Unsticky High Fashion, High Art, High Expectations This Is Pretty Woman For The Twenty First CenturyMoney Makes The World Go Round That S What Twenty Something Grace Reeves Is Learning Stuck In A Grind Where Everyone S Ahead Apart From Her, She S Partied Out, Disillusioned, And Massively In Debt If She S Dumped By Another Rock Band Wannabe, Squashed By Anyone Else At Her Cut Throat Fashion Job, Or Chased By Any Bailiffs, Grace Suspects She Ll Fall Apart So When Older, Sexy And Above All, Wealthy Art Dealer Vaughn Appears, She S Intrigued Against Her Will Could She Handle Being A Sugar Daddy S Arm Candy Soon Grace Is Thrown Into A World Of Money And Privilege, At Vaughn S Beck And Call In Return For Thousands Of Pounds In Luxurious Gifts, Priceless Clothes And Cash Where S The Line Between Acting The Trophy Girlfriend, And Selling Yourself For Money And, Importantly Whatever Happened To Love

Sarra Manning is a teen queen extraordinaire She spent five years working on the now sadly defunct J17, first as a writer and then as Entertainment Editor She then joined the launch team of teen fashion bible Ellegirl, which she later went on to edit and has consulted on a wide range of youth titles including Bliss, The Face and More Sarra is now editor of What To Wear magazine She s also been

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  • Paperback
  • 562 pages
  • Unsticky
  • Sarra Manning
  • English
  • 06 November 2019
  • 9780755347377

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    I m still just a little bit protective of my feelings over this book Do you ever feel that way after finishing a book that completely threw you for a loop in the very best way I feel distinctly protective of our relationship, the book and I I m still mulling over the way things ended on my lunch break and as I lie in bed waiting to fall asleep Because it took me by such surprise, and because I fell in love with it so fast and hard, I m just not at all sure I m ready to talk about the experience But enough of my book reviewing eccentricities I ve held onto my feelings long enough and it s time to let them see the light of day Because UNSTICKY did a bit of a number on me This is my first foray into Sarra Manning s body of work and I m kicking myself for waiting so long to find out for myself what the rest of you have been going on about For those of you not familiar with her work, Ms Manning is known for her contemporary young adult titles, which have been published on both sides of the pond This is her first contemporary adult title and it, unfortunately, it s only available in the UK I ordered my copy from Awesome Books after reading Sabrina s excellent review over at About Happy Books I seriously ordered it that very day and looked forward to its arrival in my mailbox each day after that A side note I do love reading a novel that s never been edited for an American audience I get lost in the wonderful wording and in the different sensibility that seems to pervade the whole Definite bonus factor here.Grace is having a bad 23rd birthday Make that a very bad birthday Her boyfriend decides it s a good idea to dump her in the handbag section of her favorite department store on her birthday and then storm out in a huff of seriously dubious righteous indignation when she doesn t handle it with the utmost grace and decorum But things get even weirder when she is shortly spirited out of the shop by an unidentified male who seems both appalled at her tears and bent on absconding with her to have a drink Monumentally confused and emotionally wrung out, Grace gets as far as sitting down at a table with the mysterious Vaughn before her common sense kicks in like a champ and she beats a path out of there But it s not the last she s heard of Vaughn He has a proposition for her that involves a six month stint of playing the role of his girlfriend at a series of high profile art soirees in exchange for, well, cold hard cash Appalled and offended, Grace has no intention of accepting his outrageous offer But then she gets to thinking Her life hasn t exactly been coming up roses lately She s massively, massively in debt due to a pesky habit of binge shopping whenever things get too grim And things get grim pretty often, what with soaring credit card bills, her demeaning and thankless job in the fashion industry she loves, and her inability to extend a meaningful relationship beyond the three month mark And so it is with much trepidation and not a little bit of terror that she accepts Vaughn s offer, signs a contract, and enters a whole new world.There s no denying it I just I just could not tear my eyes away from this story for the entire 448 pages of the book Something about Grace and Vaughn immediately dug into my character pleasure center and made a home there They were so real, so horribly, horribly isolated from the world around them And it was incredibly gratifying to watch them come to grips with both the extremely unpleasant and the achingly beautiful aspects of their own realities, when forced to see them through the lens of the other s perspective Especially as they hailed from diametrically opposite worlds and there is little to no incentive to be anything other than brutally honest when your relationship is built on the most unsentimental and mercenary of contractual terms Honestly, there was just so much pain, possibility, and ruthlessly reined in emotion lying between these two that I was an absolute goner All I could do was watch in exquisite agony as they hurt each other and misunderstood each other and loved each other over and over again until something had to give I was so involved it almost didn t matter to me what that something was or how it ended Almost Of course it mattered to me But the ride itself was such a pleasure, I would have loved UNSTICKY for that alone Happens that I love it for its ending as well Though I as always seems to be the case could have done with a teensy bit in the way of declarations But that s me Part modern day Pretty Woman, part up close and personal, present day Pygmalion, it s a winner in my book If you re a sucker for immeasurably flawed characters, blistering romance, and vintage clothing, then this is the book for you UNSTICKY rocked my little bookish world and instantly transformed me into a card carrying member of the Sarra Manning fan club.

