Hickory Dickory Dock

Hickory Dickory Dock3 art3 rhymeLike the bold colours and the added action in the nursery rhyme fun way to count Hickory Dickory dock is all about the clock strikes a new time and a different animal passes the clock every time it strikes, all the animals have some type of interaction with the grandfather clock Every page has a big clock on the page, showing something that is climbing or on the clock The illustrations give you a great visual to see what is going on throughout the book There isn t too much on the page so it isn t too busy to focus on the pictures Also, the clock is always showing a different time on the clock This could help kids learn time, it could be a good book to read to your class during a lesson about time Another thing this could teach is counting you could count how many strikes on each page of the clock I would recommend this book to 2nd or 3rd grade when they are a bit older and know the time Also, it is fun to see what happened each time the clock strikes. I chose to read this book because I remember reading it when I was younger and enjoyed it then I found that I still enjoy this book, for similar reasons This story is about a grandfather clock sitting in a field not specified and each time the clock strikes a new time an animal interacts with it This starts with a mouse running up it and ends with the clock striking midnight after the moon shines upon it and the mouse parachutes from the clock and goes home to sleep in its bed.I liked this book, it was fun I liked how the rhyme scheme was consistent throughout the entire story I also liked how the book flowed from the first page to the very end with the exaggerated Hickory, next page Dickory, final page Dock The illustrations were bright, and matched the text Though I did not like how the illustration and text overlapped on a page, even though it made the story continuous and helped the flow I just felt that it rushed the story a bit I would reccomend this book for younger students when introducing them to the concept of time and reading a clock An activity that could be used as an extention would be giving each student a different time and character 4 00 with the hare, for example and then having the student to describe what that character did with the clock and the mouse for the hour until the next character came. The book Hickory Dickory Dock, by Keith Baker is about a clock and all of the things that interact with it each hour A mouse runs up the clock at the beginning of the story, and as time passes,creatures pass the clock and do things such as jump over it, wrap around it, or buzz around it The illustrations go along with the story well They are not overwhelming, but they are detailed enough to clearly illustrate what is going on One page shows a bird flying away from the clock along with musical notes because the bird was singing on the previous page The page next to it shows the large clock with a snake wrapped around the bottom of it Sitting near the top of the clock is the mouse that ran up it at the beginning of the story This book would be good for children from ages 3 7 This could be used to teach children how to count and tell time since each page mentions a different time and shows that time on the clock It could also be used to teach students about different animals insects since they are shown on each page doing different things. Hickory Dickory Dock is a mother goose book that has a lot of fun rhymes in it Each page has a clock that changes time and has a new rhyme with the time that it is The book describes the exciting day of two mice and how much fun they have 3 book topic ideas1 This is a good book to work on children s rhymes It is a good book to read and have students identify the amount of rhymes throughout the book 2 This is also a good book to have students work on vocabulary words that they need to work on or don t understand 3 Students can create their own book of rhymes that is fun to read. Hickory Dickory Dock is a picture book that follows the original children s nursery rhyme The book does a good job of helping children learn to tell time with the use of a grandfather clock and animals to help with the concept Each time the clock changes time, a new animal appears and completes an action, and then disappears when the time changes again The illustrations go perfectly with the text On each page you have a huge clock in the center of a field, and the pages are filled with bright and fun colors that help keep the children engaged The colors begin to darken as the day goes on giving the visual appearance of time passing This book is a perfect read aloud for younger children who are learning the concept of telling time It would be very effective in a kindergarten or 1st grade classroom. Hickory Dickory Dock written by Keith Baker, is a silly story about the clock striking each hour An animal of some sort would have an interaction with the clock I thought the story rhymed very well but other than that, there was not anything super special about it However, the illustrator did a fantastic job of making the animals from the prior page leave on the left side while the new animal came in on the right side of the page It was very simple and they all had the same background but the colors of the sky changed with the time of the day, which was eye catching This would be a good read for kids ages 2 4, very simple but did not serve to me as educational classroom worthy. Hickory Dickory Dock, by Keith Baker, opens up with a grandfather clock sitting in a field As the day goes on, different animals come to see the clock, but then run off when it hits a certain time, Hickory dickory dock, some hens pecked at the cock The Clock struck sixthey chased their chicks Hickory dickory dock This book helps students learn to tell time on an analog clock by looking at the pictures on each page, and seeing when the hour hand and minute hand are located on the clock face The pages are full of color and illustrated animals kicking the clock, nibbling on it, or even just sitting on it This book is best suited for children in kindergarden or first grade. Keith Baker Displays His Trademark Flair For Color, Movement, And Rhythm In This Vibrant Adaptation Of The Familiar Nursery Rhyme Hickory Dickory Dock A Companion To His Acclaimed Big Fat Hen, This Twist On An Old Favorite Features Some Serious Antics On The Part Of A Busy Little Mouse As A Huge Grandfather Clock Strikes Each Hour From One O Clock In The Afternoon To Midnight, A Different Animal Passes By, And The Mouse Has A Funny Interaction With Each Of Them With Counting, Telling Time, And A Cozy Bedtime Ending To Engage Them, Children Will Be Chiming In For Repeated Readings Hickory, dickory, dock is a book that not only has rhymes, but teaches time as well On each page there is a new animal interacting with the clock Every sentence on the page has to do with the clock striking a new time with an animal moving about around the clock The clock reads from 1 00 to 12 00 midnight and they say goodnight The illustrations start out bright and sunny at 1 00 and fading to dark nighttime as the day goes on I think this book would be useful for older children, who can read and that are learning to tell time, so somewhere between 3rd and 4th grade.

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[PDF] ❤ Hickory Dickory Dock By Keith  Baker – Uc0.info
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • Keith Baker
  • English
  • 20 October 2018
  • 9780152058180

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