Lost Helix

Lost Helix Lost Helix is an engaging light scifi story set in an interesting world with a healthy serving of grit It s not the sanitized idealistic world of a better future where we humans have supposedly evolved Nope, this has corporate greed, space pirates, intrigue, adventure, and plenty of conflict I enjoyed the rocky relationship between father and son and I liked that I got to see both point of views Paul, the sidekick of the story and best friend of the main character, DJ, stole the show for me He was super interesting, energetic, and streetwise His optimism was charming DJ, however, struggled with the circumstances around him I wanted him to adjust faster There were a lot of characters but they were all interesting in their own way and they all had their own agendas, which I loved Because the story was written in multiple point of views, I liked being in the know while watching the characters struggle through It could be tightened, but it was a fun romp A great light space opera. Very enjoyable I liked the music angle and the pacing was perfect So many characters to root for and the author wrapped it up great. Lost Helix Is The Key Stuck On An Asteroid Mining Facility, DJ Dreams Of Writing Music His Dad Is A Corporate Hacker And His Best Friend Paul Intends To Escape To Become A Settler In A Planet Wide Land Rush, But Neither Interests DJWhen His Dad Goes Missing, DJ Finds A File Containing Evidence Of A Secret War Of Industrial Sabotage, A File Encrypted By His Dad Using DJ S Song Lost Helix Caught In A Crossfire Of Lies, DJ Must Find His Father And The Mother He Never KnewWhen The Mining Company Sends Agent Coreman After DJ And His Guitar, DJ And Paul Escape The Facility And Make A Run For Civilization Will DJ Discover The Truth Before Coreman Catches Him


❁ [EPUB] ✹ Lost Helix  By Scott Coon ➚ – Uc0.info
  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • Lost Helix
  • Scott Coon
  • English
  • 14 December 2019

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