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If There Be Thorns From The Author Of Flowers In The Attic Comes Book Three Of The Internationally Bestselling Dollenganger Family Saga The Family Was Now Living As Far As Possible From The Haunting Scenes Of Their Past, And, In The Sunshine And Joy Of Their New Life, With The Children And Their Shared Love, They Tried To Forget The Anguish Of Their Loveless Inheritance But The Hidden Secrets Of The Past Rose Up To Trouble Them Their Parents Dark Heritage Began To Haunt Them Once The Rage And Hatred They Felt Returned To Torment And Twist The New Generation Only If They Could Forgive Their Mother And Forgo Their Final Revenge Could They At Last Find The Peace They So Desperately Sought

Virginia Andrews, V Andrews,

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  • Paperback
  • 350 pages
  • If There Be Thorns
  • V.C. Andrews
  • English
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9780006163701

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    Book Review 3 of 5 stars to If There Be Thorns, the third book in the Dollanganger series written in 1981 by V.C Andrews After the first two books, I didn t think you could keep the thrills and suspense going in this series, mostly because one family can only endure so much torture over the years Surprisingly, I actually found I liked a large part of this book however, it was a bit excessive and drawn out at times The story, told from the perspective of Cathy and Chris kids, continues the saga of the torture from a wicked grandmother and mother, combining religious beliefs and family values And it s got a Gothic ending to keep readers enthralled the the concept of payback s a bitch I love the series because it pushes the envelope This one explores the theme of adoption, when two half brothers explore and learn who their fathers were and who they thought they were Cathy and Chris are siblings, yet they are in a relationship and raising two kids Jory and Bart are examples of good and bad growing up in a loving household, but tortured by the past When Cathy and Chris mom re enters the picture, you know something bad is gonna go down And it takes one of the boys on a trail of vengeance Mostly unrealistic, the books take you on a little jaunt into the wild imaginations of a tortured family who have done nothing but brought on their own destruction Yes, some of them are innocent some cross a line not really intending to harm anyone else Others are truly out to instill pain, and some are just ill Finding the balance among the different family members is good entertainment There really aren t any lessons in these books just pure drama About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    No matter how chaotic one s life can be, running away can sometimes only make things worse Chris and Cathy have tried to do this, fleeing the horrors of South Carolina and Virginia for the wonders of California With Bart and Jory alongside them, Cathy s boys are ready to enjoy a quieter life While both know their fathers have passed on, neither Bart nor Jory realise that Chris is not their true step father the story they have been told and that their mother has been fostering numerous secrets from her past When a wealthy woman moves in next door, both boys develop an interest in learning about their neighbour This veiled and elderly woman seems to have a full complement of staff, including a curt butler who keeps them away from the wall separating the properties Never one to let a wall deter him, Bart develops a relationship with the woman, who asks that he call her grandmother , seeking gifts and promises at every turn When Bart is not in the presence of the mistress of the house, the wily butler seeks to advise Bart that this woman is actually his mother s mother and that the Foxworth family has many secrets about which the boys ought to know Bart is presented with a journal from his great grandfather, Malcolm Foxworth, the patriarch from the original novel in the series who started much of the chaos that has created issues for the past few decades Bart begins to exhibit highly troubling behaviours, at times thinking himself Malcolm reincarnated As Chris and Cathy become concerned about Bart s behaviour, they welcome a new addition to the family, adopting young Cindy, creating a new and interesting dynamic in the household When Jory and Bart are told the truth about Chris and Cathy s connection, the understanding that the incestuous relationship has been building for years Torn about how to feel about the revelations, Jory must help extract Bart from the clutches of their grandmother and keep the Foxworth past from tainting their bucolic life in California However, as the series fan will know, when it comes to the Dollangangers and Foxworths, nothing is done smoothly or without dramatic flair As the narrative builds and all secrets are revealed, someone will have to pay as both sides wrestle for control of Jory and Bart and the blood history coursing through their veins Another interesting addition by V.C Andrews that presents some interesting loose threads for the final novel chronological novel in the series I ll have to see how it ends, if only to quell my curiosity Series fans may enjoy this one, though some may begin to wonder if things have stretched past their plausible limits.As V.C Andrews continues to spin the web that is this series, she seeks to add depth for her readers While one must understand that the series remains part of the young adult horror genre, the plots have not been too vapid, nor are they as sexually shocking as in the previous two novels Still, Andrews seems to branch out and create storylines for two characters from the next generation of Dollanganger offspring Jory and Bart take the reins of narrative control in this piece, permitting the reader to explore their lives as the struggles they both possess Jory has some understanding of his past, but was duped into believing that his mother was mostly virtuous after his own father s death years ago He is also the moral compass as he tries to steer clear of the woman next door, who gives off a vibe of awkwardness and eerie darkness His own life is that of a dancer, though he can see his younger brother becoming and troublesome Bart, on the other hand, knows little about the torment that his own conception and birth brought to the family Series fans will know that Bart s birth was part of a complex tug of war between Cindy and her mother, trying to lure the same man into their own lives Now, Bart seems highly susceptible to the wiles of both his maternal grandmother and her sadistic butler, who wants to create a new Malcolm Foxworth As Chris and Cindy remain staples in the story, other than the revelation of their ongoing incestuous actions, they play a smaller part of the overall plot Still, there are some struggles they face with their three children Many others make appearances throughout to thicken the plot, though much of the story relates to learning bout Malcolm s past, which may shed a great deal of light on the highly religious and strict moral code that Chris and Cindy faced as children Perhaps the least dramatic or shocking of the three books to date, Andrews still takes readers on a rollercoaster ride throughout and tries to plant new and interesting offshoots in the major plot of her series With some of the drastic goings on towards the end of the book, there is no doubt the final novel in the chronological aspect of the series will have much to solve, keeping curious readers enthralled and wondering In a series that seems to spark much nostalgia for many readers, I am interested to let my adult sensibilities act as a literary sieve to offer some modern sentiments.Kudos, Madam Andrews, for keeping me wondering throughout this piece I know some feel things have gone too far off the rails to be plausible, but some suspension of reality is surely expected by you to keep the plots fresh and surprising Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons, a different sort of Book Challenge

