The Pilot's Wife

The Pilot's Wife A Pilot S Wife Is Taught To Be Prepared For The Late Night Knock At The Door But When Kathryn Lyons Receives Word That A Plane Flown By Her Husband, Jack, Has Exploded Near The Coast Of Ireland, She Confronts The Unfathomable One Startling Revelation At A Time Soon Drawn Into A Maelstrom Of Publicity Fueled By Rumors That Jack Led A Secret Life, Kathryn Sets Out To Learn Who Her Husband Really Was, Whatever That Knowledge Might Cost Her Search Propels This Taut, Impassioned Novel As It Movingly Explores The Question, How Well Can We Ever Really Know Another Person

Anita Shreve was an American writer, chiefly known for her novels Shreve s novels have sold millions of copies worldwide She attended Tufts University and began writing while working as a high school teacher One of her first published stories, Past the Island, Drifting, published in 1975 was awarded an O Henry Prize in 1976 Among other jobs, Shreve spent three years working as a journalist

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Pilot's Wife
  • Anita Shreve
  • English
  • 12 October 2017
  • 9780316601955

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    The Pilot s Wife by Anita Shreve is a 1999 Bay Back Books publication I read this book a long time ago, before I become a member of Goodreads and well before I started writing book reviews But, when I heard of Anita Shreve s passing, this book came back to the forefront of my mind, as I recalled bits and pieces of it quite vividly Although I have so many books to review, with deadlines, no less, I couldn t resist giving this book a second look This novel, when it was first released, benefited greatly from the press that resulted from Oprah Winfrey s having selected it for her book club However, initially, I wasn t sure if it was my kind of book and didn t immediately rush out and buy a copy at the peak of its popularity But, eventually, my curiosity got the best of me I never could have imagined the impact this book would have on me, or the way it would guide my reading habits from that time forward Briefly, for those who may not have read the book or just a quick refresher for those who have Kathryn s husband, Jack, is a pilot, and together they have a teenage daughter Life is pretty good, and Kathryn has learned to accept the ebbs and flows within her marriage But, when she gets the news a plane Jack was piloting exploded in midair, everything she thought she knew about her daughter, her husband and even herself is thrown into question Was it a mechanical malfunction, or pilot error or something far sinister Jack s occupation explains his absences from home, but it is an adjustment his family has had to learn to live with His job also comes in handy when it comes to sustaining secrets and hiding things from his wife and daughter Many may question how na ve Kathryn was, but I didn t feel as though she buried her head in the sand Of course, as the story unfolds, episodes from the past all click into place and Kathryn realizes she was na ve, perhaps complacent, was too trusting, too confident in her life, but didn t she have the right to be Or should she have remained in a state of hyper awareness at all times Is is wrong to enjoy contentment Even now, with the passage of time, the emotions the book stirred in me the first time around, resurfaced once again, as strong as before, maybe even so, even knowing everything that was going to happen in advance The story still held my rapt attention and sucked me into Kathryn s mind numbing vortex as she stumbles across one shocking betrayal after another The suspense is still nearly unbearable at times, the characterizations firm, if not always likeable, and the tantalizing and teasing pacing, is genius The story does seem dated a little, at this point, and as a jaded reader, I may have figured things out a lot quicker if I d been reading it for the first time, but it is still a powerful heart wrenching novel of suspense and riveting family drama I have read several other books written by Shreve over the years, but so far, although very well written, they didn t quite manage to have the same effect on me as this one did.4.5 stars rounded up

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    Another bomb from Shreve Her husband had a secret lifeblah blah blah She can t confront her grief and betrayal over finding this out, because he is dead Then the usual fairy tale ending for books of this genrewhile Kathryn is grief stricken, unkempt and unshowered and at her blubbery worst, a gorgeous guy is right there to fall madly in love with her Yes, this happens all the time

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    BLURB A pilot s wife is taught to be prepared for the late night knock at the door But when Kathryn Lyons receives word that a plane flown by her husband, Jack, has exploded near the coast of Ireland, she confronts the unfathomable one startling revelation at a time Soon drawn into a maelstrom of publicity fueled by rumors that Jack led a secret life, Kathryn sets out to learn who her husband really was, whatever that knowledge might cost Her search propels this taut, impassioned novel as it movingly explores the question, How well can we ever really know another person I watched the movie many years ago and still remember it The movie was action driven in a way, and less emotionally orientated than the book, although the ambiance of the book was perfectly captured Kathryn Lyons mourned the idyllic life she has lost after learning about her husband s deceit In the end she did not mourn her husband Jack, but the good life he had cheated them out of They had a daughter together, who had to learn the truth about her father in the end and make peace with his good memories, as well as the legacy he left behind Being a teenager, Maddy had to navigate the start of an adult life with a mother gone to Ireland, searching for Jack s alleged connection to the IRA and the smuggling of explosives between Boston and Ireland She discovered much than that.I was in a mood for a placid, gentle read after a few high voltage murder mysteries and literature This was the perfect choice Although the author s books lean heavily on the emotional turbulence it ignites in the reader, the stories are always a moral showground with many questions left for the readers to find answers to The longer one lingers on the issues, the intricate the answers become Jack was a good man Loving Hardworking He could have been anyone of us But then he was not Nothing in life is cut and paste or black or white Between Kathryn s and Jack s version of the events, the facts had to be found, but it was not as easy as it sounded and Jack was dead The book is beautiful It is enhanced by the movie.https watch v oLx1FI ve been wanting to read this book for so long I m so happy it finally happened It was an Anita Shreve experience and I loved it.

