The Impact of a Single Event

The Impact of a Single Event A Terrible Car Accident Occurs Richard And Sonia, A Couple With A Crumbling Marriage, Stop To Help The Critically Injured Victims In The Process, They Find A Year Old Journal By The Side Of The Road Six Different People Have Written In The Journal Though The Entries Span Three Centuries, The Writers Share A Quest The Search For Meaning In Their Lives These Stories Take Richard And Sonia On A Personal And Historic Journey Across Canada To The Jungles Of India And Back To The Canadian Rocky Mountains, Where A Final Mystery Awaits

R L Rod Prendergast s first novel, The Impact of a Single Event, was long listed for literary fiction by the Independent Publisher Book Awards in 2009 The book became a bestseller in Canada Rod s second novel, Dinner with Lisa, was awarded the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze Medal for Best Regional Fiction, Western Canada Inspired by his son s inability to sleep through th

[Epub] ➟ The Impact of a Single Event Author R.L. Prendergast –
  • Paperback
  • 287 pages
  • The Impact of a Single Event
  • R.L. Prendergast
  • English
  • 14 February 2018
  • 9780978454807

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    In the Fall of 2017, I won The Impact of a Single Event by R.L Prendergast in a Goodreads Giveaway I was finally able to make time to read it, and I m so sorry I waited this long It was superb I initially entered the contest because it was about the passing of a journal over a 150 year period throughout a few different connected families Writing and genealogy, how could I not love it At about 280 pages, it is such an easy to read novel, I devoured it in about 3 hours one afternoon.Sonia and Richard, a couple in their mid to late 30 s, stop on the road to help victims of a car accident After the ambulance arrives and carts the couple to the hospital, Sonia and Richard find the journal among the victims belongings, then rush to the hospital to drop it all off From there, the book alternates chapters tracing the lineage of the journal back 6 generations and discussing the impact of it on Sonia and Richard s current lives We learn about what s going on with Sonia and Richard in their chapters and understand what troubles they face, but we also see how the journal was used by each of the 6 people who d previously written in it In the final chapter, Sonia and Richard leave their own imprint when the journal finds its way back to their hands.Much of the writing style and language in this book is absolutely enchanting In the first 75%, I found myself turning pages without even realizing how much time had passed by It was so engaging When I hit the final chapter, I was less interested only because it became a bit Eat Pray Love journey, which while fascinating, isn t something I can easily grasp when it s set in 1860s India I m just not familiar enough with the country, religions, or the history, but for the right reader, this will be, I m certain, a phenomenal journey That said, it was still beautiful, and if that final chapter the longest was like the rest, I would have given this 5 stars It was a case of reader disconnect and not anything the writer had done It was written well, just hard for me to connect when the main character of that journal entry was hiding in a jungle hoping not to be eaten by a tiger I tend to prefer something a bit concrete with just a dose of philosophy.The way the journal is handed off from person to person is breathtaking The characters are rich and vibrant The jump from time periods is virtually effortless And there s a great family tree graphic in the beginning to help you understand how everyone s connected, but in all honesty, it s not necessary despite how complicated the story can get And there s a wonderful surprise at the end which I wasn t expecting.It s a high recommendation from me if you like books to move you and take you on a journey But you need to be comfortable with missing details, getting in your head, and taking a leap of faith in philosophy Kudos to the author for one of the most seamlessly written books of this nature I ve read before.

