Murder in the Mews

Murder in the Mews Como Que Uma Mulher Que Segurava Uma Pistola Na M O Direita Conseguiu Disparar Sobre A Pr Pria T Mpora Esquerda Qual A Liga O Entre A Apari O De Um Fantasma E O Desaparecimento De Documentos Militares Secretos Como Que A Bala Que Matou O Exc Ntrico Sir Gervase Chevenix Gore Estilha Ou Um Espelho Que Estava No Lado Oposto Do Quarto Deve A Bela Valentine Chantry Abandonar A Ilha De Rodes E O Complicado Tri Ngulo Amoroso Em Que Por L Se Envolveu Hercule Poirot Depara Com Quatro Desorientadores Mist Rios Que Apenas Ele Poder Desvendar Assim Que Conseguir Ultrapassar A Incredulidade E Os Obst Culos Que Se Colocam S Suas Celulazinhas Cinzentas

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Murder in the Mews
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  • 04 August 2018

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    Murder in the Mews Hercule Poirot, 18 Dead Man s Mirror, Agatha Christie Murder in the Mews and Other Stories is a short story collection written by Agatha Christie and first published in the UK by Collins Crime Club on 15 March 1937 Murder in the Mews The Incredible Theft Dead Man s Mirror Triangle at Rhodes 2011 1390 244 1393 Dead man s mirror 1373 150 .

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    Ok this book comprises four novellas, so its probably fair that I mark them as I read.Murder in the Mews 4.5 A great short story that commences on Guy Fawkes night amidst the fireworks exploding, so ideal for murder And who did it and why Poirot and Japp go metaphorically hand in hand to solve this complex killing.The Incredible Theft 3.5 Who was the person seen skulking around the terrace How did they know to steal the plans in that short space of time Poirot interviews all the people at the dinner that night to ascertain who could possibly have stolen the plans, and why was the femme fatale, Mrs Vanderlyn, really invited for the weekend by Lord Mayfield Dead Man s Mirror 4 Amazingly I read this short story last year, and yet I still couldn t remember who the murderer was Now does that mean I am loosing my memory or hopefully that I ve read so many books since, that this story has been pushed from my mind.Anyway its an enjoyable story with Poirot at his most enigmatic best as he investigates the suicide or was it murder, of the slightly batty Sir Gervase Chevenix Gore Writing a book about his ancestors, and surrounded by his meagre family and staff, Sir Gervase is found dead in his locked study when he doesn t turn up in time for dinner Poirot, invited down that day, arrives amongst the confusion.Triangle at Rhodes 4 So this was, to quote a friend a Grand story Poirot, holidaying on a Greek Island lucky devil is drawn into an incident involving 2 married couples He is concerned that something untoward is going to happen and warns one of the wives that she should leave the island Needless to say she ignores his advice and her husband is then accused of murdering the other wife Poirot seems to have pre empted the murder and makes himself available to the Greek police Truth will come out.So overall this has to be a 4 star read , 4 great short stories that really demonstrate Poirot s intelligence and versatility.

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    That odd, little foreigner with the strange mustache Hercule Poirot is at it again In Murder in the Mews, a collection of shorts, Poirot s razor sharp mind is pitted against such stumpers as a suicide murder conundrum, a deadly love triangle, and a case of important papers gone missing Originally four short stories were published under this title, which was called Dead Man s Mirror here in the States My version only included three stories Murder in the Mews, Triangle at Rhodes, and The Incredible Theft The title story is the most intriguing and most well developed The remaining two were quite enjoyable, if a bit quick and just a tad perfunctory just a tad, mind you Poirot, that charming if arrogant sleuth, is clever as ever in unearthing the truth, an absolute pleasure to observe in action Christie s plotting was relatively tight with an occasionally smart twist or two Her characters are serviceable as always, though few really stood out as some have in her other stories All in all, if you re already an Agatha Christie fan, you won t go wrong with Murder in the Mews.

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    I love the adventures of Poirot He is the best character of Agatha Christie This was a wonderful story I couldn t put the book down Loved it and highly recommend it, personally finished it in two hours.

