Fire It Is Not A Peaceful Time In The Dells The Young King Nash Clings To His Throne While Rebel Lords In The North And South Build Armies To Unseat Him The Mountains And Forests Are Filled With Spies And Thieves And Lawless MenThis Is Where Fire Lives With A Wild, Irresistible Appearance And Hair The Color Of Flame, Fire Is The Last Remaining Human Monster Equally Hated And Adored, She Had The Unique Ability To Control Minds, But She Guards Her Power, Unwilling To Steal The Secrets Of Innocent People Especially When She Has So Many Of Her OwnThen Prince Brigan Comes To Bring Her To King City, The Royal Family Needs Her Help To Uncover The Plot Against The King Far Away From Home, Fire Begins To Realize There S To Her Power Than She Ever Dreamed Her Power Could Save The KingdomIf Only She Weren T Afraid Of Becoming The Monster Her Father Was

So, here s the short tale of me I grew up in the countryside of northeastern Pennsylvania in a village with cows and barns and beautiful views from the top of the hill and all that good stuff I lived in a rickety old house with my parents, three sisters, and a scattering of cats, and I READ READ READ READ READ I read while brushing my teeth, I read while chopping parsley, the first thing I reac

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Fire By Kristin Cashore –
  • Hardcover
  • 480 pages
  • Fire
  • Kristin Cashore
  • English
  • 06 August 2017
  • 9780803734616

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    My head hurts from crying but other than that, so very good Loved this book

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    She made a bad monster, and a worst human Fire s world is full of monsters They are similar to regular animals only beautiful and dangerous than any other creature Their pelts are mesmerizing rich hues of midnight blues or forest greens or sunset oranges That combined with their nearly psychic powers allow for monsters entrance lure their prey to their untimely deaths It s hard to wake from a nightmare when the nightmare is real. Fire is one of those monsters but she s far deadly, she s a human monster Her hair contains the most beautiful shades of reds, auburn and magenta, her beauty is beyond renowned and her mind can ensnare all but the strongest willed humans But.She doesn t want this.She hates how her beauty entrances even herself, how her best friend has grown possessive over her littlest gesture and how despite all she can do, she s constantly shuffled off to the side When a mysteriously empty headed archer attempts an assassination, Fire soon finds herself en route to the king in the company of a very distrustful prince and his guard For the first time, she s alone will she break free of convention or be stuck hiding inside herself forever Absolutely loved this pseudo sequel prequel companion novel to Gracling It has some elements from the first book namely, the Big Bad evil Gracling the one that controls minds through the sound of his voice but this novel is set in a completely different country and set several decades before Graceling Normally, I m a bit bitter when book two contains no principle characters of book one but I am definitely making an exception in this case Really enjoyed it It was a hurting tune, resigned, a cry of heartache for all in the world that fell apart As ash rose black against the brilliant sky, Fire s fiddle cried out for the dead, and for the living who stay behind to say goodbye. Audiobook CommentsThe reading was really well done It wasn t a full production like book one, but the reader did a great job of characterization and tone The 2018 ABC Reading Challenge FBlog Instagram Twitter

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    Granted, I went into this book annoyed with Cashore s anti marriage, pro casual sex message in Graceling, but the book never got interesting enough to overcome those messages Okay, I didn t finish it, but if 222 pages into it, I m bored and nearly shaking with rage at Cashore for using a YA story as a thinly veiled piece of propaganda, I doubt the end of the book will redeem itself This isn t even YA, it s adult high fantasy, but these days publishers market everything as YA, and so it s sold and read as YA where Cashore forces her stories around some unhealthy and harmful messages instead of letting her characters and story grow organically.This world full of monsters so beautiful people throw themselves at the monsters in lust and the monsters can control everyone s mind to make them do whatever they want was not a world I wanted to believe in Plus, Fire is way too much like Katsa, but less interesting, whiny, and the whole society promiscuous The book is congested with friends with benefits incidentally an 17 year old with a guy several years older than her whom she doesn t even like and knows he s sleeping with every other girl in the country , a whole society sleeping around and fathering illegitimate children all over the place, lots of uncontrolled lust, people and animals throwing themselves at Katsa Fire because she s on her period, rape from all that uncontrolled lust , murder, that whole village plunder and destroy stuff, and the happy mention of her father saying that just because Katsa Fire is beautiful he would never act out on that lust because he loves her, so throw a little incest into the mix I don t know of a single, healthy relationship in the whole book, at least the part I got through And the very worst of all of this is these things have nothing to do with the storyline.The story was so slow developing and the characters one dimensional that never gained my sympathy So I m making up my own ending, which I ve hidden under a spoiler tag since apparently it s pretty closer view spoiler that prince guy, Brigan, who hated Katsa, I mean Fire, with a passion and then all of sudden by the next meeting he s silently brooding over her, obviously in lust but she s too stupid to realize she lusts after him, yeah they re going to start sleeping together and then Fire can have a child without having a child and Cashore will justify why she absolutely cannot get married But that would make Fire look cruel to dump Archer when he s openly sleeping with every other girl in the country so we re going to have to kill him off This is wartime, we could do it there although it d be likely that he dies from an STD , no, there s that whole unanswered question about king Leck in the prologue the only good part of the story so there s got to be a showdown with Fire and Leck and maybe all of Archer s testosterone can get him in trouble there Yeah, that seems predictable hide spoiler

