Hollow The perfect creepy mystery to read in one rainy day under your bed covers.After an accident in which Morgan lost her brother, she has been trying to move on but things will never be back to normal One day she finds herself inside an abandoned hospital where she finds a mysterious camera There are many creepy and disturbing stories told about this hospital and what really happened there before it was shut down.Morgan takes the camera home and it is not until she starts taking pictures of people that she realizes, the camera will not only take your photo, but also your soul. I love a good horror read that s builds suspense as the story evolves This is one of those stories Plus Brilliantly written, this story increases the tension and the horror chapter by chapter, never allowing the reader one iota of the finale And what a finale Five stars for a chilling read. A Car Accident Shattered Sixteen Year Old Morgan S Family Now Her Brother S Dead, Her Mom S Paralyzed In Ways Than One, Her Dad Lives At Work And Her Seven Year Old Sister Amy Tries Too Freaking Hard To Salvage Everything What S , High School Is Its Own Special Kind Of Hell, Where Her Ex Boyfriend Delights In Spreading Rumors That Shred Her Reputation And Make Her Feel Like A LoserWhen She Finds An Old Camera In A Creepy Abandoned Hospital, It Seems Like Her Luck Is Finally Changing And It Is Changing From Bad To Worse Because Of Course It Is Each Time Morgan Photographs One Of Her Classmates They Become Corrupted Versions Of Themselves It S Like The Camera Steals Their Goodness, Their Essence, And Leaves Them HollowThen Her Sister Uses The Camera To Take A Selfie No Matter What The Cost, Morgan Will Find A Way To Reverse The Effects Of The Cursed Camera And Save Amy, Before Her Already Fractured Family Completely Self Destructs I picked this book, in the horror category, based on its cover and the description I failed to notice it was a YA novel I also failed to notice it while I was reading it It s something I only noticed when I started writing this review Hollow being a YA novel explains why it s devoid of violence or, at least, of gore It explains why it is psychological horror which, as we all know, is the best kind of horror there is Morgan is a teenager attending high school She doesn t have it easy Her family is in tatters, following a car accident that cost them her brother s life and her mother s legs Life at school isn t better, as her ex boyfriend and his clique makes it their mission to bully her, and spread nasty rumors about her For a teenager, high school life can already be psychological horror The book is written in the first person, in a very believable manner Thoughts and feelings are racing through Morgan s mind as they re bound to do in a teenager This makes for a fast paced reading and I was so invested that, having read a quarter of the book, I had already forgotten it was supposed to be an horror novel That is, until Morgan enters a Silent Hill esque abandoned and presumably haunted hospital, all the way to its former psych ward, in which she founds an antique camera antique for a YA, not for me a Polaro d from the 80s This camera has the power to suck all good out from people She unknowingly uses it on some classmates, and her sister takes a selfie with it, thus making an already hard situation effectively turn into a nightmare Hollow should, unfortunately, resonate with a lot of young and less young adults high school isn t always an easy place, and Morgan has to process a lot of angst and guilt The cursed camera serves as a device bringing her face to face with herself, and we re left to witness if she will overcome her problems ,or drown in them This book is character study than horror, as it should, and a well crafted one too Would be a shame to restrict its reading to the YA crowd, so indulge yourself however old you are Thanks to Tyche Books Ltd and Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for this unbiased review. I love books that involve photography in some way, so when I read the blurb, I had to check out Hollow by Rhonda Parrish.The accident changed her world.Her only solace was running and Sevren.An abandoned hospital An evil doctor A camera A magpie.Life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad times, good people and some not so good, but we all have a story to tell.It s hard to talk about Hollow without giving too much away, but Morgan faces her fears and tragic events.I enjoyed Hollow by Rhonda Parish and it kept me curious This is an easy reading story that I finished in one sitting.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of Hollow by Rhonda Parish.See at fundinmental THIS SOUNDS SO INTERESTING HOLLOW is a haunting, urgent, wonderful book Be prepared to ugly cry and compulsively turn the pages to get to the end It s just that good a read Carrie Jones, New York Times and International Bestselling author A wrenching story of all different kinds of horror It grabs you by the heart and squeezes until its fingernails turn white Patrick Weekes, author of Feeder I am not really one to enjoy YA novels, but I will admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this one If you ve watched the movie Polaroid and enjoyed it, you ll love this book It is along similar lines just without the deaths and the gore It was very well written and honestly I was sucked in straight away I felt quite disappointed when it ended and did want to read Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to review this fabulous book. I thought that Hollow was going to be a horror story, one of those that pulls the main character down and down until the reader wonders if there is a way out In reality, the story is about Morgan, a girl who is already struggling in her personal version of teenage hell As Morgan is telling the story, her fears unfold on every page, magnifying to sizes that are impossible for anyone to deal with Yes, there is horror involved, a supernatural essence that hangs in the background while dressing up the real story I am not normally a reader of YA but there are strong elements in Rhonda Parrish s story that may cause young readers to concentrate on the light in their lives and less on the shadows Four stars My thanks to the author for a complimentary ARC of this title. Bizarre It s like Alice in Wonderland meets The Crow I don t consider this book anywhere close to being a horror story It was just a peculiar and painfully slow read The excitement doesn t start until you are a little past the 33% mark and it s not much.I didn t get how the camera fit into the story, let alone the magpie I mean, how did the camera get possessed or imbued with evil What did the magpie signify There were some humorous moments and that broke up the monotony Overall, a somewhat decent bookRating it two stars it was okay Thank you to NetGalley for having this book available to read.

Rhonda Parrish is driven by a desire to do All The Things She founded and ran Niteblade Magazine, is an Assistant Editor at World Weaver Press and is the editor of several anthologies including, most recently, Earth Giants, Golems and Gargoyles, and Grimm, Grit and Gasoline.In addition, Rhonda is an award winning writer whose short work has been in publications such as the Rhysling Anthology and

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