Selected Short Stories

Selected Short Stories Everything you read from Gorky at the end will make you a better person. Born Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov On March In Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Later Renamed In His Honor Maxim Gorky Would Learn Early The Harsh Lessons Of Life He Spent His Early Childhood In Astrakhan Where His Father Worked As A Shipping Agent, But When The Boy Was Only Five Years Old, His Father Died, And He Was Sent To Live With His Maternal Grandparents This Was Not A Happy Time For The Young Gorky As Conditions Were Poor And Often Violent At The Age Of Eight, The Boy S Grandfather Forced Him To Quit School And Apprenticed Him To Several Tradesmen Including A Shoemaker And An Icon Painter Fortunately, Gorky Also Worked As A Dishwasher On A Volga Steamer Where A Friendly Cook Taught Him To Read, And Literature Soon Became His Passion At The Age Of Twelve, Gorky Ran Away From Home And Barely Survived, Half Starving, Moving From One Small Job To The Next He Was Often Beaten By His Employers And Seldom Had Enough To Eat The Bitterness Of These Early Experiences Led Him To Choose The Name Maxim Gorky Which Means The Bitter One As His Pseudonym awesome.. As i am really fond of reading short stories and biographies, I found it really great book.The way of description is tremendous,different from now a days books. From the sadness, happiness will born, i feel so sad when i read Gorky s stories, but indeed i feel as i live in his world when reading his books Selected short stories The Mother. Maxim Gorky is my new favourite author. I like his work He s one of the best writers I ve read His work depicts realism and I could feel and cherish the moments and imagery described in his work A good writer Anton Chekhov and Gorky 1900, Yalta Whenever I see Chekov I think of Clapton, which is rather a fab mental association.Description of the author Born Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov on March 16, 1868, in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia later renamed in his honor Maxim Gorky would learn early the harsh lessons of life He spent his early childhood in Astrakhan where his father worked as a shipping agent, but when the boy was only five years old, his father died, and he was sent to live with his maternal grandparents This was not a happy time for the young Gorky as conditions were poor and often violent At the age of eight, the boy s grandfather forced him to quit school and apprenticed him to several tradesmen including a shoemaker and an icon painter Fortunately, Gorky also worked as a dishwasher on a Volga steamer where a friendly cook taught him to read, and literature soon became his passion.At the age of twelve, Gorky ran away from home and barely survived, half starving, moving from one small job to the next He was often beaten by his employers and seldom had enough to eat The bitterness of these early experiences led him to choose the name Maxim Gorky which means the bitter one as his pseudonym.MAKAR CHUDRA A cold damp wind came out of the sea, wafting over the steppe the pensive melody of the waves breaking on the shore and the rustle of the dry bushes See the reading life is a tough one what the finnegans was that first sentence Okay, okay, I got it after two read throughs, it just wasn t phrased for a Sunday brain This was penned in 1892 and is a tale of murderous passion.AT THE SALT MARSH Go to the salt marsh, mate You can always get a job there Any time at all The marsh is set near Ochakov, a town on the coast of the Black Sea, Ukaraine, five versts away from from the duck hunter cum fisherman who spoke those first lines A brutish tale of how man can become a beast if he is expected to work and live like one From 1893OLD IZERGIL THESE STORIES were told to me on the shore of the sea near Akkarman, in Bessarabia Thee tales of myth, legend and superstition on the steppes 1894CHELKASH THE BLUE southern sky was so obscured by dust that it had a murky look The hot sun stared down at the greenish sea as through a thin grey veil.Where stevedores are dwarved by leviathan ships, there lingers the eponymous barefoot thief 1894ABOUT A LITTLE BOY AND A LITTLE GIRL WHO DID NOT FREEZE TO DEATH A christmas story IT has become the custom to freeze a number of little boys and girls to death once a year in Christmas stories Least of the stories.SONG OF THE FALCON THE BOUNDLESS sea, lapped lazily where the shore line ran, slumbering motionless in the distance, was steeped in the blue moonlight I have a problem with this opening, is it the translator or did Gorky himself make an error with his scene setting LATER as with story 1, the I re read this beginning the it came to make sense, and to be totally honest, cannot see why I should find it so jarring in the first place C est la vie A parable related by the Muslim herdsman, Ragim From 1895EXPOSURE Down the village street, past its white clay huts, moved a crowd of people shouting loudly Two page eye account on the practice of a deceived husband GBH ing his wife in public A MITE OF A GIRL JUST a mite of a girl she was stranger Every time I recall this phrase, two pairs of old and feeble eyes smile at me through the years smile with a soft and tender smile full of love and compassion and I hear two cracked voices impressing on me in identical tones that she was just a mite of a girl A snippet of a tale from two travelling geriatrics This one will stay with me a while I think 1895KOLUSHA IN THE paupers corner of the cemetary among the leaf strewn, rain washed, wind worn grave mounds, a woman in a worn gingham dress and with a black shawl over her head was sitting on one of the graves in the lacy shadow cast by two sickly birches Gorky with Joseph Stalin near the Kremlin in 19313 Short Stories3 Mother This contains the best short story I ve ever read Twenty Six Men and One Girl Gorky s masterpiece is heartbreaking, and I love to return to it again and again Gorky s stories will make you sad, his last name, a pen name, means bitter , but you won t be able to look away.

, was a Soviet author, a founder of the socialist realism literary method and a political activist.He was also a five time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature.From 1906 to 1913 and from 1921 to 1929 he lived abroad, mostly in Capri, Italy after his return to the Soviet Union he accepted the cultural policies of the time.

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