Betrayals & Broken Promises (Masquerade of Myths, #1)

Betrayals & Broken Promises (Masquerade of Myths, #1) Never in my life have I so desperately needed a breath of fresh air and reader, I got it This book has FRESH comin out the wazoo Betrayals Broken Promises doesn t commit to one genre but dabbles in a few In a world of demons living side by side with humans in what they call Hell , there s a definite UF undertone to the book However, as the story progresses I started wondering if I should classify this as a romance, or even a coming of age story Because despite the fact that the MC is 200 something years old, she s doing a lot of growing in this series So, before I go off on that tangent, here s the setup of the book Dahlia is a chameleon demoness she can transform into any other species of demon at will However, she can t do so in public, because chameleons have hidden their existence from all other demons for millennia Problem 1 She has very close ties to her family and community, who are the only ones who know her true identity, but that means she has to put up with a nasty mother and a betrothal to a man she can t stand Problem 2 So what do you do when you have an evil mom, an engagement that s gonna take a lot of money to break, and a knack for secret identities You become a killer for hire You know, like any sane person would Problem 3 So Dahlia gets in some trouble due to her job and various other nefarious, demonic schemes and the plot sets off My favorite part of this book is the focus placed on familial relationships the good, the bad, the cyanide level toxic Dahlia struggles throughout the story with her need for affection and approval from a family that s been the central focus of her life for centuries, and with her need for independence and space from the mother that s only ever disappointed her Without this tether to Earth, if you will, Dahlia may come off as fickle, or distant, or hard to understand It s her complicated and down to Earth relationship with her family that really shapes her character and allows you to relate to an ancient, beautiful, half crazy demon High hopes for this series the amount of work, thought, and love the author put into the book jumps off every page, so I know good things are ahead. 3 stars because it had chameleon shifters thats it so this was a BR with the cake house i dunno what to think, honestly this is how i felt, the entire time reading this book The MC Dahlia is a chameleon shifter who is 232 years old but she acts like a 21 year old with no real life skills despite being a human assassin for 95 years or so The character is written like two authors were writing her who had no idea what the personality traits the other was writing about, she skipped between being an emotional wreck who was hopelessly dependent on her schizophrenic psycho mothers love and being this badd arse assassin killer who doesn t care about killing and does it for a living also the guys were ok 2D characters confusing the BIG SPOILER view spoiler wasnt a spoiler because luc was OBVIOUSLY LUCIFER DID NO ONE ELSE SEE THAT, JUST ME hide spoiler I was lucky enough to receive an ARC I m always a bit nervous to read something from a new author but WOW WOW WOW Takari Hunter comes out swinging with this amazing debut I could not put it down and I love that Dahlia is a strong badass character but there was still room for character development I liked that she wasn t perfect but was actually growing as a person And I love the twist at the end I usually see those coming but I was not expecting that This is an amazing debut I applause you Takari Because Being A Chameleon Demoness Already Made Things Tricky, But Did It Need To Be This Difficult All Dahlia Wanted Was Her Freedom, But First, She Needed To Buy Out Of Her Promised Bonding, A Promise That Was Made For Her Before She Was Even Born Almost A Century Of Trying Had Taken Its Toll, And She D Done Things She Wasn T Proud Of Lost Parts Of Herself Along The Way And Flirted With The Darkness Inside HerAnd It Flirted BackShe Told Herself It Would All Be Worth It In The End, But Before She Won That Battle, Everything In Her Life Systematically Blew Up In Her Face One Piece At A Time Blaming It All On The Beautiful, Egotistical Vampire Who Showed Up In Her Life Would Be Easy, But It Started Long Before He Arrived With His Help, She Might Succeed, But Dahlia Wasn T Sure She Could Trust An Outsider Not Even One Sent By Lucifer HimselfDahlia Was Standing On The Brink Of Having Everything She D Ever Dreamed Of, But She Also Risked Losing It AllWas Her Freedom Really Worth The Cost I won an ARC of this copy I just finished this book and I loved it This book was full of twists and turns In this book You never know what will happen in the next book It s about a girl who is from a extinct race chameleon and she have to fight for her voice She strong, sassy and know how to fight I love each and every page of this book and I can t wait to read the next book in the series. I was granted an E ARC for this lovely book in exchange for an honest review And I can honestly say, that I loved it To be honest, I wasn t so sure that I was going to like it because the beginning was a bit about telling than showing I almost felt like I was being talked at But, by the third chapter I was all in I ADORED Dahlia, the MC At first the insanity and voices thing kinda threw me off but the further along I read I completely understood what was going on and thought it was a very clever little twist The actual world building was a bit lacking, nothing was really said about it besides being in modern America and being Hell Although that was a bit frustrating, I didn t feel like it took away from the actual story.The characters though, that s what kept me reading I loved all of the characters so much I felt so connected to them I was invested in their stories and by the time the end came I was frustrated to have to let them go until the next installment Well, except a couple of them that I wanted to throat punch with iron spikes The plot was exciting and intriguing Lots of little twists and turns that I didn t expect, some that I did I m excited to see where it goes in the next book Overall, I give Betrayals and Broken Promises 4 stars So this is an amazing book It s also this authors DEBUT BOOK and let me tell you it was AWESOME I will continue to read everything she writes Dahlia is a Chameleon demon who we re supposed to be extinct Working as an assassin to save enough money to get her out of a bonding contract to a guy who is a real piece of work On top of that she discovers Ophelia her aunt is missing No spoilers here but definitely read this book you will not be disappointed I need book 2 This was a crazy adventure full of twists and shocking scenes, I loved every second What an amazing story This is one of the most original ideas I have read in a long time The book grabs you from the very beginning and doesn t want to let go I definitely have a book hangover after this one Bravo Well done


[BOOKS] ✯ Betrayals & Broken Promises (Masquerade of Myths, #1)  Author Takari Hunter –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Betrayals & Broken Promises (Masquerade of Myths, #1)
  • Takari Hunter
  • English
  • 28 June 2018

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