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The CatalystHave you ever wanted to change someone s mind Of course you have The premise for The Catalyst is that pressure or pushing people often doesn t get them to do what you want But utilizing catalysts, or change agents, can reduce barriers to help change minds in the toughest situations, and identifies those key barriers and how to mitigate them This has an intriguing concept, clear writing, and a straightforward structure It lays out five barriers to change, and each is the subject of its own chapter where it is discussed at length, along with anecdotes and case studies But the applicable points are scattered in a way that suggests the intended audience is entirely too broad In fact, the introduction states that this book is designed for anyone who wants to change minds Unfortunately, it is not quite long or specific enough to carry out out this intention Instead, some tactics shown work better on an individual level while others make much sense for business Focusing on a particular audience would have, I believe, made this much stronger My other issue with The Catalyst is that it draws conclusions in the anecdotes and case studies that may not be entirely true As the saying goes, hindsight is 20 20 While his theories may be possible, in some cases it is hard to know for certain what actually changed people s minds That all said, I both enjoyed reading The Catalyst and learned a couple things along the way I wouldn t suggest reading this to learn how to persuade absolutely anyone to do anything but if the subject matter interests you, it s worth a quick read Thanks to the publisher for providing an arc of this edition via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Really interested dive into what prevents people from adopting new ideas, and how to nudge them along Hint it s not spewing facts at them Definitely want to revisit these ideas and work on applying them in my negotiations. I liked the psychological tips for better communication I didn t love the business marketing speak, although most people who read this will dig that side, I suspect It gave me a few things to ponder Thanks to goodreads for the free copy. Have you ever come across any content on The Art of Persuasion Now, this book right here is 194 pages of intrigues and exploration of the things that bar people from changing I love how the author explores these barriers to change while focusing on the people, so much so that it s not about the one who wants to change another, but about getting the other to be open towards changing themselves I love this.The author at some point shares that People are willing to consider different perspectives up to a certain point, but beyond that things get ignored This little nugget of wisdom resonated with me because I work with communities in rural Kenya getting them to collaborate to identify, implement and sustain infrastructure projects and what s key in my role is persuading these communities, getting them to maintain that interest from the first time we meet to when we commission a project So, simply put, I am inspired to apply the insights gained in reading this book to my work.Thank you Netgalley for the eARC.PS I love the cover as well. This is a quick read and provides a good overview of ways to overcome resistance, but the examples and case studies seem very oversimplified. This book is well written and easy to understand The examples provided were practical and backed by good research There was nothing super surprising to me, pretty much human nature Some spots were repetitive but overall enjoyed the read.I would like to thank NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review. From The Author Of New York Times Bestsellers Contagious And Invisible Influence Comes A Revolutionary Approach To Changing Anyone S MindEveryone Has Something They Want To Change Marketers Want To Change Their Customers Minds And Leaders Want To Change Organizations Start Ups Want To Change Industries And Nonprofits Want To Change The World But Change Is Hard Often, We Persuade And Pressure And Push, But Nothing Moves Could There Be A Better Way This Book Takes A Different Approach Successful Change Agents Know It S Not About Pushing Harder, Or Providing Information, It S About Being A Catalyst Catalysts Remove Roadblocks And Reduce The Barriers To Change Instead Of Asking, How Could I Change Someone S Mind They Ask A Different Question Why Haven T They Changed Already What S Stopping Them The Catalyst Identifies The Key Barriers To Change And How To Mitigate Them You Ll Learn How Catalysts Change Minds In The Toughest Of Situations How Hostage Negotiators Get People To Come Out With Their Hands Up And How Marketers Get New Products To Catch On, How Leaders Transform Organizational Culture And How Activists Ignite Social Movements, How Substance Abuse Counselors Get Addicts To Realize They Have A Problem, And How Political Canvassers Change Deeply Rooted Political BeliefsThis Book Is Designed For Anyone Who Wants To Catalyze Change It Provides A Powerful Way Of Thinking And A Range Of Techniques That Can Lead To Extraordinary Results Whether You Re Trying To Change One Person, Transform An Organization, Or Shift The Way An Entire Industry Does Business, This Book Will Teach You How To Become A Catalyst to be reviewed in the March April issue of Global Business and Organizational Excellence. If you have a job where you need agreement If you are tired of arguing with relatives over the same things If you just want to know how to sway people without pushing Read this book It has completely changed the way I m going to deal with people Jonah Berger gives you tools to use to get people to say yes He also explains why people tend to say no to new things It provides solid tools and techniques to bridge gaps without making people angry He gives you a road map to overcome even the most solid objections Even if I never use any of the tools consciously, I now understand why people feel the way they do That is immensely helpful, especially when I teach This book doesn t have to be used for politics, sales, or marketing It can be used in every day life To get your teenager to clean his room or a toddler to eat her vegetables I will be recommending this book to everyone There is something useful in it for everyone Mr Berger s writing style is conversational and he makes the data he uses to back his points easy to understand with anecdotes about each topic I won this book from Goodreads and received no compensation in exchange for this review The opinions expressed herein are mine and mine alone. This book has a straight forward answer on how to change anyone s mind The concepts are really well explained and enough examples are provided to strengthen the ideas I also like that the book is written in an easy to understand manner It is not too informal but also not too academic It is just right.I also appreciate that the concepts are well researched Readers can see the citation of other materials on which this book is based.More importantly this book is timeless.

Jonah Berger is a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and bestselling author of Contagious Why Things Catch On and Invisible Influence The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior.Dr Berger has spent over 15 years studying how social influence works and how it drives products and ideas to catch on Hes published dozens of articles in top tier academic journals,

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  • The Catalyst
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  • 10 March 2018
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