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    It s not often that a book takes me completely by surprise When I cracked open the spine of Unsticky, I knew what I was getting into a modern day Pretty Woman if you will And yet, despite knowing what was to come, I was continuously blown away by this novel by its charm, by its wit, by its complex characters, by its intriguing dialogueeverything, from the first word to the last period enthralled me In fact, it s safe to say that Sarra Manning had me completely be spelled Manning s novels are always un put down able, but this story had an ethereal quality all of its own I dare you not to fall in love with this book it s one challenge you won t even want to attempt.I won t lie the premises of Unsticky is, well, sticky Grace, the protagonist of our tale, is massively in debt, working for the fashion world and being massively underpaid , and simply cannot keep a relationship going longer than three months After being dumped yet again on her birthday, Grace is dragged off by Vaughn, a rich older man who tries to make her day a little brighter It s not the last she ll see of Vaughn, though In fact, the smooth talking stranger who is loaded with money , has a proposition for Grace to become his girlfriend for six months, accompanying him on ventures to sell art Grace, initially aghast at the lowly prospect of being paid to both spend her time with and have sex with this man, slowly begins to change her mind on the issue After all, with her life stuck in a rut and her bills only piling higher, what does she have to lose And, just as Grace hopes, Vaughn s proposition does change her life around For better or for worse, she s still not entirely sureI m going to get straight down to it Sarra Manning takes a seemingly taboo topic and makes it work. And I don t even mean the characters For me, what makes this situation so startlingly relate able and downright thoughtful is the fact that Manning leaves no stone unturned on her journey to create this tale Obviously, the most glaringly evident issue that this situation presents is the monetary aspect of it Grace is being paid to spend time with, organize events for, and sleep with a man eighteen years older to her Ick is what we should all be saying, but truly, Vaughn makes you swoon. And even if he does, Manning brings up the ethical question of whether or not this situation is really okay, or even all that fair Vaughn, as the One With The Money and the One With The Legal Contract clearly has the upper hand in the relationship It s a doomed union from the start, only because of this imbalance of power And yet, how utterly fascinating is it After all, these types of relationships are only all too common in the media today, but I love that Manning is able to take such a controversial topic, reveal how love can be found within it, and never brush aside the messy realities this situation brings.Manning continues to bring up the importance of money only because Vaughn has so much of it while Grace doesn t throughout the novel For me, seeing the subtle changes in Grace s life as money comes and goes played huge roles in defining her character Grace, like most chick lit heroines, is utterly endearing refusing to pay her bills, brought up by her grandparents, besotted with the fashion industry, and struck by a terminal illness of binge shopping Although she seems to be relatively shallow from the surface, her intelligence bleeds through the page, coming across in her sharp wit and her fierce determination to win ground when it comes to Vaughn While Grace is naturally intimidated by the opulent lifestyle she now finds herself a part of, she meets each challenge with courage, slowly overcoming her own fears as her relationship with Vaughn progresses Additionally, while she and Vaughn butt heads than once after all, Vaughn demands that his every command is fulfilled theirs is an arc that continues to delight as the story progresses, journeying from stiff acquaintances to comfortable friends It s a slow, but rewarding, adventure, filled with many memorable arguments, inexcusable words, and tender moments Ultimately, Manning truly hits the nail on the head in capturing the complexity of their relationship, from its strange start to its unlikely meaning.And what about Vaughn Where do I possibly begin with this exasperating, enthralling man Vaughn is, I suppose, an alpha male in nearly every regard And yet, I hesitate to slap that label upon him Instead, I find him to be much of a perfectionist, detail oriented and a stickler for schedules Vaughn merely has so many layers to him As we get to know him better, we see sides to him that we ve never seen before, but that never discounts the original angles we met him at either Manning ensures that we are aware, constantly, of Vaughn s mixed nature of his demands, but his charm of his distance, but his insight Easily one of the most intriguing aspects to Vaughn is his utter belief in Grace Grace, whose parent less upbringing has left her a mess Grace, who lacks the backbone to stand up for herself Grace, whose confidence level is at its lowest point And, somehow, despite the difficulty of living with Vaughn, Grace begins to change, discover, and believe in the newer, better version of herself that Vaughn demands she put forward Although their interactions are prickly at best, it works. Vaughn, too, is slowly changed by Grace, the man he hides underneath his layers slowly emerging While Unsticky seems to contain that classic route of a significant other changing their partner, in reality, all the growth that these characters experience comes from within It is never an easy or even a neat path Often, the journey is plain difficult to watch unfold, but it s that brutal honesty that I can count on with Manning and that I come back for, every time.Even if Unsticky weren t a love story, I would have loved it Of course, the budding romance between Grace and Vaughn is tragically beautiful sticky, sexy, and sweet Yet, it is the individual growth it is the people that these characters grow into after they walk away from each other that makes this such a remarkable novel I find that there is no dearth of troubled pasts in literature today, but Manning throws two seemingly normal people into an outlandish scenario and spins their tale magnificently Moreover, I appreciated that the secrets hiding in Vaughn and Grace s closets were not so out there as to be depressing I cannot count the number of times I ve seen messy pasts revealed to be drugs, rape, cancer, or some other form of emotional scarring It s not that Manning s characters aren t emotionally broken because they are it s only that their pasts aren t as shady or different If anything, Manning perfectly portrays that even the smallest of instances a mother in another country, for instance can grow and change a person s psyche incredibly.If you re a fan of real character depth, messy relationships, or even unlikely affection, then Unsticky is not to be missed While all her stories are compulsively readable, impossible to drag out as they consume your life so completely, this one was utterly flawless In fact, I just want to take the day off tomorrow, snuggle under the blankets, and re read this from cover to cover It s that good I just don t know how I m going to possibly get over my book hangover from this one nowYou can read this review and on my blog Ivy Book Bindings.

