The Serpent and the Moon: Two Rivals for the Love of a Renaissance King

The Serpent and the Moon: Two Rivals for the Love of a Renaissance KingA Lenda De Diana De Poitiers Continua, N O S Porque A Vemos Hoje Disfar Ada Na Sua Imagem De Deusa Criada Pelos Maiores Mestres Do Renascimento Franc S, Mas Tamb M Porque Ela Era Uma Mulher De Esp Rito Independente Que Fez Da Arte De Viver A Mais Alta Qualidade Da Vida, Preservando A Juventude Do Esp Rito, Do Corpo E Da Personalidade Foi Uma Feiticeira Que Inspirou Um Jovem Pouco Promissor A Tornar Se Um Magn Fico Rei Que Este A Tenha Amado Toda A Vida, Apesar De Ela Ser Vinte Anos Mais Velha Do Que Ele, A Prova Da Sua Permanente Aura De Mist RioOmnium Victorem Vici Diana, A Deusa Da Lua, Conquistou Verdadeiramente O Rei, O Amor E O TempoAos Catorze Anos, Henrique Casou Se Com Catarina De M Dicis, Da Mesma Idade, Uma N O Muito Atraente Mas Riqu Ssima Herdeira Que Traria No Seu Dote Metade Da It Lia Catarina Conheceu Henrique No Dia Do Seu Casamento E De Imediato Se Apaixonou Por Ele, Mas Henrique N O Tinha Sentimentos Sen O Pela Bela Diana Depois De Coroado Rei, Henrique Governaria A Fran A Com Diana A Seu Lado A Relegada Catarina Tomou Como Divisa Odiar E Esperar A Morte De Diana Para Conquistar O Amor Do Esposo E Finalmente Reinar A Seu Lado Mas O Destino Seria OutroO Tri Ngulo Amoroso Protagonizado Por Henrique II, Diana De Poitiers E Catarina De M Dicis Ficou Marcado Por Um Intenso E Perigoso Jogo De Sedu O, Trai O E Morte Com Incalcul Veis Consequ Ncias Pol Ticas E Militares Para A Fran A E Para A Europa Do Renascimento Nunca Uma Hist Ria Com Um Pendor T O Claramente Passional Teve Contornos T O Vincadamente Pol Ticos Como Este Amor Desmedido De Henrique II Por Diana De Poitiers

Princess Michael of Kent Marie Christine n e Baroness Marie Christine Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz, 15 January 1945 , is a German Born member of the British Royal Family She is married to Prince Michael of Kent, who is a grandson of King George V.Princess Michael is an author, and has published several books on the royal families of Europe She also undertakes lecture tours, and supports her h

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    4 stars It was great I loved it When I was twenty one, I traveled from Vienna to London to study history, history of art, and interior design I decorated my small apartment entirely in black and white, drove a black and white Mini, and acquired a black and white kitten I had no real reason for adopting my monochrome lifestyle except that I imagined it chic and different Then my mother told me about Diane de Poitiers, our ancestor, who famously styled her whole life and her country in black and white.A rather engaging nonfiction book that reads much like a novel How interesting that the author is related to both of the historical female powerhouses of their time, Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici Queen Hate and Wait She also claims in her author s note that Diane s love story is the greatest in French royal history, and I would have to agree Favorite Quote He who inflames me has the power to extinguish me.First Sentence As the sun filtered through the autumn mist shrouding the harbor of Marseilles, three hundred cannons boomed from the ramparts of the chateau d If and all the bells of the city rang out to announce the arrival of the papal flotilla.

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    this was one of the worst, most biased biographies i ever had the misfortune of reading written by a descendant of diane du poitiers,the mistress of king henri II of france, this biography describes her rival and wife of henri, catherine de medici, as having a fat little heart yep SHE CALLS HER FAT princess michael of kent is a moron i wish i could be constructive than that but seriously, i think of this book with nothing but animosity

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    I was very excited when I found this book because I adore anything to do with Catherine de Medici who I find woefully under appreciated in the history books With that being said I acknowledge that there was a bias towards Diane de Poitiers who was always potrayed in glowing terms while Catherine was usually written off as fat and ugly However she did bring up Catherine s intelligence a great deal which I appreciated and described the history of France which I haven t read much about and cleared up my confusion on the prisoner situation with Henry s dad It did quite well on detailing the menage de trois sp relationship between them and how complicated and uncomfortable that must have been I was fairly impressed with it though I am still peeved that the writer clearly loved and admired Diane in history over Catherine and that it was so palpable.