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    I m going to copy and paste this to all of them I feel like I have to justify this and all of the other V C Andrews books on my list I read these when I was young and loved them My sister and I poured through them they were obviously trashy for our age probably the appeal but mom let us read ANYTHING as long as we were readung she was ok with it And that paied off because both my sister and I still read for pleasure daily You can t beat it Hey and why be a book snob

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    I made a V C Andrews meme jpg today Link Too bad I can t make a colored version.I always think the Dollanganger series and My Sweet Audrina are Ms Andrews best works, still I was afraid I wouldn t enjoy If There Be Thorns much because the summary makes the story sound so over the top melodramatic.However, I m delighted to find I enjoy the story, though the story is still quite melodramatic you can t escape melodramas when you re reading Ms Andrews works but it is a melodrama exercised in a good way, the part I like best is how the brothers react to their parents scandalous past and secrets after they slowly learn those secrets 4 stars.

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    Just remembered that I never wrote a review for this piece of schlock Sohere tis.Meet Jory Jory is Cathy s elder son He s a ballet dancer He s got a girlfriend He likes dogs, dancing, being normal Jory is a fairly balanced individual, all things considered, which means he s frequently befuddled by the flaming bag of crazypants that is his family Now, meet Bart Bart is Cathy s younger son, 9 years old already a sociopath He abuses animals, threatens his parents at knifepoint, crawls in the dirt, plays with animal shit, thinks a toddler is trying to seduce him No, I m not kidding Bart is absolutely painful to read about, because somehow we re expected to feel sorry for him Nope I ve got a soft spot for unreliable narrators, but there is NOTHING sympathetic about his whining creepitude Bart s narration is like American Psycho The Formative Years.Approximate reaction to anything Bart says, ever The highlight of the book was Cathy s confrontation with her mother the butler That was campy, soapy, lolzy gold The description of her ballet born kung fu was brilliant you can t find that bizarro randomness anywhere but VC Andrews, when she s on her game it brings the house down, complete with Charlie s Angels disco musak in the background Freakin fabulous.Alas, the villains were lost in the muddle an evil butler, cougar grandma, psycho diary lose their luster compared to the immediacy of Bart s unpalatable nastiness He s a shining example of someone who needs his spoiled, tantrum flinging ass smacked to the dirt yet none of the other characters are capable of recognizing this simple solution except Jory s austere grandmother who is awesome in her commanding bitchitude Truly, the only route to a satisfying conclusion involves Bart being punched in the face Peter has correctly labeled you a loser GTFO This was a buddy read with Rabbit, I wouldn t have finished it otherwise though part of me was hoping Bart would get hit by a bus, so that propelled incredulous interest to the bitter end But hey VICTORY IS OURS FUCK YOU, BART YOU CAN KILL ALL HAPPINESS IN A TWENTY MILE RADIUS, BUT WE SURVIVED And then it s revealed that he s back in Book 4.

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    I couldn t wait to start part 3 of the series It was really different because this book is written out of the eyes of Jory and Bart the children of Cathy and so we see the story in a another way, then part 1 and 2 After I got used to this way of writing, I started to love this book It was a good sequel and it had a good ending It is a good story even though it is over a very controversial subject incest I do however hope Bart will turn a little normal in the next book, but we will see You never know with VC Andrews I give it a well earned 4 points up to part 4.