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    Time s up, Grace Are you in or out Doesn t quite have the same ring as Pretty Woman, does it 2.75 stars Consider Unsticky to be 1 part Chick Lit and 2 parts dramatic Contemporary Romance Confused yet I would have sworn this was straight chick litup until it wasn t And I wasn t a fan of that weird transition Right down to the last 100 pages, I was sure I would end up going with a 2 star rating, but I truly loved some of the character interactions conversations which took place near the end, even though I hated how I never attached to the characters before they got to the growth point Grace is no Julia Roberts, that s for sure Even though Ms Roberts has never been my personal standard for beauty, I will hand it to her that her performance of that infamous hooker is a role which has stayed with me You see, this bookit could have been a fun take on the Pretty Woman theme At first, I sort of had a Don and Megan mental picture for Grace and Vaughnshe s younger and still learning who she is He s older and little bit cranky slash mysterious slash amusing Their first couple of times spent together were super awkward I saw it starting like thisAnd ending up like thisAnd it kind of did But not really Vaughn wants to buy Grace to be his mistress companion, JUST LIKE IN PRETTY WOMAN EPIC, right Not so much Instead, it was fashion, flubs, and the manifestation of inner demons.Grace wasn t a quirky hooker who talked like a guy and knew how to work on cars.Nope She worked in the fashion industry and obsessed over clothes Grace didn t want to know how much she d spent and actually she didn t really care She just wanted to fill up the gaping chasm inside her with pretty things.Buy a pretty vibrator for your gaping chasm It s cheaper.I like to put on cute clothes as much as the next girl, but I don t want to actually READ about name brands and fashion as the base of a story unless we re getting some down and dirty info about the fashion industry or something Vaughn is too obsessed with sweets She could taste vanilla ice cream and expectation.Vaughn was already pulling the bowl closer Are you sure he asked Grace didn t even have time to nod before he brought the spoon to his mouth Every time he swallowed, Vaughn would close his eyes and purse his lips, like he was having these tiny moments of rapture.Can I erase that image from my brain, the thought of a man having a mini orgasm over ice cream What s next, does he put on sweats and cry over chick flicks IT S JUST NOT AS GOOD LIKE THIS Office talk and fashion rambling No No No I ran into exact the same problem again that I usually do with chick lit Instead of it being funny or kitschy to me, the vibe generally comes across as shallow and whiny OH, but waitboth of Grace and Vaughn s mentioned hang ups tied back to the revelation of their inner demons later in the story Wanna know something I absolutely hate to read in books Hint it has to do with people self diagnosing themselves Watching Grace wax poetic about why her compulsive shopping was a problem was painful I d rather stick to Vaughn being the jackass Captain Obvious and have him point out Grace s issues instead, like he was doing anyway.Speaking of Vaughn s jackassery by the time we get to the whole I own you because I paid for you part of the story, Vaughn quit being mysterious in a good way and started being creepy, secretive, deceptive, insulting and controlling instead HIGH FIVE, VAUGHN You re sure to win that douche of the year award after that adrenaline shot scene But the point is that screwed up characters generally change into better people, right Isn t that the buildup of the story, to show character growth yes But I don t like when I don t care if the characters even change or not, which is where I was at before any changing happened However, even though I had complaints, I mostly blame the problem on me, again I should have known better, no matter how much the Pretty Woman theme was calling out Most romance bordering on chick lit is usually of a miss than a hit with me, so I might be the random dissenter in a crowd of people who would genuinely like the book.So if you like dramatic contemporary romance or chick lit or a combo of both, which this seems to be , you will probably enjoy Unsticky much than I did.