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    Story Description A terrible car accident occurs Richard and Sonia, a couple with a crumbling marriage, stop to help the critically injured victims In the process, they find a 140 year old journal by the side of the road Six different people have written in the journal Though the entries span three centuries, the writers share a quest the search for meaning in their lives These stories take Richard and Sonia on a personal and historic journey across Canada to the jungles of India and back to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where a final mystery awaits.My Review Richard and Sonia happen upon a car crash on the highway There are two people trapped inside an over turned vehicle The woman is hanging upside down in her seatbelt and the man is pinned in by the steering wheel Sonia calls 911 on her cell phone to report the horrific scene displayed before them Quickly the smell of gasoline permeates the air and the rush is on to remove these two people from their car before it catches fire or explodes into a fireball They finally free them and manage to drag them to a safer place The female is bleeding profusely from a chest wound where a large piece of glass has impaled her chest and the man is making horrible gurgling sounds from his throat The ambulance finally arrives and the victims of the accident are on their way to the hospital.Once the ambulance has gone, Richard and Sonia notice that the personal belongings of the passengers are strewn about the highway Feeling badly for the couple they garner some garbage bags from the police and two old suitcases from the back of the car and begin the process of collecting their property and packing them in the bags and suitcases When they are done, they head over to give the property to the police to deliver to the hospital for the couple, in case they survived, but the police wouldn t have time and asked Richard and Sonia if they wouldn t mind dropping them off themselves They were a little taken aback but quickly agreed As they were walking back to their own vehicle, Richard suddenly sees what looks like a book under the bumper of his car and bends down to retrieve it Once inside the car where he could see, he quickly realizes this book is very, very old and appears to be a diary or journal of some sort.It turns out to be a journal that is 140 years old and has been passed along to different people who have recorded a story from their own lives into it Although each person s story is somewhat a condensed version, they are riveting stories that you simply can t stop reading Mr Prendergast has smartly woven these stories together with a constant character that has come into possession of the journal.I thoroughly enjoyed the amalgamation of stories from the different time periods The characters in each life story were well developed and the vividness of the writing made me feel as though I myself was there I could see the sights, surroundings and smell the odours I also loved the fact that the book was written by a Canadian and set in various parts of Canada The Impact of a Single Event had me pulled in right from the beginning and held my attention non stop until the end Speaking of the end, I loved the twist at the end, totally unexpected but absolutely perfect Don t miss out on this one, once the word is out about how good this book is, it s going to be a roaring success Well done Mr Prendergast

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    I read this book because my Mum was walking through the bookstore, and the author was signing copies As mother s do, she started talking about me, and Mr Prendergast told her I d probably love this book Turned out, I did I found it a different and fascinating read I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in this kind of book.

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    I stumbled upon this novel by chance extremely fitting, after having read it while volunteering at a literacy event This book has changed me I have only just finished reading it, so I m still sort of in a state where my thoughts aren t entirely coherent as I try to explain its beauty For those of you who spend your free hours contemplating the nature of our world and the purpose of existence, you will find many of the questions you ask yourself as you lie awake at night answered here Of course, I use the term answered very loosely there are no real, concrete answers to these contemplations When you finish reading this masterpiece, in all likelihood you will observe the world differently I had quite a few personal philosophical epiphanies throughout my reading that I needed to jot down I was so excited to know that the thing mentioned at the end of the book actually exists I want to make it an aspiration of mine to visit it sometime during my life But who knows if I will An eternally changing world offers no future for which you must aim.

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    I was very intrigued when I discovered this book,by the title, and that it was written by a Canadian author I had yet to hear about I was not disappointed a very compelling story written in a unique format The story is told in the form of a journal, spanning many years, with entries made by many people, searching, as we all do, for meaning in their lives Those who inherited the journal all felt The Impact of a Single Event.

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    What a neat book this was Written by an author from Edmonton, Alberta, he describes a series of events that are all connected through a journal that has been passed down from person to person for 150 years A good book, with many life lessons mixed in.

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    Loved this book Kept me engaged from beginning to end Beautiful message and really makes you think about life from a different perspective Can t wait to see his next book

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    DelightfulI found myself being quite irritated with many of the characters in the beginning of the book, but as the stories unfolded, and the meaning of the book unfolded in so many layers, I realized the author meant it to be that way The early characters were very simple and flat, but as the many lessons of the book were revealed, so the characters increased in their depth Well done Ready for another of his books.I received this book as a Good reads giveaway Thank you.

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    A novel worth readingAn old and weathered journal impacts the lives all all who chance to read it Covering 150 years, it reveals varied and complex characters whose lives are altered after reading the journal, and who in turn pass it off to persons who will continue making entries.

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    What would you record if handed a journal and asked to write a dairy entry After a car accident a couple on the verge of divorce finds a car crash with seriously injured man and woman As they try to collect the injured couples belongings to deliver to the hospital, they find a dirty, old ancient book In it is a series of entries that will connect them all and send them in search of the last puzzle Very interesting as it gives short glimpses into the lives of each journal entry and the problems they endure Good reading.

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