歩くひとRecently having read Muriel Barbery s The Elegance of the Hedgehog, I was reminded, in some ways, of a much better book If one that is entirely different The younger of the two narrative forces in Barbery s book, the genius twelve year old Paloma, expresses a fondness for the works of Jiro Taniguchi specifically his Summit of the Gods I ve been a fan of Taniguchi myself for some time, though it s difficult to find his stuff on American shores.Unlike Barbery s Hedgehog, the only way one could possibly find Taniguchi s The Walking Man pretentious is by suspecting its utter lack of pretension The work is sumptuous and gorgeously rendered And than anything, it serves as a simple reflection on the world around us, both man made and otherwise The Walking Man follows a nameless protagonist as he takes casual strolls around his city, simply taking in the wonder that is found in every mundane thing There is no single narrative arc to follow unless one considers the glorification of the contemplative life through a series of vignettes to constitute an arc The walking man is healthy, intelligent, careful, attentive, and the social member of a loving relationship One cannot be certain where he finds the time or by what method he carves it from his schedule because Taniguchi doesn t allow the work to even broach the matter The Walking Man is only concerned with the Walking Man and just how much he walks.In its way Taniguchi s sparsely worded compilation of small journeys is as profound as Barbery s wordy relishment of language and philosophy is And amusingly enough, the lesson is the same take time to discover beauty in the movement of the world. Uma das mais espantosas novelas gr ficas que li Os desenhos de Jiro Taganuchi s o deslumbrantes e contemplativos Transportam nos para um lugar espiritual onde o olhar se perde em contempla o e epifania O vislumbre que nos oferecem para a alma humana, proporciona nos sentimentos de pureza, de simplicidade, de uma tranquila e apaziguada rela o com o mundo e com os outros. Ho deciso di iniziare questa collana da edicola dedicata a Taniguchi questo primo volume mi ha conquistato Molto semplice ed evocativo, con pochissimi dialoghi, L uomo che cammina un protagonista silenzioso e attento all ambiente che lo circonda Non sappiamo niente di lui, a parte che sposato e che lavora in ufficio Tutto deliziosamente mostrato tramite momenti di vita quotidiana Non mancano scene di nudo senza connotazione erotica.L ultimo racconto rompe un po la magia perch narra una specifica situazione con molti dialoghi ed entriamo nell intimo del protagonista mi ha lasciato una strana sensazione.In ogni caso, penso che continuer con questa collana Il formato bello grande, ci sono alcune tavole a colori e il prezzo ne vale la pena 3 Ich habe die Lekt re von dieser Graphic Novel wirklich sehr genossen.Der spazierende Mann zeigt dem Leser die Sch nheit des Alltags, wie er sein k nnte, wenn man einmal richtig hinschaut und sich Zeit nimmt Gerade die atmosph rischen Zeichnungen der japanischen Vorstadt haben mir sehr gut gefallen Obwohl kaum etwas passiert, habe ich mich an keiner Stelle gelangweilt, sondern habe alles in einem Rutsch durchgelesen Das ganze gibt einen sehr optimistischen Blick auf das Leben eines japanischen Gesch ftsmanns und f ngt die ganzen Momente ein, die einen Ausgleich zum Arbeitsleben darstellen Mit Sicherheit ist das ganze ziemlich idealisiert, weswegen ich einen Stern abziehe, weil das ganze schon ein bisschen einseitig erz hlt ist Die Zeichnungen und die Stimmung sind aber grandios und ich bin sehr gerne mit dem Protagonisten durch die Vorstadt spaziert und habe nun selber Lust, mit offenen Augen durch meine Umgebung zu gehen. Generally enjoyable and it made me a bit nostalgic for Japan and my own wanderings there However, I found myself weirdly disliking the main character, even though he hardly says anything Part of the problem is that he just looks annoyingly smug Another part is that we only ever see his simple wonder of exploring new places and laughingly accepting minor misfortunes like unexpected rain or broken glasses, we never see the contrasting grind of daily life I suppose given the homogeneity of Japanese salary work, especially twenty years ago, that the contrast was well implied to the original audience, but it still feels lacking somehow Finally, he seems somehow selfish in his rambles, casually breaking in to a pool afterhours just because he wants to, smiling indulgently at attractive young women or school girls he encounters while his wife is left at home wondering why he is coming home so late this time I guess my annoyance is with the conservatively patriarchal nature of Japanese society that this comic reflects than with the comic itself. 