O Último Papa

O Último PapaDe Setembro De O Mundo Desperta Sobressaltado Com A Not Cia Repentina Da Morte Do Papa Jo O Paulo I,eleito Sumo Pont Fice Apenas Dias AntesA Explica O Oficial Do Vaticano N O Deixa D Vida Quanto Causa Mortis Um Enfarto Fulminante Decorrente Do Prec Rio Estado De Sa De Do PapaA Jornalista Sarah Monteiro Volta De F Rias A Londres Ao Chegar Em Casa,encontra Estranhos Documentos Sua Espera Uma Lista Em Que Figuram V Rios Nomes E Uma Mensagem CifradaA Partir Desse Momento,sua Vida Passa A Correr Riscos Iminentes, E Ela Se V Imersa Em Uma Trama Em Que Est O Envolvidos Membros Sem Escr Pulos De Igreja,pol Ticos Corruptos E Mercen Rios Dispostos A Vender Sua Alma A Quem Pagar MaisPara Muitos, Chegado O Momento Da Verdade O Que Realmente Aconteceu Durante Os Breves Dias De Pontificado De Jo O Paulo I Que Planos Foram Contrariados De Maneira T O Abrupta Naquela Noite Fat Dica Em Que Ele Recebeu A Lista Secreta De Nomes E,em Suma,a Quem Poderia Interessar A Morte Do Pont Fice

So, you want to know about Luis Well, he was born in Oporto, northern Portugal, in 1976 It was a sunny winter s day of February at least that s what his mother saysLuis spent his childhood in Viana do Castelo, a small town north of Oporto.He devoted himself exclusively to writing while trying to be a citizen of the world.He was the author of The Last Pope, The Holy Bullet and The Pope

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  • 400 pages
  • O Último Papa
  • Luis Miguel Rocha
  • Portuguese
  • 19 April 2018

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    Rocha weaves a historical event with great action He pulls no punches when it comes to the corrupt nature of the Vatican and presents a strong assassination rationale for the death of Pope John Paul I I thoroughly enjoyed the narrative and the interspersed historical explanations of key Vatican characters.

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    I honestly have no idea what happened in this book I feel bad because I read it cover to cover I haven t read Dan Brown, but this is exactly what I expect Dan Brown s writing to be like But because this author is Portuguese I hoped it might be better for whatever reason hi, welcome to my brain.I just it s not even worth reviewing If there was a legitimate timeline to the story it might have had a chance But if you label one chapter as taking place in 1978 I assume the following chapters that are unlabeled will also take place in 1978 I realized than halfway through that was not the case, so I was wondering where the modern references were coming from.I should have just reread Twilight.Okay, no, that s a lie I should have just taken a nap.

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    OK, you know a book is in trouble when it takes 50 pages to explain the denouement Somewhere in this book is a fun thriller, but it gets bogged down in crummy writing and the attempt to be cinematic Apparently this was a best seller in Europe It must be better in Portuguese Bottom line, its an easy read if you don t get bogged down by too many characters with no names and a convoluted mess.

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    Here s the deal I pride myself on finishing what I start Part of my OCD, I guess This book was in a bag that my mother gave me last time I visited I really really REALLY tried to get clear through this book Took me two weeks of reading maybe 10 pages at a time I could never even find anything interesting to help me with this goal Finally on the weekend, I thought, ok, I can do this With only 70 pages left, I can do this Took all day Saturday to choke down 30 of the final 70 Then, I have to admit it, I gave up Yep, me Could not finish the book.It s ok, I ll survive.

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    A must read for someone to understand Vatican s most dark secrets and incomprensible facts.Luis shows an amazing knowledge on the subject, a deep research work and a fluid writing, very easy to follow and taking the reader on a pleasure journey we wouldn t like to end.Wonderful book.

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    I have a try it for 100 pages rule This book didn t make it past page 75.

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    Adorei.Ac o Conspira o Intriga Suspense Fic o e alguns factos hist ricos.Estes s o os ingredientes que gosto num livro e neste caso est o c todos.Recomendo.

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    This is a good spy thriller novel and a very quick read It s the kind of fast paced book I like to read just for the fun of it, so I didn t go into it with any expectations, other than to be entertained by some what ifs for a few hours.It s written with a blend of historical fact and fiction the facts being that Pope John Paul I died after only 33 days as pope in 1978 under circumstances that seem somewhat shady The author uses this as a jumping off point for the fictional part of the story, setting up a conflict between a shadowy organization and a journalist 30 years later over documents relating to the pope s murder If you like Dan Brown s novels or are a conspiracy theorist, you will like this one.I liked the premise and thought this was an entertaining read, but like I said, I didn t go into this with expectations of it being some life altering experience Just something fun I like stories that take well known facts and give them a twist to explore alternate worlds I liked that the characters had murky motivations, since I think that characters that are so up front with their motives really don t belong in spy novels coughcoughRobertLangdon they just don t fit what my idea of life as a spy is like I imagine spy work to involve a lot of players whose motives aren t always clear and don t go around explaining themselves in great detail, so this book felt honest than some other spy novels to me Sarah s character also felt realistic to me, since she s supposed to be a reporter, she s the one that gets to be curious about everything I liked that she didn t always get the answers she wanted, though I did think the book was a little short and that the ending was a little abrupt I think this was the author s first novel, so I m willing to forgive that I have the second book featuring the main characters it s substantially longer and I won a copy of the third book from Goodreads, so I m looking forward to seeing where he takes them next.

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    Depois de muitos anos a ler JRS e Dan Brown, come ava a achar que a formula do triller estava esgotada e estagnada, tanto na tem tica como na abordagem Devo dizer que fiquei positivamente surpreendido com este livro, mesmo sem nunca ter lido mais nenhum do mesmo autor.Para come ar, gostei que abordasse a corrup o no Vaticano de um modo mais pr ximo da realidade que os outros livros do g nero As personagens n o s o clich , como nos ltimos livros que tenho lido, e s o multi dimensionais Como tive oportunidade de dizer ao autor, adorei o seu sentido de humor Os nicos pontos menos bons foram as primeiras linhas, que n o me parecem ser o melhor in cio para um livro, e alguns dos cap tulos que tratam do passado ficaram aqu m do que esperava.Recomendo a todos os amantes de triller e ou apaixonados por teorias da conspira o.

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    Started off well with an intriguing plot concerning the death of Pope John Paul I but it fell away in the final quarter A good holiday read.

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