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    Watch my review here

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    Unlike Graceling, Fire doesn t get better upon rereading The core of my issues with it remains the same, specifically Cashore s nontraditional approach to marriage and women s empowerment I ll elaborate on it later But besides that, this time this book is just boring I think I was pretty generous to give Fire 3.5 stars 2 years ago I now feel it deserves at least 1 star less Too much navel gazing, too much contemplating and whining and crying on Fire s part without enough action and romance to balance things out, too much talk of periods and cramps Plus, the nature of Fire s power is such that even the most climactic part of the novel comes off as an over complicated non event.I still think there is an improvement in Cashore s writing in terms of world building But, after reading Megan Whalen Turner s novels that were, undoubtedly, an inspiration to Cashore, Fire pales in comparison The intrigues, the politics of it are only weak shadows of those of Attolia.And now onto the main concerns I think it s certainly brave of an author to create novels where heroines are different from the so called norm Cashore writes young women craving full independence, undesiring of long term partners and children That s fine But I can t help but be disappointed in how all women are portrayed in Fire They all are not exactly immoral, but definitely lacking in scruples, dignity and caution They cheat, the sleep with everyone around, they get pregnant when they have resources not to, they don t care if they are cheated on, they, to me, seem to think they don t deserve love, monogamy or at least respect The men are no better, they are indiscriminately cheaters, philanderers and rapists I ll be hard pressed to find even one healthy, committed relationship between a man and a woman in this book, a relationship where participants are equal partners in all decisions, including those concerning procreation Call me old fashioned, but I believe a man should have a say in the decisions about child bearing as well As a result, Fire is full to the brim with illegitimate children literally, almost everyone in the book is a bastard or a result of a rape and excessive amount of casual, adulterous and forced sex It s a soap opera And it s boring and would have benefited from some tightening up.I don t think I ll be reading Fire again.

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    Well, this was a pleasant surprise I really enjoyed Graceling back in the day, but it had been a few years since I read that so I wasn t sure what to expect I was BLOWN AWAY I fell in love with the world with the monsters and politics, the characters, the romance all of the relationships Fire has develops in this book, actually.Fantastic Itching for a re read already.

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    Fire is a monster Monsters in her homeland are creatures of brilliant colors, each with abilities, that feed on humans and animals there are even monster insects and each other They have a tremendous attraction for human beings, one of extreme passion which leads to murder, clutching, or attack, depending on the human, which is why Fire has led much of her life isolated in the house of her hated monster father, who died several years ago Her only friends are Archer and his father.And then everything goes pear shaped A strange bowman with an empty head shoots Archer Fire brings him in, but he escapes, and is murdered in turn The realm is in chaos, and the crown is calling on Fire to use her mind probing skills to find out what spies are withholding Fire doesn t want to do it she feels she must live her life in expiation for her father s existence and her own but she must go to the capital to face the issue herself It s an incredibly complex book Fire is in the position of holding off one brother who is driven to possessive passion by her monster looks, while another brother distrusts her and she cannot tell what the third thinks of her at all She s in an ethical tangle over entering the minds of others, but she has to do it to survive, or people would tear her to pieces She has her own dark secrets, for someone who has lived in the country all her life And her best friend, the only one who wants nothing from her, is a horse named Small.Cashore s writing is polished than GRACELING, and Fire is a very different person from Katsa The book is REALLY good Reading it made me very, very happy