3.5 Leise Stimmungen Einfangen, Atmosph Re Aufbauen, Empfindungen Ausl Sen Kaum Einer Versteht Sich So Gut Auf Dieses Handwerk Wie Jiro TaniguchiDer Autor Und Zeichner L Sst Seinen Protagonisten Schlichtweg Spazieren Gehen Ein L Ndlich Gepr Gter Vorort Einer Japanischen Gro Stadt Bildet Das U Ere Szenario Der Achtzehn Episoden Nach Innen Z Hlen Rein Die Stillen Beobachtungen Der Natur, Der Mitmenschen, Des Eigenen Verhaltens Eine Sammlung Ganz Allt Glicher Szenen, Die In Ihrer Schlichtheit Verzaubern Nicht Umsonst Ist Dieses Buch Das Wohl Bekannteste Werk Des Mehrfach Preisgekr Nten Autoren Taniguchi, Dem Europ Ischsten Unter Den Japanischen Comiczeichnern Die Deutsche Ausgabe Enth Lt Ein Exklusives Vorwort Des Renommierten FAZ Comic Kritikers Andreas Platthaus Molto tenero e lento Un uomo che cammina e guarda il mondo intorno a s.Mi chiedo perch non ho cominciato prima a leggere Jir Taniguchi.Mi piace anche il suo stile di disegno, molto semplice e tondo. Nykysuomen sanakirjan muinaisen m ritelm n mukaan manga on japanilaista sarjakuvaa, joka usein sis lt pornoa ja v kivaltaa Naurettavan v itteen takana seisovat tuskin en edes sen kehitt j t, mutta siit huolimatta olisi mukava luetuttaa heill Jiro Taniguchin The Walking Man Fanfare Ponent Mon, 2014.Sarjakuva ilmestyi alun perin 1990 luvun puoliv liss Japanissa, ja on saavuttanut melko vankan kulttimaineen my s l nness ehk juuri sen vuoksi, ett se on aiheensa puolesta melko ainutlaatuinen tapaus The Walking Manissa ei nimitt in tapahdu yht n mit n.Jos Seinfeldia kutsuttiinkin lempinimell show about nothing , niin t ss lopputulos on kirjaimellisesti juuri sit Nimett m ksi j v keski ik inen mies tallustelee pitkin ja poikin kaupunkia, k v isee maauimalassa, tarkkailee lintuja, keskustelee arkip iv isist asioista vaimonsa kanssa ja niin edelleen Dialogia on hyvin v h n, eik se ole erityisen merkityksellist.Tainiguchin taide on kaunista, ja erityisen paljon pidin visuaalisesta ilmeest luvussa, jossa p henkil mme tarkastelee maailmaa rikkoutuneitten silm lasien l vitse.En oikein tied , miten suhtautua lopputulokseen The Walking Man on n k kulmasta riippuen joko hyvin meditatiivinen tai sitten uppotyls Lukijana kaipaan ehk enemm n hyvi tarinoita, en pelkk tunnelmakuvausta ja fiilistely , mutta ehk tilanne olisi toinen mik li olisin asuisin Osakassa ja painaisin pitk p iv toimistossa Something that I really have to remember is not to wait so long when a book is calling out to me I ve been wanting to read this for years, I think, and today I finally got the chance to do so A collection of small moments, it s a very beautiful and quiet book, and one that managed to pull me in completely There aren t that many words, really, but they re not necessary anyway The kind of book that makes you smile and helps you remember to pay attention to the small things you can find joy and beauty anywhere I really loved this.

Zodiac Leo He began to work as assistant of the late mangaka Kyota Ishikawa.He made his manga debut in 1970 with Kareta Heya A Desiccated Summer , published in the magazine Young Comic.From 1976 to 1979, he created several hard boiled comics with the scenarist Natsuo Sekigawa, such as City Without Defense, The Wind of the West is White and Lindo 3.From 1984 to 1991, Tanigushi and Natsuo Sekigawa produced the trilogy Bocchan No Jidai.In the 1990s, he came up with several albums, among which Aruku Hito , Chichi no koyomi The Almanac of My Father , and Keyaki no ki.In 2001, he created the Icare Icaro series on texts by M bius.Jir Taniguchi gained several prizes for his work Among others, the Osamu Tezuka Culture Award 1998 for the trilogy Bocchan No Jidai, the Shogakukan prize with Inu wo Kau, and in 2003, the Alph Art of the best scenario at the Angoul me International Comics Festival France for Harukana Machi E.His work has been translated in many languages.Far from the violent storylines often associated with the manga, Taniguchi has developed a very personal style, adult Along with other writers, like Tsukasa H j , his comics focus on the Japanese society and culture, with a subtle analysis of its customs and habits.

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  • 歩くひと
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  • 06 July 2017
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