A Painted House

A Painted HouseThis is not the usual John Grisham fare, but instead is a beautiful story told with great warmth and compassion I have always enjoyed Grisham s books as good airplane reads but never expected that he would write a book that I would list as one of my all time favorites. For being from John Grisham, this was such a great book For a long time I ve enjoyed his legal thrillers, but after a while I suspected each book would be exactly the same as the last with the only difference being the plot Granted that s one of the reasons I liked his novels, because I could trust they would be consistently good When this book first came out I couldn t wait to read it and I fell in love with his ability to tell a heartfelt, meaningful story having nothing to do with law I liked this book so much that I even recorded the Hallmark channel original that was made of it A Painted House, John GrishamA Painted House is a 2001 novel by American author John Grisham Story is told through the eyes of seven year old Luke Chandler, the youngest in a family of cotton farmers struggling to harvest their crop and earn enough to settle their debts 2002 1380 680 9644051254 21 1380 496 9646326889 This was such a horrible book It had potential I kept thinking the story would come around but once I got 2 3 way through the book, I knew there was no room left for a story I finished it anyway and was really disappointed There is absolutely NO story Nothing We are introduced to this family and the other characters for no reason It s almost like the author had great ideas for characters but couldn t come up with a story line.If you ve never read Grisham and this is your first book PLEASE don t judge him by it This is, by far, his worst book in my opinion. I was wary when this book came out doubting Grisham could pull off historical fiction Well he absolutely nailed it It s obvious Grisham drew from his personal experiences growing up in rural Arkansas This is a heart wrenching story of an impoverished farming community It s got it all, destitute share croppers, migrant farm workers, a sweet young boy who lives for baseball, a devastating flood and a mentally unhinged murderer thrown in for good measure I wonder if Grisham had written this under a pseudonym if it would have been taken seriously Who knows, even ranked as one of the great American novels it was that good Plus it inspired me to getting around to giving my house a fresh coat of paint. Inspired by his own childhood in Arkansas, A Painted House is John Grisham S first major work outside the legal thriller genre, the genre for which he is so well known.Grisham s trademark is suspense If this isn t a legal thriller, does the book at least have suspense Yes, but only to the extent you can see the events of the summer of 1952 through Luke s eyes He is the central protagonist He is seven, and it is he telling the story In my view, Grisham captures remarkably well the world of a seven year old, a cotton grower s son living in the South in the 1950s The longer I could stay in Luke s head, the longer I enjoyed the book Occasionally though, I was jogged from Luke s head back into my own, back into an adult s way of thinking The strength of the novel lies in its ability to show you the events of Luke s summer through his eyes, not your own The events of that summer are not light and frivolous They go beyond what a child of seven can be expected to fully understand There are brawls and deaths, the birth of an illegitimate child, tornados, rainstorms and floods The floods threaten economic ruin to the cotton growing families There are also love affairs and a carnival and jokes and pranks There s a Baptist priest preaching sin and damnation The fictional town where these people live is Black Oak It is situated in the Arkansas Delta near the St Francis River, a real tributary of the Mississippi The farmers grow cotton There is Luke and his family, sharecroppers and migrant workers from Mexico and the Ozarks These are people struggling to survive All are attempting to eke out a living as best they can, in a world where cotton prices, credit, the weather and the availability of labor are vital factors over which they have little control.Through Luke s eyes, the summer can be seen as a succession of secrets If I were to give the book a title, it would be The Summer of Secrets A Seven Year Old s Summer from the Cotton Fields of Arkansas Luke has been raised not to keep secrets, at least not from his parents.Beside capturing the mind of a child, the author also captures well the class hierarchy in a small southern farming community Everyone is fully aware of their social standing Even a seven year old will be aware of this too, but a seven year old is not going to analyze or philosophize A child cannot be expected to draw adult conclusions That the book s narrator is a child of seven thus limits the scope of the book On the other hand,that the book has a young narrator makes it suitable for young adults and kids I think the events, as they roll out, will interest such an audience than they did me I became bored The audiobook is narrated by David Lansbury His reading reinforces the child perspective The whole feel of the book became too childish for me Lansbury s narration makes not only Luke, but also his mother and grandmother, sound like kids His reading was not to my taste The most I can give the narration performance is two stars If you are looking for a Grisham book that is not a legal thriller, my GR friend Philip recommends these Skipping ChristmasBleachersPlaying for Pizzaand maybe The Last JurorI thought I would pass this information on to you Thank you, Philip A surprisingly good book For me anyway because usually I m not into the legal courtroom thrillers which this book is not so I have avoided Grisham And I have to also humbly admit that I have only read one of his novels, The Firm, and I liked it So, I think I will give the guy a chance and add another of his books I only read this because my mom recommended it and I felt like I needed to reciprocate because she usually reads my recommendations Well, thanks mom This was a pretty darn good read There were some thrilling moments in the story but mostly it was just a down to earth story about a family s struggle and eventual overcoming of life s hardships Even though there were a couple of pretty harsh moments in the book I think I would have to call this a feel good story It s easy to read, entertaining, and I would recommend it to any of my friends. Generally Grisham is known for his legal thrillers, but A Painted House is one of his works that slightly divulged from that path and took of a dive into mystery territory From the perspective of a young boy growing up in a quaint 1950 s community, the book tells a tale of simple wishes and troublesome events, but what makes A Painted House really stand out is how well Grisham s book portrays the south in an authentic and endearing way Contrary to the stereotype of trailer park rednecks, this book really shows the true beauty and character of the south in all its scenery, colourful characters and life Capturing an earnest time of an honest farming family, A Painted House is impossible to put down most times.While sometimes a bit too gushingly sentimental, this book is one of Grisham s original works and definitely a great one It just goes to show that he isn t limited to legal fiction and that anybody can expand their talents into a new style of writing Great read therapeutic,compelling,enjoyable and a moving storydetermination,twists and turns to hold your interest to the end..well written paperback The Hill People And The Mexicans Arrived On The Same Day It Was A Wednesday, Early In September The Cardinals Were Five Games Behind The Dodgers With Three Weeks To Go, And The Season Looked Hopeless The Cotton, However, Was Waist High To My Father, Over My Head, And He And My Grandfather Could Be Heard Before Supper Whispering Words That Were Seldom Heard It Could Be A Good Crop Thus Begins The New Novel From John Grisham, A Story Inspired By His Own Childhood In Rural Arkansas The Narrator Is A Farm Boy Named Luke Chandler, Age Seven, Who Lives In The Cotton Fields With His Parents And Grandparents In A Little House That S Never Been Painted The Chandlers Farm Eighty Acres That They Rent, Not Own, And When The Cotton Is Ready They Hire A Truckload Of Mexicans And A Family From The Ozarks To Help Harvest ItFor Six Weeks They Pick Cotton, Battling The Heat, The Rain, The Fatigue, And Sometimes Each Other As The Weeks Pass Luke Sees And Hears Things No Seven Year Old Could Possibly Be Prepared For, And He Finds Himself Keeping Secrets That Not Only Threaten The Crop But Will Change The Lives Of The Chandlers Forever , Belfry Holdings, Inc P Random House, Inc Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing, A Division Of Random House, Inc

Long before his name became synonymous with the modern legal thriller, he was working 60 70 hours a week at a small Southaven, Mississippi law practice, squeezing in time before going to the office and during courtroom recesses to work on his hobby writing his first novel.Born on February 8, 1955 in Jonesboro, Arkansas, to a construction worker and a homemaker, John Grisham as a child dreamed of

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