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    Wow this book is Amazing I love every bits of it from beginning till end just like a sticky toffee pudding view spoiler hide spoiler

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    It s NOT what I ve imagined to be from this author Grace is vapid Nothing interesting or remotely inviting in her character Shallow and then a little stupid She gets dumped by a guy who doesn t love her, and she doesn t love him back She cries. Not because the relationship is over, but from the whole indignation of HOW DARE HE Welcome to the world of one whiny bit h Her shopping sprees and the way she takes care of her finances scream immaturity with an ostrich complex Just stick your head in the sand and life will go away.Oh and like, totally, her conversation is like, so deep, and like so inspired, it leaves you hanging OF THE END OF A FUCKING ROPE The lust between her and Vaughn is explained in a simple touch NO chemistry, NO depth, NO nothing Example He touches her, she feels tingling and sparks, she has to do him on the floor.NOW It s called static electricity you Dumb Ho No, really this is the only thing in their relationship up to so far that speaks of attraction, oh that and his money, so not just a dumb ho, but a golddiggin dumb ho And then, roll out the red carpet for the impressive Vaughn By the author s explanation the image of Vaughn that formed in my mind was that of an dirty old git, baiting kiddies with candy.Nothing to recommend him either In fact, the obvious gaffe about the Greek alphabet, the fact that he had a conversation regarding art with Grace that was a whole of two sentences long and lead him to conclude that she has very good knowledge for a layman on the subject. huh The biggest and smelliest pile of bullshit that exited his mouth came in a form of an explanation of why she should take his contract, and not give her ex a second chance Listen to this gem Your ex doesn t deserve you He doesn t know your worth You should be with a man that appreciates the whole you. AND THEN HE TURNS AROUND AND OFFERS HER A 6 MONTH CONTRACT IN WITCH HE WOULD PAY A FEE FOR THE EXCLUSIVITY OF HER COMPANY Well then, aren t we glad that he knows her worth And the previously mentioned Dumb Ho gets all Omigosh He s like, so totally right I shouldn t stand on this corner and get no traffic I deserve to be on the corner with all the pretty expensive hookers and he will make that happen money symbols flash in her eyes in the sunset, and she swoons Gee Vaughn, you hopeless romantic, you Please bare with me while i grieve not finishing this book.DONE

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    Cover Name 4 5Favorite Line We re broken It s like we have all these jagged edges that scare other people off, but when we re with each other, our jagged edges fit together and we re almost whole Favorite Character GraceI really did not think i would enjoy this book even half as much as i did When i started reading i was worried that i would hate Grace, thus hating the rest of the book Grace is NOT my type of character at all vain weak at the beginning at least Her relationship with V maybe even her entire life is dysfunction As the story went on I liked G V and The flaws that they each had only made me like them The story had depth emotion The storyline was pretty bizarre, I know people have linked it to 50SoG but it is not the same IMO at all The ending was great, i was trying to figure out where it was going for like 6 chapters i was surprised but happy with it In the end I totally loved Grace as well, i guess this is because she developed so much as the book went on I would recommend this book I am planning on reading by this Author.

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    P.S to Sarra Manning and are 24 You can count them and see that I am right Yeah the P.S comes firstActually, I didn t finish the book I wonder why I marked it as to read at first place Grace is the woman I don t want to be even if they give me a million UK pounds 158.430.000 U.S.dollars She has 8 credit cards and 7 of them have reached their limit, she cries because her not so boyfriend dumps her on her birthday even though she doesn t love him and is rude to a stranger who treats her nice and later buys her an expensive designer bag.But that s not what made me quit the book after reading 10% of it I could not read the book because Vaughn says that the Greek alphabet has 23 letters I was pissed off for 2 reasons and I couldn t continue without seeing everything in a negative way in the story Reason 1 I am Greek and I don t like it when people from other countries fuck things up with our language or culture.Reason 2 If you research it on google you can find out how many letters an alphabet has and obviously Sarra Manning didn t do her research which means she doesn t give a damn about what she writes besides the plot of her story and that s something the authors should do.

