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Find Your Path I Want To Be Healthy And Fit Weeks Of The Year, But That Doesn T Mean I Have To Be Perfect Every Day This Philosophy Is A Year Round Common Sense Approach To Health And Fitness That Involves Doing Your Best Most Of The Time And By That I Don T Mean Being Naughty For Three Days And Good For Four I Mean Doing Your Absolute Best Most Of The Time During Every Week, Weeks Of The Year Carrie UnderwoodCarrie Underwood Believes That Fitness Is A Lifelong Journey She Wasn T Born With The Toned Arms And Strong Legs That Fans Know Her For Like All Of Us, She Has To Work Hard Every Day To Look The Way That She Does In FIND YOUR PATH She Shares Her Secrets With Readers, With The Ultimate Goal Of Being The Strongest Version Of Themselves, And Looking As Good As They Feel Carrie S Book Will Share Secrets For Fitting Diet And Exercise Into A Packed Routine She S Not Only A Multi Platinum Singer, She S A Businesswoman And Busy Mom With Two Young Children Based On Her Own Active Lifestyle, Diet, And Workouts, FIND YOUR PATH Is Packed With Meal Plans, Recipes, Weekly Workout Programs, And Guidelines For Keeping A Weekly Food And Workout Journal It Also Introduces Readers To Carrie S Signature Fit Workout, Which Involves A Deck Of Cards And Exercises That Can Be Done At Home And It Sets Her Fans On A Path To Sustainable Health And Fitness For Life Fit Begins With Embracing The Pleasure Principle In Eating, Making Healthy Swaps In Your Favorite Recipes, And Embracing A Long View Approach To Health So That A Cheat A Day Won T Derail YouThroughout The Book, Carrie Shares Her Personal Journey Towards Optimal Health, From Her Passion For Sports As A Kid, To The Pressure To Look Perfect And Fit The Mold As She Launched Her Career After Winning American Idol, To Eventually Discovering The Importance Of Balance And The Meaning Of True Health For Carrie, Being Fit Isn T About Crash Diets Or A Workout Routine That You Re Going To Dread It S About Healthy Choices And Simple Meals That You Can Put Together From The Ingredients In Your Local Grocery Store, And Making The Time, Every Day, To Move, To Love Your Body, And To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Carrie Underwood is an American country pop singer and songwriter She rose to fame as the winner of the fourth season of American Idol, she has since become a multi platinum selling recording artist, a multiple Grammy Award winner, and the Academy of Country Music s Entertainer of The Year.In addition to being a singer, Underwood is also a skilled guitar and piano player, and has accompanied

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    Dear Carrie and anyone thinking about reading Find Your Path, As a Christian, wife, mother, author, teacher, and runner, I want to say THANK YOU to Carrie Underwood for this phenomenal book Yes, it arrived yesterday and I read every bit of it before bedtime That says a lot with my hectic schedule.Carrie does an amazing job of keeping it real, not making excuses, focusing on what you enjoy and moving forward I love the Fit52 philosophy and truth be told, I ve been on the struggle bus since my last half marathon in November I just wasn t feeling the same ole morning routine get up before work at 4 30, run to the dang fire station uptown and head home to start the day Those 5 miles were turning into something else on my list and were dreadful even if I LOVE the girls I run with So, I did what I needed to do I took a break, enjoyed sleeping until 6 30 when I d frantically jump out of bed, hurry Carlee to get ready and fly out the door Guess what y all That s not working either Not to mention, I m dreaming all the time and can tell you all about them Did y all know that angelica root is a evade vampires For real That s what my brain is doing at night.This book isn t a fix all, but it is one to show that even with a hectic everyday mama life you can move , make better choices, and feel like you aren t alone For me, this has been my struggle since I sub 2 my first half marathon, ran a full a year later and didn t BQ as expected, and within a month was diagnosed with Mold Toxicity due to my classroom environment which left me barely able to run a mile But y all know I don t give up easily, and I pushed to run the half this past November and shocked a few folks that I survived those 13.1 It wasn t easy and it was the hardest race I ve ran in my life because I m still on the mend I had Find Your Path and another health book, Run to the Finish, both arrived together yesterday Knowing that Carrie is strong in her faith, one of my favorite country music stars, and puts her family first, I dove in It filled my cup in than one way, and the funniest part is that during my struggles, I wrote a book that my agent, Stephanie, has been shopping This book focused on allergy friendly foods, the rat race to keep up with social media, always being perfect, getting tired of the same ole crap day in and out, but it also shows what happens when you get outside and notice the little moments in life It really made me think about what Carrie talks about in Find Your Path Get outside, enjoy the moments you have to move, be present with who matters most, and it hit home Now, the funny part of this is In this novel, the main character has to run in Nashville and who ends up running beside her in this race You guessed it, Carrie I couldn t help but get tickled I tell you this not to push my books but if Harper Collins wants to reach out I m game LOL, but to show that she s as true and genuine as I believed and imagined Carrie Underwood is a strong role model in my house My daughter, Carlee, adores her and this mama does too I won t ever forget Carlee s face when she received tickets for her birthday to travel to Nashville to see her perform for the second time She saw her previously in Charlotte, NC when she was 4 It s by far been one of the most memorable concerts for our family and we re some country music concert fools LOLCarrie, thank you for pouring your heart out with your struggles that we all face because in this world, we need to know we aren t alone Your kindness and faith shine through in everything you do I admire your ability to keep your family life private and be the best mother and wife you can for your family You truly are an inspiration to this mama who at one point thought she had to do all the things, but has realized life is enjoyable when you fill your cup, spend some time with God, get outside, and spend the little moments with the ones that matter most With Love and Mason Jars,Casey