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    There is this big jerk of a kid that is an animal or monster torturer in the beginning of the book Luckily, he s only in a little bit of the book toward the end I wanted to be a giant to step on his sorry arse Moving on I have mixed feelings about this book so I m just going to go with I liked it but didn t love it And there is nothing wrong with that Let me put up my spoilers sign before I forget Sigh So, I was thinking Archer was going to be my love interest in the book until 1 He s all in Fire s business when she talks to any of the guards 2 He s always harassing her to marry him 3 He tells Fire he will quit sleeping around if she would just marry him DUDE I WOULD DROP KICK YOU OFF THE ROOF And Fire too for that matter for still sleeping with him But, I digress It took me a minute to like Brigan He was a jerk a bit at first but for good reasons Then he started to fall in love with Fire and she with him I was hoping there was going to be a big ole wedding but there wasn t unless I missed it while stomping on people and drop kicking people of roofs that was a big ole run on sentence Brigan had a sweet little girl named Hanna that I loved too Fire met Brigan and King Nash and other peeps when she journeyed from her home with Archer to meet everyone and do some stuff Fire lived in her own house and Archer and his father, Lord Brocker in the other house They protected each other Anyway, all kinds of things went down and war is brewing and spies everywhere trying to kill everyone Fire can read minds and change peoples minds or destroy them if she wants She s part monster Heh I m not even explaining all of that, you can read the book This does make men fall at her feet with desire and rape on their minds I mean, really She is also attacked by other monster animals because they desire her blood Thus, we get to read continually in the book about her damn time of the month and how they had to kill extra raptor monsters to keep her safe I have never heard about a woman s period so much in my life I did like Fire though even with the few faults she had and I loved her horse, Small He was a great horse and friend to her So there was a lot of people coming and going and fighting and some evil peeps killed someone that I didn t want to die even if they made me mad There were several attempts on Fire s life Overall I liked the book and some of the characters I did love Fire s guards, Musa and Mila They were good women guards that ended up as friends too There were a few other people I liked too So, onto the next book and hopefully it will be good too I like that these are stand alone books I liked Graceling better than this one, lets see what I think about Bitterblue MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List

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    Disappointing.Having read and loved Graceling, I was greatly anticipating Fire and was unfortunately very let down Fire never gripped me, I never came to care about her, or even like her much.There are a lot of things about this book that bothered me The character of Archer, the friend with benefits, seems out of place in a YA novel There was an awful lot of casual sex and making babies and confused parentage.And, seriously, she has to walk around with an armed guard because she s having her period All of that info went nowhere, it didn t add to the story and wasn t neccessary to the plot Fire s relationship with Brigan didn t ring true It didn t have anything to base it on other than he was kind to her and she couldn t get in his head Where have I read that before I didn t quite understand the whole monster world Where did they come from There wasn t any real tension to the book, nothing she was striving toward or away from, it all just sort of sits there, nothing really memorable about the whole story It seems like a lot of lead up to nothing.The whole plot with the archers coming after her and Leck kidnapping her fizzled I can t even recommend this one to fans of Graceling, sorry to say.

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    fortunately, jenn awwww yeeaahhhh is literally half my size go on look at my shoulders i am like a mighty moose to her delicate deer there is no way she can make good on that i am just going to say it i liked this book less than i liked graceling.bring it, tiny creature.and from a critical standpoint, there is nothing wrong with this book it has a fine story arc, good character development, a good array of both descriptive and action sequences i would say that the pacing is a little slower than in graceling and can get bogged down in a bit too much detail, but that s not necessarily a deal breaker, although unusual for YA lit so my gripe is woefully lowbrow ready i just could never get into the character the idea of mind control is awesome, and this book makes important moral points about its use, but i don t want to read YA philosophy books, i wanna read about girl power and magic and murderous justice although, for the teens, also good points about pregnancy if you can t live with the results, take precautions pleeeease stop making babies the teen mom phenomenon where girls are getting knocked up just to be on teevee is gross but it doesn t have the kickass factor of graceling this is all chilly analytical restraint and good judgment and guardedness it is like watching someone play chess you have to respect the skill involved, but really, i would rather be watchinghttp watch v KFV0Uvi find her emotional responses bland the man she loves beds every woman in his path, and she shrugs it off without jealousy not only can i not relate to this, but i cannot respect it but then, vengeance runs deep in me.and i don t need to fall in love with my characters i am all about appreciating the antihero, but i have to be able, at least, to respect them and their path self sacrifice is great and all, but you re a superfine babe with the power of mind control seriously after a point, the mind control becomes irrelevant, right she needs no additional powers.but this is all sound und fury und nonsense for whatever reason, i just was not able to get into this book, despite several really cool scenes part of it was trying to fit this world into the previous book so this world has monsters but not gracelings but why and how do they really differ part of it was the grotesque nature of all the male characters grope y king, slutty archer, sadist dad, reading the minds of a million would be rapists part of it was the stifling of a beautiful, powerful butterfly under this overdeveloped guilt for things not her fault flaunt that shit you aren t your daddy just because you are gorgeous good on you for being a clara barton there for a while, but take down that hair, dollface drop it like it s hot etc we need another sassy gay friend intervention so yeah not at all painful to read, but it is no threat to my still monogamous relationship with i run away, having learned lessons from goliath.come to my blog

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