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    3.5 starsThis is going to be a tough review to make spoiler free, but I m going to try so I apologize in advance if it seems a little fragmented This book was weird I have never both loved and hated a book so strongly as I did with this one So, I was heartened to see when I read other s reviews that I wasn t alone in this assessment It might also be the first time I read a romance for the heroine than the hero Because usually it s the other way around I kept seeing a lot of people compare it to Pretty Woman, but to me, it was like Sophie Kinsella s Shopaholic meets Breakfast at Tiffany s with a touch of My Fair Lady Grace was the kind of character who I always tend to adore, and most readers tend to despise She was jaded, immature, shallow, flaky, impulsive, her morals were sometimes a bit sketchy and she didn t really like herself all that much But, apparently so am I because I can always relate to characters like her But, she was real She was always late for work, loved vintage fashion and bad boys, drank too much, gossiped at work, she wore ugly tights that did not flatter her, much to the chagrin of the people who cared about things like that But yet she genuinely cared about the people in her life And she was kind of funny Like when she s talking to Lily about her arrangement and she thinks to herself Grace was sure that there was a scarlet letter branded on her, Hester Prynne style A big H for Ho. Honestly, she was exactly the kind of girl I most enjoy spending time with.Vaughn Vaughn had to grow on me I kept picturing him looking a lot like Jude Lawwhich helped When Grace first met him, I adored him He was sweet, charming, solicitous and obviously smitten and I thought awww what a sweetheart then Mr Hyde showed up and pretty much possessed Dr Jekyll for most of the rest of the book Poor Grace, she never knew which Vaughn she was dealing with Honestly, I just didn t know what to make of him I would have liked for some of the book to have been from his perspective so that we could get some insight into some of the things he said and the choices he made in regards to Grace view spoiler There were so many times, that I genuinely despised him, and if it were ever possible to reach into a book and slap a character, I so would have done it And outside the bedroom and I guess the kitchen or the dessert table, really , I was never really truly convinced that he felt anything than lukewarm towards her at best But, to be fair as angry as I d get with him for treating her the way he did, I was equally frustrated with Grace for putting up with it from him God, she was such a doormat to everyone for a lot of the book Though, we at least have Vaughn to thank for her finally growing a backbone hide spoiler

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    This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves We re broken It s like we have all these jagged edges that scare other people off, but when we re with each other, our jagged edges fit together and we re almost whole On paper, Sarra Manning s Unsticky has all the trappings of a novel I should hate a wealthy man a desperate, naive young women and an outlandish scenario throwing the two together And yet, it came highly recommended by Angie, whose taste is excellent and is very similar to my own also excellent taste And where other books with similar plots enrage me, Unsticky enthralled me I lost sleep and fought through weary eyes to get through this captivating 550 page novel.Grace is a recent almost grad there was an incident at her senior show that prevented her from actually graduating from college who partied too hard, hooked up with too many losers, is drowning in debt and working in a dead end job at a fashion assistant at a magazine where she seems destined to never get her shot Grace is not particularly likable, and she s certainly not an easy character She makes bad decisions and doesn t own up to her self created problems.Being drunk really brought out her inner vicious bitch.At one of her lowest moments, Grace meets Vaughn, an older extremely wealthy art dealer who has an intriguing, and disturbing proposition for her in exchange for thousands per month, she ll be at his beck and call, host his parties, and be his arm candy whenever she s needed Desperate for cash and in need of something anything different in her life, Grace signs a six month agreement and she s quickly drawn into Vaughn s world of privilege and society.Sound