Flipside: Book 1

Flipside: Book 1 Maytag Is A Jester Girl With Split Personalities Brenadette Is Her Knightly Bodyguard Together, These Two Women Live In A Word Where Magic Is Real And Prevalent They Appear To Be Best Friends, But There Is Beneath The Surface Of Their Relationship Than It Seems, And Trouble Seems To Follow Them Like A Dark CloudBook Crest Is Just An Ordinary Young Man With A Crush On His Favorite Entertainer The Jester Girl, Maytag Although He Somehow Works Up The Nerve To Ask Her Out, He Is Sadly Rejected His Trouble Is Compounded When A Dangerous Game Of Poker Lands Him In Hot Water But Just When Things Seem Their Bleakest, Maytag Reappears, Giving Crest A Second Chance At Life, And A Second Chance At Lovelife Contains Chapters Additionally Intermissions , A Brief History OfFlipside, A Summary Of Book , And Secret Info

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Flipside: Book 1 book, this is one of the most wanted Brion Foulke author readers around the world.

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  • manga
  • 200 pages
  • Flipside: Book 1
  • Brion Foulke
  • English
  • 05 August 2019

10 thoughts on “Flipside: Book 1

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    If you re interested in polyamory monogamy and negotiating incompatible sex drives and relationship orientations, with a backdrop of magics and quests rejoice I m not much for the author s descriptions of his own work stop calling this character a nymphomaniac bisexual with a split personality, I disagree with your interpretation of her and you are pathologizing needlessly and oppressively I also didn t especially love the first few chapters the ones in this book I m reviewing , as they use the tired awkward male protagonist likes girl schtick, and there s a fair amount of sexist and homophobic characters Plus, the very first page is about how sex is a universal, integral experience, which, asexual erasure much.BUT as the series progresses, it turns out that this annoying male protagonist was mainly a plot device to re introduce the real main characters since there is actually a lot of canon backstory which exists in Book 0, the older and less pretty webcomics , and he gets rightly background ed The homophobia and sexism are predominantly symptoms of the small town we start out in, and we leave it soon enough I can write off the sex, it must be important to absolutely everyone bit as part of the character s overexaggerated stage show.And, I fell in love with the characters, their dynamics, the exploration of their compatibility, and with the world building and sorcery and plot.I was worried about the hypersexual nymphomaniac bisexual non monogamous girl trope, but the actual representation of her character is very well done and nuanced The way she talks about her perspective on things like sex, nudity, and relationships sounds like the things a pansexual non monogamous person with a high libido would actually say She doesn t feel over exaggerated or too over sexualized, and she is presented sympathetically.She is juxtaposed well against her partner, and both of their feelings and belief systems are treated with respect and carefully explored as they try to negotiate a way to stay together Throughout their adventures, they continue to struggle and have genuine, unfabricated conflicts They have meaningful discussions with other characters about honesty and compromise, about the nature of sex and what is natural or disgusting and all of this flows with the adventure narrative.I am seriously invested in this webcomic and the ongoing relationship between two characters who love each other intensely, have fundamentally different beliefs about relationships, and are fighting to stay together along with fighting some serious enemies and some moral battles sometimes with very cool magic Hardcore recommend.

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    It was interesting I am curious to know about the world and some of the characters The art is fine.BUT I don t know if I will continue It took me a bit of time to not hear the Maytag jingle whenever I read Maytag s name And her sudden shyness when her costume goes away wasn t something I liked Actually, the whole sequence in which she loses her costume and is subdued by Voulger feels like a cheap, crass device to give Crest a moment of bravery and to introduce Bernadette.Some of the dialogue between female characters is awkward as well.

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    Picked it up at an anime con because the author s schtick at his table was cute it was like the scene in Love Actually, with the placards Right, so the manga isn t bad The author writes women a little too sexualized and a little too what men think women are like but women are not quite like this , and perhaps if he gets women test readers that might help some But all in all, it s a cute story, set in a magical time with spells, palaces, knights, jesters, etc I would read of it, sure.

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    i thought it was cute and funny,and i plan to reread the vol.1 it was so good i bought it.

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    I m not an original fan or follower of this series from its online only days I discovered this manga a couple of years ago from attending FanimeCon, but there is a whole prequel to this Volume 1 that is online only and if you read it then you ll have a better understanding of the characters.As for this book, it definitely touches on a lot of sexual taboos or things that are not widely discussed, as well as encompassing all types of relationships and that s a nice change of read from the every day straight monogamous relationships However, the story is a bit predictable and the characters are kind stereotypical for what they are The lines in some parts are pretty typical as well It is an intro book though, so I m going to pick up Volume 2 to see if it improves.

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    I like the writer s humor, character design, and story of this book Hopefully it remains to stay that way to book two and even the latest chapter For anyone wondering what this book is, I ll give you a description of the main female character Maytag, a nymphomaniac jester with split personalities There s to her, but be warned here, the book can be a tad sexual Which again, really atracted me to it I like that the writer was straight forward about it, and just used it for not only comic relief, but made it a really enjoyable read Although not heavily sexual despite the character So don t worry about it turning into a pornographic material Just pick it up and give it a whirl

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    This is an overall good volume introducing the reader to various aspects of the world of Flipside Though I wish that the main character himself had an initial better role, reading volumes filled this desire quite nicely So, if you are looking for a manga that is not mainstream and are hoping to find a treasure at a convention, this would be something to look out for.

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    Normally I am not into webcomics or their published counterparts but after speaking with the author at San Diego Comic Con he convinced me to buy his book and I was pleasently surprised Enjoyed the book throughly.

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    I loved it Brian personally reccomended this to me at a con Love the magick system and the characters are adorable.

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    I love it.

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