girlfriend, That Unfortunately Means I M Under The Magnifying Glass Everything I Do Is Noticed, From How I Act To How I Style My Hair Most Notably, Of Course, Is How Little I Know About My Magic The Hades Demigods Want Me On Their Team, And They Don T Plan To Ask Nicely Kieran And I Are Both Under Fire They Will Kill Him To Get To Me, And They Ll Take Me By Force If Necessary It Is Essential I Learn Of My Magic With No Other Options, I Do What Scares Me The Most I Summon The Last Spirit Walker To Help Train Me Except, He S A Loose Cannon With Looser Morals And Learning Spirit Is Treacherous I Might Evade The Demigods Only To Be Lost In Spirit Forever

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  • Sin & Spirit (Demigods of San Francisco, #4)
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  • 06 August 2019

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    To date, I think Alexis is my favorite heroine of Breene s, and she has some great female leads In this book, Breene doesn t shy from the internal emotional struggles Alexis experiences, and it s so refreshing She doesn t pretend everything is sunshine and rainbows She fully embraces her struggles and leads you to battle those emotions with her The characters are all established, so it allows her to delve into some of the secondary characters like Kieran s Six and her wards especially Daisy If anything, this book really makes me want a spin off on Daisy STAT She s really grown as a character, and I can t wait to see what she ll do in her own series I ll be honest I didn t think there would be much room left for surprise when it came to Alexis s powers, but I was happily mistaken Although the concept was confusing at times, I think her new abilities are intriguing This story is similar to Book 2 in the series where it s essentially buildup to another great battle This time for Alexis to face and fend off her biological father who s a powerhouse with mysterious powers of his own I loved the fact that Breene delved into the mythology of the Gods and their powers It was always my favorite subject in school I cannot lie This book was difficult to read because of some of the emotions Alexis battles, among some of the losses she experiences in some of the skirmishes with the other Demigods There are certainly some gut wrenching scenes in the book, but all I can say is keep going It s worth it in the end.

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    SIN AND SPIRIT In the beginning of book 4 Alexis and Kieran have survived taking down Valens, the Demigod who was Kierans father They have a loving, committed relationship and she s trying to navigate through the magical community to find her place in it.Alexis wasn t trained in her magic Her mother raised her in ignorance to keep her father, Magnus the Demigod from Hades, from knowing about her strong magical skills as a Spirit Walker Now she s trying to catch up on her own and prove she s an asset to her relationship with Kieran She s helped by Bria, a friend and necromancer, but she needs training from a true spirit walker She and Bria find one, he s helpful, but can he be trusted The events in this book make all the main characters grow and increase their individual skills and trust in each other, as each of the Six, as well as Daisy and Mordecai, faced danger and challenges Several other Demigods want to test Kieran s strengths and abilities Aaron and Magnus, both Demigods of Hades, want to get Alexis for themselves, as a Spirit Walker is prized, but ill treated by most Demigods This causes mayhem as our H and h have to prove their skills and Alexis has to learn new ones under pressure, something she s proven to excel in.The relationship between Kieran and Alexis is beautifully written He s everything you could hope for in a strong man, loving and supportive of her and caring towards both his Six and her wards Daisy and Mordecai I love this series, great characters, probably each of them is worth a book of their own.

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    What really makes this book stand out among some of Breene s other works, is how she tugs slowly on the readers heartstrings She twists a subtle balance of romance, action and sorrow throughout Sin Spirit Things are heating up in this series Alexis is learning about what she s capable of, while also trying to figure out where she best fits in It s always fun reading a new book in a series, with characters I feel like I already know so well I love seeing how much they develop form book to book This world and cast of characters is one I wish I could dive into to be a fly on the wall and watch the intricacies play out I have a sneaky suspicion that K.F Breene has a plot twist up her sleeve for book 5 in this series I can t wait to see what everything is building to

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    Nicely done My favorite book of the series hands down well maybe apart from the alpha stalking in the first book.Finally, it was great to read some growth in Lexi s character, way overdue and after this many books you d think she d be way ahead of the game and brimming with confidence Nah not yet, she still has someI m waiting to be saved tendencies But, this book had plenty of movement, some WTF just happened moments and did they just say that.My biggest peeves in the earlier books were that the supporting characters had too much air time and overshadowed Lexi and Keiren, thankfully not the case in this book and knowing who s the daddy to the daddy s was a great diversion.I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next installment.

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    Waiting for the 4th book in the Demigods of San Francisco series was way beyond worth it In Sin and Spirit Kieran and his six are back, as large as ever Alexis is still the right blend of snarky and sass, with a touch of vulnerability Daisy was already shaping up to be a badass and under Zorn s training she sure is showing us her potential Mordecai s alpha traits shone through the I read I laughed out loud and cried even harder Queen Breene, you managed to break my heart with this Never, ever expected for the turn of events Now I am not just curious but positively salivating for the number five in the series At this point, not even begging is beneath me.

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    I am so thrilled that this series ended up being longer than a trilogy Lexi and Keiran are back again and still totally kicking butt and taking names I really enjoyed getting to see Lexi learn about her powers and how to really start coming up to her full potential Lexi, Kerian, and the others have new big baddies to deal with now that Valens is gone and all the excitement and drama that comes with them These books have always made me laugh Lexi, Daisy, and Bria are hilarious but this one made me cry too You ve been warned I absolutely loved this latest installment As always, I cannot wait for the next one

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    Hold On To Your Hats, Shocks Are In Store A 3.5 Star Read Sin Spirit Demigod of San Francisco 4 We are happily back with Alexis, Kieran Co in the exciting Demigods World Mordecai Daisy are still training hard with the Six Kieran is trying to get his Territory under his control in a way he s happy with Alexis is doing her bit, quietly She still needs much training in her Spirit Walker magic though, Bria has taught her all she can so now they need her perfect teacher Will the other Hades Heirs Demigods come after her Will her Father hear about her guess she s his come to kill her Can Kieran cement his place with the rest of the Demigods I do so love this cast of characters The family that they ve all become is just heart warming, but some how still weird, snarky sometimes awkward Alexis Bria together, although complete opposites, just click work perfectly together in the storyline as well as being friends The teenage sibling angst is spot The relationship between Alexis Kieran continues to melt my heart For some reason I didn t fall in love with book 4 like I did with the others It was still good, definitely worth my money reading time, obviously, but it felt a bit distant somehow That might be my headspace not the book though But having said that there are some truly heart stopping heart hurting parts in this book that shook me to my core Book 5 Sin Lightening , is already pre ordered Debbie, 1970, UK

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    The darkness series started me reading this author and has always been my favourite But, THIS series has now topped it by far This series has everything you could ask for in a paranormal A kickass heroine, one hot Demigod, ghosts, shifters, necromancers along with everything else and plenty of laugh out loud moments.I can always count on this author to deliver a unique and engrossing storyline and I cannot wait for the next in the series 5 stars copy received from author in exchange for an honest review

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    Sin and Spirit picks up after Valens is defeated and gives a look into the lives of my favorite Demigod,his 6 friends, the fierce Lexi and her merry band of misfits I loved this story and I am so glad that it s continuing The plot is well thought and expertly developed The characters find ways to sink under your skin until you feel like you are fighting tooth and nail with them It s witty, action packed, steamy at times, and such a fantastically fun read The twists and turns were riveting and original I loved it

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    I love this world K.F.Breene never disappoints except when she won t continue your favorite characters And these are definitely some of my favorites Alexis is every struggling woman, her kids are normal teenagers and her friends are whack jobs Sound like your life It does Although Kieran is to die for 3 books won t be enough Enjoy running back into magical and non magical San Francisco.

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