The Mexican Wars for Independence

The Mexican Wars for Independence Great read. Mexico S Wars For Independence Were Not Fought To Achieve Political Independence Unlike Their Neighbors To The North, Mexico S Revolutionaries Aimed To Overhaul Their Society Intending Profound Social Reform, The Rebellion S Leaders Declared From The Onset That Their Struggle Would Be Incomplete, Even Meaningless, If It Were Merely A Political Event Easily Navigating Through Nineteenth Century Mexico S Complex And Volatile Political Environment, Timothy J Henderson Offers A Well Rounded Treatment Of The Entire Period, But Pays Particular Attention To The Early Phases Of The Revolt Under The Priests Miguel Hidalgo And Jos Mar A Morelos Hidalgo Promised An Immediate End To Slavery And Tailored His Appeals To The Poor, But Also Sanctioned Pillage And Shocking Acts Of Violence This Savagery Would Ultimately Cost Hidalgo, Morelos, And The Entire Country Dearly, Leading To The Revolution S Failure In Pursuit Of Both Meaningful Social And Political Reform While Mexico Eventually Gained Independence From Spain, Severe Social Injustices Remained And Would Fester For Another Century Henderson Deftly Traces The Major Leaders And Conflicts, Forcing Us To Reconsider What Independence Meant And Means For Mexico Today A wonderful book that needs to be read Great to introduce a history lesson plan Good but short history of the Mexican Wars several rolled into one for independence from 1810 1820 Obviously Spain, France, and the United States all figure prominently for their imperial designs on Mexico at that time and after Introduces you to most of the big heroes of Mexico Father Hidalgo, Allende, and Morelos, who led rebel armies for various reasons and goals which could shift including independence from Spain and social revolution Henderson s main theme is applying appropriate blame to Mexico s stiff caste system, which led to most of the nation s woes and still does and the endless indignities thrust on Indians native Mexicans in particular, and to a lesser degree pretty much anyone who wasn t born in Spain The book also does a lot for the reputation of Iturbide, a revolutionary who doesn t seem to get the love the big three do, but who actually accomplished independence from Spain, but wasn t interested in social revolution without which independence meant little to most Mexicans.A good read if you aren t familiar with the topic, but probably a bit light for those who have already read up on it. Interesting book I learned a lot about the Independence movement in Mexico and how the issues that went unresolved then continue to plague the country.

Tim Henderson has been studying, teaching, and writing about Mexican history for about twenty years He has just completed a book on the Mexican wars of independence, which will be published in early 2009 by Hill Wang, and he is currently doing research for a history of Mexican immigration to the United States.

[PDF / Epub] ★ The Mexican Wars for Independence By Timothy J. Henderson –
  • Hardcover
  • 280 pages
  • The Mexican Wars for Independence
  • Timothy J. Henderson
  • English
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9780809095094

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