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    What makes this collection a good read are the two stories The first Incredible theft is expanded version of Christie s original story The Submarine plans The second story Dead Man s mirror is expanded version of her earlier story The second Gong The other two stories in the collection include Murder in the Mews and Triangle at Rhodes We also get to know that Poirot loves his Sirop de cassis

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    Patru povestiri poli iste numai bune de citit n aceste zile c lduroase Chestia asta ntotdeauna complic lucrurile, se lament Japp Unii oameni i in gura c teodat din cele mai onorabile motive Cum a putea s m exprim zise el S refuz da, acesta a fost primul meu impuls Dar, nu tiu, omul are, c teodat , un presentiment Ceva poate s nu miroas a a de bine.

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    Hercule Poirot i inspectorul ef Japp discut despre noaptea de Guy Fawkes ca o noapte perfect pentru o crim datorit artificiilor, astfel nc t nimeni nu ar auzi o mpu c tur , de exemplu A doua zi diminea a, Poirot prime te un telefon de la Japp i afl c o v duv t n r s a sinucis la Mews, num rul 14 Ajun i acolo, Poirot i Japp b nuiesc c e mai degrab o crim decedata e mpu cat n partea st ng a capului i ine pistolul n m na dreapt i nu a l sat nicio scrisoare de adio Nu erau multe n dulap Trei umbrele una stricat , patru bastoane, un set de crose de golf, dou rachete de tenis, un covora frumos nf urat i c teva perne de sofa n diferite stadii de uzur Deasupra acestora se odihnea o mic geant elegant C nd Japp ntinse m na spre ea, Jane Plenderleith spuse repede E a mea Eu am adus o cu mine azi diminea A a c nu poate fi nimic acolo Cartea nu a ap rut nc la editura Rao, prin urmare nu poate fi cump rat , dar cu siguran merit citit O ve i g si, cel mai probabil la biblioteca din ora ul vostru sau la un anticariat.

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    Who am I kidding in writing this review None or one of my Goodreads friends is going to read this book 440,000 reviewed And Then There Were None More than 100K people or have reviewed Christie s each most popular Poirot works such as The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Murder on the Orient Express or Death on the Nile Murder on the Mews is one of the Little Engines that Could of Christie lore, reviewed by as few as 8,000 It features four stories, three that might qualify as novellas, published in 1937, maybe perfect length for tv serialization, but nothing much to write home about, having been there One thing to observe about Christie generally is that she makes scant reference to a real world outside of her fictions In general, she occasionally admits that The Great Depression may have affected her characters In Murder in the Mews, we open on Guy Fawkes Day with some kids begging Penny for the guy, sir but Chief Inspector Japp brushes him off and there are maybe only a couple other references thereafter about he fact that the need for money might be a motive for the crime Poirot himself is a little egg headed dandy he loves pretty girls and royals He s generally respectful to all classes in his investigations, but he and his author don t much apologize for being pretty escapist, even elitist In The Incredible Theft which is not all that incredible, Agatha, come on we have our first mention that England may have to face the challenge of involvement in WW II Murder in the Mews The best and most developed story is the title story Is it a murder disguised as a suicide, or a suicide disguised as a murder That s the unique angle here 4 stars The Incredible Theft See above, but it s about a theft and no one even dies What s the good of reading about that, Agatha At least kill somebody Though the theft involves plans for a bomber a war reference and a pretty American former spy, no one would care much about this theft.Not enough development 2 stars Dead Man s Mirror Features rich and somewhat eccentric Lord Chevenix Gore, who for some reason seems to have committed suicide, in spite of his massive ego Who would even buy this premise, and yet most seem to accept it for most of the story So, yeah, he was murdered, and as Gore gets gored okay, by a bullet, sorry , the mirror in an adjoining room gets shattered How can this even happen Why should we care This one is a little notable because it rehearses an idea for getting away with murder that appears in a later book, The Mirror Crack d It s a solid story 3 stars The Triangle at Rhodes is mercifully short, the weakest of the four, not included in some editions, involving a love triangle, though you think it is about one set of characters, and that s the interest in this one, that the triangle you thought was key is not as important as another Beach scenes 2 stars, but the summer scene at Rhodes could have been developed .These are pretty early and weaker stories from Christie and yet they are still readable, I kept reading, they are pretty well constructed I read them fast and yet they are good to see her working out some different ideas If you want to read on Christie, though, this would not even be close to the one I would recommend.

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    This was the first Agatha Christie s short histories book I ve read and I did not like it very much It s interesting for passing the time, but I prefer the novels with Hercule Poirot than these short stories I read in my native language and I consider that this book deserves 3.5 stars.

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