Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne

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Hans Christian Andersen often referred to in Scandinavia as H C Andersen was a Danish author and poet Although a prolific writer of plays, travelogues, novels, and poems, Andersen is best remembered for his fairy tales Andersen s popularity is not limited to children his stories called eventyr, or fairy tales express themes that transcend age and nationality.Andersen s fairy tales,

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne Author Hans Christian Andersen –
  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne
  • Hans Christian Andersen
  • English
  • 28 September 2019
  • 9780142301883

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    Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne The little match Girl, Hans Christian AndersenThe Little Match Girl Danish Den Lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne, meaning The little girl with the matchsticks is a short story by Danish poet and author Hans Christian Andersen The story, about a dying child s dreams and hope, was first published in 1845 It has been adapted to various media, including an animated short film, a television musical, and an animated virtual reality story called Allumette On a cold New Year s Eve, a poor, young girl tries to sell matches in the street She is already shivering from cold and early hypothermia, and she is walking barefoot having lost her slippers Still, she is too afraid to go home, because her father will beat her for not selling any matches, and also as the cracks in the house can t keep out the cold wind The girl takes shelter in a nook or alley and sits down The girl lights the matches to warm herself In their glow she sees several lovely visions, starting with a stove, then a holiday feast where the goose almost jumps out at her, and then a Christmas tree larger than the one at the rich merchant s house The girl looks skyward and sees a shooting star she then remembers her dead grandmother saying that such a falling star means someone is dying and is going to Heaven As she lights the next match, she sees a vision of her grandmother, the only person to have treated her with love and kindness To keep the vision of her grandmother alive for as long as she can, the girl lights the entire bundle of matches at once After running out of matches the child dies and her grandmother carries her soul to Heaven The next morning, passers by find the girl dead in the nook, frozen with a smile on her face, and guess the reason for the burnt out matches beside her They feel pity for her, although they had not shown kindness to her before her death They have no way of knowing about the wonderful visions she saw before her death or how gloriously she and her grandmother are now celebrating the New Year in Heaven 1997 1376 9789649487953 127 1392 1380 9645773318 12 1385 1381 12 1384 964899322 12 1385 12 9645020956 1389 1385 9648799245 12 1390 9789643006877 34 1390 22 9786006072111 1392 8 1391 9786005240900 12 1392 9786006438412 12 1394 9789648251043 12 1393 12 9786009476121 1394 9786007161104 12 1394 9786004020060 12 1394 9789648199697 12 36 1375 24 9644411188 1380 1381 1391 9789646979567 48 1380 12 9644411188 1381 12 1382 10 1392 9786006750040 1383 12 964559944 1384 1382 10 1382 9645904102 1388 16 1382 9786009103775 1391 32 9789642251230 1391 14 9786005644180 1392 8 9786005475517 1392 142 9789645680594 1394 12 9789645680594 1845

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    What a sad and melancholic fairy tale A little girls is standing forlorn outside a building trying to sell matches She doesn t sell anything but starts seeing beautiful things when she lights up a match Will there be a happy ending Well, Charles Dickens couldn t have written this story in a better way What a haunting atmosphere If you are looking for a great story for the season than you have found it An absolute classic and highly recommended

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    If there is a heart wrenching story in all of literature, then you will have to show me, because I don t believe there is.

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    A sad tale in which hopes and dreams are realized only through the finality of earthly existence and the beginning of a heavenly salvation.

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    Man, did my mother ever hate reading this one to me, but I couldn t get enough of it Mom wanted so much to send me off to sleepyland with only smiley tales of princesses in frilly gowns who had happily ever afters, but my inner Wednesday Addams called out for this is dark, twisted tale of a doomed match seller Perhaps my little girl self enjoyed the romantic notion of dying alone and unloved on the street, but knowing me, it was probably some sort of schadenfruede There I was, tucked into my warm and cozy bed, while my disturbed psyche chuckled uncontrollably at the story of another small girl who had things a whole hell of a lot worse Though this tale seems grimmer than Grimm, it is actually from the pen of Hans Christian Andersen And, I didn t remember this bit from when my mom read the story to me She did not dare go home, for she had sold no matches, nor earned even one penny If she should return home her father would surely give her a beating.Harsh Though, that does explain a lot This version features Blair Lent s gray, bleak illustrations which seem tailor made for this dreariest of tales.My advice to wayward little girls who find themselves alone, freezing, and hungry whilst possessing a bundle of matches Try ARSON, baby Set the lord mayor s house ablaze You ll be warm for a while, and at least in the workhouse there ll be gruel.

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    What kinda twisted human being wrote this for kids It s storytime I loved this book as a kid, I loved it so so much The funny thing is I don t remember reading it but I remember holding it, I remember carrying it everywhere and I remember wishing that people talked to me about it because I didn t know what to make of that ending I remember having to write something for school and I chose that as an excuse to bring this book with me, I remember bringing out of my school bag and then putting back in and bringing it out again just so someone would ask what s that and talk to me about it I remember no one asking me about it and that was the reason I stopped reading Okay that last one was just a tiny bit dramatic, but I really think of that moment as one pf the most pivotal ones in my reading history, because if just one person would ve shown interest in it with me, I would ve read and not waste like the next 10 years doing other stuff I remember this story from a cartoon, I remember a song that my favorite kid s channel made about this story and I remember feeling cold I remember a verse of that song that went like Flower selling girl in mornings and at night it s match selling girl I remember HATING flower selling girl because she took the morning shift and let the cold nights to the match selling girl I remember so many things and yet so few things I loved this book with my whole small heart I still love it This is my favorite tale, forget all the other ones, even tho I enjoyed a bit of Sinbad And what I love still about it is that it still makes me cry to this day, to every coming day I hope.It s just so heartbreakingly real and beautiful And I so so love that it s not ruined by adaptations to movies and other things, at least not that I know of.Anyway, Match Selling Girl I love you forever Flower Selling Girl, I hate you

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    First published in 1845.Yep, 1845, and I d never even heard of it Well, take my word for it, this very sad short story of The Little Match Girl will rip your heart right out

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    Love this little cute story, day by day a little bit less my daughter ask me to read it together every night before bedtime, i am learning it by heart..we have this paperback edition and she loves to look at the drawings.

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    A beautiful story when looked at with a positive thought Loved this book and would highly recommend it for all to take the time to read.

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    This is a story set on New Years Eve It s a very sad story It actually made my nephew very sad He felt for this girl The Niece thought it was sad as well, but it didn t seem to affect her as much There is no happy ending in some ways Jerry set this story in NYC in what looks like the early 1900s or so The girl seems invisible to others No one notices her She looks homeless and they are almost invisible to us in some ways There must be a link there At least the girl is comforted in death This is a tale to wake you up and make you think I don t think the kids knew what to do with this I didn t know the story either as I ve never read it They asked if a story is very sad and makes them feel sad does that mean it s a bad story I told them if a story can make you feel, even a sad feeling, it s a powerful story I don t think they understand that They both decided to give the story 3 stars.The artwork is impressionistic in ways It did it s job The poor girl is so alone It is heartbreaking It s a hard story.

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