Chinese Fairy Tales and Fantasies

Chinese Fairy Tales and FantasiesThat was different Okay, d uh, it s a culture very different from my own, so of course it was different Some of the stories were quite gory Some were amusing A few I wondered why they were considered tales and were included I think I need to have of a grasp of both the history and the culture of China to fully appreciate these stories. A bit inaccurately named Many legends and anecdotes, generally with magic or ghosts or other uncanny business, quite a few without Many moral tales, many tales of Taoist masters, tales of fools or tricksters. This Fresh And Elegant Translation Of One Hundred Tales From Twenty Five Centuries Of Chinese Literature Opens Up A Magical World Far From Our Customary Haunts Illustrated With WoodcutsWith Black And White Drawings ThroughoutPart Of The Pantheon Fairy Tale And Folklore Library I have so many books at home I could read, but of course my friend asks me to go to the library with her and of course I had to say yes Why wouldn t I, I mean hello plenty of books I was in my usual section, the section where I found Lolita, and was browsing, not really searching for something except maybe a future read Yet I found three books I couldn t put down and ignore until a better time I had to take them This is one of the three books and I m proud of myself for taking it yes even if I don t need to go to the library because, yes I have that many books to read at home.On to the review of this book the 100 tales are not exactly the typical westernized read Walt Disney fairy tales and because I had no expectation except having fun reading cute and fun stories I was in no point disappointed I had never read full original fairy tales before, those that are not edited by Walt Disney or even retold fairy tales from talented authors I do have a book of original fairy tales monstrous actually but I still haven t found the time to read it Because of that, I have no basis of comparison to critic if these were better or not than my other reads on the same subject.For a first read on original fairy tales, I loved it I really really did Some of them were cute, some a little less so, yet always as good I don t believe women have as much as a place in those than in our stories, even if there was a full sections on women Most of them, if correctly remembered, were about men and with a secondary character that was female and sometimes the woman was absent from the story all together The tales were like lessons people should learn Like that section on greed, which was maybe my favorite of them all, maybe I m not quite sure because the book was full of great interesting stories. Questo uno dei pochi libri che sono riuscita a rubare a mia mamma Nel caso ve lo stiate chiedendo, mia mamma odia leggere In compenso, adora le fiabe, di qualsiasi tipo A me, invece, mi ci voluta un eternit per leggere questo libro.Le raccolte di racconti non fanno per me, ci vuole qualcosa che tiene unito tutte le storie Nel particolare non mi ha colpita nessuna storia e, sinceramente, avrei preferito passare diversamente il tempo che ci ho impiegato per leggerlo. I wasn t a giant fan of this book I m glad I read it, the stories were interesting but none of them really stood out connected with me I don t think it s a book I m likely to re read anytime soon but I m glad that I read it. According to the book, Chinese Fairytales and Fantasies include a number of tales that have never before been translated into English It also points out that most of the tales are now scattered throughout books which are out of print or nearly impossible to obtain Some of the tales date back to 3rd 4th century b.c.The book is divided into sections by topic First, Tales of Enchantment and Magic This section is where you ll find stories of people turning into animals mostly tigers and fish , stories of dragons, mortals and gods and even battling crickets.The second section, Tales of Folly and Greed is self explanatory where most of the tales revolve around people s loss of memory, foolish escapades, and people generally being taken advantage of This part of the book definitely had a let this be a lesson to you vibe.Section three, titled, The Animal Kingdom included tales about mice, of men changing into tigers, a giant using a person as tiger bait, a faithful dog, and even a tale titled Educated Frogs and Martial Ants.Next was the section Women and Wives and following that was Ghosts and Souls where we read about former lives, crossing over to the spirit world, humans misleading ghosts, and reincarnation The final section, Judges and Diplomats with tales of clever judges and political strategy.Overall, an interesting volume, and like all fairytales, there are some gruesome parts but also wisdom and humor I mean, I had no idea ghosts biggest fear was human saliva The mistress questioned the maid long and brutally until the girl, having admitted nothing, finally died of her injuries. p 150 The soldier drew his sword, flourished it, and in a flash cut the prisoner s head off It rolled several feet and was still turning when it exclaimed admiringly, Some sharp swordp 195 As compared to other folktale compilations, the Chinese focus is slightly different The european folktales delve deep into the human psyche, the chinese delve deep into morals and social commentary Many of these stories have to say about the corruption of their overlords than how to self actualize, although there are of course a few stories that focus on this I quite enjoyed the read, especially coupled with readings of chinese history, the analacts and the tao te ching. The Missing AxeA man whose axe was missing suspected his neighbor s son This boy walked like a thief, looked like a thief, and spoke like a thief But the man found his axe while he was digging in the valley, and the next time he saw his neighbor s son, the boy walked, looked, and spoke like any child.Lieh Tzuhmmm..Our perception of people comes from our past experiences and encounters This is our cultural lens Only by knowing what has influenced us can we begin to change our perception Perception is one of the most difficult things to change about ourselves This book is full of countless gems that will make you think a long long time A few of them were Pu Songling stories that I had read before, others were excerpts from Liezi, Zhuangzi, the longest was a chapter from The Scholars , the rest were by authors I hadn t read before Overall, they were a lot of fun, filial piety, animal transformations, immortals, ghosts, all the good stuff.

MOSS ROBERTS Came to NYU as Assistant Professor of Chinese in the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literature now Near Eastern Studies after serving for two years as assistant professor in the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida Professor Roberts has translated the classic novel Three Kingdoms, published by University of California Press in both

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