The Midnight Examiner

The Midnight Examiner Fantasist William Kotzwinkle Takes Readers On A Wild Ride In This Thriller Set In The Sleazy World Of The Tabloids Howard Halliday, The Editor Of The Midnight Examiner And The Unlikely Protagonist In William Kotzwinkle S Latest Novel, Becomes Embroiled With Several Shady Characters, Including A Bloodthirsty Crime Lord And A Porn Queen In Danger, Who Lead Him Into A Bizarre Escapade That Rivals Only The Freakish Headlines In The Midnight Examiner

William Kotzwinkle is a two time recipient of the National Magazine Award for Fiction, a winner of the World Fantasy Award, the Prix Litteraire des Bouquinistes des Quais de Paris, the PETA Award for Children s Books, and a Book Critics Circle award nominee His work has been translated into dozens of languages.

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  • Paperback
  • 203 pages
  • The Midnight Examiner
  • William Kotzwinkle
  • German
  • 11 March 2017
  • 9783499128028

10 thoughts on “The Midnight Examiner

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    Totally hilarious Just when I thought there was getting to be too much same ol same ol , the story took off and didn t stop until a couple of wrap up pages at the end Think Bowery Boys take on inept mobsters with the aid of a Voodoo Queen Too much risqu language in the dragging beginning, but it worked once the dangerous mission began.

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    Read this book for 1,001 books list It was not my favorite by any stretch The satire was too dated for me and the situations were not nuanced enough I wanted to be moved by what this book was saying about gentrification and society but meh.I just didn t feel it.

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    I don t really know what to think about this apart from the fact that I found it devastatingly funny When a porn actress called Mitzi Mouse is interrupted while writing poetry on a filming break and acccidentally shoots mob boss Tony Baloney in the leg, he sends his goombahs after her and the staff of Chameleon publications have to come to her aid With no than hot sauce tipped blow pipe darts, a fishing rod, some homespun style advice and a bit of mail order Voodoo powder to help them, the publishers and writers of such titles as Knockers, Bottoms and Real Life Brides ride to the rescue, helped by Fernando, the art director who cannot see a bare wall without painting his Big Womans on it.They all think in headlines every encounter is a prompt to a fresh lurid story It seems to be a plea for the underclass, for the millions for whom tabloid nonsense is a clarion call to experience real life in all its sensational detail Even the character who has true journalisitc pretensions gives up his dream after their adventure, because working for the New York Times would not get him into scrapes like that.

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    the examiner of the title is a tabloid and we are immersed with its eccentric staff the dialogue is fast and funny but this is a very silly book you need to treat it like a textual 3 stooges.

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    The Midnight Examiner is a trashy magazine, the kind that make up stories to publish Our fearless leader is Howard Halliday the editor We meet Howard at work in his Times Square office The host of characters at the office are strange to say the least The publisher, Nathan, carries a blowgun at work and isn t afraid to use I saw a man in the hallway with a blowgun in his hands Our publisher Have you any writing experience Fernando works in the art department and his story of my big womans made me laugh than once The story eventually moves out of the office and mayhem ensues There are equally entertaining characters out of the office as in My favorite was Mussa, the Egyptian driver, his thoughts on life and driving made me laugh He pointed toward a sign FINE FOR BLOWING HORN You blow horn, you feel fine, help relieve tension My interest in this book waxed and waned It was slow to start for me and I had trouble getting into the story but half way in I started appreciating the insanity of it all There is a confrontation in the story and action takes place but the sequence of events seem to drag for me so I lost interest again Reviews for this book are all over the place I think if you like quirky dark humor then you will like this one.

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    The staff of a company of tabloid publications runs afoul of the mob by accident and hijinks ensue, with the aid of a fishing pole and a voodoo priestess There s also a large painting of a naked woman This was a fun read, easy, nothing heavy I enjoyed a respite from the strenuous topics of some of the other 1001 books This book clearly doesn t take itself very seriously, either, and that was enjoyable Food Reese s Pieces You can eat a whole bag before you even realize you re halfway in.

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    A wild ride through 1980s New York City on the coattails of a tabloid editor Kotzwinkle s book reminds me of how much grimier NYC was in the 80s porn theaters and winos populated Times Square and middle class people lived on Manhattan Howard Halliday is our guide to this airbrushed voodoo taxicab thrill ride Buckle your seatbelts, Uqal Mussa is at the wheel

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    So funny

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    Sometimes you come across a book so stupid you don t know what to say about it For me, The Midnight Examiner is one of those books It s a madcap zany adventure that feels like one of those terrible comedies that crop up on cable tv on a sunday evening.Howard is the editor of a publishing company all lurid magazines and all his staff are a bunch of crackpots From the blow dart loving publisher to the mail order priest head of religious publications One day while in a porn movie one staff member accidentally shoots a mafia boos and the whole team are under a situation which is crazier than the stuff they publish Yes everything works out in the end and Howard finds a decent job in the long run too Oh yes there s a Voodoo Queen involved in thwarting the gangsters.The Midnight Examiner is just ridiculous, from the beginning to the very end The dialogue is irritating and the characters are so stupid you can t identify with them Maybe this is supposed to be a satire on seedy mags but I was plain pissed off while readings this in order to let the humour sink in.Some books remain out of print for a reason.Avoid.

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    The Midnight Examiner is a completely bonkers romp through the seedy underbelly of the modern New York underworld, where voodoo princesses knock out mafia men and catatonic schizophrenic artists paint Big Womans on any wall left unprotected It s a funny bit of fluff which is not quite hilarious, but a very welcome change of pace from the majority of super serious list books The staff at the Midnight Examiner flock to the aid of a damsel in distress, a poetry writing porn star, and find themselves in sillier and sillier situations until the wonderfully mundane ending the only fitting ending, I might add In the background you can already sense the ongoing march of gentrification, and a fight for an old way of life that may be best not being preserved A lot of fun

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