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    Vous voulez vous plonger dans le r gne de Fran ois 1er et de Henri II Vous souhaitez connaitre les jalousies et les anecdotes au combien nombreuses entre Catherine de M dicis et Diane de Poitiers Ce livre est pour vous La Princesse Michael de Kent se charge de vous emmener dans les m andres de cette Renaissance Italienne sur de nombreux chapitres Il y a certaines r p titions et les occurences ne sont pas toujours bien choisies mais l Histoire est l d chiffr e, d cortiqu e, analys e et vous passez un moment agr able

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    The greatest romance in history The most beautiful woman since Helen of Troy, and the King who loved her yet was forced to marry another.This is the love triangle that was Diane De Poitiers, Katherine DeMedici, and Henri the 2nd of France.HEnri was not supposed to be King He was the second son of Francis I and yet, after the death of his brother Phillipe, he had no choice and thus had to marry strategically, and politically instead of for love The serpent and the Moon tells the tail of these tragic three From Dianes early years as part of Francis s s , to her re programming the young Henri after his return, after being ransomed by his father, from Spain, to their love affair and ultimately the struggle between love and politics Beautifully and sympathetically written, by Princess Michael of Kent.

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    I have to say, I m very impressed with this book Meticulously researched rich in historical detail, especially as it pertains to European alliances conflicts political as well as personal of the time the roles played by the central characters, this work offers a very good overall view of 16th century French history as exceptionally well informed as it is informative I doff my hat to HRH, for whom I have a newly found respect as an author.

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    I ADORED this book, mainly because it was about a slice of history I knew nothing about the life long affair of France s Henri II and his mistress, Diane It starts off with the teen crush of Henri on the beautiful, recently widowed Diane, who is nearly twenty years his senior, but she befriends the shy prince He never forgets her kindnesses to toward him and as he grows to manhood, their verbal intimacies, grow for Henri into a deep and abiding love He becomes determined to make her his own Diane is wise and encourages him to take to wife the little Italian, Catherine de Medici, which Henri grudgingly agrees to do Unfortunately, Catherine is a hoyden from hell, is extremely jealous of Diana s relationship with her husband, and does everything to sabotage it Unfortunately, in the end, she gets her way, and Diana is left in the cold Princess Michael of Kent has written a powerfully moving novel of a love story for the centuries.

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    Several years ago, before this book was published, I heard the author, Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent HRH , speak about the book and its subject, the history of Catherine de Medici the Serpent and Diane de Poitiers the Moon , and their complex relationship both with Henri II, Catherine de Medici s husband and Diane de Poitiers lover 19 years her junior , and with each other While certainly regal and not someone to cozy up to for a nice chat before the talk HRH reduced a poor young thing in P.R to a puddle on the floor when the PYT failed to produce a working slide projector for HRH s slides , HRH went on to speak for over an hour about the subject without benefit of notes or the slides we in the audience were in the palm of her hand, she is that good a story teller The book was published the following year I promptly bought a copy, and then inevitably set it aside as other books piled up on top Triggered by a recent Goodreads review of a terrific audio book The Devil s Queen that relates the fictional first person account of Catherine de Medici s life, I picked up The Serpent and the Moon to read simultaneously with listening to The Devil s Queen well, not at the exact same time While the latter covers a greater span of history it will presumably end with the death of Catherine de Medici I have another couple of CD s to go it s been fascinating to read listen to these two books at the same time given that they cover almost exactly the same ground, albeit The Serpent and the Moon, while not written by a professional historian HRH s contention, not mine , is non fiction and The Devil s Queen is fiction.That The Serpent and the Moon is non fiction doesn t mean that HRH doesn t have an agenda The title of the book alone indicates that she comes out on the side of Diane de Poitiers versus Catherine de Medici in terms of who was most likely to win a popularity contest at the time, not to mention the love of King Henri II up to his death The Devil s Queen plays the latter a little differently Nevertheless, HRH appears to have done all her homework, referencing many original sources, in particular letters and reports of the time, and while she may not be a professional historian, from my point of view she may as well be Although the book is historical non fiction and therefore at risk of being dry and tedious, HRH provides a great deal of detail and spins a narrative that moves the story right along As a descendant of both women, she has the royal chops to provide perspective on royal life even royal life of the second half of the 16th C some things have changed, but not everything as well as gain access to many private letters and sources The book itself the original hard copy edition is a lovely, physically hefty piece of published work As complicated as the various entwined family trees are including repeat use of a limited number of names typical for royals throughout time , the family tree at the beginning of the book could actually have used a couple generations and contemporaneous detail as a number of names are referenced without being included on the tree but this is a minor nit.Reading this book and listening to the other makes me want to rent Queen Margot, the 1994 film of Catherine and Henri s daughter Margot s marriage to Henri de Navarre, including court intrigue plus the St Bartholomew s Day Massacre A fascinating movie, and having these two books tucked under my belt, it will now make sense.

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    Wonderful view into the private lives of three of the most famous and perhaps infamous personages in French history, Henry II, Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers Fantastic read

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    I can t finish it I don t take well to a blatant propaganda.

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