familiar Actually, Unsticky isn t what you think.Quickly, a line blurs, and Vaughn and Grace s agreement gets complicated They re both difficult, not particularly likable people, and yet there s something between them that works They have a prickly sort of friendship that works They also have chemistry, despite that even their sexual relationship is just business Sort of.And that s where Grace s interesting internal conflict emerges What is she Employee Friend Prostitute Because there s no doubt about it, she sold herself for money and clothes, but there s something real between she and Vaughn, though neither of them really understands that because they re both such emotional disasters In a lot of ways, the dynamic between these two characters reminded me of Victoria and Eli from Molly O Keefe s Can t Hurry Love Like Victoria and Eli, Grace and Vaughn are using each other, and intellectually speaking, that s a disturbing, dysfunctional dynamic And yetThis thing with Vaughn wasn t built to last, but while it did, Grace felt as if it was giving her the potential to change to be the Grace she wanted to be or at least, like the Grace she wanted to be It wasn t just the outside stuff, the spa ing and the pretty clothes and the posh weekend breaks It was being with a man like Vaughn who d obviously seen something in her that she still couldn t see in herself If she took her cues from Vaughn, let him guide her, got used to being in his world, then it would all rub off on her She d have that glossy patina that the posh girls, the successful girls, the sophisticated girls had that was nothing to do with how shiny their hair was but came from walking in a world which was always good to them.Grace finds herself believing in this new version of herself, seeing that she s than a mess of a career and a pile of debt And Vaughn, despite his surly and difficult personality, seems to believe in Grace too Despite this, life gets very, very complicated for Grace.The arrangement with Vaughn has extreme requirements She has miss friends if you can call them that Grace isn t so great at forging relationships events and Christmas with the grandparents who raised her, all to be at Vaughn s beck and call At one point, she becomes so ill with flu she can t get out of bed and yet she still has to perform at yet another one of Vaughn s meetings Grace stared at him for as long as it took until he turned away from the snowy vista and met her eyes I fucking hate you, she enunciated slowly and clearly.Vaughn shrugged and his lips quirked maybe a half of a millimetre upwards I know, he said, sounding not the least bit surprised.The bulk of Unsticky involves the question of what direction Grace will go in her life Will she figure out how to stand up for herself at work, with Vaughn Will she figure out how to support herself or is she destined to be some guy s arm candy These questions are what differentiated Unsticky for me, compared to the million other iterations of this storyline.Unsticky is really about broken, messed up people figuring out a way to make life work for them, as individuals first I honestly didn t care what the outcome of Grace and Vaughn s arrangement would ultimately be Rather, as the story developed, I rooted for them as individuals I hoped that Grace would figure out that she could be I hoped that Vaughn would realize that he is than his money If they could help one another do that, all the better We re a good team, though neither of us is particularly house trained, are we She knew exactly what he meant Despite their differences, because of their differences, they were a perfect mismatched set Two sides of the same tarnished penny An out of step Fred and Ginger Vaugn was just as fucked up as she was he was just so much better at hiding it.It s hard to share much else about Unsticky without ruining Unsticky, which I highly recommend particularly for readers looking for a meaty read with characters that challenge the notion of likability in favor of complex character development and emotional authenticity With Unsticky, Manning has crafted a story that, well sticks FNL Character Rating Tyra ColletteNote While Sarra Manning s adult novels are only published in the U.K her YA fiction is published here , she recently self published both Unsticky and You Don t Have to Say You Love Me for Kindle complete with all the British isms preserved I know, I know puns.Initial reaction This was really really good I ll definitely be glomming other Sarra Manning books asap.