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    If There Be Thorns is the third installment in the Dollanganger series and, in my opinion, the weakest link of the saga My main problem with the book is not so much the storyline, but the fact that the story is told from the perspectives of fourteen year old Jory Cathy s son with Julian and nine year old Bart Cathy s son with Bart Winslow While it s easy to sympathize with Jory his confusion over finding out his parents true identities and the true character of his biological father, it is almost impossible to relate to Bart His character is nothing short of depraved When you cannot relate to your narrator, you know you re going to have problems Overall, the story is passable Chris and Cathy are now in their late thirties, some years after leaving South Carolina, at the end of Petals on the Wind They live in California, under the guise of a doctor and his wife, raising her two children One day, the lights in the abandoned mansion next door go on and a mysterious woman in black appears This is where the story seems to go downhill It s obvious that the woman is the much hated mother of Chris and Cathy and why neither of them figure it out until the end is questionable Having the character of John Amos Jackson reappear from Flowers in the Attic as working for the mystery woman seems just an excuse to bring lunacy into the story Jory seems to be the only grounding in the story, but how much excitement can a fourteen year old generate I think the story might have been better served if it had been told from Cathy and Chris viewpoints, as the previous tales were I have to give it three stars for the effort and for continuing a beloved series But compared to the previous two books, it s somewhat of a letdown.

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    ETA 11 21 16 Buddy Read with Sarah ETA 11 23 16 Read Sarah s review here.My re read of this book was interesting, and not always in a good way There were some really hilarious lolzy scenes that were fucked up It s VC, so you get what you know is coming I think the most flawed part of the book was Bart I mean the kid was a little shit If they were trying to go for the sympathetic for the villain trope, they should have toned down his character I feel so bad for Cindy, Jory, and Apple, and all the other animals tbh Bart, get thee to a hospital Honestly why didn t Chris hospitalize him, he s a Dr and should have seen the signs Sarah and I the whole entire book in our txts LOLI probably won t be re reading this one Original review Review to come WowEDIT This book was cracktastic I mean we have everything from scheming butler, to a narcissistic personality child We also have Chris and Cathy still rocking their incest love Carine showed up because she can t get off this crazy train I will be reading the next book soon enough This series is so bad it s awesome Can we give this series a round of applause.

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    I didn t think this series could get disturbing, but it most certainly does Unlike the first two installments of this tragedy, this volume is told from the point of view of Cathy Dollanganger s two sons, to an eerie effect We see from the outside how Cathy struggles with the traumas of her childhood and how PTSD has affected her decision making abilities It s really heartbreaking The other theme of this novel is how family secrets will surface no matter to what lengths people go to hide them Those secrets are a poison and children are very susceptible to its ingestion I actually related a lot to this aspect of the story since I went through a very similar thing in my own life Though these books aren t offering me much in the way of inspiration for my novels, I m absolutely captivated and can t wait for the final two books in the series to arrive Although, I do also have a morbid sense of dread to finish out this saga I don t imagine there s a happy ending in any of these characters futures.

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    I adored this book than I had the previous two It added another layer to everything, reflecting how the saints Cather and Chris were viewed from other people It showed us how everything looks when you re not looking at it through their perspectives, and I know that this book wouldn t have been as good had Catherine continued to tell it not just because it wouldn t make sense then either It explored the subject of childhood sociopathy, and has an overall darker tone than the previous novels do Animals being slaughtered left and right, mother and daughter being trapped to be lit aflame, an elder man preaching evil to a young boy, and the spiteful devil s issue chants returning This book brings back the glory of the first and much , I ll go out on a limb here and say this is the closest this series has gotten so far to being a horror story, which I happen to love about it Returning to a childhood narration was also great, as we again get to see things through growing, trusting, eyes We also see the development of a primary antagonist of the first book This time, she isn t so much of a villain We get to see the return of Corrine and see her at the kindest we have yet And eventually, we see her earn forgiveness I loved her character in this book, despite loathing her in the first, she rises to become the hero her children needed back then.All in all, I LOVED this book Now there were plot holes lots of questions unanswered, lots of threads hanging, and a lot of odd things happening To name a few 1 When Chris and Cathy took the kids to visit Marisha, did she never ask about Paul in front of the kids Certainly she would have asked how their dad was doing which would have been odd to ask in front of Chris She s certainly nosy enough, proven by the former novel as well as just her quick arrival Doesn t make sense at all.2 Emma She was around in the second book and knew very well of who Chris was, but she continues working with them Is she just stupid Does she not understand what s going on Or does she just not care

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