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Do NothingQuite interesting, I wish I only worked 40 hours a week and I don t even have children Everyone should listen to this it makes your brains wheels turn. We Work Feverishly To Make Ourselves Happy So Why Are We So Miserable This Manifesto Helps Us Break Free Of Our Unhealthy Devotion To Efficiency And Shows Us How To Reclaim Our Time And Humanity With A Little LeisureDespite Our Constant Search For New Ways To Hack Our Bodies And Minds For Peak Performance, Human Beings Are Working Instead Of Less, Living Harder Not Smarter, And Becoming Lonely And Anxious We Strive For The Absolute Best In Every Aspect Of Our Lives, Ignoring What We Do Well Naturally And Reaching For A Bar That Keeps Rising Higher And Higher Why Do We Measure Our Time In Terms Of Efficiency Instead Of Meaning Why Can T We Just Take A Break In Do Nothing, Award Winning Journalist Celeste Headlee Illuminates A New Path Ahead, Seeking To Institute A Global Shift In Our Thinking So We Can Stop Sabotaging Our Well Being, Put Work Aside, And Start Living Instead Of Doing As It Turns Out, We Re Searching For External Solutions To An Internal Problem We Won T Find What We Re Searching For In Punishing Diets Or Productivity Apps Celeste S Strategies Will Allow You To Regain Control Over Your Life And Break Your Addiction To False Efficiency You Ll Learn How To Increase Your Time Perception To Determine How Your Hours Are Being Spent, Invest In Quality Idle Time, And Focus On End Goals Instead Of Mean Goals It S Time To Reverse The Trend That S Making Us All Sadder, Sicker, And Less Productive, And Return To A Way Of Life That Allows Us To Thrive This was a title that grabbed my attention as I m someone who has to always be doing something, even in my leisure time whether it s hiking, reading, cooking or even a puzzle So I wanted to learn on the concept of doing nothing This book brings home the value of down time or leisure time and how it contributes to a healthier way of managing stress It includes studies to back it up So instead of feeling guilty about that one chapter or just chillin , I will actually feel productive. I read this immediately following Lost Connections by Johann Hari, and it was a perfect complement This book focuses on work life balance but ultimately had the same message we become void of human decency and instead full of misery when we don t prioritize our human relationships I am fascinated by the trend of articles and titles focusing on this topic lately, including much of Jia Tolentinos work as well as Jenny Odells How To Do Nothing It s about time we have a revolution from the perfectionist, efficiency cult values I hope this trend continues Do Nothing by Celeste Headlee is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late January.A treatise on not working so hard, against the fear of not getting enough done, the assumption that wealth means ease, feeling guilty for the times that we re not busy or overbooked, wasting our profitable time doing tasks that surround a goal before actually completing it, and advancing too far forward as a society that it s too difficult to look back Instead, Headlee highlights the need to ration time in order to slow down, engage in verbal communication, and dial back on the tendency for perfectionism She is incredibly easy to empathize with, chiefly due to a viewpoint that explains complaint in a way that doesn t lean overtly into self help i.e wanting to point you in the direction towards improvement, rather than pull you to it. It isn t often you find a truly likable narrator in nonfiction so likable that they can challenge truths you ve held and still maintain your respect Celeste Headlee is just such a narrator In Do Nothing, she guides the reader first through a history of work, revealing that even through the nineteenth century people spent as much time at rest as they did laboring She looks at language, play, overparenting, our tendency to give up our sick or vacation days in the name of being seen as better or worthwhile employees and ultimately asks the reader if this is the culture he or she wants to exist in and perpetuate If the answer is No it certainly was for me , she dedicates the second half of the book to finding ways we can work better, take a break from work, bring play back into our lives, and stop being tormented by the drive to be productive and on all of the time Her understanding of and translation of history is entertaining without ever becoming patronizing or oversimplified Spread the word about this one especially to your boss I got this book from goodreads first reads and I m very glad for that fact Make no mistake, this is a book with an axe to grind It shines the light in a dark corner that most of us don t want to acknowledge It was equal parts fascinating, sickening, and exhausting for flaying bare the cult of business and what it does to our lives It was nice that it included some ideas to help get off the hamster wheel and although none of them are revelatory they all ring true It is a good reminder to appreciate the slow pursuits and build awareness of yourself. Is the daily grind getting you down Is the constant search for new Life Hacks taking time than it is giving back When was the last time you put down your phone Why I started this book Overwhelm It s a feeling I know well.Why I finished it Fascinating to consider the historical forces shaping our society s worship of efficiency, peak performance and the 70 hour work week And a good reminder that taking breaks is a necessary part of being human and not a sign of weakness or moral failing Read along with Bored and Brilliant How Spacing Out Can Unlock Your Most Productive Creative Self and Rest Why You Get More Done When You Work Less. A lot of history and context and little actionable advice The book spends less than 20% of its content answering what the title and sub title promise The advice isn t bad, but it feels like it could have been a blog post or a set of them. I ve never considered myself to be obsessed with work or to be somebody who snubs idle time However, I can also admit that I have absolutely used my busy ness and lack of free time as a sort of humble brag Look at me I m important enough to have every moment of my life spoken for Should have asked me to hangout months ago Do Nothing takes a deep dive into humankind s relationship with work and our developed obsession with being busy Headlee covers everything from the history of the 8 hour work day to how technology and social media are affecting our work and home lives Which she backs up with an insane amount of science and research Do Nothing is thoughtful, extremely well researched and eye opening af The best part was that Headlee is never preachy She presents her findings in a very straightforward and clinical way She acknowledges that the changes she suggests making are tough, like not checking email every second, but she offers insight on how she went about tackling some of the changes and admits when she had trouble sticking to her goals It made it all seem relatable and doable Do Nothing inspired me to delete my work email from my phone, to delete any apps that I hadn t used in the last month, to stop notifications on all but my essential apps and to take some leisure time I would highly recommend Do Nothing for anybody, but especially if you re one of the following if you ve claimed to be too busy times than you can count, if you work than 50 hours a week, if you have any sort of anxiety revolving around your productivity or lack thereof , or if you re just a rebel looking for a cause fight that 12 hour work day In fact, I ve already told my workaholic boss that he ll be getting a copy as soon as it s released I received a free e copy of Do Nothing from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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