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    This is one of those books you pick up in Costco when the line is really long and you need something to kill time, but then it accidentally gets rung up so you go ahead and read it The back cover described it as oddly gripping , and the premise looked intriguing enough for me to actually buy the book on purpose a wife delves into what really caused her husband s plane to crash, only to find outhe was leading a double life In England How could a book about loss, betrayal, and really big secrets fail to entertain Unfortunately, none of the characters was even marginally appealing, and overall the story was just bleak and boring There was even a contrived love story that, weirdly, made the story even grimmer.

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    I m afraid I didn t feel any love for this It dragged to begin with and virtually nothing happened for the first hundred pages That wouldn t have bothered me had the writing been inspired or the characters compelling Unfortunately, for me, neither was the case Katheryn, the wife who s told her husband, the pilot, has died in an air crash, didn t provide any of those exciting identification moments when you see something of yourself or a good friend eloquently arrested and made lucid The story does eventually become engaging but it s always slow with lots of off the point dialogue and description, and I felt the author missed lots of opportunities to delve deeply and interestingly into the theme of how well do we know the person we are married to Katheryn always seemed of a device than a living character I didn t get any exciting insights into married life or grief For me it was neither literary nor commercial fiction but struggled half way between the two I m a bit mystified why this novel is so popular.

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    This could be a quick read but is sometimes painful I would have to put it down until I could read and savor a passage or two at a better time I often read during lunch break at work some books simply aren t meant to be read in an office setting this is one of them Kathryn, the pilot s wife, is so well written you not only feel what she feels, you eventually know what she will feel before it is written for you No doubt this is because I could be the pilot s wife I could live her life I have lived her life I have had her experiences and doubts I have had her trust and faith that life is as it is and then it isn t I have not gone through the pain of death and then life collapses but I have had life collapse in on itself and this story rings true Shreve writes Where was Kathryn to put these memories now She was, she thought , like a woman after a divorce looking at a wedding dress Could the dress no longer be cherished if the marriage itself had disintegrated My dress is now 30 years old and the marriage has been over for 17 the dress and the memories are carefully wrapped sit in a closet the dress never comes out but occasionally the memories do So my only complaint is the ending of the story it ends too quickly and too neatly Kathryn the reader deserve .

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    This was an airport argh, I need something to read on a 4 hour flight impulse buy Since everything at the airport shop seemed to be on Oprah s list, there was no avoiding it I don t know what is annoying about this book, the supposed idylic settinig of New England, or the preposterous misunderstanding of the IRA The whole thing is implausible, unless the protaginist is a major idiot Oh, maybe that is not that big of an assumption.

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    Shreve did a good job capturing the main character s grief and confusion, but the book just didn t hold my interest It was kind of boring in the first two thirds, and then when the main character travelled to England and discovered the twists, it just seemed kind of silly I was also annoyed by the main character falling in love with the union rep I get that people bond under intense circumstances, but I hate that falling in love seems to be the go to literary reaction There are other ways for people to bond, and for people to respond to trying times This wasn t quite as annoying as Bel Canto, because at least it was only one couple and not everyone falling in love, but I still find that convention irritating I should have read this on my day off I found myself kind of embarrassed to be reading a book about a pilot s wife at the airport It felt too cliche, like I was fantasizing about being a pilot s wife or something But it was kind of interesting to read something with characters dealing with the crazy aviation schedule If only it hadn t been so damn melodramatic.I left the book in the United operations room in Richmond, so maybe someone else will find it who ll like it better.

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    3.5A well written novel that kept me interested until the last page I really enjoyed the way it unfolded and the way things were revealed This is the second book by this author I have read and so far I have found them to be a pleasant experience, especially when I m wanting a lighter read.

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    I actually read this book quite a few years ago but have been trying to update my read books I have read a few books by Anita Shreve and for the most part I enjoy her writing and her stories.She did a good job of showing Kathryn s grief and confusion making the reader feel as though this is something that they could be going through themselves However, at times the plot seemed somewhat confusing and undeveloped Some confusion and questions that didn t seem as though there were fully answered All in all is was a decent book and I will likely check out of Shreve s books.

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