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    This book wasn t anything earth shattering, but I loved it just the same and read it in less than 24 hours I m a big fan of Carrie s, so I loved this inside peek at part of her life It was organized well and covered all aspects of fitness it would be an amazing resource for beginners to this lifestyle It also has helpful journaling prompts and she so cleverly named the chapters of this book after her songs While she has a slightly obsessive take on fitness, and I have eased up since previously living that way which is right for my body , she still had some great reminders, especially as I m going through wedding body prep

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    Carrie Underwood is health fitness GOALS I loved all of her tips tricks for working out and eating healthy Highly recommend this one to anyone wanting to start working out or someone who is already doing it consistently We all have room for improvement and Carrie sheds light on this in a real life down to earth way that is so Carrie Underwood I also can t wait to try some of her recipes and buy her cute workout clothes

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    I loved hearing Carrie narrate her own book This book was easy to listen to, but not really new to me information I think this would be better enjoyed by someone who is just getting into fitness or looking to eat healthy.

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    Refreshing, simple classy Loved it

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    I ll be honest, I wasn t really sure what her book was about when I got it I purchased it because she had some signed First Editions available and my daughter loves her and that was her first concert I thought she would enjoy having the book with her autograph Note She s Ten so I guess I ll put it away for her until she s a little older HaI actually really enjoyed her book I love that she doesn t stress her Vegan lifestyle but tells you why she made this choice for herself and encourages you to do what fits your lifestyle I also love that she makes it clear that her husband does eat meat While I m not opposed to eating this way I currently don t I think it s nice to see both sides of it Also, I love that she has her workouts included I enjoyed her recipes and that she gave you ways to make it with meat as her husband does I ll admit that the one thing I cannot stand to do is track my food It s just so much work It s notI m being lazy I like her idea of journaling and incorporating your daily events or thoughts along with your food journal etc Less stuff to carry around is always a plus My favorite part was that she basically just encouraged you to move your body It wasn t about hours in the gym She just says move any way you can even if you are stepping outside to take a short walk I think we oftentimes think that working out or being active requires time in the gym and that s just not the case Sometimes it s nice to read little ideas of things you can do to get a few extra steps each day Her book really made me stop and think about ways to fit those extra steps in even during my busy day or my hours working at my desk It was a fun read and I d recommend it to anyone.

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    This book is not a great literary work but she offers small bits of biographical information Unfortunately the layout of the book allows for a lot of repetitiveness which was irritating She could have been much concise while still being inspirational With all that being said, I love her philosophy and that was the real redeeming quality to the poor execution She encourages you to try your best and on the days you fall short to just push yourself to do better the next day The Fit52 workout plan does seem simple, fun, and adaptable and I can t wait to build my own variation to try While I m not a vegetarian I did enjoy her recipes and I agree on allowing yourself indulgences especially if you can swap ingredients to make them healthier Overall, 5 5 stars for philosophy, recipes, work out plan,etc But 3 5 or lower for layout, execution, and redundancy But it was a quick read 1 day but I feel like depending on your flexibility it would be necessary to own it to reference the work out plans.

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    I absolutely adore Carrie Underwood I feel like she is one of those people who has stayed true to who she is She is an amazing singer, entrepreneur, mother and is strong in her faith I love her dedication to being strong and healthy, and heck.who doesn t want her legs I think that this book came at the perfect time that I needed to hear a few of the things that she said After doing Keto for over two months, I had been looking for ways to come off and try to figure out what I wanted to do I know the statistics of restrictive diets and that the extremes aren t really sustainable Carrie shares some of her earlier diets and failures and the way that she eats and works out now I think if Carrie Underwood can eat carbs, so can I I love her approach that there are birthdays, holidays, social events that you want to attend and enjoy and you shouldbut that you should also be healthy most of the time and make the best decisions you can That you need to be healthy 52 weeks of the year, but don t have to be perfect every day.

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    I m not a fan of this book at all I was always a fan of Carrie, watched her since her Idol days, so I was excited to read this Turns out I was let down by the book I really enjoyed learning about her childhood and things like thatbut I didn t learn anything new in relation to health and fitness This would likely make a great book for beginners though Per my own opinion I hate how she calorie counts, I hate how she talks about not being able to workout later if the day because a whole days worth of food is in her system, and I don t agree with a lot of her philosophies on health There was a lot that she referenced or talked about that gave me a huge look I d save your time

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    There is a lot of great health and fitness tips, plus great recipes What I especially enjoyed is Carrie didn t come across as an expert but just a woman who has learned what works for her and her advice for those wanting to get fit and healthy I appreciate Carrie s common sense and down to earth approach I have always respected her career because she doesn t come across as your typical celebrity This book has much of that same respectable mannerism Great resource book to getting healthy and fit

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