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    The characters annoyed me in this book The storyline was basically the same as Manning s other novel You Don t Have To Say You Love Me And it was far, far too long again It dragged and I couldn t wait for it to be over.So, yes, sorry, this review is pretty negative, but I just hate it when authors try to romanticise abusive relationships, because this is what happens in this book and it s just not cool There were bits and pieces that had me frowning throughout the book, but it was page 514 in my edition which made me particularly uncomfortable and here are a few lines to show you what I mean Vaughn was at her side so fast that Grace wasn t sure how he d managed it, his hands wrapping round her wrists in a bruising grip, so he could haul her closer in a parody of every time he d done just that she he could kiss her Further down the page Grace tried to wrench her hands free so she could clamp them over her ears, but Vaughn refused to let her go, pressing down harder so she cried out as he dragged her towards the sofa and forced her into a sitting position Even further down the page Vaughn finally released her wrists, but it was just a momentary respite, so he could sit down next to her and cup her face in his hands Grace could feel the tremor in his fingers, as if Vaughn was just itching to snap her neck Not only that, Vaughn told her what to wear and how to have her hair, and was always chastising her like a silly girl, and, the best part was, Grace just let him do it By the end of the book, in fact, she was actually begging Vaughn to take her back no matter what he demanded of her as Grace says to Vaughn on page 561, If you want to start investing in Young Berlin Artists then I ll learn to speak German You decide that college is where it s at, I ll swot up on that All the while I was thinking where is your self respect woman Plus when does this end So, I usually try not to be so mean in my reviews, but this book just made me mad, so, sorry, but I just didn t like it.

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